RSM: Iowa Poll Shows More Than Half of Democrat Voters Support Old White Guys

What a colossal shitshow.

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  1. Just expect whoever is nominated to most likely be the next “president”. I do not think trump will be a two term “president”.

  2. Demographics is more than ‘K-Ph.D commie Ed plus 2 million Julios and Jaunas per year equals disaster.’
    It’s also true that an aging population, like ours, has a higher percentage of people who have grown out of the adolescent philosophy of socialism.
    And it seems to be true that the squatter invasion is mostly to replace the third of our population that the baby-killers turn into medical waste each year while keeping the permanent welfare parasites from moving forward. Not that they wanted to amount to anything.
    Point being, most of the tens of millions of children killed in abortions were going to grow up in left-wing government-dependent households, so replacing them with third world squatters isn’t the electoral swing that many make it out to be.
    The swing vote next year will still be the older white vote, the issue being guys like me and many others here who see that voting changes nothing so we don’t bother.
    Will a legit conservative step forward and challenge Mr. Trump? Mr. Schultz sees a third way as a pro-business ‘progressive’. He might surprise everyone. Heck, the Dems might split the party and run the Dingbat candidate along with the ‘I hate America’ candidate.
    Long winded, I’m sitting here tied down with an infected leg, so…blah, blah

    • George, I respectfully disagree. 2 million per year for 35 years does make a difference. 70 million, plus their birth rate. That takes us from 190 million in the 1960’s to 340 million today. And it’s not over, yet.

      • Well, I’m arguing that replacing one bunch of pinkoes with another is kind of an even -Steven, or igual – Pascual if you prefer. But you’re right about the difference in follow on birth rates. Hadn’t thought about that angle.
        There’s an ongoing flood into this country from every angle except the European trickle. I’ve been working pipelines in Florida for the last 3 years-there’s not a lot of white guys on my crews, but every kind of Caribbean, Ticos, Carracci, Mexicans, etc.
        Where’s the white kids?

  3. ghostsniper

    RSM: Iowa Poll Shows 100% of ALL voters are retarded.

    • That’s funny shit.
      The mentally retarded are, “Gods special children”. Cardinal Cushing.
      The mastermind has a sense of humor.
      As a young punk, I was raised in a town, where the state warehoused the retarded. I grew up surrounded by retards,deformed,learning disabled, deaf dumb and blind ,mentally ill,abused and brutalized kids.Thousands of lost souls who suffered and died alone in squalor and neglect. Had to laugh or lose your fucking mind.
      You are giving the retarded a bad shake. They are smarter than the average voter.

      • lastmanstanding

        It was pretty common in a lot of places then. I hadn’t thought about it in a long time until you mentioned it today.

        Hence the introduction of abortion…politicians answer to eliminating this problem and just another way of increasing non-essential gub employment.

        My God, look at how far we’ve fallen. Look at how societal operation has changed in a long lifetime. Lets just say my lifetime since 1960.

        Wonder where old ruthie is right now? Probably just “warehoused by the state” for whatever benefits their current agenda. Just print money out of thin air and tack it to the sheep’s current running debt to pay for her “care.”

        Thanks for the sobering reminder.

  4. james neufeld

    Hope you recover soon George.

  5. TheOtherGeorge

    Over at Silicon Greybeard’s site he has a link to a YT video entitled “The Brains Behind AOC”. This video though a little long, is really excellent and well worth watching especially, if like me, you wondered how an oaf like AOC could possibly have become a Congresswoman. After watching this video you will learn how she was installed and that the same people responsible for getting her elected also got 7 other “like minded” socialist types elected to office as well. I shamelessly “borrowed” the link from Greybeard’s site and post it here for your convenience (I know that YT links don’t work here when you click on them but… if you go to the lower right corner of the video screen where the word “Youtube” appears and double click on it really fast, you will still be taken there:


    so speaketh tfA-t

  7. TheOtherGeorge

    Well that’s interesting, the video is playing from here with no problems today (other times the links to YT vids posted at WRSA don’t seem to work).

  8. Thanks for giving Flounder the face-time he richly deserves.
    On any ballot at this point, regardless of criminal gang or the color of tie they’re wearing, my pref is d) None of the above.

    Now back to snow-shovel cardio.

  9. St.Maur1066

    Bernie is not “White”. He is a “Semite”…..

    Only A Jew could be two races at the same time, A Semite and a Caucasian, LOL!
    The old dictionaries from 1960’s and earlier describe Semite as a combination of African, Asian, Arab, and Caucasian. Which they are, they are NOT white/Caucasian. Further more their “religion” of Judasim is a race based cult.

    Semitic” in English
    adjective UK ​ /səˈmɪt.ɪk/ US ​ /səˈmɪt̬.ɪk/

    relating to the race of people that includes Arabs and Jews, or to their languages:….””””relating to the race of people “””

    Hebrew and Arabic are Semitic languages.

  10. St.Maur1066


  11. kypartisan

    Only one of those would call himself white.

    I wonder how long Creepy Uncle Joe is going to last 🙂

  13. Relics. Obsolete pieces of petrified dogshit. Biden is one of the creepiest,non- incarcerated pedophiles walking the earth. Bernies ugly,corrupt wife should be doing time for financial malfeasance and fraud. Bernie has always been a dirty commie bastard and not changed his tune. The only way any of these dinosaurs get elected is by digging up the dead.

  14. NorthGunner

    People also forget that for the ‘popular vote’ it is WOMEN
    that is one of the largest demographics currently that select
    which parasite puppet is allowed on the Kabuki Theater state.

    Of course they’re frantically trying to undo/unravel the
    electoral college angle, but with such open and obvious
    voter fraud and deception why should that be a hinderance

    Kabuki Theater…thru and thru…and the popcorn being hocked
    is stale with rancid fake butter…

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  15. this is certainly how Trump sees things.

    and that’s why he is accelerating the beatings:

    “these (White idiots in flyover country)

    will vote for me no matter how much I flay them.”

    we’ll see. On fake-election day I will be busy learning a useful skill:

    identifying edible mushrooms or some such.

    • All mushrooms are ‘edible……… it’s just that some are only edible once………

      • lastmanstanding

        Good one Brian.

        I know a couple brothers that ate the once edible ones…they survived but only by a miracle. Not sure how as their kidney’s and livers were fubar’d, but they made it.

        That was 40+ years ago. When doctors used their fucking heads to solve problems and not a test or pill.

  16. Shitshow, indeed! And the main street media will be their constant manure spreader all across the fruited plain:

  17. But, but, but… we didn’t vote dumbocrap! We voted repukocrap!

    Ever wonder how we got, to where we are? Imagine where we will be.

    Oh yeah! And let’s not forget!


  18. Whitejewwtf

    (((White))) guys.

  19. SURPRISE!!