Approaching The Cliff

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The America into which you were born is already dead.

The transition state – lovingly tagged here at WRSA as “FUSA” [former USA] – is approaching its end as well.

The United Democratic States of America (“UDSA”) is beginning to coalesce in the ascendancy of AOC and her fellow Commies.

Their base?

The next two generations who are drooling in anticipation of the Red lifestyle.

You already are a hated minority, trad white American man.

Don’t forget – many, if not most, of the surviving women of your generation (along with their kitties) want you disarmed and silenced, at a minimum.

Lose your illusions, gentlemen.

Embrace the outlaw mindset.

And belay that idiotic ‘rule of law’/’that’s not who we are’ hallucinatory crapola.

The normies are embarassing themselves.

49 responses to “Approaching The Cliff

  1. Ahhhhhhh. Man I can’t wait! If history repeats again it will be interesting to see the intelligentsia in the ivory towers lined up against the wall and shot. The Wall Street bankers marched into the fields to pick cotton. The lazy liberal couch potatoes told they now have a job! (Remember AOC says everyone will have a job which the louts did not want, its why they are one welfare….)

    Such success! Here comes my nurse with the bubble syringe.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. dmv gringo

    • Sunita Doddamani is a career prosecutor and first-generation “American”

      michigan is now run by wymin of every sort- it’s fucked.

      murka is in political freefall. taken over by turd worlders- legally.

      your retard/normie neighbors and families have betrayed you.

      • Tfat, wrong again. They are burglars. And shop lifters. I can’t kill ’em yet. But I got them arrested and moved out of this hood. People don’t do drugs, drugs do people. If you were an adult you could understand.

        • i’ve had that problem every fucking place i ever lived- besides here on the island.. so far.

          guess what happens if you do anything about it? or call the scum cops?

          the cops don’t care. they’ve always said the same thing- just move.

          now you should understand- partly, why i hate the cops and why 300 million sounds like the right solution.

          there’s just too many people. drugs aren’t the problem- low life people are.

      • Bonaventure

        Vive la Canada!

        • dude.

          there’s nothing like that where i am. there are no neighborhoods, no paved roads. there isn’t 1 street light or traffic light, there are no police here either. will they show up if they are called? sure, but don’t hold your breath- it’s gonna be a while till they get here.

  4. No it sure wasn’t.

  5. You don’t have enough ammo.
    You don’t have enough food.
    You don’t have enough medical supplies.
    Have the means ad ability to provide your own food, water, sanitation, power, and do your own structural, gunsmithing and mechanical repairs.

  6. Philosophy of Patriot Front, Eric Striker & Thomas Rousseau (15 minutes)

  7. was out at dinner with the fam last night, 2 conservative boomer parents, me and two extreme bright and successful sister and her husband. her husband is arguing that a border/wall is not as important as doing aactual security on the ports and security on those already here. they have no idea of the country they are handing off to their kids for the decades they have been liberal sheep. I don’t have the heart to tell them; so I mainly stay quiet, but posed the question is a wall worth the dozens of women raped daily in efforts to cross it; the subject was side stepped; I think less of my sister and husband now.

    • Perhaps a wall is useless when the immigration laws are too lax, illegal entry by aliens is not prosecuted, employers and cheap skates are not prosecuted and fined for knowingly hiring and replacing native born with illegal aliens, the Congress and the liberal are not held accountable for the illegal entries.

      With all that and we had a border wall, would anything actually change? We would still be inundated with illegal aliens, crime and the Cartels. Then again, the wall would only keep out the aged, infirmed and mentally impaired.

      • Liberty would mean anyone can apply to work anywhere without any gov’t permissions slips, and nobody gets to “vote” to steal. As usual gov’t allows any approach with gov’t in the middle of it, and no liberty approaches. A major function of gov’t is talking incessently about the gov’t options to drown out the liberty alternatives. Building an iron curtain wall would backfire on you, same as it did for the Soviets. Dismantling the borders is just as important as dismantling the central banks.

