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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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    As Homer Simpson would say: D’oh! I do not doubt the veracity of these videos. And if you follow the money, it will lead back to Soros, the Clinton Foundation, and the rest of the usual suspects. My point is that we already know or have surmised this. It is all out in the open. So the big question is now: What do we do about it?
    If FAUX News did an expose and ran these video clips tomorrow, Mr. & Mrs. Normie and Mr. & Mrs. Sheeple would just tsk, tsk, tsk and go right back to the latest episode of DWTS, or the March Madness Tournaments. People like those three useful idiots who “run” Justice Democrats are just the frosting. It is up to us to find the cake and deal with it accordingly. I’ll be cranking up the research over the next few days, but I won’t promise anything. It will probably be like peeling back the layers of a very large, malodorous onion. Stay tuned.

  3. She’s in good company

  4. They found the perfect diabolical narcissist in Sandy Cortez. An empty shell that will read a play script using the same childish voice as that criminal liar Blasey Ford

  5. She’s made for TV,, just like Obama. Wag the Dog, anyone? You won’t get boobus Americanus to give up the teevee, and if ever there was a brainwashing, propaganda medium par excellence, that would be the tv. You gotta hand it to the folks who make the tv shows, they know how to twist and pervert the truth. Lies and misinformation, propaganda and manipullation rule and so long as that’s the case the country is beyond screwed.

    Obama hit every tv talk show, ditto for his ‘wife.’ They danced and jived and were soooooo young and cool, and admired. The media fawned on his every utterance, even the Uh uh uh and I, I , i when he lost the teleprompter. I feel like a character with the sunglasses in ‘They Live’

  6. just the usual

    (((Long March Through the Institutions))), via

    Jews + orcs.

    BTW, U 2 can run for Congress, and become

    a Congresscritter who will shortly behave

    not much different than (((Ocasio-Cortes))),

    or Paul Ryan, or (etc.)

  7. This is shocking information. I remember one time this boy from the little town of Hope Akansas rose to become a governor and then appeared on the scene and taught us all to “Not stop thinking bout tomorrow” mostly because he was busy making today suck. But we were all weary from “Lip Reading” by then and people fell for it.

    Fuck you Red and Blue teams. Tastes great, less filling.

  8. dmv gringo

    Big fucking deal.
    Every member of Congress and the Uniparty, especially the big name political celebs, are
    fabricated constructs, puppets, and frauds.
    This revelation does not change anything. There is no smoking gun here.
    Illegal alien shitholers, the communists and their foot soldiers are rampaging unchecked
    and winning, backed up by the muscle of
    their jackboot police state.

  9. L Donoghue

    Anyone who is obeying the law now is a patsy.

  10. If the owner of Tandem came close to me, I’d run to the other end of the room. Rolled up pants legs?? Ponytail? Beard and sloppy tie with dirty shirt? This guy screams shyster that needs a good bath.
    “Sandy” is the female version of this low level shit shoveler. My degree is SO important, I’m SO well educated, and well, you’re just damned lucky that I showed up!
    The Oriental Flower that “worked her ass off on the posters”, needs Atkins and a good gym. If she is this fat and sloppy in her personal appearance, I can tell you that her mind is warped.
    And THIS is the future of politics in FUSA.