15 Fighters: COTS COP ASAP*

Start with this AmPart article.

Add a rationally-sized trailer or two.

Build a defensible-against-light-marauders outpost for your Fifteen (and dependents).

Show your work.

Links and price/time estimates help.

Don’t forget sustainable water and latrines.


*Commercial off the shelf combat outpost as soon as possible.

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  1. Mine cost me $220K but I did most the work, it’s still a 6-outa ten for farming but at least I have water

  2. Assumption: This is a piece of ground already owned or known to you.
    Quick thought, in case it ever had utilities run back from the road. Prior to standing up the COP it might be worthwhile if someone in the group (either in the trade or knowledgeable) does locates on anything that might be underground. (Have your day-job telephony buddy come by with his truck, or rent a locator, whatever.) You may think you’re Lewis & Clark in virgin territory but you’d be surprised at the supposedly “unspoiled” land that already has some stuff in the ground. Two reasons at least, maybe three:

    1) The obvious safety concern in case it’s still hot – you don’t want to find out the hard way when you go planting piss tubes in the ground.
    2) Even if dead, if you’re generating your own power you may be able to leverage an existing distribution system relative to placement of your structures. (e.g., old farm property that may still have cable running to the site of a former/now-demolished old shed).
    3) Regardless of how you’re tackling power, your commo guy is going to want to know where this shit is so he/she can optimize any antenna setup (as in, keep that noisy shit away from my antenna).

  3. How bout start with a trailer and something to pull it, load it up with 3, 5 man crew tents and then add shovels, picks, axes, chainsaws, sandbags, steel fence posts and 14g standard barbwire. 20 spectre water cans, a popup privy shelter or two, a three burner propane stove with a some cooking implements and then bags of rice, beans and flour. Add a cook fly it you’re feeling fancy.
    If you really mean an outpost against marauders then you mean something you can defend and that means something that stops bullets. Unless you plan on building small concrete forts or pillboxes everywhere, bunkers and trenches are your best bet for bullet protection. Due to the possible fluid nature of things you will want too be able to move your base camp as needed. If your plan is to be comfortable you aren’t planning on staying alive.

  4. gas mask required

    The Walking Dead Compound
    Most trailer parks have water hookups, restrooms and laundry. Some have sewage connections for each space. There are RVs everywhere if that’s your bag including off-road towables. Most RVs have a generator one or two will need to have 220V 6.5 KVA capacity to run the well sub pump and booster.

    It’s like anyplace else in the world you will still need defilade. In my AO tall fencing is COTS and beacoup available as improvised salvage to construct HESCO bastions. (http://staytuff.com) You can fill them or berm with equipment that has a bucket if noise isn’t an issue, if it is then everyone has a real shovel to work with, right? Cut every other parking space in the middle with defilade, orient team RVs to a common middle. Vee, triangle or rectangle configuration depending on number of units. Security at each corner with well-staked and rehearsed fields of fire including a final lead fence, at least one LP/OP outside the perimeter likeliest avenue of approach, dug in deep with a landline. Passwords reviewed or changed either STAND TO.

    Rotate comm shack duties to those with expertise. Same with Medical. I’d say 50% On for everyone the first three days, then rework the schedule to push out patrols and increase rest intervals. STAND TO 100% one hour predaylight, prenight no exceptions. No common mess unless smoke is a no go then it’s a buddy system within the compound using propane.

    Abattis Compound
    Here you have nothing but your ass and two hands.

    Gather debris, wood, steel and barbed wire to stack an abattis the first day and defilade the interior with dirt, rocks, barbed wire. Improve your position daily until you’ve constructed a TWD compound. Or send out patrols to find a better location while basing out of your Trash Abattis. Same scheduling but you’d better be one tough SOB.

      • The Walking Dead…

      • gas mask required

        Two extremes of mobile improvised compounds:
        1) The Walking Dead (TWD) Compound
        2) The Abattis

        The Walking Dead is an AMC TV series about a post-apocalyptic zombie world. While it’s total fantasy, the imagery helps in this thought experiment.

        In reality we may find a continuum between idealized RV park with ready infrastructure and nothing. You have something to shoot for and something to save your life if you have nothing and from which you can build into better shelter/base/COP.

      • Daniel K Day

        The Walking Dead

  5. On the latrine side:

    There’s the military way:
    Waste disposal starting on page A-32
    Also water supply chlorination starting on page A-29
    (Alternate source link here: https://www.olive-drab.com/archive/fm21-10.pdf)
    (July 1970 version here: https://archive.org/details/FM21-10_201212)

    And there’s the old school outhouse:

    (This one includes a rainwater catchment that fills a large water container, which has a spigot for use as a hand-washing station at the rear of the structure. Good general summary–I’m sure there are others too.)

