GVDL: Poz In Your Schnozz

Propaganda? You’re soaking in it.

The new normal?

You ain’t even in the picture.

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  1. Marketing and advertising is “propaganda”. You can’t wake up in the morning and avoid propaganda. Now the questions are, is there good propaganda and bad propaganda? How do you know when you are being exposed to these tools? How do you tell the difference between good and bad propaganda?

    • Propaganda is expressly an appeal to emotion. Greed, fear, revulsion, hate, heartstring tugs, love – whatever sells to the impulsive. Propaganda does not inform or educate, it indoctrinates.

      (((Bernays))), s/c “father of propaganda, (((Freud’s))) nephew, wrote the book – available as free PDF. But for a couple chapters relating to long past advertising campaigns, it is worth the read. The techniques have improved since then, although as in being instrumental in ginning up support for WW1, they worked just as well for GW1&2 and selling current conflicts the the generally ignorant & susceptible ‘murkan public.


    It all started in the 1960’s. Small doses of social arsenic from (((Hollywood))) and the “American Public School System.” And, as Uncle Adolf stated: “…we have your children.” So here we are. There is no turning back. Either we do the culling or we will be culled. There is no middle ground. Bleib ubrig.

    • The first ‘propaganda’ is considered to be the Russian posters and movies of the early 1900s, just prior to WW1. Not that it matters a whole bunch, but many of the Russian and Nazi posters CA displays are reminiscent of that era. The U.S. used them often during the early 30s; many Dust Bowl photographers/pictures were government sponsored for propaganda purposes. Recall the woman and children sitting in front of the truck? One of the more famous/common shots used in a campaign.

  3. Perhaps those fags are rescuing babies from kill shelters. Trying to find something positive.

    • Children who survived the 4th trimester abortion clinic? Ohhhhh, “fur babies” (gag).

  4. Damn all sodomite child abusers, their apologists and enablers.

  5. I can remember not that long ago when that horseshit was hidden inside a closet nor spoken or seen. I can also remember getting a backhand before that calling someone a faggot. Closing down Asylums nationwide caused a lot of that. Now it’s all fine and dandy. Some things I just don’t filter anymore in my speaking.

  6. Wonder what the agenda is? Pretty easy to figure out. Destruction of the family, destruction of heterosexual white males, destruction of morality esp. Christian morality to destroy Western Civilization. One could call it ‘How to Create the New World Order’ where anyone can indulge in any form of perversion: pedophilia, beastiality, necrophilia and etc. and so on, drugs are freely available and the populace degenerates into slothful, narcissitic useful ripe for the culling once the ‘revolution’ is complete and said revolution will happen without a shot being fired. The transformation almost complete.

  7. See it everywhere. Got rid of the TV because of it.

  8. in the Jusa, all media owned by (((them))), forces this programming on those who are entertained and edjamikatid by it…

  9. Because gay sex is based on the infliction of suffering, humiliation and physical mutilation. They make superb torturer’s for the government. If you start them as infants they are completely debouched by the time they are teen’s They become addicted to inflicting the most horrid suffering. The Chinese communist party set up an experiment in the 60’s in Cambodia, called “The school of the crewel” They created monsters who lived to torture there victims and rape then eat them while they were still alive. If you need to condition evil men to do evil deeds you need look no further than those poor babies who get raped every night by the loving gay parents.

  10. At t his point, short of blood, fire and death, all one can do is lead a Godly, normal life…and not be ashamed of it. Until it is “no quarter”, it will have to be “no apologies”.

    • rufus thirteen

      “Normal”, hate-speech in pdx. Everyone is “special”, by order of City Council.

  11. The one thing I understand is that despite all that t-Fat writes here and pisses all of us off at times, he is right. The only thing that stands between us and getting this shit sorted out lickity split is the ones that will do what ever they are paid to do “because it’s the law.” If the normies wake up, they need to be woken up 4:00am fire alarm style and jump right the hell into their boots. And I think there is only a 50/50 chance of that happening. In the meanwhile, no more TV, no more shopping for non-essential stuff, plant some seeds, cut some more firewood, lose another 10 pounds, learn Morse code, and stop friggin talking to people about what you will do and what you have in preps. We are well past the good old days. Trump is a poseur. We are on our own. Start thinking about a One Time Key that you and your trusted loved ones will use. Right now we are the passengers boarding the airplanes on 9/11/2001. The advantage we have is that we know bad shit is about to happen. The problem is we are already on the plane and it’s departed the gate.

    • One Time Pad. Generate with an off-line computer/printer (don’t save, print 2 copies of each set, power-cycle computer & printer, repeat). A Win98 or MacOS 8 computer works great for this. Distribute in person only. Never reuse- tear off, soak, shred.
      Practice using them manually until both ends can send and receive accurately and reliably. Make the enemy find & break you, because they can’t break a mechanical/physical/random-number OTP that is distributed and used correctly.
      Start your “Numbers” channel now so that the OpFor doesn’t get bored.

      I’m not smart enough to know if Distributed Key systems are secure or not.

      • You can make your number sheets with 10-sided dice and manual typewriter, but so much more work for 1000 digits than being careful with an obsolete box (that you might disassemble after doing this project).

        32763 29746 02195 28442 06401

        five by five by five, or whatever works for you.

