Schlichter: We Are Going To Lose The Coming War With China


And if Joe Chink flames the US/NATO air tanker element as part of his battlespace prep, the rest of the services will be in deep shit as well.

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  1. robroysimmons

    I assume our bought off elite had always planned on surrendering to the Chins, of course after fighting the Russians over Crimea or something equally stupid and wasting the last breath of the FUSA Empire.

    Chinese even have a name for it, “Sitting on a hill watching tigers fight.”

    And how do you say “Amerika” in Chinese? 1980s reference for you youngins.

  2. If the Chinks damage or destroy the Globalist Hegemonic Empire, is that a bad thing?

  3. The brilliant staff over at the fumble factory started scrapping out F-15/F16/FA18 and A10 fleet a decade ago to pay for the white elephants. They also shitcanned 90% of the M-1MBT’s and 50% of the warships to pay for the crappy LCS’s .Not only will we lose. We will lose so badly that we may not have a military as you old people remember it for generations. The Chinese will take all of the pacific in a week, and if the gun confiscation laws go into effect they will occupy everything west of Dallas in 3 weeks. Your government works for China. They want them to win. You want the US back? KILL every person serving the US Government and start over. Or learn to love the Chinese. They already run DC.

    • Jews, not Chinese, rule ‘Murka.

      at present the Jews/Chinks are in an uneasy financial/political alliance,

      uneasy, because the Chinks are, to a degree, Jew-wise.

      the only current Chinese beachheads on the eastern Pacific shore are the Panama Canal, Port of Long Beach, and Vancouver BC. I doubt they will ever go further than that, because they won’t need to: when ‘Murka goes to hot CW, the Chinese – and the Russians – will lay off and watch the fun. Then fill the vacuum, if any.

  4. Darrell Cloud

    The process of taking down the United States is very simple. Just turn out the lights. The easiest way to do this is from a high altitude nuclear detonation over North America. The North Korean weapons detonated to date according to some have the same signature as Soviet designed EMP weapons.

    North Korea has the missiles that could be launched from container ships off of both coasts. These missiles would make these high altitude bursts possible.

    Once the grid goes down American civilization collapses. With no food, no food and no water the urban centers will eat themselves and then pour out into the hinterlands. It is estimated that we would lose 90% of our population within the first year.

    • ” It is estimated that we would lose 90% of our population within the first year.”


      that gets the garbage out of the way of men who need the elbow room to shoot, move, and communicate…

      300 million works for me.

      so proclaimith tfA-t

      • SW Richmond

        It will be interesting to watch the escalation.

        In any all out superpower war, everything stips working inside 90 minutes ot so. Power, comms, etc. Blowing up satellites adds to the already serious clutter / debris problem in earth orbit, too much of it and we cant get off this rock ever.

        So who goes down that road first? That will be interesting to see.

        Got food?

    • I worked a Faraday hardened site(dirt work) . They studied varied attenuation,EM,EMR HF/RFID infiltration and consequent impact on power units.
      EMP will be considered a nuisance. A speed bump on the road to hell.
      Whatever you think you know about technology,you are likely twenty years behind. 300 petaflop is being built. IBM power CPU , Nvidia,s Volta GPU’s. The supercomputer can calculate in one second what would take you six billion years.
      Hal is in charge. Pete can get you in touch with him.

  5. Donny Corleone

    Read about this exact scenario in the novel Twilight’s Last Gleaming by John Michael Greer. Very interesting read and I highly recommend it. I’m afraid we will be very surprised if and when we engage China, Russia, or both and get our asses handed to us. The Chinks probably have a back door to every system we have, both military and civilian.

  6. Ya all true but why do ‘we’ want to face China over there. Oh yeah to keep Taiwan, Japan and Korea in the debtbux Ponzi and convince the Aussies and Kiwis they have a chance while gutting their own militaries. How about a military that is geared to defending the nation?

    • and everyone’s cheap Chinese shit tactical gear will unravel at first use…

      that’s a feature- not a bug.

  7. Define “war”.

    Define “lose”.

    Show your work.

  8. Shinmen Takezo

    Most flag waving mili-tard’s still think in terms of WWII and Sand-Box I, II and III (which we lost BTW). They still think that the USA will be allow the luxury of a “build-up” phase (as there was in WWI and recently) where we would sit and wait for the “invasion” (of course now televised and propagandized).

    They still think that there will be lines of men chomping at the bit, lining up at recruitment stations eager to “get at those gooks.” –but this is all delusion.

    Any war with China and Russia would be over within a matter of days–if not hours. It will be fought with stand-off nuclear tactical weapons. Our carrier battle groups would in fact disappear within the first few hours of any conflict. Our forward military bases would be zotzed instantly. We have no long term build up capability as we witnessed in WWII. There would be no shipyards turning out 1 Liberty Ship per day… or ten bombers a day, or 10 fighter jets per day. No tanks battles. No massing or movements of troops.

