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  1. ChicagoTypewriter

    Built this chambered 9mm with my grandfather as a kid. Some personal observations. The weapon can discharge if dropped. It will need to be modified if you feed it hollow points. Spring tension governs cyclic and springs do vary. Be careful out there.

    • Bonaventure

      Making a homemade device that can properly handle ~30k psi discharges is not necessarily for the light of heart. Methinks Darwin Awards will be handed out to those not paying close attention to details.

      • Mark Matis

        Well then just manufacture one without paying any attention to same, make sure you don’t leave any of your prints on it, and drop it on the lawn at any Communist college or university!

  2. The STEN is typical of British Socialism, cheap, unreliable and a danger to the user, plus the magazines are a nightmare, why fuk with this ancient abomination when ARs are so available and excellent mags cost $9 ea.? A pump shotgun is a better design


      Word. Automatic fire turns money into noise(H/T to Clint Smith).

      • NorthGunner

        That is true. The exception is if one is TRAINED in
        the proper application of automatic weapons; i.e.
        weapon is suppressed, used at proper distance
        with short, controlled bursts into either a single
        target or tight cluster of enemies in order to not
        only eliminate said enemies but also sow panic
        and confusion and demoralize said enemy.

        Granted, Boston T. Party said that a properly
        trained group (5-9) of rural men armed with
        .30-30’s could cause quite a headache for
        some folks with bad intentions.

        Equipment is all fine and good…it’s the MAN
        who is the real weapon.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  3. A.B. Prosper

    Ammo control is easy and future people needing improvised weapons will need a good supply. Make sure you know how to make it or have a source

  4. Don’t forget the humble payload projector, pneumatic; or the propane/hair spray operated equivalent for when little bits of metal won’t quite do the job.

    I might even be able to blog about it in a few weeks if the house purchase comes through. HEAT rounds in it are probably past the legal grey zone, but plenty has been written on payloads elsewhere.

    A small Sherline machine shop might not seem like much, but a good machinist should be able to work miracles. Even if you’re not one, it might be a worthwhile investment for the few thousand a couple of machines cost.

  5. kypartisan

    I recommend P.A Luty’s books on improvised SMGs.

  6. Sign in? yeah no thanx
    I can find prints without having too

  7. freeillinois

    Sten = Felony trap

    A better one to make that is legal is the SGN 9 MM made by Steven Mathews for his shotgun news article several years ago.
    The build thread for his 9mm carbine can be obtained in the Shotgun news “Gunsmith Projects” book sold on amazon. The prices vary greatly for the book but a little patients will get you a copy for around $20-$30.
    Mathews used a bolt from a kit, but one can be made easier from 4140 pre-hardened steel. Mathews done a few things to make the project more complicated than it needed to be. In the end he had $175 in a legal semi-auto 9mm carbine that used sten mags.
    If you can read understand how a gun works and have a few tools you can build a copy of Mathews carbine.

    • Tactless Wookie

      Excellent. Just found a copy on eBay for $17 shipped.

    • A.B. Prosper

      By the time anyone reading this blog is going to building Stench Gun , laws will not be an issue and you’ll be rocking one probably suppressed with AP ammo till you can get something better.

      The only people who might benefit from such a thing now are people with criminal records, who note have as much right to self defense as everyone else.

      People in anti gun states are better off moving if they can or getting a 30/30 or the like.

      That said saving information for later is always of value as you never know what you may need down the line

  8. Sten? guaranteed to jam for no reason at all.

    the kill-team para’d in to hit Heydrich first used a Sten. Predictably,

    it jammed. Someone else threw a grenade…that worked.

    • Indeed my uncle was nearly killed with a STEN when it ran-away on the soldier standing next to him. I don’t know why PPL are all a flutter over 9mm carbines, I try to imagine a world where there is 9mm ammo (and STEN mags!) but all other firearms are non-existent. If one simply must have a 9mm ‘gun’ build a Glawk, screw a silencer on one end, slap an extendo-mag into the other and attach it to a 2X4. Job Done!

  9. If things get bad enough to where one has to jury rig crap at home I believe a more productive use of time would be taking back some weapons paid for by taxes.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. Darrell Cloud

    I have a Mk II. It works most of the time. I also have a SW 76. If I were going to machine one out. The 76 would be my choice. Both guns are class III and registered. Get a bullet mold. Buy 5000 small pistol primers. The whole box will fit in a 30 caliber ammo can. Get 3 lbs of Unique and you are good to go. There will be plenty of 9mm brass laying around once the troubles begin.

  12. Old Gray Wolf

    Homebuilt Stens are the primary reason to cache weapons and ammunition now. Digging up good stuff is mucho better than making crappy handheld explosive devices in your shed…

    This comes from someone who has used a Sten, by the way.

  13. Freeillinois

    Do not pi$$ with a felony trap called a sten. You dont have to use this design, but reading and understanding machine work for home gunsmith work is a must. This source is free. Save it while you can.


  14. Darrell Cloud

    If you want a new SW 76. Jim Burgess still makes them. I bought one a few years back and am very pleased with it.

  15. St.Maur1066

    Now that the 40SW has fallen out of favor, is the reason to go buy one. Best buy in my opinion would be the Glock 23 or 22 used.
    During the Obama years, every time there was panic buying there was ALWAYS 40SW on the shelf when 9MM was sold out.
    Glock also makes 30 round 40SW mags.


  16. St.Maur1066

    In agreeing with the above posts and the many reasons not mentioned as to why not to get involved in these completely moronic plans and or build exercise in 2019, could someone please give me JUST ONE logical reason as to why get involved in this nonsense?
    Why in 2019 America, with millions upon millions of firearms, would one need to “build” this piece of shit? Oh let me guess, you and your buddies, after you hand over your Legal firearms, will then go into the basement to begin mass production to arm the Freedom fighters?!