  8. Fantastic fucking meme.
    Meme’s won’t cut it.
    I hear there’s gonna be a DNC in Milwaukee.
    Be a shame if a whole lotta us booked up the hotels and crashed their party.
    Wisco is pretty wide with reciprocity laws. (For now)

  9. lastmanstanding

    Well…the nerve of fagbook to ban links from Zero Hedge. I wouldn’t really know as I have never been on any social media. Sounds like more censorship from the thought police.

    Thank God that links posted from here are still perfectly acceptable. 😉

    • Social media is a trap, I’ve never use it, going Galt, letters instead of e-mails, is one of the few responses we have left

  10. Well, it was great while it lasted. Only proves you can’t fix stupid and stupid along with butt ignorant constitutes most Americanus boobuses today. Enjoy what you got while you got it….

  11. lastmanstanding

    Mean while from ZH, the A Rabs are soaking up everything the MIC can produce with Orangeman’s blessing.

    MAGA baby! Don’t forget to hug a globalist tomorrow. Wonder how many nukes they have? Ah, who cares.

    Good God, I can’t hardly wait for the 2020 election shit to really get rolling.

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  13. Gab link goes nowhere.

  14. I can build a home from a vacant lot. I can do all of the plumbing and electrical to code. A master,according to current law must pull the permits. I can build cars and motorcycles,farm and heavy equipment. I am proficient in animal husbandry,farming,ranching,mining and civil engineering. I have a masters in education/culinary arts. I have designed and built cutting edge commercial food service facilities,written the menus,hired and trained the staff. Executive chef at the finest hotels,country clubs,restaurants and food service facilities in the USA.
    Many of my current crew have multiple degrees and certifications in electrical,plumbing, engineering,machining,education,medicine,metallurgy,construction,mining,business administration and agriculture. My wifes’ family has a half dozen MD’s and another dozen doctors and lawyers. Most of my crew can fix just about any item in their home. Many friends and family have a solid military history.
    Who are we passing this knowledge and experience on to?
    I leave behind thousands of people I have taught and mentored. I am done. I have spent the last two years liquidating assets and selling equipment,ranches,motorcycles,hot rods,animals and fixtures. April 1st the last property is finalized and done. Colorados’ rapid expansion and progressive politics have surrounded and betrayed me. I will no longer finance my own demise.
    A great exodus of knowledge,experience and wisdom is taking place. Any mature adult with a scintilla of intelligence and common sense is getting as far away as possible from the gimme dats and fucktards. At a time when the youth require discipline,mentoring,role models and life teachers we are retreating to the interior. The coasts have become enemy territory. It is a matter of survival. The dirty commie bastards will not leave us the fuck alone. We know too much,won’t be pushed around and I will never be politically correct.
    A new chapter in my life starts soon. The formal adoption of my granddaughter who I have raised for the past ten years will be finalized. I will take the money and magically disappear into the deep north woods. The Republic of Knuck. The migration away from oppression,crime,communists and shitbags is not spoke of in mainstream “polite” society because it does not fit the narrative.
    Cash out. Get out. The percolating shitpot is about to let loose.

    • Good on ya Knuckdm. Did that 10yrs ago. You won’t regret it!

    • 40yr IT career, MBA, metal casting, master gardener, old line gear head, electrician, programmer, We need to hook up. We could start our own state.

      Oh and I have been red pilling students for the last 15 years. 🙂

      • Been trying to get people to do that for quite some time now but most are just to comfortable even on here…Sad That…

    • Knuck: Good on you….I am also in Colo but will remain here. Also have your capabilities, [no restaurant] but have dropped the multiple certifications/licenses and am building one last structure, a fireproof/wind proof/roof load proof building w/o any outside contractors save for concrete and spray insulators, No permits and no inspections, hell, as I build, there is no such thing as overkill anyway. Will not need insurance.
      Takes too long to develop a reputation and a general ‘don’t eff with him’ mind set with locals to move now to a different Zip in the my third trimester of life.
      Have an abundance of water with static head, wind with velocity gradients, tillable bottom ground and also dryland, pond sites to hopefully stock and the highest ground around for visuals. Cattle do well, have natural shelter, and are insulated from easy theft. Much game if I was so inclined. Much fuel and propane reserves and building materials stockpiled.
      No, I’ll stay, let ’em come. Need more recruits to man the durn place, but that will change when the fat starts to sizzle. And when it’s twilight, screw the bankers and gov leaches, gonna just give this place away to a little clan of good stewards who also know how to use and appreciate the tools/machinery that reside here. Best I can hope for……except for scattering the ‘ol ashes.

