NZ Ist Verloren: Headscarf For Harmony

Newsweek: Headscarf for Harmony – Kiwi Men & Women Invited to Wear Headscarves In Solidarity With Muslims After Christchurch Attack

Don’t forget the Muslim call to prayer over the radio and TV nationwide, as well.

Don’t get too cocky.

Many American women will do the same.

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  1. White sharia now.

    Do not discuss politics with women. Do not ask their opinions. Do not take them seriously. Women are ingrained by evolutionary history with the instinct to crouch and spread their legs for whoever is strongest. They will betray you.

    They will especially betray you if, like the men of New Zealand and Sweden, you make it absolutely clear in your every word and deed that you will not fight to keep them and you will not impose your will upon them. They WANT you to impose your will upon them. That’s why they keep demanding equality and more rights: because they want their men to say no. They want their men to prove capable of imposing their will on the universe, and what man can stand up to the universe if he can’t stand up to a woman?

    They want their men to stand up and BE MEN.

    What women want is to be denied that which they demand. Then, and only then, are they happy.

    Feminism is a shit test. It’s the biggest shit test in history. White men in their generosity and kindness and good nature have utterly failed it thus far. Recovering from that mistake will require white men in their genocidal efficiency.

    Love them, but do not rely on them. Wars are won and lost by men.

  2. Well, it looks like they are submitting well. Good little dhimmi’s. If they are arresting people for posting the massacre video online and giving these people 10-15 years in prison, is that any different than living under shariah law?

  3. These folks are going through these contortions and virtue signaling for one reason and one reason alone; hoping to forestall payback. Ain’t gonna work. Force only respects equal or greater force. Ugly to watch people grovel.

  4. Matt Bracken

    This is the meme that got me permabanned from Twitter last year for being a hater.
    (And I thought Twitter’s SJW moderators/censors would oppose the oppression of any group of women by any group of men.)

    • Like most evil things, like sex slavery and misogyny… “Da Moooooslims” are rookies compared to “da Joooos.”

      Torah on women:
      A woman is a sack full of sh*t, brimming with blood at its opening…”
      Shabbat 152a
      “…a man may do whatever he pleases with his wife at intercourse: Meat which comes from the abattoir may be eaten salted, roasted, cooked or seethed; so with fish from the fishmonger…. A woman came before Rab and complained [of her husband’s sodomy with her], Rabbi replied: ‘Wherein does it differ from fish?’” Nedarim 20b, Soncino edition, p.58

      Israel among worst human traffickers
      Named in UN’s list of ‘top 10’ destinations for forced labor, sexual slavery.
      by Ruth Eglash, The Jerusalem Post, 04/25/2006

      Up to 10,000 trafficked women in Israel and more than 280 brothels in Tel Aviv alone
      by Julie Lesser, Jewish Tribune
      archived at:

      Factbook on Global Sexual Exploitation—Israel
      since the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women is ‘updating’ their Factbook, secondary sources for their findings must temporarily suffice:

      Israel’s Sex Trade Escalating
      by Kevin Hechtkopf, CBS News, Jerusalem, March 23, 2005

      Sex slavery and Israel’s failure to fight the growing trade
      by Emile Tayyip, Global Research, November 29, 2007
      “Last year, the United Nations named Israel as one of the main destinations in the world for trafficked women, according to the BBC.

      Israel has also been named as an offender in the annual U.S. State Department‘s Trafficking in Persons (Tip) report, which condemned the Jewish state for not fully complying with the “minimum standards” to eliminate sex trafficking…”

      then, as now, Jews and child sex slavery

      1835: Jews buying, training & selling children as sex slaves

      1811: More Jews buying & selling child sex slaves

      1917-1920: Child prostitution in Judeo-Bolshevik Russia

      early 20th century: Jews & child prostitution in early 20th century:

      Jewish pimps of women and children in Weimar Germany:

      Now: Long list of Jewish Child Molester Rabbis gets no media coverage and Jewish homosexual pedophiles are undisturbed.

      The Child-Rape Assembly Line
      by Christopher Ketcham, Nov 11 2013

        • The rest of the history of Purim and deadly Purimspiel…

          In his History of the Jews from the Time of Jesus Christ to the Present, French historian Jacques Basnage (1653-1723) described an horrific incident perpetrated by the 5th century Jews of the Byzantine era, the ritual murder of a Christian during their annual drunken revenge festival of Purim at Inmestar, Syria. According to this historian:

          “The Jews fell into an excess. Debauchery prevailed over the respect that was due to the Prince’s laws; for they fastened a young Christian to Haman’s gibbet, and whipped him so cruelly, that he died.”
          History of the Jews from the Time of Jesus Christ to the Present, Jacques Basnage, History, 550 book 6, chap. 15.

          This murderous episode was confirmed in the account of the 5th century historian Socrates, from whom Basnage and other historians cited the factual information, including the Jewish historian, Heinrich Graetz.

          The account of Socrates was far more explicit and disturbing than the other two historians dared to allow:

          “In this way, they [the Jews] indulged in many absurdities, and at length impelled by drunkenness they were guilty of scoffing at Christians and even Christ himself; and in derision of the cross and those who put their trust in the Crucified One, they seized a Christian boy, and having bound him to a cross, began to laugh and sneer at him. But in a little while, becoming so transported with fury, they scourged the child until he died under their hands.”
          A Select Library of Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers of the Christian Church, Socrates, 2nd ser. Editors: P. Schaff and H. Wace, reprint, Grand Rapids, 1983, 2: 161

          This was no isolated incident, for according to the documentary evidence cited by Basnage, the practice was already well established in Jewish communities throughout the ancient world.

