Schlichter: On The Second American Civil War

He says the Reds lose.

His lips to God’s ears.

Meanwhile, how are those local accountability folders coming?

And by the way, smashing the spear’s shaft keeps you from being easily stabbed by the spearpoint.

Understand the local politico/force structures that threaten you.

Focus on the political command hierarchy – both overt and covert.

Don’t be stupid and lose.

Losing is bad.

45 responses to “Schlichter: On The Second American Civil War

  1. Ye dun been tole ’bout a hundred times, there’s no scenario where the Other Side prevails provided our side shows up.

    Fortune favors the bold, but victory goes to those who are there to win it.

    Ain’t nobody sitting on their couch or living in their Island Fartress of Solitude gonna do a damned thing except provide comedy relief.

    Pretty much exactly like now.

    American conventional military power has a near perfect record: they’ve lost almost* every asymmetrical war they ever fought.

    You’re not going to win a stand-up conventional war.
    (Nor could you staff nor supply it.)
    Don’t fight one.

    Learn two things:
    1) the tenets of wars of sabotage and guerrilla tactics.
    2) Medieval siege warfare.

    You will see this material again.

    you will need to understand how to work the following Slide Rule for the Final Exam:

    *{For the few vivid counter-examples of things going right, look up the destruction of the enemy in Indian Wars of the 1800s, not by cavalry, but by buffalo hunters; and the tactics of dealing with the Moro insurgency in the Philippines around the turn of the last century.
    People who can’t eat won’t fight.
    People who won’t fight can’t win.
    That includes you.}

    • My carcass is toughened, quiver is full, trebuchet and Greek fire are ready. Pickets set and awaiting the Red Flag <——. Fourteen States are flying it, victims are dead, no one is kinetic yet. Disobedient yes. Kinetic, no.

      We wait.

      • What does 14 states flying the red flag mean? Gone communist? Which ones? They all seem at least semi-Commie to me.

        • Preemptive gun seizure by popo as soon as some doucherocket sez ‘bad man w guns scare me’.

          DJT likes it.

        • Extreme Risk Protective Order (ERPO), a.k.a. Red Flag law.

          Someone denounces you to the authorities as a threat, unstable, violent, bad man with a gun. Police obtain a warrant for your guns ex parte from a judge. That means you ain’t there. Your lawyer ain’t there. You don’t know they’re coming.

          They raid your home before dawn and take them without notice, without warning. You “resist” you die. It’s gun confiscation. It’s law in 14 States as of today.

          e.g. Anne Arundal County Maryland. Sister hated brother, denounced him, Sheriff Dept. raided his home before dawn, he “reached for the pistol” and they filled him full of lead.

          I’m shocked Red Flag isn’t roiling this community into a volcanic boil.

      • lastmanstanding

        Red flag bill in Montana tabled/shit canned…this session on 1/24

        SB 95…”dead”

        For now.

  2. dmv gringo

    Soldiers of the Wehrmacht frozen to death.
    When and where?

  3. A far better appraisal of the current situation than presented by most. Keep in mind that an aggressive Globalist Propaganda Campaign will be waged to convince the MC that fighting the Left is a losing proposition; this must be countered at every turn by controlling the memes of production.

  4. Lt Col Potter: “Is Trump The Champion Grand Stiffer?”

    • dmv gringo

      That babbling Q-tard and boomer cuck
      can’t fight his way out of a wet dream.

    • Trump = greatest president ever

      Trump = WWE super hero

      We can grade the quiz on a curve if needed. Fuck.

  5. lastmanstanding

    I know a handful of people who have started to get it over the past few years.

    Really good, smart people. I ran into them all in the last week.

    Know what their doing? Buying firearms and ammo. Lots of it.

    How’s that go T…????

    FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Good article but then we all know it by now.
    Excellent interview here which includes a foreign perspective on US CW II. The control freaks keep misdirecting the video and show it having around a hundred views..His parting quote is classic- ‘why are you alive?, and in the name of what are you prepared to die?’..

  7. The idea that the Democrats will lose the upcoming Civil War because they lost the last one is ridiculous. The humans who lost that Civil War are the ancestors of the people Schlicter claims will win this one. During the Civil War, the Southerners (i.e. the Democrats) were better warriors, but they had fewer people and their country was less industrialized. Schlicter’s prophesized victors in the next civil war are the “red” or Republican states. In 2019, the Republican areas may have better warriors, but there are fewer of them. Corporate America has picked the “blue” team. Does that sound familiar?

    I’m not not saying that the commies will win. What I am saying is that Schlicter’s argument is pathetically ignorant.