  15. Don’t fret, Lee Greenwood will save us. “I purd tahbee anamuricah, hongli dingledongleh dee!”

  16. shinmen takezo

    Related video below.
    Watch and grok it all.

    It is my wish that CA devote an entire front page post to John Mark’s relevant videos.

  17. CWII….. don’t let the gubmint win this time…..

  18. I’m being honest here, the only way I see of righting this ship is for a pandemic to hit. Not that I want one, although I think it is coming. Too many people from too many places, that not only have different mindsets, customs, and places of origin; and they bring a multitude of diseases, bacteria, and parasites. No “immigrant” is checked for any -thing- that could transfer to any American Native. Forget the political process that most foreign born cannot wait to get their hands on (city/county/state/federal positions of note), but the everyday grubbiness of grocery store interactions, mass transit rides, or your local friendly ER. Interaction is constant and diseases love new opportunities. We are already fighting typhus and drug resistant TB: what if one of these goes thermo nuclear? What if NYC suddenly had 30,000 dead from something? How safe would you feel down on the farm in Indiana? What if Ebola, out of control in the Congo, gets 500 people sick in Maryland?
    I’d like to see Aesop write a piece on this scenario, since he has a great deal of knowledge. 6-8 weeks, minimum, of hunkering down. Who is ready?
    A depleted population will equal a reset of most everything. Cruelly so.


      “What if Ebola, out of control in the Congo, gets 500 people sick in Maryland?” Well, SS, I think that would be a good start. After all, Maryland is, by and large, a Blue Hive. And, those Cosmic Whites and “people of color” send thieves to their legislatures who routinely use the ROL to steal my liberty, wealth, and means of self-defense.
      I know it is not good or moral to dwell on it, but as things continue to disintegrate and I watch the country and communities which I risked by my life for turn on me, all I have left(until the shooting starts) is Schadenfreude. Every time I read about the Typhus and other diseases taking hold, courtesy of the Democrat and Dead Elephant Party “immigration policies”, I grin. When I see some degenerate “actor” or “entertainer” caught up in scandal or dying of some lifestyle-inflicted disease, I take grim satisfaction.
      I know there are some here would say: “Dweezil, you are not a good Christian.” I would counter by saying that even in the Good Book, it is taught that the wages of sin is death. I seem to remember some dialogue from the movie: THE SHOOTIST. John Wayne states he will not be laid a hand on and a few other things, as he does not do the same to other people. It has been obvious on this site for some time that the forces of darkness are interested in us whether we are interested in them or not. So I continue to plan for that. But, I will take my grim satisfaction in those little nuggets of Divine Retribution visited on these satanic Marxists and their Blue Hives. Bleib ubrig, SS. I hope you and your dogs have an escape plan.

    • What if NYC suddenly had 30,000 dead from something?
      It would be a good start. Only 8 million or so to add to that. Sorry CA, at one time I drove truck 3 days a week into NYC with no problems,but not anymore.

  19. Interesting SITREP that video. I’d say it’s on target. There are some of us that don’t stop with “stop all immigration” some of us want everyone thrown the fuck out.

    The Celts used to fight naked, freaked their opponents out good. They also collected heads. Fun times ahead.

    • There are some of us that don’t stop with “stop all immigration” some of us want everyone thrown the fuck out.
      And some of us want even more than that😉

  20. robroysimmons

    So we Whites voted for the GOP for decades, we have spent a few decades on the Net in our cargo cult spewing the mantra “niggerkikinspic” and nothing has come of it?

    Maybe we should try 4GW and use the Equality Game as our tactic.

  21. If you need to see an example of grid down SHTF look no further than Venezuela, socialist utopia that AOC longs for. Lets do an expierment and turn the US into the same mess. NOT