    None of this would happen. In fact, there would be limited strikes on our key ports and military bases here in the USA–causing so much damage that any type of resupply or troop movement would be practically impossible.

    All of our strategy with our current military is designed to beat up upon lesser nations (enforcing our dollar tyranny globally) with superior weapons. It is not designed to face a determined nation that possesses nuclear weapons and advanced delivery system such as Russia or China.

    The USA would sue for peace within the first few days of any conflict.

  9. “The problem is our last war was against primitive religious fanatics in the Middle East and China is an emerging superpower with approaching-peer level conventional capabilities and an actual strategy for contesting the United States in all the potential battlespaces – land, sea, air, space and cyber.”
    Um….no. China is an army of petty warlords, who have stolen every piece of shit that they own, from our intellectual property. I’ll grant you that women in the military, along with transgenders, and your queer of choice is going to be our undoing. But please don’t praise and fear boys who cannot have a personal thought, with actual soldiers. What will keep them fighting is the fear for themselves and their families if they lose; The Elite Mao’s won’t be happy. We did a pretty good job of getting our asses handed to us at Pearl Harbor, thanks to Frank the Cripple. Eventually we got our shit together and turned Japan into a civilized country.


    Sigh. Another flag-waving Neo-Con Cuck is wringing his hands over the impending Karma of this corrupt, syphilitic empire. Spare me. Amerika will destroy itself financially. Does anyone here remember the SDI, or as that drunken, murdering fornicator, Teddy Kennedy called it: “Star Wars Initiative”?
    That rope-a-dope intelligence coup fractured the old Soviet Union who broke its own financial back trying to keep up with and counter a missile defense system which was a paper tiger. The Chinamen and Mr. Putin do not have to fight us. They will just bankrupt us and then come in and buy us out. Look for the Japs and the Flips to throw in the towel and cozy up to the Dragon. And, Eurabia, with a few exceptions, will be neutered by the Muzzies before I reach my 75th year on earth.
    These useful idiots of the MIC are repeatedly sounding the tocsin to keep their credibility alive and their rice bowels filled. The local school boards, city councils and county commissioners in my A/O are a bigger threat to my liberty and property than the Bear or the Dragon. And that also goes for the craven idiots in Boise and ALL the Pols who inhabit the Swamp that is Mordor-On-The-Potomac.

  11. Thank God Kurt is not CNO Pacific. A head long rush to the Chinese mainland is guaranteed a losing game. You don’t play that. The Chinese most vulnerable point is Oil, they have none. Sit naval units on the West side of the Malaya peninsula and deter or sink anything carrying oil going East. Then wait. The Chins would have to commit ships to defend without air cover which is a loser.

    As to the comms and gps issue. Question really boils down to who has the most delivery capability to put something in orbit vs the delivery capability to knock it down.

    The key item Kurt does not bring up is Taiwan. If the Chins go offensive good chance is they expect the US would respond if they attack Taiwan. Probably their gambit to fulfill Kurts scenario. But what happens when POTUS says ‘Bad move, but we are not interested’ and Taiwan is sacrificed? The geopolitics get really freaky after that.

    • Grenadier1

      And their entire economy depends on Mass Container shipments from their ports to which they have almost ZERO blue water naval capability to defend.
      You people keep thinking this would be a land engagement.
      It will not be
      China is still very far behind the curve in terms of its ability to project naval power.
      That’s why they keep building islands to station their Anti Ship missiles on.
      They are making progress and trending upwards in near peer status to the US Navy, to which our continued self defeating “muh gender equal” navy operating procedures are not helping, but we still have a margin of capability that gives us an edge.
      Any of the scenarios that begin with China initiating some form of sneak attack end when they cant follow it up with sustained capability.
      They do not have the fleet (either air or surface) to support logistical operations beyond maybe a 1000 miles from their coast. That’s being generous and mostly because I am too lazy to go do a measurement on google earth right now.

      Yes our Carrier battle groups are vulnerable to their ship missiles. BUT we don’t operate anything alone. We don’t send just a CVN BG to deal with a near peer advisory. We push entire packages of systems and launch waves of preparation operations that degrade the ability of the target to respond.

      For example while the ship missiles can strike our carriers they cant touch our subs. The ability of the PLAN subs to stop a mass deployment of attack subs in their waters is limited at best. So clear out their subs, then push in ours and launch mass Tomahawk strikes that destroy their Anti ship sites and C3I links to anything within 100 miles of their coast. THEN the carriers move to within launch distance and we follow up with a campaign of long range missile strikes and Air domination. The PLAAF is NOT near peer yet, they are still largely operating 3rd generation fighters and even those would be thinned out on the ground as those air strikes and missile strikes crater their runways and shelters.
      This was clearly demonstrated in the gulf.