  6. I do not understand the promotion, going all the way back to survivalblog, on changing locations to create an improvement of your situation. Why is the new spot better than the old spot? The preppers in your new spot are planning to move, too. Bugging out has long seemed to me to be a mental evasion of the need to fight, and defend the ground you’re standing on. It’s fun to spend money on camping supplies, but I think what you’re really doing is setting yourself up to be in the worse category, a refugee. But I’m always willing to be educated.

    • The idea is displacement by design from a peacetime location to a wartime lager.

      I argue that the Reds’ plan can be dealt a more serious blow if a bunch of suburban and urban trad Americans get and keep hardening hideyholes away from the madding crowds.

      • I argue that the Reds’ plan can be dealt a more serious blow if a bunch of suburban and urban trad Americans get and keep hardening hideyholes away from the madding crowds.

        Anything suburban density or higher is undefendable, it’s too cheap to enforce policy on that type of ground. The one type of move that makes sense to me is once, from urban to rural. Then your small homestead farm becomes your large, farm-productive “hideyhole”, which has cover stories in depth, and you don’t bug out from it.

        Whereas, the suburban who escapes the city blockade to their fishing hole RV has now become a refugee, because they can’t produce a living there. A couple months of Mountain House stored at the RV doesn’t change this math.

      • SW Richmond

        If you’re not farming it’s not sustainable. Unless you know something I don’t.

        • Include your recommendations, especially hi-efficiency farming, in your reply to the post.

          • This is a matter for a whole separate 15 fighters. Glad to contribute some knowledge to that as have been working it for a few years now.

        • lastmanstanding

          Word. We have a tough piece of property but with a lot of hard work and what I would say is a significant amount of money have over come it.

          We have water but without go go juice, it will be tougher. I’m not going to get into the water issue but one needs to have the maximum in back up/storage.

          The basics of food staples for survival are as follows imo…garlic, onions, potatoes, kale, lettuce, spinach, beets, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage and multiple varieties of squash. Beans are also good, but dried beans are much better.

          In my AO, a greenhouse is damn near a necessity if you are serious…or 2. Even if they are the cheap type, the can add months of greens to your diet.

          Stone raised planters are also a season extender. When the sun gets closer to the earth, the rock heats up and things get jamming sooner. They also help extend later in the season.

          I have increased our space nearly every year for the last 4 years and we also grow at a neighbors. I could feed a dozen folks or more for a year with what we grow. We give a lot away and have plenty for the future. Growing/storing one’s food is a tremendously intensive effort. A way of life.

          Our animal protein (beef, pork, elk, deer, lamb, goat, chicken, etc.) also comes from our hood.

          Growing your own food is just as important as having an arsenal for protection…an army has always run on it stomach.

        • Long Pig,
          jus’ sayin’!

        • What kind of farming? Most farming done today depends on inputs from oil in the form of fertilizer. So when the ferts and diesel is no longer available then what? Do you understand Permaculture? Can you identify nitrogen fixing trees like honey locust? Do you know the danger that might be lurking in that hay bale you want to use for mulch? (See glyphspahate (sic) ground poisioning.) Do you own a scythe? Know how to use it? My point is that once you go into town for some ammonium nitrate and diesel YOU have given yourself up even if the eyeballs don’t know where your hidey hole is.

          Very few people have practiced 1840’s type farming.

          • lastmanstanding

            We do some permaculture. Pretty amazing. Read Sepp Holzer. Sepp is the man. Beware of his disciples running around selling seminars and shit…they don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.

            All ground on our digs is hand workable. I have prepared for years for the day of no fuel, etc. We spade with hand tools and broad forks. Our soil is good and getting better.

            No RU, no 2-4, no petroleum based fertilizer, no chem. All compost from sterilized or cert. organic sources. We do the best we can to keep our soil clean.

            That is why is said growing your own food is a lifestyle. Where we live, 80+% of people have their own garden.

          • So when the ferts and diesel is no longer available then what?

            Then you make the people who made them unavailable, into fertilizer. The following week, the present fine lifestyle reappears.

            Recently learned of other herbicides, Grazon and CleanWave, which when put on hay survives all the way into composted manure in your garden.

      • Precisely. Not everyone is already far from those crowds; facilitating that displacement where indivs can be force multipliers vs. dying individually on their front porch seems a worthwhile venture. Some tenets I read awhile back mention needing agreement of some core things by the group, answering the question if you’re willing to kill people and, finally, do you have a secure backyard. This last is important, often translated as “don’t shit where you eat.”

        Getting back to the actual topic…

        Not a bad notion of modular pre-fab or knock-together “bunkhouse style” stuff as in first pic – not too dissimilar from stuff seen on blocks in seriously rustic fishing camps – probably pretty easy to do these days. then migrate to “we are always improving our position.” The modern “pod” concept for layout as seen in many hospital care units can help balance displacement of different functions & allow some privacy (you mentioned dependents), while allowing C2 from a central area & coord between pods if needed.

    • Name (required)

      Being comfortably, permanently settled into a hardend hidey-hole beats trying to run to a campground somewhere, but having a campground to run to beats having no destination at all. Either way, we all need a plan b, even if we’re comfortably, permanently settled somewhere safe-ish.

