Baugh: Yellow Vests & You

Interesting perspectives on France.


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  1. the French are not fat slobs. unlike the murkins.

    • And how many French do you see on a regular basis? The reason for knowing who is doing drugs in your hood is not because we are nosey. It’s because they can’t afford to pay for the drugs, so they break into your house , car, garage and shoplift. They die first. Loser. Now do your drugs.

      • my sister has lived in and about Paris for over 30 years. i have contact almost daily one way or another.

        and i believe you said “you’d be surprised…”

        and that would indicate those neighbors were functioning just fine and if you weren’t so fucking nosy, you would have never known the diff.

        what a dickbreath dumbass you are for spying on them. you’re gonna get whacked.

  2. Baugh is absolutely correct on every point.

  3. Did he say that, “not all Socialists are Leftists.” … ?

    At that point, I gave up reading.

    • Grenadier1

      There are right wing socialists. They don’t have a problem with the idea of a strong central government in control of things. They just quibble about what the government is in control OF! Generally the Right wing Socialists wants more control over the social aspects of a persons life and more personal sacrifice to the needs of the state. Its the difference of a Fatherland versus a Motherland. A Masculine version of Socialism.

  4. Augusto Pintobean

    Gotta love that Monty Python reference of “another time”.

    Anyhoot, don’t agree with his ‘it’s ok for the French’ in principle. If socialism is a cancer, certainly then the French have cancer. No getting around it. There is such a thing as “true truth” according to Francis Schaeffer. What’s true is socialism is a cancer. And not just for the French.

    • “If”.

      Absolute individualism ends with “Nigerians are just Americans who haven’t moved here yet.” If a nation exists, if obligations and civic duties among members of that nation exist, then some level of duty to contribute to the well being of other members of that nation – preferentially and precluding any duty to contribute to the well being of every other human on the planet – certainly can exist. A refusal to make such a contribution would be justification for loss of membership in the nation. And what nation would be worth belonging to that did not treat its own nationals preferentially?

      The United States has been the experiment testing if it is possible to have a nation without some level of socialism. In the absence of regular and easy contact with other peoples and nations – in the days of the Wild West – the illusion of “yes” might have persisted. Since then, however, the data has swung fairly decisively toward “no”.

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