New Zealand

ZH: 49 Dead In New Zealand Mosque Shootings; One Man Charged; Gunman Livestreamed Attack

Manifesto (while it is permitted to be viewed; the PTB will ruthlessly suppress this):

Awful Terrible Badthink from Down Under:

Cue GloboHomoMuzzie screeching.

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  1. Call it The Facebook Massacre. The guy was a loon, but he put the names of other infamous mass shooters on his rifles, and clearly did it to maximize his Facebook live-streaming impact.

    • dmv gringo

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        Holy fuck. That’s really intense.

        Hey, What are the odds that every time something nuts involving muslims makes the MSM, there is a helicopter above my university?

        (Rhetorical Question)

        • What if…now that a mosque has been hit, MoMo’s everywhere will be “encouraged” to protect themselves from radical right wing Chistians. Afterward, when there is total Weimar GCA 1968 only team mo’mo will be permitted and allowed to keep and bear arms.

      • Old Gray Wolf

        Tard running that strobing light non stop cracks me up. Target indicator. Surprised no return fire, given the number of young male muzzies likely in attendance. Those NZ hajis must be neutered. Or in on it. I see it as a win win. Less hajis, and one crackpot less running loose. Sane people got a windfall out of it. Of course the scum at the top will be seeking a way to use it to their advantage, if it wasn’t their op to begin with. Never let a crisis go to waste…

        • dmv gringo

          That strobe is a tactical distraction designed to further disorient targets, already terrified, confused, hoped up on adrenaline
          and knowlingly locking eyes with the Reaper.
          You know Jack and Shit about anything.

        • Johnny Paratrooper

          I own 4 of those lights.

          2 on my favorite pistols.

          2 on my favorite long arms.

          Good luck in 2019 Old and Gray

          Try not to get whomped by the airsoft kids.

      • A Twitter user has threatened New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern following the largest terror attack in the country’s history in which two mosques were assaulted by gunmen during prayer services, killing 49.

        “Revenge is coming” reads the tweet from @sofian259, accompanied by a picture of a rifle inscribed with white Arabic text on top of an ISIS flag. The same threat was made in response other accounts as well.

    • dmv gringo

      Everyone (is a loon) and everything that does not conform to your flaccid GOP cucking is
      self aggrandizement to be condemned.
      Disappear…….and go crank out more dystopian circle-jerk porn and shill peddle trinkets for AJ Incorporated.

      • most of the over 50 crowd is just too far gone. everything they know is obsolete. they are stuck in the past. most of them think pot is bad, the cops and troops are good, murka can be saved, and the flag represents freedom.

        • They’re soldiers of the Empire, which is elitist towards any other people. Have we learned nothing from the Romans, Mongolians, Babylonians and the Aztecs?

      • Detroit III


        How is your Fecal Matter Art Collection?

      • Okay, loon was not the best word. “Guy who shoots 98 people” (substitute your word). My only point in the comment was not about the shooter, so loon was not a word I focused on. MY point was to throw some blame back on Facebook, by calling it the Facebook Massacre. They do this all the time to us, why don’t we return the favor? Blame Facebook, and put them on the defensive in excuse-making CYA-mode for a change. That was my point. Not the word “loon” vs any other.

        • dmv gringo

          The hell with Faceberg, the hell with blaming a social media platform, and the hell with blame.
          Just admit that you don’t agree
          with what Tarrant did.
          I’ll admit it, I AGREE with it.
          Furthermore, your (Facebook) blame game is nothing but you shamelessly shilling for freezoxee.
          How is the ridiculous shit even pronounced?!

          • What a load of horse shit. If you ‘agreed’ with it, you’d have the balls to do it yourself.

            You neither ‘agree’ with is, nor have the balls to do it.

            Men like you are called ‘windbags.’

          • Matt Bracken

            Bravely Said The Anonymous Keyboard Commando/Coward.

        • I’m interested in what you think about the shooter. I could give two shits about facebook.

          I for one think he is batshit crazy. Sane people do not behave like this. Evil people and mentally disturbed psychopaths behave like this. Even though I may agree with some of the points presented in ‘his manifesto,’ honorable men do not behave like this.

          It doesn’t matter that this islamists do this shit before breakfast every other Tuesday – honorable men don’t act like this. This guy is no ‘nationalist hero.’ But of course that is one man’s opinion. I just want western, Christian civilization to not continue the slide into death by dehydration in a manner that does not involve walking into a room full of unarmed people and killing them all – no matter how much I detest them, don’t want them anywhere near my country, or wish they simply would have stayed in the desert.

          If we’re going to meet on the playground after school, then let’s do that. I think you, and I, and most of the readers here are ready for that. Let’s settle the score and see who is the better man, the better culture, the better way of life, but let’s not get a go pro camera and ‘assault style’ weapons and go shoot up a room of old men and women.

          This is not the way to win.

          And I don’t post under my name because I’m not ready to lose what I have until the shooting starts. I hope you can understand that.

          • Hear, hear. Real men take their beef to the source. They don’t harm innocents, bystanders or the marginally guilty. This killer was a POS undeserving of respect and a long way from a real man.

      • Old Gray Wolf

        Yeah. I know this. You come at me or around me with a frigging light more than momentarily on, you will be locking eyes with the Creator. I will be neither terrified nor disoriented, and that light will be nothing better than a target indicator. Also, lights work better in the dark. Not much disorienting about a strobe in daylight. He was lucky there were no trained and armed people in attendance. Which is not a certainty when talking about a mosque.

    • False Flag
      Written all over this.
      There are no innocent unrelated unconnected spontaneous oh so convenient events committed by white dirt people which dovetail so perfectly with the false narratives and fake memes of the globalists media complex propaganda and agitprop talking points all of which are orientated to effecting the diaspora and subsequent genocide of the Christian White Race of Men of The West to make room for the brown horde replacement population.

