On Overmatch

Make sure you have the rifle basics down.

To what range?

And what wind?

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. lastmanstanding

    Nice find Montana. Thanks for that.

    Masthead…good to see someone else dumping shit on Costco for a change.

    • Welcome to Costco. I love you.
      Welcome to Costco. I love you.
      Welcome to Costco. I love you.

      Idiocracy is like the Onion News of 2002, just early not wrong.

      • lastmanstanding

        Lots of “food like” substance sold to the masses at a bargain price. Eat it up.

        I love it when I see the parking lot full if I drive by…just more biz for the medical industrial complex. Idiots.

  3. Why? Anyone who acts is a lone wolf who goes straight to jail or death by pig. There will be no fantasy SHTF.

    • dmv gringo

      Blah, blah, blah……
      Whine, whine, whine…….
      The actions of the genuine bury cucking posers in it’s shadow.

    • Mark Matis

      So then one should take out as many pigs as possible before then.

      And their families.

  4. This appears to be a good high-level article. And I know mildot scopes and the doctrine of ranging with them has been around for a generation or so. I fell behind. The only mil-usage I’ve done was for shooting M114 and M198 howitzers. A mildot scope purchase is not likely in my future (more likely I’ll be on the ranged end of somebody’s.)

    Still a good article. I will continue to stumble along with ACOGs and the use of older ranging methods, and older wind doping methods.

    Over the head and under the balls for common .30 cal with a 500-yard zero is still a good trick for putting that hunting rifle to good use, that being a VN-era learning legacy when the Burris Accu-ranging piece of plastic would melt from heat and M40 users kept their scopes cranked to 9x and learned to hold off for range.

    Teuf’s treatise on the OHUB hold technique has been posted and re-posted here a fair amount. Still, it never hurts to reinforce simplicity of effect. Zhukov’s ghost would agree. There’s new folks here. Put another twist on it, say that Redfield was owned by Joooooos, and that their ranging stick was designed to melt and bring down this country. People will jump right on that.

    • Old Gray Wolf

      LOL. That last two sentences is spot on. Got a link to that OHUB treatise? I get the drift, but would like to read it. I use dots, but always open for more knowledge. Nobody says dots will always be in the hands when a shot is presented.

      Gonna be a lot of Rambos who canโ€™t hit the broad side of a barn without their gadgets. Laser rangefinder, Kestrel, smartphone app for ballistic solutions, tripod, and more. Wonโ€™t matter, because they will be lost once the GPS goes down, anyway. All that stuff is nice, if you have it, but a lot of ahooters havenโ€™t bothered to learn the old ways first. Hell, I saw a scope and binoculars that SIG is selling where the binos range the target, add data from a paired Kestrel, and then input the solution to the nearby scope, once the light on the scope lights up, the shooter simply fires. I may be missing a few tricks, but that is the gist of it. Forget crutches, that right there is a wheelchair with a robot to push it around for you.

    • For years I ran a 300 yd zero on my hunting rifle.basic hold overs are 1’@400,2’@500 and 4’@600. That said,I never shot@any big game over 400 yds.central and eastern Montana offer shots@varmints @extended ranges.up hear we drive around with a rifle in are truck,cause sometimes you see shit that just needs killing.

    • NorthGunner

      This is what I’m saving up for – passes muster in my book!

      ACSS M2 Reticle 1-8x Platinum: What ACSS Can Do For You?

      800 yds with 5.56 MADE EASY! – Primary Arms GRIFFIN
      1-8×24 Platinum ACSS ~ Rex

      Instructions included for setting up for either 5.56 OR .308
      among others.

      As the saying goes, “Mikey likes it!!”

  5. one or more individuals just touched some ragheads (30?+) at a couple mosques in NZ. NZ’s bitch PM is crying bitter tears. @


    probably just muzzie-on-muzzie faction stuff, but maybe YT. In either case, here comes another blast of gun-grab propaganda from ZOG and (((MSM))).