        • Outstanding info. I was thinking something more low tech. Like an old book and using 2 or 3 copies from the same publisher run. But using an algorithm that mixes up things up. I don’t think team globohomo will expend super computer resources to break into my humble fam’s comms. But for the bigger fish out there, pdxr13 just gave you some pearls here. I like they way you are thinking.

          • I am so glad I posted this because I now realize how easy the cipher key (which I wrongly called a “one time key”) I was thinking of using would have been broken by anyone with some smarts. Duh..I like the 10-sided dice roll idea a lot. It’s so much work. But better to to do the work now while there is time. Thank you pdxr13.

  12. It is so fucking repulsive I can’t even look at it. It is amazing that we have degraded to the point that we tolerate this open abuse of innocent children.

    It should go without saying that children, to nearly every one of the sodomites are no different than a piece of furniture, a yorkshire pudding or a hairless cat.

  13. Yes, but this propaganda fails to answer the one question we all seek to know Grasshopper….in those biracial gay unions.. whose a pitchin’ and whose a catchin’?!

  14. We see the depiction of race-mixing sodomites apparently as the “parents” of a microcephalic and a waterhead. Both children are and will be compliant sex toys for the two demons.

    This is an advert for NAMBLA. No way you will ever, ever make me think this sickness is otherwise.


      Word. When I was working sex crime/child abuse cases starting in the late 1980’s, NAMBLA and the Rene Guyon Society were on the LEO radar. I attended several training seminars which exposed their sick, satanic agendas and named names and locations. Sadly, the Normies, Sheeple, and Cucks could not even begin to wrap their heads around such diabolical criminals. And here we are. I cannot even fathom the Divine Chastisement which is in store for Amerika-the Great Whore of Babylon.

  15. NorthGunner

    Mark Collette and others draw back the curtain of imposed
    social madness and degeneracy:

    E. Michael Jones on Infanticide Legislation

    Dr. E. Michael Jones – The Intentional Degradation of Our Culture

    The Transgender Agenda – Normalising Madness

    The Transgender: Normalizing MENTAL ILLNESS

    E Micheal Jones: Homosexuality

    Who is Behind Hollywood’s Homosexual Agenda?

    E Michael Jones—Why Gay Marriage Is A Form of Political Control

    Liberals ‘Drag’ Kids Into Early Sexualization

    The 11-year-old trailblazing drag kid ‘Desmond is Amazing’

    (We get a view of what his parents are like at the 0:00:46 mark)

    I,Hypocrite – Desmond & The Party Monster

    Desmond Is In Danger

    The LGBT Agenda is Helping to Normalise Pedophilia – Mark Collett

    The filth and degeneracy of the ‘Weimar Republic’ rises from
    the depths to corrupt and poison Western Civilization again..
    with help from ‘Norman Queer’ and others….what is THEIR agenda?…
    Who was it again who promoted, controlled and profited from turning
    Berlin into the ‘Sin capital of the World’ during the ‘Weimar Republic’?….

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Desmond and his parents, just friggin wow, wtfo!

      We are so screwed, did you hear the audience on GMA applauding, wtfo?

      You don’t have enough ammo and friends with hard hearts.

      Is our situation truly hopeless?

  16. I will not pay to have television vomit it’s filthy degeneracy and miscegenation into my den. When I visit my Mother and see such nonsense on her cable television (that’s EVERY commercial break, EVERY channel I’ve seen), I tell Mom “You see that? That’s why I don’t have television, Mom”. She can see it, too, and it bothers her deeply.

  17. A.B. Prosper

    The thing to learn from all this is if you get power, you have to set and enforce moral standards for public behavior.

    This means bringing back the obscenity laws and using them broadly on anything that isn’t adult restricted. I’m not terribly concerned about skin mags in some 18 or 21+ book store , at all about the written world or what people do in private but obscenity and subversion cannot be tolerated

    I will note for you that you will need to have an interregnum to do this. You cannot allow pozzed people to misuse the jury system nor can you allow localism. You do not want say New York Publishers different moral structures to undo yours

    And note the American people regardless of race are not a moral and religious people and even those that are are often highly vice ridden. You’ll never find more Christians than in a jail house and Utah is porn central

    You must by force without jury trial enforce rural and country moral standards for a long long time.

    Its not a nice thought but assuming the culture will magically unpozz itself without force is absurd

    The eventual, think 20-40 year goal is full restoration of the Republic but until than, its a lot of work ahead to ensure a moral foundation.

    The trick will be Gen 2 or the younger patriots knowing when the Republic can stand on its own and to have the character to take a deep breath and let go.

  18. Cruor et ferrum

    I’m running out of printer ink for all these practice targets that keep popping up here, ammo costs are climbing too.

  19. It’s always the same shtick: homosexuals are compassionate, loving, and “fair” in their dealings with everyone. White women always end up with the Black Guy because he is fun, exciting, and “wants more”. People need to partner up with someone that they have nothing in common with: skin color, religion (or lack thereof), holidays, education, or life goals. Because that is the basis for a successful outcome. White men are only around to be a joke, a fool, or a fall guy. They are unbelieveably gullible and need to be saved by women or their gay friend.
    None of this is part of real life. But it makes the Hollywood In-Crowd feel superior and “worthy”. So they keep trying to sell it. And politicians go where the money and cameras are.

  20. It is madness, our culture is in decline. Borders language culture. We are now a death cult, Roman senators would blush at what occurs daily in FUSA.

    Save everyone that needs saving. You know the rest of the rules right?