    • I think that a fair amount of Schlicter’s argument results from his PA ancestral hometown getting raided and torched. Some conflation goes on, saying that the Dems burnt his town during the War of Northern Agression, when most actually involved were apolitical, non-slave owners, and probably not old enough to vote anyway. Reason they were up there burning Pennsylvania in the first place is because they were likely tired of their home states being occupied and raped by Yankees. Could have been there was more food up in PA. Yankees were real big on food denial as they occupied Southern states.

      Your point that the offspring of the losers of the 1861-1865 war are being counted on by Schlicter to win the upcoming one (maybe with a change from a grey kepi to a red MAGA ball cap), is spot on. He appears to favor the Dem and Rep terms too much. Almost as if he thinks there’s much more difference than a RCH between the two parties once they reach DC, do reach-arounds across the aisle, and become fully informed by agents of the permaguv of all of the bad shit that’s so far been collected about their life histories. Gotta hand it to Professor Rauol X. Him and his sort do get around.

    • Brilliant analysis.

      He didn’t say they would lose “because“, he said they would lose “just as“.

      Hence the cleverly hidden sentence right there in paragraph 4: “It’s a matter of terrain, numbers, and morale.

      The English language and reading comprehension:
      both actually still a thing.

      And you’ve had a whole year since he wrote that (in March 2018) to grasp that nothing you objected to appears in the actual article. And fail.

      So what’s pathetically ignorant is passing judgment on something you either didn’t actually read, or else cannot grasp.

      So, which was it?

  8. Detroit III

    And the third option; the status quo.

    We lose if nothing changes. Demographically we are toast. Blue team is losing the numbers game big time. Each year Red team imports 1,000,000+ and our numbers get smaller and smaller.

    If status quo remains we lose.

    Notice how Schlitchter says nothing about the most likely sceanrio?

    • A.B Prosper

      If you are looking for a common goal that can bring the Dissident Right , the Patriots and even the Normie Republican types together you have a ready made one in immigration.

      while you’ll get lumped in with a few Leftists too. Neo Nazis. Skinheads and the various White Identity crowds (Nationalists , Separatists , Supremacists and such) and the press will vilify you but they do that just for you existing o it doesn’t matter

      Hell a lot of Hispanics here in California would back you in closing the border and repatriating illegals at the least.

      Now I don’t especially want clucks like Richard Spencer as dog catcher much less having any power but I’ll take any help I can get in pinch even some of the less than savory types

      The goal being get the current globalists out of power, freeze immigration and repatriate people which seems enough

      if this can be achieved, hell by voting if we are very lucky than we can fight over the questions of economics and the role of government or decide if we even want to share a polity after

      The trick is figuring out how to start moving in that direction and keeping the movement going that way is hard but it is a hell of a lot more useful than carping and complaining and hording more guns and ammo hoping for a collapse

  9. Pfft. So long as the electricity is on, so long as the tv works, the beer flows along with the ebt, and food is in the fridge ain’t nothing gonna happen. Shut off and remove the aforementioned items and Molly-bar-the-door. Methinks there may be a global financial reset resulting in some pretty lively times but a Civil War? A shooting war? Nope. Boobus too comfortable for that.



    • A “global financial reset” that results in no changes in the status quo ante?
      Because magic??

      A depression of probably biblically epic levels of financial ruin (everything QE I-IV falsely staved off – for a time, with interest this next time), and somehow the lights stay on, the beer still flows, the EBT cards work, and food is in the fridge?!?

      Sh’yeah, as if.

      Show your work.

      You cannot posit a monstrous global depression, and seriously think nothing here will change.

      The last time anything like this happened, we had a world war, in every sense. Perhaps you read about it.

      Kindly rethink your hypothesis.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. “…What began in 2008 was an epic implosion of multiple national economies, and what we are seeing in 2019 is the final culmination of that process – The end game…

    “…The facade of Donald Trump as a “populist candidate” is quickly ending. His cabinet is loaded with think-tank ghouls and banking elites, so this should come as little surprise. But there are still some analysts out there that naively believe that Trump is playing “4D chess” and that he is not the pied piper he now appears to be. What I see is a president that claimed during his campaign that he would “drain the swamp” of elites, then stacked his cabinet with some of the worst elites in Washington D.C. What I see is a president who argued against Fed stimulus measures and the fake stock market during his campaign, and who now has attached himself to the stock market so completely that any crash will now be blamed on him no matter the facts. What I see is a willing scapegoat; a president that is going to fail on purpose…”

  12. Shut off the water in the cities and they will have to evacuate in three days. No water no life, no sanitation. Shut off the electricity and you have a collapse. Food rots. Shut off the approaches and nothing gets in. Cities are very vulnerable. Then life goes autophagic. It is not pretty.

