Bracken Sends

Don’t lose, whatever else you do.

(“If the Soviets win the war, Katyn everywhere”)

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  1. It’s da Moooooslims.. It’s da Moooooslims.

    • Matt Bracken

      Stop drooling, fool.
      Try to focus.

      • way to seize the high ground Matt, you must be very popular @freezoxee

        • I dont get it here at WRSA sometimes in that there seems to be this penchant for eating our own. Perhaps I am not enlightened to t-putz’s standard – thank God (watta wanker – t-putz, not God). I have seen WRSA commentors marginalize MB as some dystopian fantasy novel hack only looking to make a buck. Has he written dystopian novels? Yes, very good ones with historical and pragmatic realism that should be part of all of our collective preparedness and planning. Is he a hack and snake oil salesman, IMHO – nope. MB was instrumental in helping me dissuade my son from joining (as he appropriately described it the Homofascist experiment known as today’s) .mil service. I know he doesn’t need me to defend him but has anyone actually reached out to him on a personal basis? He is a paragon of the liberty community for years, incredibly accessible and a general good guy who has found memories of my Tidewater homeland.

          Does he underestimate the influence of the Ashkenazi Synagogue of Satan – yes. Cue the Aesop vs Al Liguori “Da Jooooooooooooos” debate. It just seems to be so much d**k measuring and not enough community building (patcons and drone dates, notwithstanding).

          A lot of you guys are former .mil – I am not even though I wager my firearm skills are on par with most of you. Do you have an indispensible skillset for the coming festivities – perhaps. What use are the trigger pullers after? I asked the same question of DANMORGAN76 and he seemed to think that people who can actually dream, design, build and test things are worth 100x more. So why dont we concentrate on that (the after) instead – a glaring omission in WRSA land.

          • Comments here are a shitshow by design – or at least the opportunity to have either a shitshow or a useful discussion.

            I have gone back and forth on comments; they’re gonna stay active for the foreseeable future.

            That being said, what you see here (by design) is a live improv routine on “the animating contest for freedom”.

            Freedom is loud.

            Freedom is ugly.

            Freedom is scary.

            Freedom is painful.

            Freedom is preferable (infinitely ihmo) to a curated, nursemaided elementary school classroom – which is what the Bad People plan for that part of society that they deem useful and thus escapes the Big-Ass North American Massacre/Countermassacre which approaches.

            I encourage people to try to work together, online but MUCH more importantly in meatspace.

            Time really is fugiting.

            Get on it.

            • CA, I get it. I lurk on mucho liberty-minded blogs and get the idea of not overly moderating the commentariat. I also see the same thread I mentioned above elsewhere by many of the same folks that comment here; lots of d**k measuring, off topic rants and whateve (I have been guilty of same, with and w/o single malt).

              Please don’t assume in my response I was denigrating your commenting policy – it was just a general observation. Is there valuable content here via posts as well as the commentariat – yup. Its just…..what are we so upset about and more importantly, what are/will we be fighting to preserve/foster.

              The primary premise of your blog is fighting for what is right, true and just. Isnt that what energizes most of us? I doubt my 22 year old son visits here daily even though; 1) I share posts with him and 2) he sees the end game for him much clearer than I could explain it to him. By the tenor of the comments, it seems to be a bunch of farts (56 yo) like me that had a work ethic instilled in them at the lash.

              CA, you post great stuff here and I cannot imagine running a blog as long as you have – props. I know it really isnt up to you but up to us to be positive and look towards the “after.” Thanks for all you and most of the crew here has done to improve my worldview.

              • Thanks. Was not reacting to the content of your post but more to the missed opportunity that many have not perceived.

                This show (FUSA) is going to come to an ugly end, soon.

                Human infrastructure (HI) (i.e., trustworthy folks with guts and skills) is the most important element in maximizing the chances for survival and restoration of peace.

                If you don’t have enough HI, that is your only priority for the next six months. Fix it by any means necessary.


                Again, Donk, not to you but in conversation with you.

              • The douchebrags and one-note kazoos will have their own reward, Donk, the only pity is it will not be televised with their online persona handle posted on the chyron when it comes, for everyone else’s entertainment and illumination.

                Most of what’s usefully posted here is for the honest 80% who never pipe up, just glean what they can, and move on.