          “… many well-documented cases of massacres of Christians and mock repetitions of the crucifixion of Jesus on Purim, most of which occurred either in the late ancient period or in the Middle Ages. (Some isolated cases occurred in sixteenth-century Poland.)”
          Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel, Israel Shahak & Norton Mevinsky, Chapter VII

          The Jews continue their ritual Purimfest degradations and murder of Christians to this day.

          March 20, 2008, A 15-year-old boy from the West Bank settlement of Ariel was seriously wounded by shrapnel after a bomb exploded that was concealed in a traditional Purim gift basket in front of his home. The boy’s father is a Messianic Jew and was previously the victim of a smear campaign by Orthodox Jews, who hung posters of his face and called him a “dangerous missionary.” Local contacts believed the family was attacked because of their religious beliefs, and the family’s lawyer reported that the investigation progressed slowly and received very little attention from the police.
          The original link has been “disappeared” from the Jerusalem Post archive:

          but has been archived by the US Department of State:

          March 17, 2012, Consistent with Judaism’s imprecations against Gentiles, Chabad leaves man to die.

          Notice too the timing of ritual talmudvision degradations of Jesus Christ. Notice that Jewish media usually launch their “Gospel of Judas,” “Bones of Jesus,” and similar frauds during Lent and Eastertide, coinciding with Purim.

          See many contemporary examples: The file on Purim

          More on Purim here:

    • Matt, sorry about your “perma-ban” on Twitter – but hey, look on the bright side: You (and we) now know who ranks higher in the leftist grievance pantheon – women or Muslims. Answer: Muslims. TBD whether the race of the woman and her martial/gender status changes the ranking calculus.

      • Matt Bracken

        It’s going to be a revalation for a lot of feminists when their new muslim masters don’t care if they want children or not. They will have children, period, we don’t give a shit what you want. Hello, hijab ladies, you idiots.

        • A compilation of Judaism’s doctrinal misogyny:

          The birth of a girl is a sad occurrence. Baba Bathra 16b
          Women are a “Vain treasure” to their fathers. Sanhedrin 110b
          “Thank you God for not making me a gentile, a woman, or a slave.” Menahoth 43b-44a
          “If two women sit at a crossroads, one on this side and the other on the other side, and they face one another, they are certainly witches.” Pesahim 111a
          A woman who had intercourse with a beast is eligible to marry a Jewish priest. A woman who has sex with a demon is also eligible to marry a Jewish priest. Yebamoth 59b
          It is not good to talk to women, not even your own wife. Aboth
          Women are lightheaded. Kiddushin 29b
          It is permissible to divorce your wife if she burns your dinner, or if you see a prettier girl. Gittin 91a
          “… the best of women is filled with witchcraft.” Kiddushin 66c
          “…the more wives, the more witchcraft.” Mishnah Abot 2:7

          Contemporary Jewish misogyny

          The Hole in the Sheet: A Modern Woman Looks at Orthodox and Hasidic Judaism
          by Evelyn Kaye

          Haredi men beat woman who refused to move to back of bus

          By Jonathan Lis, Haaretz Correspondent
 “disappeared” from Haaretz, but archived at

        • The menstrual science of the prurient and nosey rabbis
          menstrual filth, niddah—“Phariseeism begins in menstrual blood.”

          “At the end of those seven days, during which the woman is supposed to wear white underwear and sleep on white sheets to detect spotting, she inserts a white cloth deep into her vaginal canal. Some also use cloth wadding that they leave in place for about 20 minutes at sunset. If the cloth is clean, the woman then visits a ritual bath, or mikvah. for purification and intimate marital relations are permitted to resume. If the cloth is not clean, there are rules about which stains are insignificant and which require another seven-day period of cleanliness. In some cases, the cloth is brought to a rabbi for inspection.”
          Doborah Sonntag, “Jerusalem Journal: Women Seizing Counseling Role on ‘Family Purity’” New York Times, April 11, 2001

          “An intricate set of laws has been established by the rabbis for regulating the woman’s contact with others during her Niddah (menstruation) time. Many of these laws (though not all) are derived from the binding and authoritative post-Talmudic Tur and Shulchan Aruch halachic codifications. During that time she has the status of a Niddah, the following are forbidden:

          1. Women may not engage in frivolous or lightheaded conduct such as excessive laughter or joking.

          2. She may not engage in sports or games,

          3. The use of cosmetics during the Niddah status is prohibited, with the loophole being that if she needs cosmetics to keep her from appearing hideous in her husband’s eyes, a moderate amount may be applied.

          4. A husband may not touch his wife when she is a Niddah; not even his small finger may touch her. A woman may not touch her husband when she is a Niddah, not even her small finger may touch him.

          5. It is prohibited to touch her even through clothing or outer garments. Therefore the clothing she is wearing cannot be touched.

          6. Handing an object into her hands, or receiving it from her is prohibited, even if the object is a long one.

          7. If the kallah (bride) at her own wedding is Niddah, then the chasan (groom) may only place the ring on his future wife’s finger it he can do so without touching her fingers. It is prohibited to pass a child from a father’s hands to the mother’s hands while the mother is Niddah.

          8. The husband may not kiss a child who is in the mother’s arms, nor may the mother kiss a child in her husband’s arms.

          9. The husband may not place an object into his wife’s pocket or handbag, shopping bag or anything she is carrying. Similarly he may not remove anything from the pockets, purses, or bags.

          10. Throwing an object in the husband’s hand to his wife’s lap, or throwing an object from the wife’s lap to her husband’s hand, is prohibited. Certain poskim hold that the husband or the wife is permitted to throw an object upward and the other may catch it as it falls (as long as this is not done for enjoyment)

          11. When a woman who is a Niddah is invited to serve as the kvatter (the person designated to carry the infant boy to the circumcision), she must decline the offer.