      The moment you wrap your mind around this everything begins to make crystal clear sense.
      In the time of MAGA and the color revolution of 11-8-16 and subsequent change in a vast legion of Americans perceptions they smell, a particularly odious, P. Henry’s Rat, due to the socio/political exposure of the amerikan cabal, which our revolution and its awakening to the 5th column activities has brought about, the environment of unrestricted deep state false flag operational activities which came of age in the Clinton regime, reached its state of high competence during the second Bush regime, and took on definitive characteristics of neo-bolshevik red diaper baby agitprop campaigns employed against the Russian Kulaks during the usurpations of the obama regime.
      If you notice across the continent between the open source insurgency of the Yellow Vests, Brexit, Caledonia and all the similar nationalists movement towards secession from the globalist state and its insidious population replacement culture destroying agenda, the cabals hold on political and economic power across the White Western Hemisphere is slipping. No longer are they functioning in a closed loop system of gentle tyranny, the exposure of their world size organized crime syndicate as “representative government” has caused an existential crisis of legitimacy for the power elite across the board from America to the Baltic’s, Canada to Australia, Hungry to Greece.

      The point being here, they will as their power collapses resort to bloodier and more heinous actions in their attempts to retain raw naked power over the dirt people of the Christian West.

      Let me ask you something here. What better more effective shock value than this bloody high body count hit on muslims at prayer, by a White European, with guns, this crisis/false flag as a means operation, to also run this false flag operation in the location of quiet sleepy White European New Zealand? (Which subsequently has become a most favored bug-out location of the power elites).

      Can you say complete operative control/containment of the “situation”?
      Including hand feeding the necessary and desired narratives and “facts”?
      On an isolated closed Island environment half way around the globe?

      I get this sense this is the beginning of serious doubling down by the power elites. I believe they are very concerned they are losing control of The West. They are in a serious pickle, they do not have the trusted manpower to run “3am door kicking” secret police operations, nor do they have the physical resources to contain the hemisphere wide withdrawal of consent of the people from them. Their media complex social engineering system has run out of credibility to put it mildly. They can read the metrics and stats easy as the rest of us. And read between the lines, and understand there is a great conflict in the making, which they created and the unintended consequences there of are beyond their control.
      The only choice, short of committing to an open totalitarian violent repressive police state, is to as rapidly as humanly possible accelerate the alien invasion to institute brown replacement of the White West.

      Consider the musloid, especially the hand picked radical jihad, importation of fighters from the middle east which have been salted wholesale by the hundreds of thousands, fresh off the battlefield of the Levant, across the Continent.

      Can you devise a more insidious method to inflame that power elite proxy army to set it against the indigenous White Christian population of the west than running this massacre in Christ Church???

      Believe you me, there is no way this was an isolated innocent event of a lone crazed murderer.
      Add up all the incredibly convenient coincidental elements. They missed nothing here. Guns. Whites. Christianity. White Culture/Society. Such poor peace loving nice wouldn’t harm a flea immigrants practicing their religion of peace.

      Oh Yeah. They really be doubling down now. Now that the shock of 11-8-16 has worn off and they have repositioned against this new threat of populists withdrawal of consent by the western hemisphere’s Deplorable’s. Maga is making an economic mockery of the globullist cabal’s wealth transfer shake down racketeering and organized corruption.
      Consequences are catching up with them.
      Too many holes in the elites dike and not enough fingers.
      They are going to their tried and true ground game.
      World spanning war.
      except this time is isn’t war between nation states.
      It is war to the teeth between dirt people and the immigrant horde.
      These psychopaths are prepared to endure internecine class/race war. No matter how ugly and destructive. They need above all else to cleanse North America and The Continent of the White Men of The West. They stand in the way of at least hemisphere spanning domination.

      Their long march from their Fabian beginnings which stipulated in order to regain their power lost to those Colonial Terrorists in 1778, it was the singular imperative America and everything she stood for must at all cost be destroyed or no one world order power was possible.

      Do not give up your fucking guns. Period.
      We are gonna need every bullet we can get our paws on.
      We are going to need each other in ways we can not imagine before this is over.
      Last but not least:
      We Win

      • dmv gringo

        “There are no innocent unrelated unconnected spontaneous oh so convenient events committed by white dirt people”
        Pittsburgh, for starters, dumb fuck.

        • right. Also Breivik and others.

          but this WN’s targeting was somewhat better.

          as to Bracken, he wants the ragheads put down…but

          when a rightous WN gets the ball rolling, he wets his pants.

          apparently he thinks the will do it.

          the same that’s drowning us in shitskin invasives.

      • Initial reports were of several shooters.
        The writings of the known shooter don’t seem to be those of a leader of anyone, but he could be part of a loose team.
        He should have thought out the longer game, which now ends up with him in prison or dead soon.
        I’d like to know what kind of mental illness med’s he’s been on over his life, and if he had a present father.
        Of course, Islam is a threat to everyone who is not a Muslim of the same kind as the Muslims around them. Read their books for details.
        My experience with Egyptian Air Force Officers is that they are not useful for much beyond chain smoking and cheating at tests, but they have wives and lots of children back home. Western Men will always win at high-technology competitions, but will not win in a permissive environment in the r/K way. Avoid crowds.

        • Good to see my editorials have had a positive impact, I BLOATed this morning

        • And they read like they are contrived also. Same kind of fake bullshit comments the agent provocateurs who infest the comment threads put out. Hard to describe, if you dont squint your eyes and look careful like, you miss there is something just not genuine about the words, how they are put. Disingenuous I guess you can call it.

          And like you point out, reports of multiple first hand accounts of multiple shooters in involved, Aroura Theater and Vegas in particular, Oklahoma City another. It is a trademark of these bloody false flag events. I think they pulled this operation off in NZ because they wanted a highly controlled environment outside of the US. I think they are changing up their game. Things are slipping away from their power, they are becoming desperate, The whole thing in NZ has all the earmarks, everything is too pat, doves tails in remarkable accuracy with all the right false narratives and politically correct fake media talking points. Real life does not work that way. Too many variables, even if by freak chance a majority of “coincidental” convenient aspects fit the desired narratives, there are always singular aspects which give credibility to honest occurring events. Life is always stranger than fiction. Then there is the frequency and timing of false flag events occurring themselves.
          All of them have the same route characteristics, like standard operational proceeders. The similarities that they all follow this pattern of matching the political narratives of those who are working to destroy our country and our culture, and us as people. It all is so obvious. I wonder if its even all the same team that pull these things off. I think after they shot LeVoy Finnicum with those big foam missiles, where that FBI agent crept low around one of the trucks and put two foam bullets in his right kidney so he would grab at his waist because of the pain inflicted, so they could justify executing LeVoy. if anything gave truth to how they run these false flags, that epitomized it.
          It is so obvious its like a clown show.