  13. Why is it these high-tower guys always replace “Communist” with “Nazi”, and never point out the fact “Team Conservative” are flying a red banner?

    Or seem to realize that no matter who is in charge, only the rhetoric changes and “Normal Americans” still take it in the ass?

  14. No, current trends indicate we lose, Kurt. The enemy is not going to come at us from the front except for skirmishing by some anti-fa and various outrage groups. The side attacks won’t look like attacks and the mass of Americans (those not on the right or left but send their kids to school, have a home, and watch sports), will never be brought down to the point of nothing left to lose.

    Why do we lose? Demographics. 1- Public, ie. government, education in only liberal ideas for several generations from college on down to kindergarten. 2- Relative birth rates are massively in the enemy’s favor with a large portion supported by government. 3- Immigration, both legal and illegal, without integration into American culture. (Common feature: government. It ain’t on your side.)

    Side attacks. Cashless society so banks (and government) know what you’re buying and where. Sure, barter works, but you’re not getting new ammo or mass produced powder. Google/Apple know where you go because of your tracking device, Facebook knows your opinions, Ring doorbell (owned by Amazon) knows everyone that approaches your door and does (currently bad) facial recognition on them and saves that information. Homeowner’s insurance denies you insurance if you have guns and children in the home. Protestors outside your workplace because you have not allowed some SJW organization to inspect and certify your home for harmful items. Are you ready to shoot middle schoolers that surround your house because your son once wore a MAGA hat to school? What if they break your windows and the police do nothing to control these “brave and concerned” students? What if they throw Molotov cocktails through the windows? What if the police don’t let the fire department put out the fire?

    To directly address some of Schlichter’s points. 1- The only deserters will likely be single men that had been home schooled to be independent thinkers. Married service members would lose base housing and their job, how can they support their family without a job during turmoil? They will likely be deployed (foreign war anyone?) away from their spouses to maintain loyalty. 2- Rural vs. cities: this is a co-dependent relationship. Rural may last a little longer but it is a mutually assured destruction scenario. 3- Local LE are taught to enforce the law, not to question the morality of the law. They will be purged of bad people quickly. FLEAs are attached to their pensions and will do nothing to disrupt that goal. 4- The military does not need to control the whole country at once. One or two towns per state, brutally dominated, bad thinkers executed and replaced with good thinkers should be a sufficient lesson.

    III%? Three percent may have actually fought. But except for Georgia, where many of the whites were appointed by the crown, and New York, the revolution enjoyed widespread, but not unanimous support. Go read the history of the Tory newspaper owners or the tax collector’s homes that were razed. Hardly any mention of Patriot homes being destroyed. That advantage does not exist now.

    You may think I’m a defeatist. Still, there are far too many things that could turn this around. Trump, politically, came out of nowhere. Maybe someone else will too. Who’s to say the enemy won’t over-extend (I’m looking at you, AOC) and inspire middle America to greatness? I’m not quitting. I won’t knuckle under and where would I go, anyway? Screw ‘em. Buy lots of ammo today.

    • Best try so far.
      What happens to the currency if we have a civil war?
      Show your work.
      Try to recall that the dollar is the world reserve currency.
      Until 0.2 seconds after shots are fired.

      Who has a job or pensions when fiat debtbux become Zimbabwean $1M notes?

      What’s a share of any stock worth at that point?

      Five seconds after that, show me a picture of a pension that doesn’t resemble a unicorn, or a wooly mammoth.

      So with no job, no pension, no money, what happens to Google/Facecrack/Amazon? The internet itself?
      Or the post office? Or any of fedgov?
      Who goes to work anywhere?
      How do they get there?

      The military cannot even control the bases they sit upon, right now.
      They have the same 3-day supply of food on-base you have off-base.
      They sure as hell don’t have limitless stocks of MREs enough to supply even the military serving on-base, let alone civilian workers and dependents, and with no money, hence no gas, and no food, followed shortly by no power or plumbing, ain’t none of them hanging around for long.

      And most of them are located at bases in in Bumfuckistan, not sitting next to a cornfield, apple orchard, and beef herd.

      Look at pictures of the Soviet navy and air force five minutes after communism fell, and do the math there when that happens here.
      That’ll go double for law enforcement. 95% will be home with their families.
      Most of the rest will drop their uniforms in the parking lot and just split.
      The tiny fraction left after that will lead short but interesting lives until they’re all dead.