          12. Picking up a lightweight object is prohibited to the husband if his wife is touching it.

          13. It is not permissible for a husband to sit on his wife’s bed when she is a Niddah, even if she is not present.

          14. The husband should refrain from blowing off a feather or dust off his wife’s garments. Fanning her or blowing on her (e.g., in hot weather) is prohibited. It is similarly prohibited for her to do these things for her husband.

          15. One may not light a candle or a cigarette from a lit candle from a match that his wife is holding, nor may he warm himself from its heat.

          16. It is permissible for a wife to hold the Havdallah candle for her husband, even though he will benefit from its light. However, since handing or receiving is prohibited, he may not hand the candle to her before Havdallah nor may he receive it from her after Havdallah, to extinguish it.

          17. Eating or drinking together at the same table is prohibited.

          18. Eating or drinking together at the same table may be allowed if there is a visible obstruction present.

          19. An object that is usually not on the table, such as a vase or candlestick, may be utilized as a divider when eating or drinking together at the same table.

          20. A husband and wife may not eat from the same plate.

          21. This applies only when the food is eaten immediately upon removal from the plate. However where a plate of food is placed on the table, it is permissible for both of them to remove food from the plate and place it onto their individual plates and then eat it from their own plates.

          22. Not all types of food are included in the prohibition. Only those foods that only a husband and wife would consume from the same dish (for example, soup from the same bowel) are forbidden. Those foods that two strangers would share from the same communal bowl (popcorn etc.) are permissible.

          23. The husband may not drink from a beverage in a glass that his wife was drinking from, with the following exceptions: if a child drank from the glass or cup after his wife drank from it; if the contents of the glass or cup was transferred to another cup, glass or bottle; if she drank from a glass or cup and then left the room, the husband may drink the beverage remaining in her cup.

          24. Laying together in the same bed is prohibited, no matter how big or wide the bed.

          25. Sleeping in separate beds that touch each other is forbidden. There must be sufficient distance between the separate beds so that the husband cannot roll from his bed to hers, one cubit (approx 26 inches) minimum.

          26. A woman who is Niddah may not visit a Judaic cemetery.”

          Of course you need to know when those rules apply and when different rules apply, so you need to know the rules that define Niddah and the complex rabbinical rules of menstrual science, stains which are Niddah and which are not. After all, “Phariseeism begins in menstrual blood.”
          Rabbi Jacob Neusner in Charlotte Elisheva Fonrobert, Menstrual Purity (Stanford University Press, 2000) p. 125.

          Menstrual science of the rabbis according to Mishnah Niddah 2:6-7

          A. Five colors of blood are unclean in a woman:

          B. (1) the red, and (2) the black, and (3) bright crocus color, and (4) blood which is like water mixed with earth, and (5) blood which is like water mixed with wine.

          C. The House of Shammai say, “Also: (6) blood the color of water in which fenugreek has been soaked, and (7) blood the color of gravy from roast meat.”

          D. And the House of Hillel declare clean.

          E. Blood which is yellow

          F. Aqavya b. Mahallel declares unclean.

          G. And sages declare clean.

          H. Said R[abbi] Meir, “If it does not impart uncleanness because it is a bloodstain, it imparts uncleanness because it is a liquid.”

          I. R[abbi] Yose says, “Neither thus or so.:


          A. What is the red color?

          B. Like the blood of a wound.

          C. Black?

          D. Like ink sediment.

          E. If it is deeper than this, it is unclean, but if it is lighter than this, it is clean.

          F. And bright crocus color?

          G. Like the brightest shade in it.

          H. Like earthy water?

          I. A color like that produced when over dirt from the valley of Bet Kerem water is made to float.

          J. A color like water mixed with wine?

          K. Two parts water, and one part of wine

          L. making use of wine of Shaon.

  5. lastmanstanding

    Buy a scarf…the new camouflage.

  6. Fucking mass insanity. Pyramid size structures need to be built with warnings on them to warn all future beings to never ever let women vote let alone rule. I have three daughters but I still mean it.

  7. Notice when Muslims kill Christians they are never asked to REMOVE their headscarves in solidarity.

  8. robroysimmons

    And those virtue signaling women will just lap up our tears of outrage. Conservative outrage being effective is a generation out of date in effectiveness.

    In Clown World the techniques of Heartiste are what is needed, and in this situation Agree & Amplify will most likely be effective. Dealing with the obtuseness of women with the usual conservative straight man routine is pathetic.

    I would tell these women point blank to their faces that what they really need is a strong masculine muslim man.

  9. They want you dead:

  10. They may as well get used to wearing them before it’s mandatory.

  11. New Zealand = New Cuckland.

  12. It turns out that, because New Zealanders always looked down upon their Australian neighbors, they avoided registering their firearms completely. So now, the hatchet faced harridan they have for a PM is blowing a whole lot of smoke about firearms confiscation. I think gun owners there will mostly NOT comply with her demands, no matter what, and then will handle those Fudds that have turned on them.

    We’ll see, that’s a certainty.

    • Almost forgot, my knowledge of New Zealand gun laws and gun culture came from a New Zealand man that was attending grad school at the same time I did. He filled me in and told me about their disdain for Australian beta males.

  13. Der Westen ist fertig

  14. Maybe someone should wear wooden shoes in the honor of the Dutch citizens murdered last week by yet another random hadji. This turd was Turkish and felt a sudden need to shoot up a bus.
    Boko Haram and various Fulani groups are past 300 murdered in Nigeria in the last few weeks alone.