                The 10% at the smart end already know most of the lessons, and have taught them as well, and the stupid 10% can’t stop themselves taking potshots, especially when there’s no platoon sergeant there to remind them that burning shitters without falling in them is about the limit of their skillset, in perpetuity.

                They’re useful only when one needs a lot of bullets soaked up without impinging on the ability or utility of the rest of the group, but then again, they’re usually the first ones over the hill when the time comes.
                Think of Junior in Platoon, and you’ve got them to a “t”.

          • Bonaventure

          • Baby Steps, and don’t under estimate the ground pounders. It is IQ, and not prior employment that determines one’s capabilities.
            PS 75% of humanity are assholes, the most important skill set is being able to work w/assholes

          • Donk,obviously it is not just this site that has internal squabbles,have seen it on many like minded sites and seems to be growing.I believe this is due to what seems a deluge of not good news and the awakening in some folks that this shit is getting real.

            Sure,folks can prep/train/stock up ect.(good for you,keep it up!)but the feeling was hopefully for many(me included)was just a spare tire and hope would never need to see the light of day,seems now that is not the case and folks are actually envisioning very ugly future events,which causes stress.

            As for the future and common goals,while I agree tis something that needs to be thought about but feel myself and many others using our mental time on how to survive/heal the wound and get on the PT down the road.I do also believe for most part the folks just as always wanted to be left alone for most part and much of what we swuabble/argue about can be resolved over a cup o coffee/beer/perhaps a good natured couple of rounds of fighting,do believe our core goals though in common(hopefully).

          • you’re a weasel.

            if you needed someone else to be instrumental to anything in your own life then you are seriously a cuck.

            you don’t make a zit on my ass boy. now run along and lick your balls in the corner. oh, and pay your taxes punk. i am looking to buy a vintage Harley and you are gonna pay for it.

            what a loser.

        • Matt Bracken

          Are you knew here? You are not yet familiar with our chorus of drooling one-note retards?

      • whitedeath81

        Appreciate your books. I handed them out as gifts to our prepper neighbors

    • NorthGunner

      Damn it Al, I just started my weekend….don’t get me started, lol!!

      Okay…it’s ‘da mooooslims’…and ‘moose and squirrel’ are involved too!!

      Now I’m off to fix some scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon and
      a side of kimchee for good measure!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • “Moose and squirrel”! Still hilarious.

        Also, NG, you have been bringing some great commentary and video finds to the discussion.

        Kudos to CA for allowing both sides to be heard by the fence-sitters.

    • Georgiaboy61

      See, Al, here’s the thing: Hate to break it to you, but the joke’s on you. Why? Because it really is the Muslims.

      Since Mohammed rode out of the Arabian desert 1,400 years ago and proclaimed himself Islam’s prophet, the soldiers of Allah have been at war with non-Muslims. Be they Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, atheist, or non-observer of religion – all are considered kafirs (infidels) and therefore enemies of Islam.

      Study the foundational documents of Islam – the Koran, the Hadiths, the Sira – it is all there in black-and-white. Muslims are commanded to wage eternal jihad (holy war) against the unbelievers and kafirs until the whole of the world falls within the House of Islam -or Dar al-Islam. Only then will there be peace (submission to Allah, which is how Muslims define peace). Until then, all non-Muslim places and those who inhabit them are considered to be part of Dar al-Harb, which means “The House of War.”

      Nor are such mass acts of blood-letting confined to the distant past. History’s first “modern” genocide, according to many scholars, was the Armenian genocide in which the Turkish Ottoman Empire (who were Muslims) killed an estimated 1.5 million Armenian, Greek and other Christians between 1916 and 1921. It is a crime in modern Turkey even to mention this event, but their denial does not change the facts of history.
      As recently as the early 2000s, fierce Janjaweed Islamic tribesmen have raided into the South Sudan, seeking slaves and loot to plunder. More than a half-million non-Muslims were slain in the violence in the Sudan during he 1990s and early 2000s. The persecution of Christians got so bad that they and other non-Muslims fled south to establish their own nation, the South Sudan, in order to gain at least a measure of safety from the Islamic marauders.

      The soldiers of Allah have put an estimated 280 million victims – almost all non-Muslims – to the sword over the last 1,400 years. A toll which makes them history’s most-prolific mass killers, surpassing even the communists and national socialists who killed so many in the 20th century. The believers are also history’s greatest and most-prolific takers, buyers and sellers of slavers. In addition to the millions of black Africans taken as slaves by the mujahedeen – Allah’s fighters – millions more Europeans were enslaved. Islamic slave raids ventured as far north as Iceland and Ireland.