          These assholes have a lot of blood on their hands. Talking some really sick twisted individuals. Psychopaths.

        • NorthGunner

          “Initial reports were of several shooters.”

          Same as:
          (actually video of gear being thrown in truck then
          driven away from the scene)
          Las Vegas

          Are we starting to see a pattern here to these false flags…..

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Is that you, Joe?

    • grey flannel

      what a sad boomer comment. the pics of his gear show that it was references to battles against muslim invasions, names of victims of muslim violence(like ebba akerlund), and jokes like kebab remover. even the air freshener was a reference. his twitter backgound was the pic of the girl killed in a muslim attack thats covered with a sheet and has a doll lying next to her. this wasnt the work of a “loon” anymore than bataclan was the work of a group of “loons,” the layers of humor doesnt change that this was a targeted political attack by someone who believed in something.

    • European American

      A “Loon” wrote the Manifesto?
      I think not.

      • NorthGunner

        If the event was a contrived false flag, what
        makes anyone think that the ‘manifesto’ ISN’T
        also false/planted?

        Not buying ANY of the BS narrative!!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • His mistake was to target a bunch of low rent savages instead of the shot callers in government that imported these savages to begin with. If you are going to take up arms you may as well be smart about it and go for the politicians behind it all.

      • dmv gringo


      • If he weren’t a loser psychopath, he might have just had that insight. He went for the easy target, thus mimicking the enemy.

        He made it easy for CAIR to blame Trump, whitey, Islamophobia, whitey, America, Trump, Trump, Trump. Every commie piece of shit that hides behind islamoshitholian invasion just got a permanent soapbox.

        The dude did us no favors.

        • Fred, if he gets the ball rolling, he may have done us a big favor. Remember, we can’t vote out way out of this. And they’re coming for our guns regardless.

    • It also said “14 words” on his rifle. I saw it in the photo clearly.

      • NorthGunner

        It may have said that….doesn’t mean that he put it on it.

        Use ‘Las Vegas’ as a working template to get a handle on this.
        Conveniently planted/displayed is still planted in my book.
        Stop swallowing what the ‘propaganda ministry/CNN et al’ want
        you to swallow.

        And what’s wrong with the 14 words? Nothing that I can see!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • It’s actually “the Bracken Massacre.”

        These are the terrible things that happen when you always blame the Mooooslims.

        (sniff) (wiping a tear from my eye)

    • Face it Matt, you’ve been out-memed

  2. murka doesn’t need any help fanning the flames.

    glad to see NZ is all fucked up too.

    glad to see the entire world on fire.

    most humans need to be turned to ashes.

    burn baby burn


  3. Just part and parcel to living in a multicultural city. Muslims are just gonna have to get used to it.

    • Mayor Khan, thanks for stopping by….

    • dmv gringo

      None of the state media shitbags now wailing,
      pearl clutching, and gnashing their teeth had
      nothing to say, no sympathy, for
      Ebba Akerland.
      For the time being, the death photo mashed and dismembered should be the masthead.

      • dmv gringo

        And lest we forget, there was no mention, no outrage, and no grief, from
        the same state media sources and their
        political accomplices after Maren Ueland and Louisa Vesterager Jespersen were
        repeatedly raped and (filmed and uploaed to Net) beheaded.
        And don’t forget Maren calling out for her mother!

        ‘Swedish state broadcaster SVT has outraged viewers after they ran an article claiming that the gruesome ISIS-inspired murder of two Scandinavian girls in Morocco “had nothing to do with Islam,” before warning Swedes that sharing a graphic beheading video of the incident could result in up to four years of imprisonment.’

      • Charley Waite

        Some Googling tells me that Ebba’s grave is regularly desecrated by another diverse type and cops wont do anything about it

      • The shitbag state media can barely avoid the temptation of rubbing one out when it’s whites slaughtered, let alone fake a tear while doing it. They lust after white death.

        Personally I think this guy may have been a legit regular guy. The push against Whites has been in overdrive for a while and there are a lot of people out there whos rubber bands are getting stretched a bit too tight. It’s inevitable that some of them snap.

      • Old Gray Wolf

        This is any one of us or ours if they think for a moment they can get it done. Take a good look, see your children there if you allow it. At what price peace? It’s a sucker’s bet. You can fight and perhaps die, or you can try to remain peaceful and watch all you love die, before dying yourself. That is the choice. The only way there is peace is if everyone wants it. The only way that happens is if those who want peace kill all those who do not. Figure it out.

      • that picture is what’s left of a 7-year-old White girl in Sweden

        after a Muslim driving a truck murdered her.

        • Old Gray Wolf

          I know what it is. Doesn’t change a thing I said. That will be us or ours the minute they think they can get it done. And someone in Sweden ought to grow a set and wait by that grave for the scum defacing it, and leave their corpse in little bitty chunks all around it.

          What the moslems need is to know that what lurks beneath the apparent civilised nature of western society is the ability,when necessary, to descend to levels of dark and brutal behavior that dwarf the suicidal and juvenile tendencies of the worst of the islamic sort. That some things are better left asleep, as waking them results in death on a level that reshapes entire regions, if not the world. They will push until they learn, I suppose. It’s happened before.

          • Crusaders, unite.

          • The problem with this thinking – and I share it – is that the men who would fight this war are more interested in video games than a true and interactive life. They have no real idea what reality is, or what real family is, or what real women are, or the treasure of children.