  15. Clue Free …. future Soylent Preen

    or trade goods

  16. ghostsniper

    Ugly old white hors = definition of statists

  17. Disgusting tranny—the six ‘genders’ of the satanic insanity known as Talmudic Judaism

    “Zachar: is term is derived from the word for a pointy sword and refers to a phallus. It is usually translated as “male” in English.

    Nekevah: is term is derived from the word for a crevice and probably refers to a vaginal opening. It is usually translated as “female” in English.

    Androgynos: A person who has both “male” and “female” sexual characteristics. 149 references in Mishna and Talmud (1st-8th Centuries CE); 350 in classical midrash and Jewish law codes (2nd -16th Centuries AD).

    Tumtum: A person whose sexual characteristics are indeterminate or obscured. 181 references in Mishna and Talmud; 335 in classical midrash and Jewish law codes.

    Ay’lonit: A person who is identified as “female” at birth but develops “male” characteristics at puberty and is infertile. 80 references in Mishna and Talmud; 40 in classical midrash and Jewish law codes.

    Saris: A person who is identified as “male” at birth but develops “female” characteristics as puberty and/or is lacking a penis. A saris can be “naturally” a saris (saris hamah), or become one through human intervention (saris adam). 156 references in mishna and Talmud; 379 in classical midrash and Jewish law codes.”


    More “Torah” gender insanity—the rabbis teach that Adam was originally an androgynous hermaphrodite made in the image of God Who himself is an androgynous hermaphrodite

    Study the regression of talmudic illogic in a perversion of God’s Word so typical of Judaism:

    “Aggada (The way we tell our stories):

    Text Study on Bereshit Rabba 8:1

    God created the adam in His own image; in the image of God He created him – male and female [God] created them. — Genesis 1:27

    Said Rabbi Jeremiah ben Elazar: “When the Holy One, blessed be the One, created the first adam, [God] created him [an] “androgynos.” As there it is written: ‘When God created the adam, He made him in the likeness of God; male and female [God] created them.’
    — Genesis 5:2

    Said Rabbi Shmuel Bar Nachman: “At the time that the Holy One, blessed be the One, created the first adam, He created him double-faced and [then] split him, and made for him two backs – a back here and a back there.” They asked him: “But isn’t it written: ‘and He took one of his ribs [tzelah]’?” He said to them: “[This actually means] one of his sides…as we understand it, ‘and one of the sides [tzelah] of the tabernacle.’”— Exodus 26:20

    Rabbi Tanchuma in the name of Rabbi Benayah and Rabbi Berechya in the name of Rabbi Elazar said: “At the time that the Holy One, blessed be the One, created the first adam, [He] created him as a golem [an unformed physical substance]; and it was extended from one end of the world to its other end, as there it is written: “My golem Your eyes have seen…” (Psalm 139:16) — Midrash Rabbah 8”


    Keep in mind—in Judaism, only Jews are adam (man):

    “You are called men, but non-Jews are not called men.”
    Bava Metzia 114b

    More research leads on the religion of perversity:

    • Matt Bracken

      Japs bomb Pearl Harbor?
      Da JOOOZ!
      Cow won’t make milk?
      DA JOOOOZ!
      Crop failed again?
      DA JOOOOOZZ!!!
      White guy kills Mohammedans on the other side of the planet?

      We get it. You need help.

      • Such an absolutely brilliantly constructed refutation, point by point of the assertions presented.

        We are in awe of your obviously superior intellect to see through facts. It is a wonder we continue to be graced with your wisdom.


        Wake up MB – you’re hallucinating again.

        • That is all Bracken ever has. He will never argue the talking points, he just says the same old tired shit over and over. He knows the truth and that is why he won’t argue the facts. You could directly quote the Talmud and he would just give you the same tired shit about the Jooozzz. The only people he is influencing are the boomer cucks who are lost anyway. He was cool for about a year when he first arrived on the scene with Alex Jones way back in the day. Now not so much unless you are drinking the kool aid.

        • anon .
          Many people don’t agree with the hebes do it all better than anyone bullshit. If they are running the whole fucking show for centuries, like Al says, that proves they are smarter and more competent than stupid ignorant fucks. Like you.
          Promote the hebe control and power like Al and his bunch. You get to suck circumcised hebe cock like the rest of the Hitlerjugend. Hebe wannabes can come out of the closet now. We accept your fascination with the hebe and accept your conversion to the tribe of the hook nose. Stop being an anonymous hebe wannabe. This is America. You can be anything you want. Be a homo hebe as you are destined to be. We will accept you.
          Wipe your chin. You left a little goo.

        • Matt Bracken

          We get it. You hate Da Jooz, just like your hero Adolf, and his Mohammedan pals.

      • You’re being silly again, Matt. Everything I’ve said, and everything others have said out here about Jews is correct. They do control the national media in the US, they control the banking system in the US and almost all of Europe, and thus have a huge amount of control well beyond their actual numbers.

        Written by a Jew.

        There’s a documentary that supports this.

        Jews aren’t Israelites.


        All true.

        What we genuine Christians must do:

        • By the way, I didn’t post every resource I have on tap. If anyone needs more, just let me know.

        • Goodness, you guys are going full retard with this Da Joos shit. This is the enemy talking in your ears, and you know there is only one enemy.

          At least we agree on taking back Constantinople. Russia will need to do it.

      • Angry American

        Matt (if that really is you),
        You can’t argue with idiots: they will drag you down to their level and then crush you with their experience.
        If I may suggest to you: please keep writing great articles and books for those of us who have the intellectual capacity to understand how the world works, and leave the cretins with IQs below room temperature (measured in degrees Celsius) to blame the Jews.
        Thank you.