  7. For information on fighting positions, LP/OPs, bunkers, etc. search for FM 5-103 Survivability. Includes examples/recommendations for hasty and semi-permanent positions as well as information on protection levels required for various threats (e.g., 5.56mm, 7.62mm).

    Latest I’ve seen is from 1985, but if it worked then, it still works.

    For post-1985 developments, it’s worth knowing how a “Hesco bastion” or “Hesco barrier” is constructed. Same intent as above, but this is a specific design that can substitute for sandbag walls.

  8. The cheapest defensive works you can build are made of old tires filled with rammed earth. You can make it thick enough to stop light AP weapons fire and shrapnel . Cover the outside with several layers of waterproofing and then several feet to several yards of dirt. Plant on it. Done right it looks like it has always been there. Put evergreens on it and It won’t show up on IR as anything but another bump. If you place it right you can build a “VC” chimney and heat it with a bear stove, and no one will know. Do your outer defensive works the same way. Cover everything you can. Get a book on how the Vietnamese built there defensive works. (there are several out there) then get your buddies, tools, revetting and start digging. Above ground is death. Underground is life. Its that simple.

    • I offer this only for critical thought, but after reading the last few of these articles my impression is that in these responses there is almost always a reduction to “big army” or “secure compound/bug out location” type thinking. “I want my half platoon to be outfitted with the same gear of…”

      Banding together is certainly smart. But one 500lb laser guided bomb on a fixed location and that crew is probably done. Or even the proverbial drone strike that was joked about for the upcoming summer gathering.

      And I admit I do at least immediately think that way as well. But what about a partisan type cell? Gear selection and need may be much different in that scenario.

      At least when I read these responses, which are by and large very good, my next thought is to apply that to the partisan cell.

      Which likely won’t even leave the county that the AO is located in.

      • Please add any specifics you can to other replies. The partisan/no access to anything from the Big Depot model is the one.

      • “But one 500lb laser guided bomb on a fixed location and that crew is probably done. Or even the proverbial drone strike that was joked about for the upcoming summer gathering.

        And that’s exactly the crux of fixed positions, right there! By the by, nice seeing you’re still out there. Drop me a note sometime.

  9. Hi Pete,

    A Member of Congress sent me this in a private message today. Would appreciate it if you’d watch it and pass it on to your readers. It’s about AOC.

    Here’s more:


    Andrea Shea King


  10. Craig’s List usually has an assortment of new and used utility trailers. Setting one up as a communication trailer, a Tactical Operations Center (TOC) isn’t difficult, particularly if a group works together to do it. This is where knowledgeable amateur radio operators come into play. Those waiting for the SHTF to happen to learn about radio will be useless.

    About 15 years ago, now, I bought a new Ford F-350 diesel with which I could tow a fairly heavy trailer if necessary, I think its rating is 13,000 pounds, I upgraded the factory hitch with a Class V (1500 lbs tongue weight). The dual alternators are overkill now, but may come in handy. After acquiring the bunker, I bought a tractor with backhoe and front end loader to move dirt if necessary. There is a spring on the property that flows the same, all year round.

  11. Bonaventure

    Decent (quarterly?) mag with useful ideas…

  12. TWD=The Walking Dead

  13. Name (required)

    Buy acreage, set up a campground with improved spaces – sewage hookups, power and so on. You now have a little business, tax deductions, maybe even some income. You also have a place you and your 15 could converge. Make it an LLC, and have your 15 buy in as partners, and it isn’t a huge burden on any.

    Buy a section of poor farmland or woodland that’s a little closer to town, put a paintball field in the woods, with a bar and grill for after the paintball game, put that improved campground in a corner, and rent the usable field to a farmer.

    Make it a business, make it make sense if nothing ever goes bad. For most, it’s easier to sell wifey on a business than on a bugout location. For everyone, preps that pay for themselves are the best kind.

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. 5-6 used full sized school buses with a tent stove in each. Makeshift hescos with chain link and burlap.

    Make 1 bus the kitchen/mess hall. Dig a latrine. Build bunks with 2×4’s and plywood.

    Paint the busses flat dark something.

  16. What can be done, off grid, challenging access, part time, unskilled (for the most part)

    add insulation, & heat, done.

  17. SLAVFOR has indirect high angle weapons in vast quantities. FREEFOR has those in the Molotov aperitifs universally despised by plantation owners planet-wide. Overhead cover, gentlemen. All roofs in the USSA are permeable barriers and mostly flammable, unless you live in a purpose-built hobbit-hovel; YMMV.

    Your enemies have much to teach you.