      A major conflict with China might begin as a full spectrum hyper war but it would degrade into a more traditional 3G Naval and Air conflict until it went Nuclear.

      • Grenadier1

        Here is their current fleet.

        Notice very few capital ships. Lots of destroyers and Frigates that do not pack the same kind of punch that Western Destroyers and Cruisers do.
        Again while they most surely can come up with a situation that allows them to get in a Pearl Harbor type strike, they don’t have the capacity to follow that up with wide scale projection of power.
        They have very short range Amphib capacity because they have built their forces with the eye towards an invasion of Taiwan.

        Of course there is always the possibility that they do something while we are heavily committed to another action that changes the odds. They could be doing things like…I don’t know…maybe destabilizing the political situation in the US with an eye towards getting us to start a civil war so we are so concerned with our own situation that we ignore their invasion of Taiwan and the Philippians.

      • don’t underestimate the Chins.

        they could fit those mega ships with housing, mess, and sanitation facilities…

        think outside the box for once.

        • Grenadier1

          You really think that’s not been thought of?
          The very first thing I said was they don’t have the projection to protect those big container ships. Sure they COULD get the first wave in those big slow noisy container ships but any follow up is dead in the water. For so many reasons. Nice trick but it only works once.

        • There is a reason “milspec” is a thing. Smart people don’t use civil grade stuff, it’s never ended well.

      • lastmanstanding

        I think it is just as simple as your first paragraph. If we quit…just the US…buying all of their shit everything, they’d be done in 1 year.

        Complete fucking implosion of their economy.

        Look at all the corps that jam pack their shelves with worthless tools, toys, trinkets, clothing, whatever. Millions of worthless, resource draining options to choose from. For what?

        Ace hardware, Costco, kmart, harbor freight, target, walmart, walgreen’s, etc., etc., etc…boycott every one and buy something made by an American if you can. I realize choices are limited but for God sakes, quit supporting the fucking chinks. Anyone but the chins.

        If any one nation is destroying the earth and smoking thru its natural resources it is them on the largest scale possible.

        Sure the US is right up there and here is one big reason why… If we just quit letting anyone in the US that doesn’t have a job, or their own money that they earned have any kind of fuel or electricity you’d see some major change…OVERNIGHT.

        Fuck…rant off.

  12. A.B. Prosper

    China so long as it doesn’t invade North America is not our problem anyway.

    Even if all our hardware and tactics were up to the job, our people aren’t, our infrastructure isn’t and we can’t afford trillions of dollars at best of times.

    Anyway its not like we don’t have a version of the tiger thing, never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake and boy are we.

    We ought to know better but the people who yank our leaders strings act like amoral lunatics

  13. “Behind every blade of grass…or whatever”

    • A.B. Prosper

      Less useful than you might think alas. Our nukes are severely degraded and if they don’t work, if China wants us gone they launch and follow up with bio-weapons.

      In a few years insert mop up squads with all those cargo ships and kill off the few remaining guǐzi

      This isn’t on the Chinese agenda as far as I know but showing weakness is always a mistake.

      Its why if there is a new government its going to have to concentrate on nukes, probably dirty ones, launch systems and very possibly dead mans hand ala Russia or Israel in order to secure its long term liberty

      Well unless everyone else falls apart which is quite possible in the longer term.

  14. Makes perfect sense for the Vatican, London and District Of Columbia City States to see great opportunity from wiping out their unpayable debts, killing off millions of “useless eaters and resisters”, and consolidate power under their One World Government via a Pacific war with China.

  15. it wasn’t too long ago a certain green booger poo poo’d the idea pf murka being taken over by China…

    i’ve said it all along.

    tfA-t is All Knowing.

      • Heh! Such big penis’sues..

        • NorthGunner

          Murdoch Chan: “Alright! Who ordered the gook food?!?”
          R-The Donald: “Debbie?!…You betrayed us?!?”
          Debbie the Hut: “I’m sorry..I was soooooo hungry!!”
          Murdoch Chan: “Kill traitors BEFORE the enemy!!!”

          Can’t blame Murdoch Chan for seriously loosing
          her ‘inner calm’ at the end though, courtesy of
          news from John Bolton.

          Yellow Dawn – Murdoch Murdoch

          Murdoch Murdoch, gotta love it!!

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • A.B. Prosper

        A welfare state is a natural outcome from wage arbitrage.