            The real enemy is that which has corrupted these things so that young men no longer are willing to work 60 hour weeks or die in some God forsaken land to achieve and preserve them. We have allowed them to be robbed of this goodness and sanity, and I see no way to repair it other than through the fire of chaos.

            Hopefully there will still be gentlemen left, and some women who don’t want to be men and we can rebuild.

            You know how to operate a firearm, but trust me, junior does not. He can’t start a fire, catch a fish, much less gut one, or even operate a hammer.

  4. “The more diverse a group becomes the less equal it becomes. Diversity is anathema to equality. One cannot exist with the other.”

    Well, this will stomp any ol’ E-ticket ride at the thing formerly known as Disneyland.

    • Mostly copy-pastas from the various Chans, with some extra trolling thrown in.

      • Grenadier1

        Exactly. Enough from both sides of the debate to provide fuel for the social media bitchfests that are raging.

        Kind of makes you question the motivation. Looks like the Deep State to me but I’m just a conspiracy minded guy..

        • VoxDay also opines false flag.

          nope. You just have to accept the fact that

          diversity+proximity = War.

          • Grenadier1

            Never thought otherwise. I can accept a little diversity just for flavor, but I have no illusions about two different cultures trying to occupy the same space. My argument has always been.
            focus on ALL of the bad people.
            don’t do the work for the enemy.
            don’t allow yourself to be manipulated into doing the work for the enemy.

  5. Hopefully not too long before we start cleaning them out of this country too. It does smell like a false flag attack. Wonder what they are trying to divert our attention away from???

    • dmv gringo

      Stop hoping.
      Be the leader you wait in vain for.
      Yes, that applies to me.
      You, and you alone, decide the time and place.
      But don’t demean yourself with wishfully
      waiting for your fellow (White Western American) citizens to step up.

    • Israel fired a bunch of rockets and shit in the past few days.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        God Bless Israel.

        I hope they whomped at least 100 inbred retards with those 100 bombs.

        • I’m not against Israel, but I’m not a fan of the double standards for us vs them.

        • NorthGunner

          Johnny, remember that the Rothschilds ARE ‘israel’.
          The Rothschilds funded and supported communists in
          ALL their bloody deeds in Europe both pre and post 1917.
          They also supported and funded what’s been happening
          since ‘The Bad War’.

          Here’s two short clips from Dennis Wise to sum it up:

          How the world was fooled! (4)

          How the World Was Fooled 7

          You are neither ignorant or stupid; you’ve amply proved
          that with the brilliant research that you’ve dedicated great
          effort and time into.

          What I and others have been saying is nothing less that
          America has and IS been under quiet foreign domination
          and control since at least 1913 (if not earlier) by the very
          same ‘House of Rothschild’ and it’s ancillary tentacles of
          control and manipulation..the same ‘House of Rothschild’
          that actually OWNS and controls what’s left of Great Britain
          through the 1 mile square area called ‘The City of London’.

          ‘israel’ has NEVER been an ‘innocent’; it was conceived in
          a traitorous lie, birthed in corruption and avarice and nurtured
          in terror against the pre-existing people of the region..all for
          the continued acquisition of wealth and power by the Rothschilds
          (who happen to own at least 80% of all israel).

          Don’t fall into the same blind trap that the Scofield heresy
          touting ‘Christian Zionists’ dutifully march towards.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  6. Where and how did he get that full-auto hardware in NZ? They have licensing, registration and background checks… not too effective, I’d say.

    • dmv gringo

      He used a 12 gauge first, drops it, and begins firing a semiauto AR platform, with smooth and quick trigger pulls.

    • lastmanstanding

      Definitely a Magpul 60 and other accessories laying there.

      Funny how they show cased one photo with Magpul 30-40’s.

      Nothing to see here…

      • NorthGunner

        Staged planting of guns, magazines and ammo….
        where have we seen this before?….

        Oh yes, Las Vegas, which the ‘fan-belt-inspectors’
        just couldn’t seem to ever ‘find a motive’ for (while
        all the while hovering vulture fashion over the Sherrif’s
        shoulder during EVERY ‘press conference’)…

        There are NO coincidences,..only (((cohencidences))).
        9/11 should have taught people about that..the izzy
        observation team that was dancing should have
        made that clear along with other items.

        But no…it was the moooooslims, right Matt?
        Just like the mooooslims that attacked the USS Liberty
        and the King David Hotel?

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Charley Waite

      That was my thought too. Certainly had hardware to burn seeing as he carried multiple rifles and gas cans in his trunk, then dropped several rifles like they were expendable.
      Maybe he knew the Vegas guy

    • Strobe on the tac-light.
      Made it look like muzzle flash.

      • dmv gringo

        No, it does not.
        It looks exactly like what it is, from the moment he clicks it on in the car, while he’s using the weapon it’s attached to, and after he discards that same weapon
        and it’s laying on the ground, a flashing strobe light.
        That strobe is a tactical distraction designed to further disorient targets, already terrified, confused, and hoped up on adrenaline.

  7. Be on watch for a False Flag mimic in the US somewhere soon.

    Carry your sidearm with you at all times.

  8. NorthGunner

    Why does this smell and look like a orchestrated and directed
    false flag instigated by any ‘secret squirrel’ agency (moose &
    squirrel not currently available for comment — out running Razors
    with Boris and Natasha this weekend in the Az desert, sources

    How damnably convenient…..

    Judean People’s Suicide Squad

    Take your pic……

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • dmv gringo

      It does not smell like that.
      Stop selling out the White men with
      the balls and fortitude to step up.

  9. Where did this 28 yr old get the money to travel the world, including Pakistan? Seriously,Pakistan. Where did he get the money to buy 6 weapons? In Australia,or NZ?
    This reeks with the odor of “We need a horrific diversion.”

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      I mentioned this to multiple people.

      I have the money for a car, some guns, and some fun.

      If I traveled the way he did, I would be flat fucking broke.

      • Well Yea Johnny you would be…Me on the other hand I have traveled like that and I’m not fucking broke…Key is I had a job that would let me travel like that and still pull down 200k a year…But I’m just a middle of nowhere hick right???