        • I have all, or most of Matt Bracken’s book, well written in my estimation.

          That does not negate his patent subversion of the problems for which the Jew is responsible.

          I listed valid resources above. Apparently, you’re incapable of refuting any of them. Where does that leave you, on the IQ continuum? Hint, not to the right of the peak.

          • Matt Bracken

            We really do get it, Pat. Da Joooz. Always Da Joooooz.
            Simple minds need simple solutions. Da Jooooz. Boy, is that simple.

            • You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof.

              John 8:44

              See also: “straw man,” “bulverism,” “ad hominem,” “tone policing,” and “appeal to emotion”

      • we get it:

        Bracken doesn’t know how to spell Jew. Here’s how:


        spelling aside, Matt is (unintentionally) correct about Pearl Harbor. The plan to backdoor America’s way into the European War, by provoking the Japs into attacking U.S.A., was hatched by Jewish communist cells in the Depts. of State and Treasury; (((Morganthau))) put it to FDR and he OK’d. Shortly thereafter USA cut off 2/3 of Japan’s external trade and 90% of its oil supply. The (((Reds))) were desperate to get us in quickly because, in the summer-fall of 1941, it looked like the Germans were about to win big on the Eastern Front and liquidate the (((Red Empire))).

      • Matt:
        You didn’t have this Jacinda in mind when you wrote, “What I Saw at the Coup”, did you?

      • just add violence

        No Bracken,

        You need to learn WTF is REALLY going on. You’re a joke to me man.

        Too damn stupid or afraid to get to the bottom line. Which is it ?

    • Jim Lewis (aka 15Fixer)

      Are you going to stay stupid forever???? I am not here to defend Matt Bracken, he doesn’t need defending. YOU, however…. I looked up each and every one of the “references” listed in the aboves…… Winston Smith Ministry of Truth???? Taken from the fictional ‘1984.’ CBS… home of Walter “we’ve lost the Viet Nam war because we turned back the Tet Offensive” Cronkite and Dan “Black Eye” Rather? Yes, the things you listed are ‘sources’ of sorts…. but are also fiction, lies, and propoganda. You might as well have included “The Turner Diaries,” “The Confessions of Nat Turner,” all your talmud references are likewise invalid. The examples of hermaphrodism could never have been explained at that time in history with scientific understanding.
      Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus

  18. Donny Corleone

    Really? White People are so stupid that they shoot the Invaders then surrender and become the very people by whom they are being invaded. What’s the use of trying to save the white race when they do stupid shit like this? I swear I don’t believe that we are worth saving. Sometimes I am ashamed of myself for being associated with such idiocy. Fuck!

  19. Reckon they’s just stoopit?

  20. A Torah Lesson on Gender with “Abby” Stein

    “Isaac was born with the soul of a woman… we know how reincarnation*** works…Sometimes, for whatever reason, the soul gets switched…”

    ***Yes, Judaism teaches reincarnation, gilgul neshamot.

  21. NorthGunner

    “Don’t forget the Muslim call to prayer over the radio and TV nationwide, as well.

    Don’t get too cocky.

    Many American women will do the same.”

    Hmmmm…wonder if some of those ‘comforted Muslim women’
    that Jacinda was embracing ‘felt the uprising of emotional
    solace’ during xer’s appearance…

    NZ PM TRANNY Jacinda Ardern

    I conceal carry…are you happy to see me??

    Jackinda enjoys ‘rising to the occasion’
    to service multicultral diversity…he/she will not
    fail to swing into action and give firm leadership
    to New Zealand’s pressing’s all taken
    in stride where the former commie youth supporter
    is’s ‘for the children!’ she’d say….

    On that note, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jackinda
    offers an official invite to both child drag performers
    ‘Queen Lactatia’ and ‘DesmondisAmazing’ to ‘see
    the natural wonders of New Zealand while he/she
    acts as official escort (their ‘progressive’ parents
    would jump on it in a heartbeat..another way for
    them to help push the Globohomo NWO initiative).

    And the sheeple there and elsewhere would
    stand and applaud the continuing Weimaresque
    degeneracy…..because ‘such large penises!!’

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • I can’t quite tell but does it have a scar on it’s neck? I’ve been trying to get a good look but I just can’t quite see. Looks like there might be a slight vertical scar there.

  22. Stupid is as stupid does and you can’t fix stupid.

  23. unreal. conquered the land with just 50 casualties.

  24. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  25. Lily Von Schtupps. Never let a cunt into a position of authority over nations or men. It’s always a disaster, Maggie Thatcher excepted.

  26. Anyone watch this video of the “shooter” in NZ?

    There’s some real strange things happen in it. Empties ejecting out of his rifle which disappear in thin air, shooting through his vehicle windshield and side window, with a 12 gauge pump, and no holes appear in the glass, he’s holding the shotgun and you don’t see it recoil. He shoots looks like about 25 people, they all drop like crash test dummies, no movement, no one thrashing about, when you see the little bit of blood from the victims it looks kind of fake, like it is digitally painted in. They way they all seem to huddle up in corners. In the front doorway a “victim” is shot, goes right down, it the only body in the hallway front to the prayer room. When the video the shooter is taking turn back into the hall way, nows there are 2 bodies, and the body that all of a sudden appears, his left arm is under the legs of the guy that was shot first. And there are too many bodies piled up “dead’ in the prayer room for the shooter to have shot the first time he lets loose when he goes back for seconds. And the way the guy handles his weapons, it is very strange motor functions and behavior, and he pans the shots like it is a movie scene. And it looks like he doesnt bring his weapon up to his shoulder and puts his cheek against the stock to look thru his EOTECH sight. His head never tilts right for a cheek weld. But he “kills” his victims with one shot???? Strange.
    I watched it 6 times and each time more and more things don’t look quite right.
    And the entire set of “evidence” presented by the media is just too pat. Like scripted to fit the narrative. So amazingly convenient.