      Although none of the major Muslim nations now practices slavery openly – they don’t want the unfavorable publicity which would result – human chattel slavery and bondage is still extremely common throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and other parts of the Islamic world. Mauritania only outlawed it in the early 2000s! Human trafficking is extremely profitable for groups like Boko Haram, which is why they continue to raid for slaves, capturing young women and girls which can then be sold or kept as de facto sex slaves.

      In Europe, Islamic grooming gangs are widespread, who entice young girls (sometimes boys as well) with promises of fine things and money, addict them to narcotics and then keep them as prostitutes and sex slaves. The Rotherham Scandal in the UK is the most-prominent example, but there are others as well.

      Constant warfare, individual acts of jihad – such as beheadings, vehicular attacks and mass-shootings – acts of mass arson and car-burning, the torching of churches and synagogues, grenade attacks on police stations, rape, murder, mayhem, beatings. A elderly Catholic priest slain inside his own church.

      This is the face of jihad – and has been for nearly 1,500 years.

  2. “It’s da Moooooslims.. It’s da Moooooslims.”

    Yeah, and it’s name is Ilhan Omar. More are on the way.

    Maybe you can make jokes while she and her “colleagues” march you off to the camps.

    • Bonaventure

      Nice try, but we’ve already been marched off campus. And it wasn’t by the moooooslims.

      • Nice to see the closet goat-humpers come out.

      • So the question is why did you let them???

      • Yeah, whatever. Poor try.

      • Bonaventure

        Nice to see the closet goat-humpers come out.

        Yeah, whatever. Poor try.

        Guess you clowns didn’t get the memo. Or haven’t stepped on a campus in the last 25 years. Boomers.

        So the question is why did you let them???

        For the same reason you let them.

      • NorthGunner

        No, it wasn’t ‘the mooooooslims’ that marched people off to
        the camps. Here’s a video documentary that starts to tell
        the truth about what happened in Russia and WHO created
        the Holodomor, the Cheka, the Gulags and ran them:

        EUROPA The Last Battle Part 1

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        • Hey, Matt, any facts in rebuttal???


        • Yes, the 29:00 mark is where it really gets good. I suspect “Fundamentalists” just can’t wrap their heads around the fact that “The Chosen One’s” is a made up term used to control and manipulate the malleable mind of those who believe it is God’s Word/wish. And the term anti Semitic and anti Communist are one in the same. Really though, it’s the Satanic Zionists Who were/are the real culprits here. They just chose a certain tribe to infect because they knew the tendency (a large majority being parasitic) Jews, having been kicked out of over a hundred countries, over the last thousand years or so, always wanted to rule over the goyim, and the Satanic Zionists had the power and finances to make it happen. Which is we see the real demonic power brokers of today, who support both sides of all wars, members of the Tribe.
          One does not have to be anti Semitic to point that out. It’s so obvious to see, now.

  3. It’s all of them, just wait till the snow melts

  4. I agree completely about keeping your firearms.
    That said,will need a lot more then firearms to try and keep freedoms/rebuild a republic,work on whatever skills/tools you need to self sufficient as possible and fight the good fight.

  5. not to worry you helots.

    now that you understand the Jusan militardy and green brays will not be coming to the rescue of their benefactors, we can rest assured the glorious and honorable MS-13 will fulfill their rightful position as the tier 1 force for good.



    • Bonaventure

      ¿Como es tu castellano? Porque lo vas a necesitar, cabrón.

    • Specifically, Pelosi said immigrants “make America more American,” and we should not be “suppressing the vote of our newcomers to America.”

      “So, when we talk about newcomers, we have to recognize the constant reinvigoration of America that they are, that we all have been – our families,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.

      “And that, unless you’re blessed to be Native American – which is a blessing in itself that we respect – but that constant reinvigoration of hope, determination, optimism, courage, to make the future better for the next generation, those are American traits. And these newcomers make America more American. And we want them, when they come here, to be fully part of our system. And that means not suppressing the vote of our newcomers to America.”

    • gas mask required

      Why don’t you tattoo your cheeks with La Eme symbols to match the pentagram on your forehead. You know, the one between the red horns.