  18. For all you worn out,ridden hard and put up wet,glue factory geezers …buy a fucking back hoe. We buy the woven plastic sand bags by the pallet. Keep plenty of old pallets around. A simple 2×4 wooden frame holds six bags at a time. We weigh our bags so they are all the same size. Five or six pallets are ready to be moved wherever we need them..
    Never throw away t-posts or barbed wire. A simple chop saw with a metal blade cuts the t-posts into three lengths. The grinding wheel is set next to the saw. T-posts are sharpened to a lethal edge. They are used in punji pits,drop traps,spring traps,vehicle barriers and around barbed wire kill zone chutes.All trees near the property are intertwined with barbed wire. Strapping with finish nails are utilized along with caltrops. Trail cams,motion detectors,drones,ultralights and simple shotgun shell trip wires are utilized as needed. I have collected a dozen tripods of different sizes through the thrift stores. Binoculars, spotting scopes,IR and telescopes may be utilized. Coondogs,catahoolas rots and german shepherds are plentiful. A 3000 yard perimeter .has been established and discretely marked with yardage markers. All blind spots have been wired to channel scumbags into kill zones. The house,garages,barns,arenas,shops and loafing sheds are all bait. Welcome to hell. The family is safe and sound at a mine operation hardened and protected.

  19. ******************
    ALL models of M&P15-22 rifles and pistols manufactured before February 1, 2019.

    Smith & Wesson has identified two M&P15-22 firearms from recent production on which the breech face counter bore depth was not within manufacturing specification.




  20. https://cdn.instructables.com/FJQ/1B07/GLL4ZIEJ/FJQ1B07GLL4ZIEJ.MEDIUM.jpg?width=614

    there’s one of these near m rapp’s place. you’d never know it was there- i didn’t, till i walked into it from the basement entrance in a house on the Vermillion River. it was a grow operation back in 1991.

  21. I have been pricing out used construction company office/trailers, available thru RV companies, or construction companies, have to do some checking around. Usually have a small bathroom already installed. Heater… available, and usually propane. Easily tow-able with a pick-up or SUV. Level out a site and set it up on cinder-blocks, or timbers. Can cut out a floor hatch if you want and make a ‘cellar’ or bolt hole depending on what you want. Move earth up to berm it for a sloping lawn, or just leave the underside open. Better insulated cellar if you berm it. Dress up the inside much as the author did, to suit your situation.

  22. CA, could you aggregate the links to each piece in this series and post them here or as stand alone? Be real handy for us and for sending far and wide….. Thanks.

  23. a follower

    Seems like good info, Glenn Beck has also spoken of this.
    The Brains behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

  24. Mark_ORyan

    The idea of strategic relocation is valid, where white people relocate from urban and suburban areas to more rural environments. Urban and suburban environments are destined, very soon, to become majority-minority, where the white vote and economic influence will be diluted by People of Color and their billionaire allies.

    Moving to whiter climes, say, near Appalachia, will allow white money and voting to have greater influence. No white person can stand and fight for anything, you are outnumbered and overwhelmed in the cities. Not too mention, every so called patriot talks out their ass about “staying and fighting” or “from my cold dead hands” but the reality is they won’t and the social momentum doesn’t, as of now, support insurgency.

    If insurgency does happen, then denying Progressives and their PoC supporters use of urban resources (capital, markets, population, communications, etc.) becomes a Center of Gravity and spiciness ensues. Move out of cities. Develop tribe. Build popular support for urban insurgency. Vertically integrate your basic needs.

  25. Mark_ORyan

    The idea of strategic relocation is valid, where white people relocate from urban and suburban areas to more rural environments. Urban and suburban environments are destined, very soon, to become majority-minority, where the white vote and economic influence will be diluted by People of Color and their billionaire allies.

    Moving to whiter climes, say, near Appalachia, will allow white money and voting to have greater influence. No white person can stand and fight for anything, you are outnumbered and overwhelmed in the cities. Not too mention, every so called patriot talks out their ass about “staying and fighting” or “from my cold dead hands” but the reality is they won’t and the social momentum doesn’t, as of now, support insurgency.

    If insurgency does happen, then denying Progressives and their PoC supporters use of urban resources (capital, markets, population, communications, etc.) becomes a Center of Gravity and spiciness ensues. Move out of cities. Develop tribe. Build popular support for urban insurgency. Vertically integrate your basic needs.

  26. Paul Bonneau

    I wouldn’t go for a place in the boonies. Instead I’d look for a piece of land with the following characteristics:
    1) Decently far out of commute range for any city over 100,000 (better yet, over 10,000 if you can, mostly in the West I suspect).
    2) Small town, any large enough (say 10 acres) property ideally within that town or within a mile of it. Best if it has a wood lot of some sorts. Must be a farming/ranching or other working class community, not a town full of yuppies and art galleries.
    3) Reasonable climate and growing season. No, not Alaska. Access to surface stream is a huge plus, or at least a way to pipe it over to your garden. Otherwise you are pumping with solar, good luck.

    The nearness to the small town gives you shared security and a market for anything you can produce. Places way out in the boonies are a mistake as you will be taken over by a motorcycle gang and tortured to death – unless you have enough participants that it becomes, in effect, a small town.