      Then tell me what happens to 30-40M illegal immigrants when the US becomes Venezuela.
      (A 500-mile parking lot on the interstates heading south is a good first step in that scenario.)

      And after all that hits, you think Tory homes won’t be burned?
      You’re some kind of optimist if you believe that.
      I think Tory cities will be burned.

      In earnest.

      Anybody in a Prius instead of a pickup truck with a hay bale in the back and a rifle in the gun rack will be shot on sight, on general principles.

      Most of upstate NYFS alone would walk barefoot in the snow to spend a full week doing nothing but lobbing gunfire into NYFC, and pot-shooting people trying to swim the Hudson or sneak across the bridges.

      And eventually, they’d go in with torches and accelerants, in groups, to turn Manhattan Island into a permanent wildlife sanctuary. And they’ll probably find more than a few kindred souls already at it from the inside.

      DC would be worse off: the surrounding countryside would blockade them in, and let the resident diversity eat the politicians, then each other, put up barbed wire barricades all around, and then starve the rest out for sport.

      The rest of the country would bust a gut to ship them enough barbed wire to finish the job properly.

      Ditto for twenty other communist hellholes from coast to coast.

      Most of the country is looking for a sufficient excuse – almost any excuse – to unleash hell on the other half, the authors of the national misery.
      If they ever get it, Katie, bar the door.

      In the meantime, put the day off as long as you can be the easiest means possible, and make the most of the time you get from that to prepare for the coming days.

      Anybody betting on things to stay the same, or for the other side to have it their way all the way to ultimate victory hasn’t been paying attention at all, neither to current events, nor human history.

      The Control Freaks can buy time by giving ground (something they are doing not one bit), or they can keep screwing around until they get what they’re asking for.

      My money’s on “B”.
      Behold the Democommunist OpPlan IRL:

    • Kerodin is that you. Sounds like your federal “we can’t win so don’t try” propaganda

  15. The question is: “Who will have the technology on their side”? Abrams Tank? Ha, ha. The author of the article is still stuck in the 20th Century.

    Fact: Who ever controls 5G, controls those in it’s fields; i.e. 5G was originally designed to be used as a Weapon. Remember how is was used in riot control situations? They were just experimenting. Remember the diplomats in cuba and china who’s brains got permanently scrambled? Talk about an easy way to disarm an armed community. They won’t even have to fire a shot. When the exact frequency is transmitted, those in its field will react in a veritable kaleidoscope of ways, from hearing voices and migraines, to permanent blindness and death…at a flick of a switch.

    (Note: installing mini cell towers, every few hundred feet, will only be cost effective in the large (Blue) cities. But once “they” have the 20,000 satellites orbiting up topside, game over. We’re cooked.)

    Let this be a warning:
    If you let 5G come to your neighborhood, or up in the heavens, you might as well hand in your guns, now, cause you’ll be immobilized the moment they push that button and turn up the volume. Not conspiracy theory, but conspiracy fact.

    And I haven’t even mentioned who the ones are that are fine tuning AI bots: ranging from massively large “animal” ones to the little insect sizes that will come knocking at YOUR door. It would seem, for the moment, those AI technologies are presently in the hands of mostly those from the Blue Cities. It might mean that they will have the means to prevent armed “reds” from entering their vile hives, sort of a “inter city space wars technology”.

    No matter what, we gun owners are in deep fucking shit. It’s not the “armed” leftists that are the major threat, here. Every day that passes, their technologies become more lethal.

    • A.B Prosper

      This is unscientific nonsense. 5G is high bandwidth communication not a paralysis field.

      Now mind you faster comms allow for easier surveillance which is a threat on its own. We’d be better off without it and probably all the wireless crap but its not going to zap patriots into immovability.

      As for technology.. Living here in Cali one thing I’ve noticed is how stupid everyone is getting . I suspect whatever woderwaffe Op For comes up with will be only marginally useful same as in every insurgency ever

      What’s going to make things difficult is lack of ability for patriots to cooperate even if things go hot

      This has a lot to do with goal setting and initiative

      Problem is there really aren’t common goals so it hard to get together to do anything even when the details can be managed

      second is initiative, because goals are unclear a lot of patriots even if things go hot will be waiting around for the other guy to get started . Problem is you are the other guy and nobody wants to be the first guy to be made and example of.


