Change Of Frequencies

Sparks31 posts a closing memo.

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  1. Sorry for being off topic here. But I do listen.
    Yesterday, while overhearing from a tv news
    channel, I heard that 30.000 weapons went
    missing from the ATF, around West Virginia.
    Then have not hear anything again, which is
    Anybody heard anything relating to that?

  2. Don’t do me any favors. Most of the threeper, patriot, and militia types aren’t going to make sense of future posts. It’s all going to be theoretical stuff totally useless for most applications. You all know where to go for the real stuff, and it’s not me.

    • Actually, it was intended as a salute, sir.

      • Thank you, but I’ve seen too much of what has come from trying to up the game of this scene.

    • @Sparks31 @Mike Bishop
      “Wrong. Local Oscillators and Intermediate Frequency radiation/emissions can absolutely be detected on most consumer-grade hardware.”
      Thanks for correcting my error…. but the correction raises some questions.

      What is the practical application of that fact? Is detection as simple as DFing? Does detection require both proximity (as in, the van is parked outside your home) and high-end gear? Must one become a priority target before the necessary detection gear is fielded? I ass-u-me that street-level detection gear isn’t a threat. Am I correct in that assumption?

      Does one simply shield the transceiver? Or are more elaborate precautions necessary?

      And to turn the tables—what about mapping the hunters? What would thta look like in terms of gear and procedure?

      • Won’t talk about it here, but will make a point of talking about it on my blog.

      • Tagged for interest (w/anecdotal comments saved for later). Given the topic title, perhaps this should be a separate topic of discussion for an NCScout or Brushbeater article.

      • Actually, this is not new. A book from the early 70’s, “The Big Brother Game” by Scott French? makes mention of the technology/ability existing then. One imagines the capability has expanded exponentially since then.

  3. fuck those green betrays.

    we’re here because they were too busy fucking over peasants in turd world countries instead of liberating their own land from tyranny.

    see ya loser

    and take your retard radio with ya.

    we’ll do this on our own, and then were coming for ewes…

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