      • you go on and hold your breath on the murkin militardy saving ewe.


        they will however, charge ewe to learn how to key a mic and plant tomatoes behind everyone’s back- or sell you some coffee and t-shirts with cool crossed rifles on them.


  6. robroysimmons

    I love Matt Bracken, I love his books and I love his passion for the now dead Free America of our youths.

    But Matt is a Civic Nationalist which has done nothing but make us Whites second class citizens in our own country.

    So what exactly does the ideology of Civic Nationalism offer us “Whites” going forward?

    • I would put Matt’s contributions to the freedom movement over the past decade and a half at the top of the list of publicly-visible people. No one else has broken through the fringe to more mainstream (can I say that about AJ? :-)) audiences in the way Matt has.

      I have an idea for a post that I will just tease here, for folks to think through at this late hour.

      Thesis: There are material differences between “friends”, “allies”, and “associates”, but as a situation grows more serious, many of those distinctions are moot, at least until it’s sportsball and Faceberg time once again.

      In a sane world, the lack of 100% mirror-image alignment between individuals does not bar mutually-beneficial, healthy relationships between people of common interests. There simply are areas of disagreement which both parties observe for the sake of the relationship and its objectives.

      I submit that when I am under effective suppressive fire, I will not give two shits about the politics, backgrounds, or prejudices of the guys (or girls) who get that fire off my ass. They will be my brothers and sisters simply by saving my life – even if in isolation, I think some of their POVs are fucked-up.

      I would be surprised if there were more than 10-15% of the WRSA commentariat who were never down with that CivNat Greenwood bunk earlier in their lives.

      The world has changed.

      We’d best change, too.

      To use the Irish troubles as a metaphor, we can go back to shooting at each other (figuratively or literally) once we kick all of the damned British (communists and allies) out of the country (or our 5km AO/50km AI). Until then, trad Americans had better realize how steep the odds against them are and keep muzzles pointed towards the Reds and their pals, rather than each other.

      No more brother wars.

      Fratricide can wait.

      • robroysimmons

        Agreed, I always agreed. But I am positive my assertion is correct and here we are today second class citizens in the country my ancestors literally built since the before the last good war around 1776.

        The question stands not so much for Matt, but the rest of the CivNat bagholders. And about those CivNat clowns most of them would call Matt’s CWII cube “racist.” And that my friend is CivNattery in a nutshell.

        And les the peanut gallery thinks otherwise I love Matt’s work.

      • <——Exactly. This! Save your bat for someone who really needs a good crack, hint it's not the guy here at WRSA.

    • Matt Bracken

      When did I ever declare I was a civ nat? Can you give a quote?

      • Some times appellations are applied because there is nothing that keeps them from sticking

      • robroysimmons

        CivNat was or still is basic conservatism, it’s my shorthand, we and the normies did not have much choice.

        Matt is right he was booted off Boomercon Central FreeRepublic for daring to say that basically immigration from Mexico would not be a good thing because well they are Mexican invaders.

        Sorry for any confusion

  7. Matt , has hit the nail on the head.

    Focus on the problems at hand.

    1. 20 trillion+ in the hole ……and the bastards are still digging.
    2. we are being over run by invaders from the south……….and the bastards want more.
    3. These invaders have infiltrated the government from top to bottom……..and the bastards are doing every thing possible to subvert the will of the people.
    4. They are shutting down in every way possible our right to object ….the bastards are shoving a sock in our mouth.
    5. They are going after Trump with a vengeance ………….and the bastards will not stop.
    6. If we make it to the 2020 election no matter who wins we hit the wall………the bastards won’t accept a loss.
    7. If they win it’s gut check time for us!!!!

  8. Walter MItty

    How did the Wehrmacht treat the Polish prisoners it had captured?
    From the forum from a post by Michael Mills
    There is information in a book by Jan Tomas Gross on the German administration of the Generalgouvernement published back in the 1970s.

    Rank-and-file prisoners held by the Wehrmacht were released and sent home. That is what the term “civilian worker” meant.

    POWs held by the Germans whose homes were in the Soviet Zone of Occupation were handed over to the Soviet authorities. That occurred under an exchange agreement, whereby POWs held by the Red Army whose homes were in the German Zone of Occupation were handed over to the Wehrmacht.