        We can buy time but even if immigration is reversed and trade curtailed, the value of labor will be reduced over time

        Once a population becomes too urban and remember 7 of 10 Americans live in what is called an urban area now , the cost of living goes up and the fertility rate down

        This is hugely amplified by the type of jobs created . Post War USA had a lot of jobs and many require medium skill levels and paid twice the percentage GDP that jobs do now

        We create jobs sure but not enough that pay well enough for comfortable family formation. The average wage is about $22 an hour which means to buy a house where most jobs are you need two workers

        Many jobs are below that and anyone making say $20 US in a lot of states is poor and wisely many choose no children

        Speaking only of White people here beyond the 40% single welfare moms , the fertility rate is terrible at 1.6 overall , or less than one child per fertile age couple is born into an intact family!

        You can’t fix this with policy, more religion or anything else. Every single effort everywhere has failed. The only time we had a fertility boom and it was partially immigration driven was during an economic bubble.

        So cold hard cash and steady jobs or no future society. The lower bound BTW in the West thus far is 1.3 per couple, whereas 2.1 are needed. we are fast approaching it . Asia has hit a 0.7 TFR which si 1/3 of the number needed to replace people

        Consequences of this is we’ve had nearly 50 years of low fertility, more if you count the Depression till 1940.

        I know you hate everyone and want most people dead but that isn’t a society and an American losing 90% of its population could be wiped out by Mexico

        The goal here is a healthy society with people, the heritage of America preserved for posterity.

        And anyone thinking we need fast population decline is a child playing with matches . Sending foreigners home is mandatory but the if the US heritage population goes into free fall it may never recover or only recover a tiny bit . The USA could easily be freed from the bad guys and die off anyway

        C.F Russia 1.3 under Yeltsin and 1.7 under Putin. Its better but no one wants to have kids in that society and there is no amount of promoting religion that will work. Poland tried, nope. Hungary tried nationalism, nope

        The rest have tried short term payments , nope

        No money, no babies and if we can’t have steady jobs that meet the bills, its game over . If this can’t happen because we are too cheap, too uncooperative , addicted to efficiency or just can’t trust each other , welp

        No steady money, no babies

        If we need Yang Bucks indexed to inflation and regulation to get a future generation and I’m not saying it is than we’d be better off with it than without

        YMMV and if the need to be let alone and to not pay taxes or the like is a higher priority, I respect that. Just don’t be surprised when America still dies just slower

  16. Is Springfield, Mo. an ok place to relocate to?

    • Maybe. Until everyone else decides the same thing.

    • lastmanstanding

      165,000+ people. Probably a lot of crime. Hot, humid weather. Flat.

      Why limit yourself? Lots of options. Redoubt has some dynamite options.

    • Old Gray Wolf

      Not Springfield. Counties around it are the place to live. All but Christian county. Dallas, Polk, Wright, Webster are good to go. Where you coming from?

  17. Everyone who goes to West Point read, “The Art of War”.

  18. I knew it was over when they fielded the Blackhawk(crashhawk). In the sandbox(version 1) All rotary wing aircraft hours (except UH-1) x 10=
    UH-1 hours. Auxbag and a handheld GPS. Nothing else was as durable and reliable. Stalin was correct, quantity has a quality of its own.

  19. Alfred E. Neuman

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  20. NewVegasBadger

    The best course of action would be to avoid a war with the FUSA, if practical, and just wait us out. Wait, for the whole country to collapse. It seems to me that this country is self-destructing on its’ own without the need for outside intervention. Just wait for when the economy collapses and all the parasites, didna do nuthin’s and those who depend on the government check realize that there will be more checks, no more social security, no more entitlements because the government is flat ass broke. All Chinese need to do is pass the popcorn and watch the show (aka civil war 2.0) Credit where credit is due, they have played US for the greedy fools that our leaders are. If we go to war with China, we’d lose. They have the man power and they gear is near equal to ours. Close enough is good enough.

  21. Detroit III

    “All you have to do is kick in the door and the whole rotten structure will collapse”

  22. Thought experiment:

    40% of the French support “in principle” a violent overthrow of their current government:

    Assorted Jewish public figures who have a large stake in the continuation of present circumstances have denounced this as antisemitic.

    Supposing the French do so. Bernard Henri-Levy and his friends run off to other Western capitals asking for an immediate military intervention against the nazifascist putschists in France. The USA, never seeing a (((foreign interventionist))) plot it didn’t fall into face-first, sets off to “liberate” France “again”. The new populist French government asks Russia and China for military assistance.

    Bing, bang, boom.

  23. There is plenty to debate about how badly a war with China would go, but please have someone with a brain discuss it. That guy lost me at the “anti ship ballistic missile.”

  24. a follower

    Italy Joining China’s Silk Road Shows EU Maximizes Its Own Interests Over US Wishes