    What you do for a living arrangement is pretty inconsequential, although some kind of berming wouldn’t hurt to deal with rifle fire.

    BTW back in 1980 I built (myself) a 1600 sq ft home 40 miles (yep too close) west of Portland on a 20 acre piece of land in the coast range.

    • TheAlaskan

      “No, not Alaska.”

      Right…we don’t want ya anyway.

      • Name (required)

        There is an enormous lot of things that are different here, and if you didn’t grow up here, you’re going to need years to figure it all out. If you aren’t already set here, it’s probably too late to get here.

        • TheAlaskan

          Right. Something like 89% of the people who move here, leave after seven years.

          Its hard living on top of the world…I guess.

    • ghostsniper

      Sorry to say, unless you have $500k to spend on just the land with no improvements, you are wasting your time. We have been looking daily for 3 years and everything is VERY expensive. My requirements are simple, 10+ acres, partly farmable, partly woods, at least 100 miles from any metropolis over 100k, closest neighbor 1/4 mile away. Very frustrating.

      • Your looking in the wrong place then…If you are actually serious then get my info from CA and I will send you a list…

      • You gotta be kidding. You could get 3 of those, with housing, thisaway. Phone if you got the number or ask CA for my current email, but that may go down for a few days soon while I, ahem, reorganize.

    • TheAlaskan

      And BTW, we have a long growing season. Sun comes up around 3 am and doesn’t go down until 11 pm most of the summer. I build high-tunnels on the side. 30′ x 72′. In them, we grow bumper crops of tomatoes, cukes, pickles, zucchini, beans, snap peas, etc. Does +/- 750lbs of just tomatoes, each week, for 16 weeks sound like we can’t grow veggies? That is in only three, 30′ x 72′ high-tunnels. And the yield of cukes and pickles are just as impressive.

      On just the tomatoes, we get $3/lb, and sell every…single…pound. Do the math…(750 x 16) $3 = 36K…mostly cash.

      In the acre garden…outside…fenced @ 10′ to keep out abundant moose: we grow potatoes, beets, kale, brussel sprouts, cabbage, lettuce, carrots and produce bumper crops, just add water when needed and fertilizer, if needed…all sold premium.

      • Name (required)

        You in Mat-Su? I’m in the Interior.

        • TheAlaskan

          No, Kenai Peninsula. Twenty eight years in Kodiak. Five years in Dillingham. Lived in Fairbanks a number of years. I also have property in Salcha. Now I’m on the Peninsula…south of Ninilchik. Farming and fishing….

      • lastmanstanding

        Well done brother, that is kicking some ass…and collecting da cash.

    • I know, Hood River has been turned into a cess pit as well, which is why I’m not there

  27. We have a 2017 Shasta 18fq, the advantage of the Shasta is do to the 15″ wheels and 4,200 pound axle given it a lot greater payload capacity compared to other single axle trailers. Paid $10,300 new and love it.

  28. Been discussed before but my first suggestion is a Ryder or UHaul box truck with the lettering still on it. That is if you intend to be permanently mobile. On the other hand if one has a stake in the ground already, take a second look at RO-RO freight containers. Of late 40′ good condition containers are going for less than $2k in my area, delivered. They make a excellent base to build a bunker.

  29. lastmanstanding

    Ok…fuck it, I’m in till the lights go out.

    After reading the Bracken sends link last night, I needed to sleep on it. I had made a decision to just stfu and check in as time permits. All this pissing on one another’s backs “on line” is bullshit. It is sad that some have left, hopefully they will return in time.

    I like this blog. Always have. Everyone here has done their own research, taken time to go down the/their rabbit hole and for sure has their own opinion of the sit-rep and shares the living shit out of it…I like that.

    FWIW, I want to hear what everyone has researched and what they think. Hell, I already get the gist of ALL the articles/posts and frankly, the only thing that interests me are the comments from each and every one of you. You know what, none of us have to agree with one another…however, some courtesy would be in order. I really appreciate peoples willingness to share the blow by blow. Use the info provided from every comment in a manner that suit you best…or not.

    I also realize that most, if not all here, have significant skin thickness to withstand the “humorous” insults airborne in this freestyle AO.

    So, with that said…We live in our BO. Not leaving, not planning to leave. Ever. Do we have everything covered? No. Lots of upside to our digs. There is always downside. What that is remains to be seen. Like ensitue above, I got a lot tied up in it but that was my choice. I wasn’t even “awake” when I bought the land but in hindsight, I got lucky as fuck. We have a pretty damn good spot and we are standing fast. We have a great neighborhood…and it is coming together. Is it 100%? F no. The 5 click thing is always on my mind. Everyday…and I work on it…every day. Along with 2 businesses and “a life”.

    C A…way to handle mvt the other night. I’ll leave it at that because I think you and Mr. Island T handled it to my satisfaction.

    Matt B. Got my package. Thanks. If you are ever ‘land yachting” in western Mt. you have my info. Stay with us.

