Will Versus Will Not

Food for thought and action.


The final pieces of fencing are being moved into place.

Do you understand yet?

37 responses to “Will Versus Will Not

  1. dmv gringo

    Damn, she’s willing to sacrifice that ASS!
    I’m sure her view is just as good.

  2. 3 hours PT today, + the usual dry-fire exercise.

    same as everyday. But

    I’m still living in a town that’s a kosher deathtrap.


      Haxo: I sympathize. As long as you are vigilant and have a plan, the odds are in your favor. I was born and raised in what became a kosher deathtrap. I escaped to a remote area which at the time, still valued the Second Amendment and low property taxes in SW Oregon. After that area became untenable for several reasons, the tribe and I relocated to Rawles Land. It is not perfect, but by staying gray, we manage to survive and prosper. Bleib ubrig.

      • Prisoner of Tel Gezer.
        Worry about the niggers and spics in any major city.
        A geographic location is only safe when you make it so. No one is coming to save you. Be the baddest motherfucker on the block.

      • Dweezil, I’m up here in Kootenai County too and wondering how long before the communist establishment gets a foot hold here…

    • lastmanstanding

      I started to read you comment and immediately was going to ask if you had moved yet and the answer is no.

      What can we do to help you leave there Haxo?

      I started a ham radio training course today and did some PT myself. Snows still about asshole deep here. All one needs to do is tromp a mile up and a mile back in that sludge.

      Tonight is sauna night. Outdoor, wood-fired, cedar-lined sauna. 100% toxins purged…no need for a shower tonight.

      • nothing I can’t do for myself. I’ll have sufficient grubsteak to re-locate just about the time of the 2020 ‘lection.

        which will be either in time, or it won’t. Poor Aesop:

        once I’m gone, he’ll be all by hisself in


  3. thesouthwasrght

    That’s a pretty damn fine rooftop there CA.

  4. Do Grok.
    Lon Horiuchi STILL breathes our air.

    These are great times we’re livin’, bros!
    Jolly Lee Greenwalds, walkin the Earth.
    With guns!

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  6. Her form is way off, what she needs is a gentleman, such as myself, to coach her in the fine art of riflery

    • I bet the first thing you‘d teach her is reaming.

    • Old Gray Wolf

      Bad form or not, she is on a rooftop behind a rifle. As opposed to in a chair pecking a a computer. She might could teach us more than she could learn from us…

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. Donny Corleone

    What? She has a rifle? Damned fine turd cutter!

  9. lastmanstanding

    Suck on that article bitch! John just lays it the fuck out there.

    Everyone…and I mean everyone needs to read his thoughts on the situation at hand… 6 times. Then ask themselves, “am a doing anything near or like this?

    If you aren’t, time to get a fuckin move on…daylight’s burning.

    • Well, lms, it’s hard to focus on honest. accurate criticism and difficult introspection of shortcomings when a fine derriere is placed in your face….

      You’d think an editor and publisher as salty as CA would know that.:-)

      Seriously, folks… Focus on the situation and your readiness.

      • lastmanstanding

        😉 I can appreciate T & A as much as the rest of you, but we got bigger problems to deal with brother.

        JM courtesy of BB drives the nail home. Frankly, the best read I have had in a long time. I realize that all here are aware of the significance of issues at hand and a bit of wit is appreciated.

        FWIW, I am a full supporter of all the dot number rules and smoking hot roof top ballot thingy.

        OT. You sir I believe are a highly experience gunsmith. Do you have a shingle and do you offer services to the public?

        • lMS, i am and I do, but I’m not giving contact info on this forum.
          Ask CA to forward your email to me with any questions you may have.

          Thank for the courteous reply.

  10. Donny Corleone

    In Mr Bracken’s 2012 linked article, the great fire of Smyrna in 1922 (which according to his Wiki link) resulted in the destruction of the Greek and Armenian sections of the city and the rape and murder of tens of thousands of refugees at the water’s edge. Incidentally, the jewish and muslim sections of the city escaped damage from the fire. Strange that. Oh, well, nothing to see here. Move along now.

  11. Yeah, she could throw her back out shooting like that…
    As to the starving livestock essay, the moral is to avoid crowds, don’t get fenced in, watch for signs and indicators of trouble and react in advance, avoid crowds and stay mobile….

  12. that last pic makes me think of the other f, not fighting

  13. william williams

    Re Smyrna Disaster: There was a British warship at anchor in Smyrna’s harbor at the time. The captain ordered that the ship’s new PA system be used to play music, so the screams of the raped and dying would not be too disturbing to the crew.

    Thank God for the International Community!

  14. Can’t disagree. Now back to squats.

  15. St.Maur1066

    Use your imagination…………

  16. take everything and anything that is being offered to help weaken the (((system)) just don’t depend on it- ever.

    the more the (((system))) eases your expenses on daily living, the more ammo you can purchase. then stab the fuckers in the gut, back, and neck.

  17. That is bad assery shooting right there..nice leading…reminds me of a Cali coastal hog hunt, hundreds of em…Managed to bag a couple me self…This reminds of the Zombieland scenes in 13 Hours….Coming to a ‘hood near you, feral hood rat hunting…