        • Johnny Paratrooper

          Not everyone can make that kind of Money.

          Also, traveling from Australia is pretty expensive.

          Also, he didnt make 200,000 a year.

        • Charley Waite

          You can travel to North Korea for your work????

          • Johnny Paratrooper

            Exactly my points.

            I’m not saying travel is unaffordable.

            I am saying this: “Wow, He sure spends alot of time and energy and money on shit countries and shit vacations to shit places.

            Just one man’s opinion.

            Maybe he was a rich; playboy finance Autist and put the whole thing together himself.

            Some people fancy themselves as megalomaniacs.

    • His statement indicated he made it on bitcoin.

    • Podesta has been in NZ for a while too.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        Podesta translates to “City Manager” in Renaissance Italian.

        Ask me how I know shit like that?


    When you consider the many hundreds of Coptic Christians and other non-Muslim religious people who have been massacred over the years in Africa and the Middle East by “The Religion of Peace”, this shooting is a pin prick. Consider it another straw in the wind on the Long March to CW II here in Amerika.
    Yes, I know it did not happen here. But, I will wager the local Muzzies are planning to retaliate. Look for more church/synagogue/Mall shootings in the next few months. The winter weather is slowly starting to disappear. More people will be out and about. Target-rich environments will abound. Avoid crowds. Bleib ubrig.

  11. Mark Matis

    Dead ragheads? What’s not to like???

  12. dmv gringo

    The full manifesto was available on scribd,
    but it was deleted soon after the net’ blew up with news of the attack. I tried about to access
    about eleven hours ago, and found it deleted.

  13. lastmanstanding

    But hey, they got a white lady PM, at least one white lady cop with an automatic weapon and a media promoting feminism…with diversity for all.

    Just another black swan/false flag…only this time on the global stage. It may have been needed to hide ole sweet Loretta and companies testimony today…you know, spread the hate world wide.

  14. 49 dead Muslims? Heck more people in the United States die in one month from National Park cliff edge selfie taking photo sessions gone wrong. Looks like those two useless human types are high on Chucky Darwin’s list.

  15. When The Saxon Began To Hate….

    • Old Gray Wolf

      A fire not easily kindled, but is sure takes a lot of blood to quench it once lit.

  16. Meh.

    What goes around, comes around.
    This was neither particularly tragic, nor unexpected.
    Did Mustafa think what he’s cheered on openly for 50 years was never going to come back and bite him in his own ass?

    When they start bringing us the severed heads of their radicals by way of overdue apology, every time it happens, I’ll shed a tear for those killed by our own lunatics.

    If anything, this was just too little, too late.

    Suppose folks anywhere decided to start quietly picking off one of them a day, forever? Each.

    Before you can say “Bob’s your uncle” there aren’t any left except back in Shitholia and the Trashcanistans, and everybody realizes we can get along just fine with them over there, and us here (for any value of ‘here’ where pederasty and goat-f**king aren’t culturally appropriate).

    Then Diversity’s monument is left in the dust right next to the toppled head of Ozymandias, and no one left to cry about it, except the sad little pandas of race-baiting, whose rice bowl is all broken into pieces.

    Boo frickin’ hoo.

  17. Shinmen Takezo

    Full video of the NZ “party” as he describes it.
    Link is still working….

    [video src="" /]

  18. Shinmen Takezo

    Has someone got a handle on the music he was playing as he drove to the “party?”

    It sounds a lot like some kinda’ slavic, rah-rah, sis-boom-bah, ethnic fighting/war song.

    There lies the key.
    He is playing is for a reason mine fruienda.

    • Shinmen Takezo

      Also please note that as he was driving up this British march was playing…

      Seems like the white men of the commonwealth are awakening.

    • Shinmen Takezo

      Here it is. It’s called “Remove Kabab.”
      Something I believe was popular during the Yugoslavian ethnic cleansing…

    • kypartisan

      it was the remove kebab song from the yugoslav wars

  19. CAIR news conference: Tear down the border wall, death to wyte peepoo, America’s fault!

    • St.Maur1066

      Uuummm, why the Muslims are smiling, joking, and laughing at a news conference about 49 Muslims being killed?………. Just saying

      • St.Maur1066

        Uuummm, why are the Muslims smiling, joking, and laughing at a news conference about 49 Muslims being killed?………. Just saying

      • “innocent” is a strong word to use for “worshipers” at a mosque.
        btw, “Islam” is not a race. It is a totalitarian political/economic system.
        Not so much “racist” motivation as “Nationalist”, if anyone bothered to read the writings of the shooter (s?).
        Inspired? Like the terrorist magazine INSPIRE?
        Coordinated attacks? That means not a “lone wolf”?
        A Mosque is an Armory, if I remember my Wars For Oil Tour 1991-2005.

  20. Shinmen Takezo

  21. Tragic. It is also tragic to see all the people killed by Muslims.

  22. Johnny Paratrooper

    Every single one of those Muslims was wearing Mohammed approved attire.

    Which means that was a mosque full of true believers

    Which means he probably pissed off a lot of super devote muslims.

    Not like the Americanized Muslim Sorority sluts.

    Those were straight up believers.

  23. A Westerner fights for his country. It’s the only way.

  24. from the manifesto:

    “To maintain a population the people must achieve a birthrate that reaches replacement fertility levels. In the Western world this is roughly 2.06 births per woman.

    There is not a single Western country, not a single white nation, that reaches these levels.

    Not in Europe, not in the Americas, not in Australia or New Zealand.

    White people are failing to reproduce, failing to create families, failing to have children.”
    it’s the wimyn- PERIOD

    the muzzies have one thing right for sure. tie those cunts up and make them your property with no rights, no say so, nothing… don’t abuse them, just use them for what they are good at. they deserve at least that. any cucks who white knight them are the problem also.

    THERE. Problem solved.

  25. Shinmen Takezo

    They are sure suppressing this mofo now.
    Can’t open any of the links that I found now.

