Z Blog: Not My President

DJT’s record on 2A is enough of a disqualifier for 2020.

Z is not the first.

Nor the last.


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  1. ” Come and join the party dressed to KILL !

    • Fuck van morrison where did that come from try again

    • You are mostly useful idiots.

      • useful to whom ?

          • I do not care for nor do I support the man ! you are mistaken

          • Boy I am sitting here stewing over this bullshit…I am one of the first to point out his ZIO connection and family tree past political connection, posted the videos of he and clintons and all the rest you are aware of now…and for you and tom to suggest that in some way I am an idiot and am or was a supporter of this or ANY administration is really fucked up !
            You can talk shit about me like we all do but this is taking it to far.
            I do not know how you came to this conclusion…????????????????
            a big FUCK YOU to both………………………………

  2. I have been calling him Donald Woodrow Wilson Trump for two years. His cabinet picks and White House Staff positions, in the first month of his administration indicated he was being expertly handled.

    The inevitable is becoming obvious: TINVOWOOT.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. CA can you delete that first vid I put up I do not even know where it came from ? sorry

  5. Wah,wah,wah. Crybaby motherfuckers. Trump . He is a NYC real estate developer. Selective retention?
    Outside Israel, the largest group of Jews is in NYC. They own the goddamn city. The mob,unions,corrupt politicians,shady contractors,inspectors,criminals. What the fuck did you expect? Mister Rodgers. Time to take off your Pampers and wear big boy pants.
    The “suddenly cognizant” Trumpians forgot real fucking quick who he was running against. The Bushpig and The Clinton Crime syndicate.
    Quit your bitching and use the time that Lord Trump bought us wisely.
    I am digging up Pat Paulsen and running him for president on the Rotting Zombie ticket. I expect to win.

  6. Sending money to the Commissars? Smooth move, ex-lax

  7. Remember, deep state/swamp and whatever people calls it, is
    MOAR of what people think on the surface. It has been going on
    for a looong time, and it is actually a huge club.
    What you are seeing is “The Club” breaking in Trump with
    their many holdovers.
    Here is just a smidgen of what I see as foreign and domestic
    enemy entanglements:

    Then again, nothing new under the sun.
    There will definitely be a test, which course we take
    is by free will.

  8. ghostsniper

    You’re packing, a stranger comes up to you and aggressively says, “Give me your gun.”, what do you do? Kill him, right? What if that stranger is 1000 miles away? Ignore him, right?

    Suppose the stranger tells you to give him your wallet, or your shoes, or anything else you possess? Suppose he comes to your front door and demands your TV, DVD player, your wife, then what?

    If you allow people to take things you possess they will also take your life, your ultimate possession, the one thing you can’t replace.

    You can’t kill all of them so you must be where they ain’t.

  9. Trumpenthal.

    Republicans are NOT our friends.

  10. Haven’t voted since the last Ron Paul run; TINVOWOOT (gotta love it!!!) sunk in deep then. My decision to accept that principle has been reinforced daily. Amen. amen I say…

  11. Just surrender to the commies as no get it over with, pussy.

  12. Bubba White

    I didn’t even read any of this shit.
    But seeing the 20-some Democrat alternatives and the back-stabbing Deep State Rinos, I’d have to go with Trump. Don’t vote and you’re begging for CWII. Personally, I’d rather avoid that. It will be worse than anybody can possibly imagine. X3.

    Many moons ago I asked my wife: “If I have 10 guns and they ban 5 of them, how many will I have?”
    Without hesitation, she replied: “15, because you will get 5 more of the ones they banned.”
    I don’t give a fuck what “they ban”. IF “they” even can get further bans passed. They’re not getting mine. And I doubt ‘they’ really will even try. Just some other B.S. laws to charge somebody with when convenient to say they are doing something. Bans are working really well in ChiRaq and D.C. huh?
    If and/or when the sky really starts falling, we’ll know. Until then it is all circus and show.

    If you won’t vote, don’t bitch. Just STFU!

    If/when it is time for SHTF, surprise, mass of force, violence of action, and target selection will carry the day. But it will not be pleasant. Not for anybody. Anybody who says otherwise is ignorant, or a fool, or lives 400+ miles from civilization and is therefore totally irrelevant to events in the real world and just wants to goad others on to what he is too pussified to do himself.

    So, if voting buys even just 4 more years, I’ll put on black face, get my free Newports, Skittles, and gin, ride around town for 6 hours in the social justice voting van, sing the AOC/Bernie songs and vote 3 or 4 times (for Trump).

    • Your exactly right. The majority of Americans lean more conservative, constitutional, and republican type values, but with more and more of these people opting out and not voting, you get the fringe wackos that start winning these elections. Take AOC, she won with only around 6% of the vote, because nobody feels they need to vote. People just need to get off their asses and actually learn who these people are before the vote for them. If they don’t live up to their promises, people need to recall their officials and hold them responsible.
      Holding off these crazies as long as possible is a good thing, because you never know what can happen between now and then.