    Mr. Rapp…I am about 4 hrs. from you. Want to trade email’s? C A will hook us up. That goes for any of the rest of you who may be interested in ‘buggin under the big sky” or any of you that are already here…let’s hook up.

    Tomorrow I’m doing a test batch of scratch baked beans for the family rebellion in Cody this summer. I got the other fixins handled as well. Another gent from wrsa is smoking the dead cow and pig.

    Be there or be square. Looking forward to the f2f.

    Finally, on more thing please…no more words like “globohomo” I can’t fucking take it.

    • Roger that Lastman…………..Again Pete if you can connect the dots we will all start meeting……you must be below the (M) ?

    • Rick O'Shea

      Last man , like the cut of you jib. We have a place n big sky country that I’m in the process of….. Would absolutely be interested in discussions if C A could help exchange emails. Thx , keep passing of the open windows!

  30. Hexayurt H13. Pre-build foundations, pre-trench, same with lp/op. Betcha all the build out for a dozen fits in a 40 foot conex.

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  32. lastmanstanding

    If you have a property that has a septic system, you could build an outhouse over the tank in a pinch. You just need to vent it to eliminate noxious gases from the tank.

  33. For a prime mover use mid-sized tractor with a bucket and backhoe or use a backhoe proper. Use it to haul a trailer to move people/equipment, even better would be two. Once at new location,unhitch trailer in center and then lay out triangle base. Berm up central area around trailer/dependent tent area and then move out to second triangle and berm up corner/ bunkers. Add your overhead cover if it makes you feel better. Use tractor to then clear field of fire around outer triangle. Come back with backhoe and dig field latrine ditch and drainage as necessary Then start trenches from corners to central berm area. If time allows berm between corners. While tractors are working those not pulling security start pounding stakes and stringing wire. In suburban areas a backhoe proper can fuck up a house real quick when it comes to clearing a field of fire and what a backhoe cant do fire can. Shits that bad that you’re not trying to work with local authorities and clean up and secure locally then moving slowly and in force is your best option. If you already have a place build a bermed up triangle fire base to begin with but as the mast head said, be prepared to unass your AO.

  34. Kill all boomers

    I second the questioning of the wisdom of bugging out. Bugging out has a ton of drawbacks:
    -Requires secondary property
    -Requires duplication of life support systems on secondary property
    -Requires pre-caching of goods at undefended secondary property or dependence on what you can bring in BOV or full time resident on BOL property for security
    -Exposure to threats while transiting to BOL in nonpermissive environment
    -Any BOL structures sufficient for your survival force will show on satellite imagery
    -Living off the land fucking sucks
    -Locals will see you as an outsider
    -You can be drone striked with no collateral damage
    If your idea of resistance is playing Eric Rudolph until you die from dysentery while the rest of the world ignores you, go for it.
    I suggest instead you relocate to a smaller community that shares your values, make friends, and dig in with a NPP, “A Failure of Civility” style. Resources dedicated to buying land in buttfuck nowhere and stocking a poverty hut for a fifteen-person future graveyard would be better spent hardening and provisioning a primary residence and forging bonds with the neighbors and local power structure.
    My “BOL” is a well-insulated and well-provisioned house surrounded by likeminded neighbors with existant family/church/community bonds. All my bullets and beans are already on-site. I have endless well water, and septic. I burn local wood for heat. All of my neighbors are armed. We’re too far from major cities for the diverse horde to reach. We all go to the same church. The township is 50% farmland by area. Why would I ever abandon this position in favor of a home depot shed, a ruck full of spam, and a pit latrine?

    • Well, all that is correct, Killer, and good for you.

      Lots of other folk are not already situated so well, so excuse them, and us, for discussing our plans and possibles…..

    • Name (required)

      Why would you ever abandon your home? Flood, fire, earthquake, tornado, plague…. stuff happens, and it’s good to have a plan B, and plan C. Sounds like your neighbors will take care of you if they can, but what if they can’t? It’s good to have some place lined up outside the immediate neighborhood. A hunting cabin on a few acres a couple counties away might be fun every fall.

    • Uh because now you’re on the lam for murdering an entire generation of people? Can you show us on the doll where a the Boomer touched you and made you a genocidal, yet thoughtful, wackadoodle?

  35. COTS COP ASAP* I know ASAP is As Soon As Possible, but COTS COP? Is that some acronym I’m not aware of? Too many acronyms to keep cogently cogentated.

  36. Bring it to the city. If you fear death, you fear life.

  37. Bubba White

    If you have to provide everything for your “team”, you’ve got the wrong fucking team and the wrong damn “leader” for said team. Demand compatibility on mags and comms; provide some type of distinctive item for uniform/recognition. And guidelines for the basics of other equipment. KISS.