    Okay, this one is still working… (for now)

  26. Shinmen Takezo

    • I love that kind of dedication. Tarrant planned much better than Dillon Roof, right up there with the number one white hero, Anders Behring Breivik. Breivik, in a single day, wiped out a huge portion of the children of their communists dominating the national government. Breivik attacked the communist’s training camp, successfully.

      • dnv gringo

        Sure did, and did so mainly with a 12 gauge, outnumbered many times over
        whenever he stopped to reload, had his
        targets not been cowardly communist shitbags.

      • The elitist commies assumed they had control of the population and had created a pleasure dome for their children, the ones that were scheduled to take the reigns of power. Breivik planned a diversion and an attack on an area with no easy exit for the commie spawn. a brilliant one man operation

    • How do you know this isn’t black propaganda? Total bullshit as manufactured as the “Sandy hook” shooting or the Las Vegas massacre footage. I take nothing I am allowed to see as truth anymore.

      • dmv gringo

        I know it because my eyes were open,
        when I watched a recording of some of the video he streamed live.
        You stupid fuck.
        Clean yourself off, you filthy piece of shit, you’re covered in Q-Tard and drumpf.

        • Back to the Chans, lil’ glow worm

          • dmv gringo

            I’ve never been there, you hipster faggot, unrecognized on this blog.
            Clean yourself off, you filthy shitbag, you’re covered in cuck.

        • Thank you for the correction Mr. federal agent sir. Now eat shit and die you shilling Nazi shit stain.

    • NorthGunner

      Yup, staged and planted…just as I thought!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  27. Semi-auto weapon. Full auto chews through a mag in a couple seconds.Looks like he was a man on a mission. Can’t have it both ways.
    1) Islam is a religion of peace.
    2) Kill all the infidels.

  28. This is why everybody needs to get OFF social media! If somebody cannot keep from blabbing about all of your frustrations, plans, and opsec, then do not get tempted by the seductress Facebook! I swear, John & Joan Q Public post colonoscopy photos and wonder why it comes back to bite them in the butt. This guy was/is a lunatic but I feel no sympathy for the Muslims. They bring it on themselves. However-notice the soi boi weeping about “muh diversity” and racism. The two tired old saws of the leftist psalms. “We begged you…..” What horse manure. I hope that whomever sold NitWit the guns has destroyed all evidence.

  29. Let’s not speculate or rush to judgement on motives or actually who the perpetrator was, his ethnicity or religious background. Thanks for reminding us AR10308.

    The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has said that living with terror attacks – like the one that hit New York at the weekend – is ‘part and parcel of living in a big city’.

    Mr Khan told the Evening Standard: ‘It is a reality I’m afraid that London, New York, other major cities around the world have got to be prepared for these sorts of things.

    —Sunday 18 September 2016,

    The Saxon has begun to hate.

  30. What the problem? He killed invaders. Rape gangs and criminals. Subhuman animal humping vermin. G_D bless him for his mighty deed. May one hundred thousand rise up and kill the Islamic shit stains from his action. The man was a hero regardless of what the propaganda minister says or what fabricated bullshit makes Fake Tube. He burned out a rats nest. GOOD JOB. Now call me WASIST I’ll wear it with pride. The only good child molesting Islamic is a dead one. Nits make lice. Kill them all. Spray Mecca with Ebola.

  31. I worked for a short time before making some money investing in Bitconnect, then used the money from the investment to travel.

    More recently I have been working part time as a kebab removalist.

    —- Christchurch, NZ. Faceborg Massacreist Manifesto

    • I wonder who his handlers/helpers/financiers are?
      He did not have the means to support his travels etc.

      • dmv gringo

        Ah, yes, the tried and true queef rears it’s tinfoil hat again.
        Where you hide behind your empty
        scrotum, with the ridiculous claim that
        this attack was set in motion by fedgov America, and carried out by one of the
        alphabet agencies of the Beltway, because you are unable to rise to the occasion.

      • Now you quit that analytical thought processing based on a lifetime of Naval Special Warfare training, study of musloids, their geopolitics and book authorship of the same. You’ll disturb the waterheads with a word or something.

      • NorthGunner

        Are you REALLY sure that you want those questions
        answered Matt?…you might not like what you find….

        Planet of the Apes – Taylor, Zaius final scene

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        • Matt Bracken

          What are you afraid of, spit it out? You take shots at me, one of only two around here who stands behind his real name. I’ll be impressed when you post your real name and location. Otherwise….
          “Bravely Said The Anonymous Keyboard Commando/Coward.”

      • A.B. Prosper

        I’m pretty much in agreement with what the Aussie senator wrote myself.

        Its fashionable to look for false flags but not everyone on Planet Earth is as reluctant to act as Americans are, c.f Ander’s Brehvik

        One guy with a pump shotgun , the will and element of surprise can kill a lot of unarmed people in a short time

        He doesn’t need much in the way of resources for that either a gun $500 US or less and 200-300 buckshot at what 50 cents a round is enough

        There are plenty of ways to have money if you work, save, don’t have wife, kids, big house. He doesn’t need handlers for that

        As far as gun control. all governments in modernity prefer an unarmed populace and any telegenic mass shooting will bring out calls for gun control. Its in the DNA of the crooked people in charge

      • This has been my line of thinking all day also.

      • Page 5 of the manifesto he said, “I worked for a short time before making some money investing in Bitconnect, then used the money from the investment to travel.”

  32. Anyone esle twig onto the name of the city “CHRISTCHURCH” coincidence….I think not….. It will be especially picked up on by non-europeans.

  33. Ok, just read the ‘loon’s’ manifesto. He is not a loon, he is intelligent, articulate and explains his actions carefully. Interesting that he focused on the 2nd Amendment by using a gun to kill all those people, hoping to foment Civil War in the US. Interesting as well how he brought up the murder of Ebba Ackerland, the media refused to post pictures of her destroyed body, for obvious reasons and the media also refused to condemn those (Muslim) invaders who killed her. Also interesting that he figured out WHY the foreign invaders were encouraged and supported in their invasions by corporate and government entities.
    He is another Anders Brevik, he hopes to create a movement that will inspire others of his persuasion to ‘repel and remove’ the invaders. This may be a false flag, demonize white nationalists, and, being New Zealand, it is probable that the laws aren’t as severe vis a vis the death penalty so being caught isn’t as bad as in the US. The police would’ve killed him had he committed his actions in the US.
    If he hoped to inspire copycats, it is too late.
    The emasculation of Western man is complete. Only way the invaders will be compelled to leave is if the tax monies that support them ceases to exist.