    It really makes me wonder. NZ has become a power elite preffered bugout country in recent years. Of course they dont want any NewZealanders with rifles getting uppity. Then this takes place in Christ Church, where musloids are massacred by a supposed alt-right white man using an AR15?
    And now there’s efforts going across the internet to sensor and memory hole the video, up to 10-15 years in jail if you have the shooters video in your possession, stories NewZealanders are lining up in droves to voluntarily surrender their guns? But really only 37 people have?
    This sure has the stinky rat of Newtown and Vegas, Aurora Theater, Fast & Furious, Oklahoma City and LeVoy Finnicum all over it.

    And these dingbats above in the head scarfs. Contrived crap like that everywhere to give this outpouring of musloid sympathy a down home look. Can you say Method Actor 5 times fast?

    [video src="" /]

    • ghostsniper

      If you’re talking about the same video I seen (77.8mb), it was an obvious very poorly made joke.

      • is there any evidence of 50 casualties other than that dramatic film production?

        it’s certainly in the running for 2019s Best False Flag Award.

        but the year is young…

        “…The lies are piling up and the planning and execution of the mass shooting in Christchurch goes from Australia and New Zealand into Israel and the Balkans. Everything about Brendon Tarrant is a lie, and the lies are piling up. Police complicity is confirmed, over and over, not just in New Zealand and Australia, but the fake Brendon Tarrant has traveled the world as a terrorist with the aid of some very powerful people, just like Anders Brevik, the “Norwegian” mass killer…”

      • Yeah, if you never operated an AR15 or a 12 gauge pump in an active scenario, training, hunting, target shooting and good fun blasting away, it will look totally plausible. Who are you to judge otherwise. How would you know the what the violent effects of buck shot rounds thru vehicle safety glass is supposed to look like. What a blank shotshell is like fired in comparison. How ejected cases from an AR15 do not eject forwards, they whip back past the shooters shoulder. How he was able to hit and kill so many people without looking thru his gun sights?
        The guy looks like he is simply going thru the motions of prescribed script of pew pew pew, and they will fill in the special effects later.
        Its kind of like Newtown. We never saw one pic or video of the school and the aftermath. No dead bodies. No caskets with weeping family. We are talking little children here, and it all was this mechanical contrived show of class B TV programming. How two method actors happen to be at NewTown, one killed and show up years later at another false flag event? How in Newtown, every actor in front of a camera was miraculously on key and in tune with the narratives. I never saw the blood spitting mad anger most Fathers would have had and displayed without shame or reservation. And how was the corrupt typical northeastern power politic elite able to craft write and vote on decree and diktat by the snap of a finger. It only could happen by prior knowledge and prior planning.

        Watch the “bullet strikes” when the shooter goes back in the empty a couple mags, the timing when the bullet strikes clothes, there’s no reaction from the tremendous muzzle blast on clothing, you put a 5.56 in a warm shull at 3 feet, it explodes, gore everywhere. Ever shoot a wounded deer thats still alive in the head? Your round takes half the skull off. And a pile of 20 people who been shot with a 5.56, has about 20 gallons of blood to drain out???

        • “How ejected cases from an AR15 do not eject forwards, they whip back past the shooters shoulder.”

          ideal ejection will throw spent casings in the 3-4 o’clock direction. If it’s throwing the casings ahead of the shooter, the system’s overgassed and requires a heavier buffer.

          • Funny he never stumbled from walking on brass…

            It’s like a rule-of-thumb you fire 6 rounds and 5 end up in your path, usually on consecutive steps.

    • Watched it and was just as confused.

      Some more take-away I had: watch the ejected cases– they appeared (to my eye) as being the blanks we trained with in BCT. His spray and pray shooting did not miss one target– or else there’d’ve been some plaster reaction on the walls/floors. Notice how he was shooting to the right as the one person attempted to get past him (on his left); he shot right and the person to his left ducked under the weapon (and was later pronounced ‘dead’ where he ducked).

      That whole event is nothing more than False Flag FBI narrative in collaboration with foreign entities. It was all bullshit, IMO. But whadda I know? I’m just a flunky.

      • Have the same impression as you described. Sometimes you watch all this false flag crap and it enters your mind just how how insane it all is. Not only crazed lunatics who will do anything to advance their selfish interests where nothing is sacred. I mean this takes the malicious conscious deliberate collusion of hundreds of actors across hundreds of platforms and organization to pull a world wide scam off.
        And the first thing pops in your head before you see any evidence, you think here we go again with this fake orchestrated staged false narrative events. Its like what the fuck. So incredibly stupid. Its not the validity of the presented event and actors involved you need to qualify. You already know its fake because real life does not mimic concisely the approved narrative and propaganda. All thats a no brainer. You know its fake its so boringly obvious.
        Of course those foisting this fake crap hold a total monopoly on control of messaging. But to actually see the fruits of so many people who have so much hate and evil to orchestrate and commit such evil. The motivation behind this is what is so foul. This kind of shit requires true sociopaths and psychopaths in huge numbers to pull off working in concert. It also only comes from a leadership which orders such things their minions and sychophants then set up and stage.
        Sometimes you need a sanity check to qualify why you never never ever give up your guns.