    Officer POWs held by the Wehrmacht were initially released on parole, but later ordered to report back to the internment camps when it became apparent that some of the released officers had broken their parole and were organising clandestine resistance groups. A large proportion of the officers complied with that order. According to the testimony of those officers, the portrait of Pilsudski was displayed on the walls of the Wehrmacht offices to which they had to report, and loyalty to the name of Pilsudski was invoked as a reason for complying with the order.

    Some of the officers disobeyed the order and went into hiding, where they continued to organise the resistance that eventually became the Armia Krajowa.

    Once back in captivity, the officer POWs were held until the German retreat from Poland in 1944. In contrast with the Soviet treatment of captured Polish officers, none of the paroled officers who obeyed the order to return to imprisonment was executed.

  9. Jeffery in Alabama

    It is the commies and that is how they roll. I saw this on a WW2 discussion board and posted it to “Knuckledraggin”. I put in the subject line to Ken, “this is how they do it” i think that is the first time I ever posted to a blog. That has been several years ago. I am glad it is still around for all to see. I wish more would heed. When one watches this and contemplates the deaths of approximately 20,000 Polish officers it is sobering. Now factor in all of Stalin’s purges within the Red Army, the systematic slaughter of every teacher, preacher, person of wealth or means in every village across Mother Russia whose loyalty was in question along with the millions who were starved to manipulate food stores, crops, and control the lands. After all of that think about the killing fields of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Angola, El Salvador, Cuba, and on and on where the same types of people were exterminated because they either opposed or they might oppose Communism. Today we have “useful idiots” touting the benefits of Socialism (Communism without guns and bayonets, yet) who do not have a clue. They know nothing of history, but only how cool a Che Guevera shirt looks when worn at an ANTIFA rally. Why worry? It so easy to believe in Santa Claus. Harden your hearts and bodies. Prepare for what is coming to the best of your ability.
    Sic Semper Tyrannis

  10. i’ll have nothing to do with mr “my piiow” bracken.

    he’s a cuck.

    the old timers are pretty much losers.

    just listen to their “muh flag” muh constee2shun” bs…

    • Matt Bracken

      You know, they have meds for Tourette Syndrome now. You don’t need to suffer in humiliation.

      • gas mask required

        Won’t help. Just let it hate and serve its purpose as The Negative Example.

      • i’ll always be better than ewe.

      • Pot calls kettle black.

        Name-calling and argument by assertion are all you have.

        Glad you are on their side.

      • bibleater Thomas

        Hey Matt, wanted to thank you for being maybe the only one to at least rebuff my stuff abt. the Cain’s daddy/Garden of Eden stuff I’ve thrown in on dajoooos haranges here. The documentation has been around for a long time but I’ll suffice to call you my Christian brother. The coming conflict is both spiritual and martial. Our skills are blessings and yours are greatly appreciated. Thanks for all the freebies you’ve posted, now I want your books.
        About the time Saigon fell we both took different paths. You signed up and I dropped out and yet here we are.

  11. Harald Balzac

    See how easily we come together when we need to..



      Harry: It’s the nature of things here. I am not making excuses. All I can say is that after several years of coming to this website and others, such as the late Mike V’s, I sense an absolute meltdown of outrage over what has happened to what we all thought was a great nation.
      The frustration takes several forms. Since we know things are very wrong now, we look for scapegoats. We all have a choice. We can either try to solve the problem, or continue to waste time and point fingers.
      At my advanced age and increasing physical disabilities, my first problem-solving concern is the welfare of me and my tribe. Since I personally believe nothing will happen until there is a major “economic correction”, I focus my planning on that. Since I also believe all politics is local, I keep my eye on who is who in the zoo and continue to make my lists. And, since I have learned from painful personal experience, that the nail which sticks up the highest gets hammered down first, I try to STFU and stay gray.
      Nothing will change until we have our own version of Lexington Green. Some may argue that happened at Ruby Ridge, Waco, and with the myriad of executions of innocent citizens by the tatted-up, ‘roided-out, beetle-browed, brain-dead Orcs and Orcettes. I disagree. The real kick-off will not begin in earnest until these foolish, clueless Normies, Sheeple, Cucks, and Lotus Eaters cannot feed, house, and clothe themselves. Look at history The truth is out there. Bleib ubrig.