    • If he was so worried about white replacement, why didn’t he father multiple white children and make the state pay for them like musloids do? His father died at 49 of cancer, what about his mother? Siblings? He travelled alone for years, where are his white friends?

      He describes his political evolution from communist, anarchist, then libertarian to eurofascist. His actions are anarchistic. He presents as a psychopathic narcissist most likely offering cut-and-paste internet diatribes to justify his actions to himself. Whitey does not really matter to him, see above lack of evidence of white connections in his life.

      It takes a lot of mental conditioning for normal people of any color to advance into combat for country, kin, platoon, or tribe. Psychopaths with low arousal on the other hand have no problem “going it alone,” especially against unarmed enemies.

      His life history and actions suggest he is a psychopath. Many on WRSA act as if they are psychopaths, they aren’t. If you’ve ever spent any time with one you would recognize the difference. There is no conscience at all, no soul. They are not human.


        He was a manlet. Manlets don’t get to reproduce, their only value is cannon fodder to catch bullets for actual chads with the genetic height required to father children. He knew his place and performed his duty, bravo zulu.

      • Kay_de_leon

        Why didn’t he single handedly make up for the population decline of his people, right?

        Easily the worst argument against his motives so far.

        • Strawman fallacy. I never wrote that.

          Facebook Killer does not evince any connection with white humans; family, clubs, sports, church only a small stint “working with children.” His manifesto consists of him asking himself questions and pasting internet diatribe answers…to himself. Did you notice that?

          This indicates a personality that cannot form meaningful relationships with anyone. A low IQ narcissist.

          • Kay_de_leon

            I might have slightly exaggerated your position, but hardly a strawman.

            What are his few kids to a boatload of invaders. To a boatload a month. He sees the situation a bit more clearly that you, I would think. To make the ‘just have a few kids and work hard’ argument might have worked fine for the boomers, not so much in the here and now.

            As to his white family and friends- did he not have help? How many of your people could you get to throw their futures away tomorrow if you asked them? You mean cause he ain’t putting his people on blast over his social media? Are you that fucking nuts?

            If you ever commit something that many would consider an absolute atrocity, please don’t give away you friends, family, and ‘clubs’ in the process. Holy fucking shite, mate…

      • no, he’s a righteous White Nationalist.

        and you aren’t fit to shine his shoes.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        May I?

        Half of the Women are obese feminists.

        The other half are virtue signally dingbats.

        Some of them are doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, and worth marrying.

        Most are not very nice, nor are they very attractive.

        Also, the economy for 28 year old white men has been shit.

        Our school experiences amount to Marxist reeducation. We dont go to the same “Have sex, get prego, and get married” colleges that our parents went to.

        Our women are basically just fuck toys.

        they throw themselves at the black muslims at my school.

        It’s rather disturbing. They line up to get halal food as well.

        • Thanks for an intelligent answer. Go get yourself one of the good ones and breed her until she prolapses dragging her womb around in a wheel barrow.

    • Okay, I withdraw the “LOON” okay? That was a throwaway term for a guy who just shot 98 strangers. The point of my post at the top was to throw some blowback on Facebook for giving motivation to Tarrant to livestream a massacre, hence, “The Facebook Massacre.” Put the SJW titans of Social Media on the defensive, for once.

    • NorthGunner

      How are you sure that it’s ‘his’ manifesto?….

      Has ANYONE seen or have a copy of the alleged
      manifesto that Dorner supposodly left?

      Consider it everything else involved
      with this false flag.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  34. Angry American

    I would love to know what the Hollywood and other super-rich “elites” will say – or think – now in relation to their safe heaven: NZ.

    • New Zealand is sweet, juicy low-hanging fruit anytime China wants a new colony with a great location. It might be ten or thirty years, but anytime China wants it, they own it. Two Ro/Ro ships loaded with APCs, and they own Kiwiland. Colonist-soldiers will be told to make a new home and find a Kiwi bride. Hell, the SJW Kiwis even got rid of their last fighter jets as too costly. They are like Dodo Birds who thrive in peaceful isolation, but they will be conquered like all defenseless flightless birds once invaders arrive.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        The Chinese don’t care about anything but themselves.

        Which is why this dude chose Kiwi Land.

        Kiwi Land is the secret Chinese traitor fallback zone.

        I’m pretty sure that Kiwi land is designated “Safe” by the NWO.

        I am also pretty sure this guy will get a show trial, and then a retirement home and a coconut drink with a straw and some shaved ice.

        The way I see it, If the NWO is really retiring to Kiwiland, then they are Mussies or Chi-Com traitors.

        Or both.

        No regular person has the money to move to Kiwi land. Not even Brits. And few Aussies.


        Mr. Bracken: How would that set with the Banksters, Globalists, and assorted Illuminati who have their bolt-holes there? When I lived in SW Oregon, the local commie-liberal political-hack-for-life, Peter DeFazio, was exposed by his controlled opposition opponent as having property in NZ. Of course the obvious answer may be that all of these Rothschild-financed rat bastards have already made a deal with the Chinamen. Time will tell.

        • Matt Bracken

          When China is ready to take NZ, (along with other choice Asian and African real estate), all the formerly rich banksters and CEOs etc hiding there won’t be worth a bucket of spit.

      • good allusion to the DoDo, it was Kiwi as well?

    • Excellent point. Carpetbaggers from America.
      “Alexander Marjoribanks,a Scot,wrote in 1847, that a man is banished from Scotland for a great crime,from England for a small one,and from Ireland ,morally speaking,for no crime at all”.
      Over 150,000 “convicts” were exported down under. The seeds were sown long ago with lunatics,violent criminals and proud clansman who told the monarchy to eat shit and die.
      The tribes of Britain have been subjugated by Ard Ri, ,Fir Bolg, Picts,Celts Druids,Pagans,Vikings,Romans and English
      Many of the conquerors were fucking brutal..The clans and tribes know how to survive brutally. The ,Scots,Welsh and the illustrious Micks.