    • Take your vote and SHOVE it dork. Still stuck in the Matrix. My rights endowed on me by my Creator are not subject to cancellation by some friggin VOTE!!! Since when do I have some requirement to use the ballot box as my ‘weapon of choice’ against the rights destroyers????? You need to find you’re way out of the Matrix son. Trouble is you don’t recognize the fact that you are still there. TINVOWOOT!

    • tfA-t is this the sock puppet you use when you want to type longer than one word rationals? If so make it better than a boomer who claims a “warrior” ethos but missed vietnam cause he was with a leg unit.

    • Spot ON!!!
      No more to add.

  13. I’m with Joe above. See Barnhardt doctrine for why. Cortez 2020! Moar, faster.

  14. Off topic, but needed.

  15. Regardless of how Trump has let us down in some areas, do you really want Democrats? They are much, much worse than any weak Republican. I won’t vote for a Democrat, they might win. I won’t not vote, the Democrats might win and it won’t be my fault.

    • As a Southern Nationalist I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016, won’t vote for him in 2020 no matter what the issues are. For me, the only thing Trumpenthal has been good for is cheap entertainment. Lately, he’s lost his luster in that regard.

      Trump, through his banking debt, really is controlled by the Jews of Wall Street and international banking. Why do you think the last three Fed Res chairmen have been Jews? You don’t really think that’s a coincidence, do you?

      All leaders of the Gun Confiscation Lobby are Jews. That’s ALL of them. That’s not a coincidence, either.

      Which brings me to this. Would we have been better off if Hillary had won in 2016? From a Southern Nationalist perspective, certainly. We be much closer to the coming fight than we are now. Like many who laid down and went to sleep when George W. won, there are many who did the same in 2016, many of those are the same ones who did that in 2001.

      I’m sick and tired of whiners who are afraid of the future, it’s coming no matter what you may wish. Get ready for it.

      • whitedeath81

        I am angry because he violated the second amendment and now i am forced to vote third party

      • NorthGunner

        Speaking of THAT ‘banking debt’ of Trump’s, Pat,
        here’s the interview with the Atty for those 72 banks
        that Trump owed MORE than a $Billion dollars to
        ($1Billion of it WAS personal debt of his own):

        Attorney: Trump worth ‘more alive to us than dead’

        (go to the 00:03:45 mark to watch if you want to
        straight to the comment)

        So, in my mind it stands to reason that if Trump
        was getting in over his head in the ‘casino biz’
        in Atlantic City, NJ, he WOULD have had to
        actively courted the favor of the Kushner family
        at that time to even have a chance of earning
        the privilege of doing ANY real estate business
        there (we’re talking the 1990’s btw), so he was
        ALREADY compromised by BOTH the banksters
        and the Kushners and others of the (((chosenites))).

        How many of those 72 banks are Rothschild
        owned/controlled financial entities, btw?

        How folks cannot see this and understand such
        is beyond me.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • hvlee, you missed the whole point dude. TINVOWOOT! A systemically flawed system does NOT fix. It fails and is replaced – no exceptions in history. prepare to survive and help replace.


    so speaketh tfA-t

  17. This is on a par with the @$$hole in AZ who kept sending Sen Braintumor McCrazy back term after term or the jackholes in KY who send Bitch McConjob back over and over, and yet can’t figure out why Congress didn’t get rid of ObozoCare, and can’t see why they haven’t got a wall, so it must be the guy’s fault who’s been on the job for 2 years.

    This is right up there with punishing gun owners for the crimes they didn’t commit, because the people they didn’t release from prison got guns anyways and stuck up a bank.

    Keep on with that, and keep rubbing that TINVOWOOT rabbit’s foot.

    It’ll come in handier when President Tupac Kneepads Harris decides “from my cold dead fingers” is a feature, and not a bug.

    Don’t stop at not re-electing Trump, because you want to make sure Ruth Vader Ginsburg is replaced with Gloria Allred.

    Go full retard, and start a movement to draft Shrillary, then contribute to her campaign, and get the vote out for her. She’s tan, she’s fit, she’s rested!

    Z needs to up his meds, and get a consistent dose.
    He goes from occasional lucidity to full batshit whacktard from day to day.

    Trump was never my guy. He just happens to have governed more conservatively than anyone since Coolidge.
    But by all means, throw him over, and stay home in 2020.
    Look at the dividends that paid in 1992, and again in 2008.

    Maybe it’s not to late to get Al Franken back in the Senate, and try to re-animate Senator McCrazy too.

    And if Evita Guevara-Castro can be in Congress, who can argue against the idea or Rep. Chelsea Clinton (D-NYFC)?

    Then the people who think this is a good idea can party like it’s 1994.

  18. All the words spoken and written. All promises, all the assumptions by well meaning WP. Nothing will matter when the inevitable starts. It will be a war of all against all.

  19. Look on the bright side, if “They” ban guns then we can start shooting them in the head. I mean, what will they do, ban guns??????