        And just who, are those behind all this. Im talking names, actual people. I want to know. Who. Where do they hide in plain sight. who are their allies and partners. All the rest is more or less bullshit, inconsequential in the larger sphere. This shit only happens when a leadership organ decrees it takes place.

        Seriously, is it the Clinton’s or a group who they have been a part of. Maybe many are not old enough to appreciate the false flag event we are subject to witnessing in the time, but I was old enough to watch where as soon as those two organized crime figures where installed in the White House, there has been a steady oh so predictable and pretty much standard style and operating procedure to false flag events, which you must understand, before 1990, where very rare if at all. JFK and ML king, B. Kennedy, they sure seemed nothing less than some sort of flag event, maybe not “False”, only the evidence made false to obscure the truth. Yet after 1990, it is not the evidence which is screwed with directly, but they are obvious instruments of manipulation and nudging the social fabric of society in deliberate directions.
        Lot of this shit is standard Comintern and Alyski-ite, read fruits of red diaper baby indoctrination and the imposition of radical ideology thru social engineering and intense 5th column activity, writ huge.

        The important question is who is behind this. Not asking about shadow groups of circles of conspiracy, not long dead ideologues and their influence, talking about the nuts and bolts, the individuals of the command and control. This is too large to not have a command central who hands down frag orders.
        You find out that and everything changes. Everything is defined in ways which are most existential to the fuckers. I’m not speculating when I mention they hide in plain sight. That is their cover. You blow that you deny them a large component of their power. The rest becomes a clean up operation.

        • @ mtnforge

          Re: “The important question is who is behind this. Not asking about shadow groups of circles of conspiracy, not long dead ideologues and their influence, talking about the nuts and bolts, the individuals of the command and control. This is too large to not have a command central who hands down frag orders.”

          Timely intelligence is the lifeblood of a successful military operation – and the same applies to the cut-throat world of business. Without accurate, timely and relevant information, a business will find it difficult to survive, let alone thrive. Those in the liberty movement lack timely, actionable intel about their adversaries in this asymmetric conflict being fought.

          Blaming large, nebulously identified groups of people does nothing but generate heat instead of light.

          The difficulty is that we live in the 21st century and the days of and-generation conflict and easily-identified enemies out in the open and wearing a different uniform than the good guys. The bad guys – the ones behind the curtain orchestrating all of this – have gotten smarter and aren’t going to do anything that stupid. They’re camouflaging themselves behind layers and layers of secrecy, deniability, misdirection, and other forms of deception.

          And when our would-be lords and masters aren’t running the smoke machine full-blast, they’re hiding behind high walls and men with automatic weapons – CFR, Davos Forum, Bilderberg Group, etc. Curious thing about the Council on Foreign Relations (and groups like them) – they claim to be an entirely benign organization devoted to the art of foreign relations, but they have strict ruling prohibiting members or invited guests from discussing what goes on and is said during their gatherings.

          Why is that? Why on earth would an organization of this kind need such secrecy, especially if they are who and what they claim to be? The only possible answer is that they are misrepresenting themselves and are not being honest about real true nature of their organization.

          The truth of the matter is that all of these organizations floating out there in the netherworld between the public and private sectors probably comprise a form of shadow government. Hiding in (nearly) plain sight.

          The larger point here is that these ruling elites behave in a manner not unlike the mob. They present an unthreatening and even boring face to the public, while they carry out their nefarious and malign activities behind the scenes, underneath that carefully-crafted veneer of respectability.

          And as long as these adversaries are successful with this deception, and continue to fool the great mass of the public – it will be very tough to stop them. President Trump, if he does nothing else, has performed at least one very great service – he has forced these cockroaches into the light, at least for a little while. That way, at least some of them can be ID’ed and known for whom/what they are.

          To restate – without timely intel, the battle is often lost before even being joined.

          • Re: “The difficulty is that we live in the 21st century and the days of and-generation conflict”

            That should read “and the days of second-generation conflict…”
            Apologies for the error.

          • These actors don’t change their underwear without it being part of the chain and command. It is why they are part of the so called deep state or whatever the structure of these power elite are to begin with.
            Besides, you didn’t answer the question. Who? Specifically.
            Not what, we all know that answer more or less.

        • I am seriously curious as to an answer on this question…
          If these are all staged false flags and huge elaborate conspiracies with hundreds of loose ends why fake them?

          If the ppl doing these things are such insane psychopaths with no regard for human life why fake it and not just do it for real?

          To my simple mind I would think it would be allot easier and safer to setup your own agent provacatuer shooter and not try to keep the lid on a couple hundred warm bodies. Thoughts?

          • Both sides of the equation are valid. But say like Vegas, you accomplish both. False flag pureposes because its run to create desired outcomes, and you kill many people you want to get rid of.
            But before soon, the smarter people arm themselves and become prepared, avoid risk adequately enough, where ever the agent provocateur easily becomes the hunted.
            And I imagine those agents who are accomplished are hard to come by.

            Still it comes back no matter how you slice it who are the scumbags controlling those doing their dirty work?

  27. Tom MacGyver

    Headscarves for harmony… SAY… That sounds a lot like… SHARIA LAW!!!!

    Ladies, this is exactly what they want you to do, and you’re being dumb enough to do it… Don’t come bitchin’ to me when they take the T-Bird away…

  28. 6.5 Creedmoor – to the commentator who said they hate it – Why do you hate it? An interested party would like to know.

    • What’s not to like? 6.5mm (.264-cal) projectiles – especially at the heavier end of things around 135-140-grains or more – have excellent ballistic coefficients and sectional densities. These are flat-shooting projectiles and cheat the wind well also.