      Now I’ll mention the Bundy bunch. These guys were idiots in many many ways however one thing they did well was to get a lot of patriots together,

      Sure there were feds galore and making sure your organization isn’t infiltrated or subverted by the morons on your side is a problem but Bundy brought many patriots from 20-80 together for a common goal.despite being a religion, Mormon that a lot of people I know on the Right regard as Satanic

      You need to learn that skill.

    • Loosen the tinfoil, man.
      It’s cutting off blood flow.

    • 5G= Project BLUE BEAM

      google it.

    • lastmanstanding

      Thanks for that…been doing a bit of 5G research. Not good and towers popping up all over the place.

      No offense but your orange guy supports and luv’s his 5-6G.

    • Grenadier1

      You are conflating multiple technologies here. Higher frequency Cellular communications, LRAD, Low Frequency and EMF field effects and specific resonance targeted effects.
      These technologies while they all do exists are not mutually conducive. The low frequency field effects are not very well understood and not really controllable. In other words you turn the field on and you don’t really have any idea how or if it will effect someone. LRAD and 5G are HIGH frequency emissions. Those signals may have effects on people and you may even be able to target a specific individual after you have determined what signals have an effect on that person. But again you are transmitting a signal that may have an effect on other people (including your own) as well.
      Not exactly the most effective way to control people.

      There is so much hype and unscientific bullshit about 5G out there right now that you need to slow your roll and weed through to figure out what the real danger is. The real danger is the ability to transmit everything. Its a massive expansion of the surveillance capabilities of the Intel agencies and their corporate arms. So its a danger but the flood of fake news about it is being put out there to discredit anyone who is speaking against it.

  16. “In California, the leftist government is practically firing on Fort Sumter.” Um…no. The coastal blue hives think they have us surrounded, except life goes on in farming communities like Redding, Susanville, and date happy Coachella Valley. Susanville has the added bonus of being a prison town-like Folsom. My friend’s husband is still going up to shoot prairie dogs on the ranch this weekend. It’ll be shooting, bar b cue, and good times. The motels are happy to see the greenbacks, and the local bars roll out the welcome mat. If a blue hive gets too frisky, the Deplorables will simply let the hives eat each other. Rural America has the water, grows the food, and supplies that nasty gasoline and other life necessities.

  17. robroysimmons

    Yeah the good Col. has written a pretty entertaining dystopia. Basically the Blue State worthies barricade themselves in walled communities and shovel ceaseless amounts of propaganda out to a zombified population. These gated utopias though are supplied by electricity by long power lines thru and past the zombie hordes, but they are too stupid and addled to bring the lines down.

    The Red State Greenwoodians don’t give a shit about the Blue States and are more worried by the Blue States collapsing and all the zombies heading to Greenwoodistan and then everyone losing their nerves in a great zombie shoot.

    Kurt is working on the 4th book supposedly dealing with Blue State collapse but I’ll bet he waves his hand like a good cuck and the zombies are taught to revere the consteeetushon and Greenwood.

  18. Because Schlichter is one of the “children of a lesser god” that continues to try to link the Confederacy to modern day communists of the Democrat party as if there’s actually any linkage at all, it’s really impossible to take him seriously. His essay even states that the lawfully seceded southern states were attempting to force slavery upon the United States, the exact opposite of the truth. Either Schlichter is un or undereducated, or is simply a liar.

    In point of fact, it was the Republicans who were the first hard core socialist party in the US, funding their successful presidential candidate with major corporate funds. I’ve frequently called the 19th century Republicans proto-fascists, a type of socialist/communist. As the Republicans morphed into the Progressives under Theodore Roosevelt, who was a crazy bipolar, the Democrats decided to imitate them beginning with Woodrow Wilson, achieving their pinnacle with Frank the Cripple. Neither Wilson nor Frank were anything like the southern Democrats of the mid-19th century.

    We southerners wanted to be left alone then, and lawfully seceded to do so, and still do want to be left alone. If Schlichter thinks he can accomplish anything down south, he has a lot of studying to do.

  19. “Remember what two untrained idiots did in Boston with a couple of pistols? They shut a city down. Now multiply that by several million, with better weapons and training.”<—–Not quite.

    The retards of Bahston shut themselves down when ordered to bow to Muh Ahthoritah. They were either "with us" or the "with da terrorists". That whole "op" was done to see if they could pacify a city with only a few "troops". It worked. Cue Lee Greenwood and get the party started.

    Looks like the hives will be under control in a jiffy…..not. 18 year vet of mid sized US city told me you have maybe 72hours without juice until we fully lose control Mogadishu style. The Koreans in LA understood that. I don't give a flying fuck what happened at "Chambersburg".