    • ZH report indicates YT. And a well-motivated (WN) one at that.

      Also, someone appears to have thrown a punch and “given the Minister of Climate Change a black eye”.

      I knew NZ was far, far gone…but how far I wasn’t really aware until now.

  6. Try a scope with an ACSS reticle. Once you understand the concept, a newbie can be hitting steel consistently at 1,000 yard plus range and dropping moving targets at roughly half that in a single afternoon.

  7. dmv gringo

    Watch while you can: Fife and Drum Corps – New Zealand


  8. dmv gringo

    First link posted is down.
    Second attempt.


  9. dmv gringo

    Blah, blah, blah, blah………you gulping queefs.

  10. Good to know that in these hills where target acquisition is limited by terrain windage becomes less important than plain old line of sight . And we are on the 40th parallel just as in Afghanistan , just on the other side of the world . What a coincidence . The woods are thick also and often a shot is deflected by thick undergrowth . That sniper better live where he is shooting or he may take a dirt nap . Great info though in case we have to venture forth into the flatlands or open terrain . Don’t forget to watch for the dogs Mr Sniperman ! You will be scanning the distant hill and old Blue will be at your throat . He never barks until it’s over and he uses smell like you use a scope .

  11. Always remember the “holy trinity”: LEAD, WINDAGE AND ELEVATION

  12. Given the potential festivities, i’d suggest buying and reading: Fry the Brain, The Art of Urban Sniping and its Role in Modern Guerrilla Warfare~ John West:


    “The effects of guerrilla sniping is the focus of the book and the author does a very thorough job of explaining the tactics, methods and results of this type of warfare.
    He also goes on to provide many detailed case studies showing the way urban guerrilla sniping has been used and describes its effectiveness. One of these case studies is even the assassination of JFK, where he elaborately describes what more than likely really happened.
    He also provides suggestions and methods for countering the unique threat or guerrilla sniping that has become more prominent in the past few decades and will like continue to play a major roles in conflicts in the future.
    The book is very thorough and can drag on at times, but it is detailed with many valuable lessons to be learned. It is a highly recommended read for anyone who maybe preparing to deploy into hostile environments.”

    My opinion is to take a good look at PIRA/IRA sniper tactics and the use of snipers by Palestinians, both very effective and a good model for use here in CONUS.

    Well worth the $$ and great addition to knowledge base..

    • Mark Matis

      Please do understand, though, that the hive dwellers in this country LUVS them some Big Government, and that they have NO USE for Deplorables. If they see you, they will fink if they have the means to do so. In other words, if there is still electrical power to the hive and their cell phones work. Not to mention the ubiquitous security cameras all over every hive today. Sniping in a hive is a fool’s mission as long as they have electricity. And if they DON’T have electricity, then sniping in a hive is a waste of time. Their “urban youfs” will take care of the problem through the “Strength” of their “Diversity”.

  13. lastmanstanding

    OT…It appears even New Zealand isn’t unreachable. Story at Zero Hedge.

    Solution…no mosques…no problem.

    Lots of folks just don’t like diversity.

    • NorthGunner

      Could it be the boys ‘n girls at Mossad ‘stirring the pot’
      with a ‘Parallax View’ indoctrinated/drugged patsy?…..

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Solution…No More Fucking Moslems…I’m Calm I’m Calm๐Ÿ˜‚

  14. lastmanstanding

    That “oversized load” carried in one of the lower photos of the trooper, his ruck and rifle was ridiculous. But wtf, I’m just some guy living in the real world.

    Just not reality in most if not all places.

  15. Sorry for asking, maybe it’s just my non-combat vet ignorance, but why are those two guys in the linked article on a knoll in the middle of a wide open area? One of them is sitting up, for Christ’s sake. Seems to me they’re gonna get tagged double quick from any one of a hundred spots a few well-chosen yards back in all that tree line. Reminds me of the cop sitting on top of the Bearcat thingy with a rifle on a tripod in the middle of a riot. It’s like he was wearing a sign that said “shoot me first”.