      Brutality gets a bad rap. Many times it is the only option available.

  35. Interesting how the NZ shootings have completely covered up the news regarding the massive cover up between the Obama DOJ and Hillary’s lawyers and her emails being accessed to the FBI. Obama and Lynch colluded with Hillary to cover-up her criminal malfeasance. This is more important for this country then whatever happened in New Zealand.

  36. European American

    The more I ponder what you said Bracken, the clearer the picture becomes.
    Inside you are a hooping and hollar’n (with joy) and on the outside, since you are somewhat of a ceeelebrahtee, you have to spout all the politically correct genre vernaculars, so as to give the impression to your employers, and the middle of the road fan base, that you don’t condone such “terrorist” acts.
    I mean, you sure got ahead of the line fast, here.

    • Fuck you, nameless keyboard kommando. I’ll have 1% respect for you when you sign your real name to your keyboard rants. My only point was to throw some of the blowback directly onto Zuckerberg and Facebook. If not for Facebook livestreaming, he probablyt would not have done this, at least not the way he did it, when he did it. I’m too PC for you? At least I use my real name, unlike you nameless cowards.

      Pat Hines excluded. We have our differences, but we both have to guts to stand behind our real names.

      • Thank you for that “Fuck you” you so eloquently expressed. My name is irrelevant and you know it. You though have put your name out there for all to hear and see. I stand by my initial statement and I obviously hit the nail smack dab on its head. You know why I know? That “Fuck You” was pure emotional reaction to deflect the accuracy of my observation. I’ve noticed that’s your mo when someone questions your articles/statements. If they don’t agree with you, turn on them. It’s a skilled rebuttal tactic you use in your diversion strategy. Ego and False Pride will be your undoing. You will suffocate in the fabricated box you live in. The “Fuck you” reaction is used by the Left when they are intellectually corned. Be careful it’s a mind field out there.
        PS I don’t hide. You could find me if you wanted to. I’d rather be behind the camera instead of in front of it.

      • Hilarious. What’s the risk of using xer name when xou serve the Master Race? If a shabbos goy didn’t use xer name, how would xit curry favor?

        • Shouldn’t you guys be preparing for Shabbat instead of manning a troll computer at SPLC tonight?

          Don’t forget it’s five days until Purim.
          Mazel Tov ((((((((Allegory)))))))))!

          • dmv gringo

            Circle the wagons, Depends swiller.
            Limbaugh, Levin, Savage, and the cavalcade FOXing shills have got your back.
            Too bad sacred cows aren’t regularly slaughtered so well.

        • Matt Bracken

          Bravely Said The Anonymous Keyboard Commando/Coward.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Matt Bracken is not PC.

      In his books, SF dudes, Marines, and Paratroopers are literally smoke’n traitors and mussies by the truck load.

      Which is literally a 4chan level dream meme.

  37. Assuming that anything read on any web sight isn’t 100% propaganda manufactured to make this guy look like a loony. We KNOW that ALL government lies about everything. So ether you guys who buy into the propaganda are ether shills for the globalist Islamic invasion or morons. This man was and is a hero. You “patriots” should have half his balls.

  38. Don’t you dare stop being ashamed of your race for even one second. Just look what whitey did, and don’t you ever forget it.

    If you don’t loathe and hate yourself, your history, your family, hell – even your future, you’re part of the problem and just like the hateful racist that did this.

    This is all whitey’s fault. Keep saying it until you believe it. You are a scourge on the planet and you deserve to be wiped from history.

    Whitey, whitey, whitey.

    • Two For The Road

      Just in case you’re a Soros plant and being serious, please note:

      “Just look at what whitey did.”

      Remember that.

      • I’m deadly serious. I watched the news this evening – local, nightly network and the cable channels. This IS the message:


        I watched as news readers told me that I couldn’t see the video they watched, and then told me what I should think about it. I watched as they said THEY WOULD NOT dignify the ‘manifesto’ by letting anyone else read it, and then they went on to tell me what I should think about it, and how it reeks of Trump and Whitey and then pics of crying musloids being comforted by white women and peace and goodness bullshit.

        I hope the message is searing into your brain like it is mine. YOU ARE the problem, and there is real momentum building to round you up in boxcars.

        They want you and I both in there.

        I copied the ‘manifesto’ and spent time reading it myself. I also watched the videos. It disturbed the shit out of me, but I watched it, and then watched it again.

        This shit is coming to a Walmart or a movie theater or church near you, and it is meant to take you, and nearly every reader of this site out of the picture.

  39. Pingback: False Flag Op: You Can’t Get Anymore Obvious Than This: Christ Church, White European Man, Guns, Dead Musloids: Next Stop Race/Religious War | Dirt People

  40. dmv gringo

    Working link (Yes. it works) of full video broadcast by Brenton Terrant.
    Total runtime – 16:56.
    Don’t ask.
    You’re welcome.
    You know you want to watch.
    And to all the pearl-clutching. GOP cucking, Depends swilling, geriatric boomers… shit.

    • dmv gringo

      “I am the God of Hellfire!”
      Damn, talk about timing.
      I don’t know if he commands Hellfire,
      but he was certainly a force of wetwork.

  41. dmv gringo

    And since so many of you (tsk-tsk-tsk)
    GOP cucking booners, sacred cows
    of controlled opposition, and shilling whores are solely preoccupied with frantic pearl-clutching about wetwork in New Zealand
    FUSA Election 2020 prospects, enjoy this
    video. You wortless mutts.

    CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Illegals STORM ACROSS US BORDER — Run Right Past Border Patrol

  42. kebab removal machine

  43. The Usual Suspect

    Something about a chicken returning to roost, or some such shit.
    Let me know when the politician shooting begins, YAWN !!!

  44. fuck the police