    RANT starts here:

    IF team blue-hive goes all-out ballistic, they are not ALL coming to YOUR A.O. You don’t need 13,000,000 rounds of 5.56. Just as the Allies in the Pacific did during WWII, team Blue will bypass the unimportant, insignificant (a.k.a. YOUR) islands of resistance. Who gives a shit what is happening in Bumb Fuck Idaho/Oregon/Montana? IF there is a CWII, it will be vicinity of beltways, ports, and railways near major cities-the boundaries between blue hives and normies. Follow the money. If you are within 250 miles of civilization you would see that every truck stop has multi millions of dollars of cargo waiting to go in or out of the hives. Every day, 24 hours a day. (((They))) and ‘them’ are not going to let that cash cow die. No matter what! Cash is king; money and profit will continue to flow. Always has always will.

    There will not be a return of the Dark Ages. Not going to happen. Maybe EMP pulses will wipe out tons of electronic datum, but there are still tons and tons of hard copy back-up for everything.
    But go ahead, WRSA readers, live like the Amish. Keep your family living like it is 1850. So IF the electric grid goes out they will already be used to living like shit. Wow! You’re really looking out for them. The rest of us will enjoy life; raise our families; and be ready for the future-whatever it holds. There are enough smart people, and lots of us who are not quite as smart, who can read and comprehend, so that we can (relatively) quickly get the USA back online to at least 1980’s standards-no matter what events unfold. We have generators, 6-12 months food, great water supplies, and still live NORMAL lives. So go green; build a windmill; live in a cave; go “off grid”. My (boomer) Airsteam is, and has been for years, already set to go off grid in 1st class comfort-6 months at a time without being a ‘prepper’. You can act like a cave man; treat your family like Afghans in the 14th century, ostracize yourselves from civilization and let the libs take your place in the vacuum you are creating by abdicating your role in your towns and cities.

    If you are 400 miles away from civilization with your make believe 15 man “tribe” or in your cave by your lonesome, you won’t effect the outcome if ANY conflict, positively or negatively. You can just sit there on your old fat asses and Monday morning quarterback.
    I don’t know that I’d want to be Johnny P or Aesop smack ass in the middle of the libs, but I’m just outside 155 range (30+/- Km) of the outer beltway of 1 big city and 2 hours drive from 5 more; IF I choose, I/we can go into the hive(s) and have fun or die. More likely the latter. But IF, the SHTF, some of the remnants of the hive will come my way, not out to BFE. {FYI: Egypt is a country in North East Africa} And my neighbors and I will be far more than they ever bargained for. Or not.

    But I STILL don’t need 13,000,000 rounds of 5.56 because they are not ALL coming to my house.
    How much of what stuff do I need? –I don’t have a fucking clue. All I can do is my best guess divided by what I need to do to provide for the present realities of living life today.
    But I am NOT going to die an old, paranoid, delusional, fucking hermit freak.
    Nor am I going to be completely surprised or unprepared if the world as we know it comes (temporarily) crashing down.

    If you’re 400+ miles away from ‘civilization’ -you have no decisions to make, you have nothing at stake, and despite your bluster you won’t contribute shit-you’ll just die on the vine. An effective combatant must be somewhat familiar with the enemy territory and have access to actually see (and fight) on that the terrain. (Some may call this a leader’s recon. Look it up in your on-line catalog of: ‘I wanna-be-the-shit, but was too much of a pussy to actually sign up’).
    Just sit on your fat old white asses and “war game”.

    And PLEASE: No more Fucking sermons from the bible thumpers- My experience is the ones who wear religion on their sleeves are the perverts, liars, and shysters.

    Rag on me all you want. I don’t give a sh!t. Rag on T-fat for his point of view-At least he served-he got Fucked up; he is pissed; but he damn sure earned the right to be pissed. He didn’t just ‘war game’ like all you fuckers and wanna be preachers who chimed in with your ‘experiences’ at gaming. Wow!!! Am I fucking impressed. NOT.

    BTW, Have fun at the undercover cop convention in Wyoming.

    And JP and the rest of you younger people, yes, I’m a ‘boomer’. But as Billy Joel said- “We didn’t start the fire”.

    Before noon I already ran 5 miles with my 60lb (boomer ALICE) ruck-under an hour-thank you; rode my 1980’s (boomer Schwinn road bike) 45 minutes; did my sets at 325 squats & calf raises, deadlifts, etc, etc; 45 minutes Kenpo; and went through the OPOTA (Ohio Police Officer Training) qualification course-twice-once with my HK P7-M8 and again with my HK USP. Tomorrow or Monday will be rifle time- HK 91 & Sig M400.
    You know why I train? Not because I am afraid of the negroes, the (((jooooos))), the mooooslims, or the boogeyman. But because I enjoy it.
    And this is the USA and I fucking CAN.

    I pace myself, because I’m a boomer, so I must be ancient; and I AM on a budget- 750 rounds a month for training.
    But somehow, despite being an aged, decrepit boomer, my Jungles, BDUs and ACUs all still fit??? Must be the coriolis effect or something. We all know that boomers are bulging at the waist, sagging at the chest, have either skinny or flabby arms and ZERO endurance. Don’t forget the chicken legs.