  12. A piece of paper or cloth has meaning and value when it is assigned by a human. It could be an old pair of skidmarked skivvies nailed to a tree. A vintage copy of Swank.
    A flag has a personal meaning and allegiance from individuals for individual reasons. My favorite is the Lion Rampant flag of Scotland. My least favorite is the homo flag. Who told the pee-pee puffers they could hijack the rainbow?
    Anyone who shows up at your door without enough food for six months is a poser. Peoples action or inaction is the barometer of trust. Many folks shit on the value of a mans word. I assign value to a mans word.
    “If words be made of breath,and breath of life.”
    Paper is made to wipe your ass with. Any half-competent, shithouse lawyer can destroy the integrity of a document while placing mistrust and doubt into the psyche of all parties.
    Fuck with a musketeer. You will be brushing your teeth through your asshole. Unus pro omnibus,omnes pro uno.

  13. I’ve lived in 3rd world countries, I guess I was isolated by not knowing the language, past cuss words, but I have never seen a society as acrimonious as America today. The Commies and their stooges have done a marvelous job of priming the nation for Civil War and, in case no one has noticed, Canada and MX will be/are willing vectors of actual invasion. The war will revolve around wyte genocide, 4GW, traditional raids on important targets such as airports and power grids, mass poisonings, false flags, you name it. Until the band starts playing we’ll be stuck here on tender hooks sniping at each other. I find it odd that Matt has not noted this situation for what it is and responded accordingly. But on a cosmic scale…. meh

  14. This cluster kuF is getting way too circular for my tastes T-fag has moments of lucidity buried by his daddy issues, as for Matt, I wish him the best but I hope he picks a career path that is not jewelry salesman.

  15. a lot of ugly people comment here all the time, it is discouraging. Matt Bracken has done a lot of good and written some very good books and articles. Concerned American the same. Not to mention this blog which allows some people to spew their hate and bile.

  16. Matt has improved my life by writing five or six books that I’ve loved reading, and have gifted to friends, who also enjoyed them. They have served as an invitation to freedom of thought for some of these people, and are a right of passage in our small group. They are a touchstone for us: “remember when the Gov used a false flag to get the gun ban in “Enemies”?

    Other than C.A. himself, who has provided an equally important service by virtue of hosting this board, nobody else who comments here has had that level of impact on my life.

    I think most of us go back-and-forth on the CivNat vs. EthnoNat thing. On the one hand it’s pretty obvious that Buckley-style conservatism failed completely, and that a big piece of the failure that CivNats are uniquely unable to deal with is the ethnic replacement we are experiencing in the West.

    On the other hand the sort of vicious intentional race-war, complete with Seig Heiling LARPers, that is favored by the Harold Covington followers, and represented here by Haxo and GreyMan, is not a very attractive alternative, to put it mildly.

    No, I don’t think hanging a 70 year-old white lady because she had a Vietnamese boyfriend when she was 17 is laudable. In fact, it’s a totalitarian horror. (That scene is in one of Covington’s books).

    Our ancestors are great because they found a way to maintain civilization, and improve civilization, without becoming the beasts who attacked them. I want to be part of a civilization that births the next Michelangelo and the culture to support him, not merely to be part of the tribe of the next Genghis Khan

    Anyone who thinks Matt is a CivNat cuck hasn’t read his work. I would recommend jump starting and going directly to “Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista” (the Red one). It will quickly disabuse of that notion. It’s also my all-time favorite Bracken book.

  17. freeillinois

    I am beginning to question the validity of this web site. Some of you have your heads screwed on straight like North gunner others not so much. Things are heating up in this country and some comments are just silly. “Its times to stop playing games.
    Illinois is getting ready to kick in doors on people that have had their FOID card revoked

  18. East Engin

    Couldn’t get a better view of why we lose. Commies always in lock step. We’re always with the circular firing squad.

  19. The enemy (smart ones anyway) figured out a frontal assault on the deplorables was out because of all the guns.
    So they switched to vaccines, abortion , fagotism, frankenfood , ‘medicine’ , nihilismm , and electronic warfare.
    Mirror check to see if they are winning.

  20. Those that cannot see the (((Wizard))) behind the curtain, are pathetic it seems to me.

    Negroes and Muslims are weaponized by the Jew, period. There is simply no evidence to refute that. The boatloads of negroes, most of whom are some sort of Muslim, being taken to Europe are being funded by George Soros and his pals, the Rothschilds.

    Soros and the various branches of the Rothschild family hate whites, and particularly hate white Christians.