      Recoil is modest – less than a .308 Winchester -but while offering a long-range trajectory profile much like 300 Win-Mag. A Hornady 147-grain ELD-Match (G1 BC = .695) at 2650 fps MV stays supersonic out past 1600 yards – more than 3/4ths of a mile. In order to attain that kind of performance in a .308-caliber projectile, you need to be well over 200-grains in weight and with a high BC, as well as a magnum cartridge case filled with slow-burning propellant. The military use 300WM cartridges with 220-grain SMK BTHPs.

      About the only thing not to like about it is that the case tops out around 147-150-grains or thereabouts – so it might not be the best choice if significant throw-weight (for hunting very large and dangerous game, for example) is an issue. Even so, 6.5mm bullets do surprisingly well against large game; for over a century the Swedes and other Europeans have been using 6.5×55 Mauser bolt-action rifles with excellent results against game as large and heavy as moose.

  29. We might be missing a point, this is Long March behavior. NZ, if disarmed, is soon to be a walk-through for the baddest Communist with the balls to close the deal there. And her photos look like she may have a pair. Ardern was elected President of International Union Of Socialist Youth, in 2008, the same year she is elected to NZ House of Representatives, according to Wikipedia.

    From Wikipedia…(I know, but why question their information if it goes against their own interests?)

    Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern born 26 July 1980 is a New Zealand politician serving as the 40th and current Prime Minister of New Zealand since 26 October 2017. She has also served as the Leader of the Labour Party since 1 August 2017. Ardern has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Mount Albert electorate since 8 March 2017;

    She was first elected to the House of Representatives as a-list MP at the 2008 general election.[3] After graduating from the University of Waikato in 2001, Ardern began her career working as a researcher in the office of Prime Minister Helen Clark.

    She later worked in the United Kingdom as a policy advisor to British Prime Minister Tony Blair.[4]

    In 2008, she was elected President of the International Union of Socialist Youth.[5]

  30. “Once upon a time, America had the greatest system of education on the entire planet, and our people were sharp, capable and extremely well informed. Sadly, none of those things are true anymore. In 2006, Mike Judge made a movie entitled “Idiocracy” in which an individual of below average intelligence wakes up after being asleep for 500 years thanks to a military hibernation experiment. When he wakes up, he quickly realizes that he is now the smartest man in America, and that is not a good thing. The film became an instant classic, but when I originally watched it I thought that such a thing could never actually happen in this country. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Since 2006 our nation has been “dumbed down” at a pace that is absolutely staggering, and it is difficult to see a positive future for America if this trend continues.”

    300 million +


    • Boomer cucks…

      Should get us there to 300M. Then…maybe…things can move forward.

      How’s your skull piling skillz?

  31. When festivities finally commence….. after we have cleaned house in the USA, then Eradicated the infections in North America, there will still be cesspools and swamps of mohammadans in the other continents. Antarctica excepted, will we… should we…. mount an expeditionary force to reclaim the former cradles of European civilizations from the barbarians? I mean, it’s not like the original inhabitants of Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, or Africa will be around to protest……. any civilization post 1400 AD is suspect if the mohammedans have been in power……

    • Well…of course. The entire planet will be sterilized of degenerate genetics. The end of pity. Pity will flee the hearts of men. Finally.

      How’s your skull piling skills?

      Other races seek to claim this planet for themselves. While accusing us of doing that when we’re not. So…best ahead of the curve. Its happening regardless. Play or gtfo.

        • Great vid. Can’t count how many times I walked away from some shithead who needed a beatdown but the logical brain intervened. God help all these freaks when the balloon goes up.
          They know it too ,hence all the shrieking and false – flags and other fuckery. The cosmic scales will not be mocked however.

        • Rudyard Kipling – the poet-laureate of the British Empire, as some have called him – was way ahead of the curve on this when he penned the poem, “When the Saxon Began to Hate.” Want to learn something new today? Read something old….

  32. Shinmen Takezo

    Insane stupid cunts with those rags on their heads.

    Makes target selection easier I guess.

  33. Re: “NZ Ist Verloren: Headscarf For Harmony”

    Take a good look at this, gentleman. Take a good, long and hard look. This is what happens when a society is unmanned, a nation is unmanned, a civilization is unmanned. These New Zealand women suffer from Stockholm Syndrome writ-large., just as do their counterparts in Europe in places like Sweden.

    Newton’s Third Law tells us that in the physical universe, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Feminism was the action; the reaction was Islam. Specifically, Islam’s latest attempt to invade/conquer the West. Too bad, ladies – you know what they say about karma! You might also want to look up the term “blowback,” as it refers to the your situation!

    • bitchez are gonna be on a short leash either way this ends up, for a very long time.

      they’ll be lucky if they don’t end up wearing burkas.


    We all know about Karma. It will come around on these Bints and their Beta Male Cucks. As Mr. Bracken stated in previous posts. The neutered Kiwis will be meat on the table for the Dragon. I hope I live to see it.

  35. “The man who respects a woman does not know what else to do with her.” – John Norman

  36. St.Maur1066

    Today New Zealand, tomorrow Peru……… IS THERE NO JUSTICE!?

  37. the Usual Suspect

    Dhimmi’s Dummy’s !!!!!!

  38. That gal looks like Justin Trudaeu’s little brother in drag! scary! the things people will elect.

  39. Never, ever, will I put on a hijab. Not to please anybody-but especially some asshole who thinks she(he) can control me. Show solidarity-why? I have nothing in common with any Muslim. I remain very thankful for that. Broadcasting the Muslim call to prayer? When was the last time the citizens of NZ heard a Catholic Mass? Church bells? The Australians are completely pussified, and the Z’s are right behind them.

  40. Kimberly4321