    And for the record:
    I, me, EVIL, White, Male, Life-Endowment NRA member, veteran, WASP, 82nd Airborne Assoc life member, Benchmade knife owner, Springfield Armory weapons owner, am PERSONALLY responsible for ALL the bad things that have happened, are happening, and ever will happen in the world. So none of you, nor the negroes, nor the wetbacks, nor the (((JOOOOOOOS))), nor the moooslims, nor the ChiComs, nor the Russkies: Nobody but ME is responsible for your shitty life. So instead of blaming all ‘boomers’, blame me,-personally. It is all my fault.
    Happy? [If not, go kill your sorry-ass self.]

    I still live in reality.
    The sky is not falling. We will know when it is; if it does.
    Caution & Preparedness-Not Fear & Paranoia.
    Live life in this moment. Enjoy it. Fill every moment to capacity. Embrace your family. You have NO IDEA when it may all come to an end!

    Being a Warrior is a way of life.
    The warrior stands alone.
    (You may have a team, a squad, a fucking Division, but the bottom line is a Warrior stands alone- others may stand with you–or not—but a warrior stands alone!!.)
    ’tis sad, but the more I read at WRSA, the more T-fat makes sense. He is living life, [albeit too far North to be any type of impact IF the SHTF.]
    He is (apparently) LIVING LARGE. As it should be- for warriors.
    Lots of cops suck, they are belligerent, murdering, rapist, fucks. Their ‘fellow officers’ are letting it happen. You lie, you die.
    [Although T-fats KIA estimates are extraordinarily high-by 2 decimal places. My other point of disagreement with him lies in the fact that I have been married for 39 years, so my opinion of women is different from his.]

    Have a nice life. I’ll read WRSA again next week. Bash away.

    • lastmanstanding

      From one boomer to another…many of us are living exactly like you are.

      Yeah this country has problems. I personally live like you, live my life and want to be left alone by those who don’t get how the earth works.

      I run in a small circle and keep an eye on the larger one best I can. For the most part, I won’t live in fear. Can’t say there are times when I don’t worry about shit. I call it being cautious.

      Good on your fitness and training. I like it doing it as well.

      We all want a nice life. It will be as good as you make it. Peace brother.

  38. Johnny Paratrooper

    Stainless Steel Corregated Roofing Supply.


    There are probably other brands and websites

    And if you walk into ANY roofing supply company on earth, they can find you whatever you need.

    Stainless steel can be a little hard to work with. You might NEED a nail gun to put this stuff down. I don’t know. I have worked with corrugated roofing in years. And I have no experience with the stainless steel variety.

    However, If someone had about 25 sheets of 4×8 laying around; You could build a pop up house using some harvested timber roughly cut into lumber.

    I haven’t priced anything up. But I imagine >$500 bucks can put an easily storable, durable “Let’s build it” building under your porch or in the attic.

    The sheets lay pretty damn flat and hardly take up any space.

  39. robroysimmons

    Shipping containers. I struck the Boomer Bonanza enough so that I could afford a small piece of farmland in deep deep Redstateistan I placed a shipping container on it for deer season, have ingratiated myself with locals by tamping down the incivility of city living personality.

    I am now in a purple area and if it all goes sideways then that is my hill, alone because wife is pure Boomercon cargo cultist. That means two missed hot showers, the wail of despair in appeals to the gods of the American Dream then resignation on going to that better place where all boomers know no hardship.

  40. Nunya Bizniss Sr

  41. >>>we spent a lot of time talking to the locals at the taverns bar. This was the most valuable time we spent. The locals knew a lot more than our agent<<<

    Ya think? I pay attention to where folk like Amish and Mennonite live, and even a lot of farmers of any persuasion. I figure their families have been living peacefully and productively in this land for a couple centuries now, and that track record might be beneficial to understand. Maybe a regular guy can't live with them, but he can live among them. And after all, that's the distinctive feature of a free life with others…peaceful production.

    'Course I'm an oddball, and one point of agreement among almost everyone is that being an oddball should be verboten. The commentariat here may beat even the commie-libs on that particular principle. No big deal and only if the shoe fits…it's almost universal anyway.

    Me, I know that the mind is man's basic means of survival. So I understand that all the power necessary may be found in a single word, "No." And meaning it, duh. It's not as shiny as metal nor as burnable as wood, but it's true nonetheless. "The mind is man's basic means of survival."

    So what's the right government? Simply check a dictionary…look under "oxymoron." It's all gotta go, else it'll be all there is. Provable fact, but fables and fairy tales have been popular for millennia now.

    Sorry if this is off-topic. I well understand the Collectivist Axiom—"It ain't me." So anyone's free to carry on; it's just another choice. Maybe you'll find the right gang tomorrow and steamroll over the continent. Gotta have that endplan, donchyaknow. For everyone.

    "The battle has ALWAYS been Individualism versus Collectivism."