Another College Freaks Out Over ‘It’s Okay To Be White’, Calls Police And Condemns Signs

It takes so little to make snowflakes lose their shit.

What do you think this one would do at your local Commie college?


  1. robroysimmons

    That sign is equal to exactly one million conservative essays for effectiveness.

    Hey I love you educators I mean we need more essays on blacks, jews, mooslims and white feminists, we really do, but fuck it some time you have to be effective like that person who put up a piece of paper.

  2. lastmanstanding

    A decal perhaps from 144:1?

  3. National Prank days is coming up.

    I think I have some free time…

  4. That aquatic mamman is a Jew.

  5. Update:
    May head over to the zoo next week.

  6. I am entertained

  7. Perhaps write on each bill in your wallet with indelible ink it’s ok to be white,some folks may start freaking and throw bills away,has actually a double whammy!

    • That’s actually an excellent idea!

      Remember back when the Orange messiah got elected, and people were writing “Trump’s house now! ” on the back of $20 bills ?

      The lefties were getting totally triggered over that one. Start writing ” It’s OK to be white”. All over ones and fives those bills have a high velocity of circulation

  8. keith park

    It’s okay to be white?

    It’s f*****g excellent being white!

  9. Everyone who enjoys stirring a pot should be active on April 1st. The possibilities are endless. Make Sabo proud. For those who have not bought one of Sabo’s t-shirts and support his antics…get off your ass!

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. pathetic:

    it’s merely “OK” 2B White?

    it’s actually, demonstrably, far superior:

    and that’s why the Jews and their pet orcs are brimfull of hate for Whites.

  12. Brian in Chicago

    The dingbat Screetchers get worked into a froth.
    Imagine that.

  13. Bear Claw Chris Lapp

    He has another one that states, “No one is equal”

  14. What is white? Let’s play word games just like they do on television (think MSNBC, CNN, etc.). White? I’m white (kind of), red sun burned arms from working out doors, tanned face (can anyone say Hispanic?) from work, hard hands (from, well, you know picking (if you say cotton you raciest) shit up off the ground and on, and on and on …………
    Name one person you know that is truly from Africa – (there are some very recent ‘immigrants’ but that is a different ‘class’): most are of ‘mixed’ heritage as far as I know} so – my guess, ‘White’ means everyone else but me …….. go figure ………….. for those out there, I like my ‘status’, my lifestyle, my (dare I say it?) privilege (I earned every bit of my retirement years) and anyone who comes along to attempt to take that away will meet up with their ‘belief’ and reality ………… just saying.

  15. My contribution to this is to use my laser printer, Publisher and make up business cards, forgot the Avery model, white of course, with the words: “It’s OK to be White.”

    I print em, keep some in my wallet and insert into gas pumps/coffee shops and any other place appropriate, following some basic persec rules….

    next will be DIY stickers….

    fuck em…

    • Squeeks&Geeks

      Just an OPSEC FYI: All, as in every damned one made in the last 30 plus years, printer and copier put tiny unique identifier markings on every page of paper they spit out. The markings tell the make, model, and serial number of the printer. Couple that to your warranty registration or purchase record that you used plastic to pay for or a rewards card/ club membership and you are found. These are commonly known FACTS.

      If it were me, I’d buy a used laser printer from somewhere local, independent, or an individual. I’d download the drivers on a laptop sitting somewhere with WiFi while sitting in my car. Then I’d transfer them via thumb drive to a dedicated shitpost publishing P.C. that is completely and thoroughly AirGapped from the rest of the world. That means no hard wired network card, no wireless networked card, no built in BlueTooth, and no built in microphone on the motherboard. You do that by physically opening up the PC chassis, eyeballing the components, and removing any communications components. This is a desktop or midtower pc, NOT a laptop!

      This will make it harder for “them” to catch you assuming you don’t get popped on cameras that are everywhere these days when you post your stickers. If you think “they” won’t waste the effort to find you I can assure you they will, gleefully. Then they will utterly and completely destroy you or worse, throw you to hordes of savages lusting for your blood. If you doubt that then you’re a damned fool. Be a hard target and make the bastards break a sweat.

  16. cough cough Hundred Handers….

  17. I love being white….I’m a white supremacist because I believe (most) white people are supremely better than non-white people. Does that make me a racist?

  18. Hi Shooter!!,
    Saw this little didie on some blog recently……

    “You know the brainwashing is complete……
    When you see WHITE people,
    Protesting WHITE people,
    For,…. being WHITE people!!!
    As a person affected with the affliction …
    I have only two words….
    “BITCH PLEASE!!!!!!!!!”
    And… Things “BIG and “WHITE” bring to mind a tale or two…. about a “Flappin’ Fish and the Girl I loved…. and just think … If Herman had made “MOBY DICK” a “BLACK” Whale…. WELL!!! GOD only knows!! But I have my thoughts!!!
    USN, PR-2 1966-70 USS PRINCETON LPH-5, USS OKINAWA LPH-3 , 7th Fleet!!!!! Never saw “MOBY DICK” …BUT did encounter “TYPHOON TESSIE!!” …”That’s” ..another story!!!

  19. Hi Shooter,
    As a follow up to my recent post and something to note….
    No, Conservatives are not “PUSSY’s” wallowing in socialist mumbo-jumbo!!!
    It’s just a matter of TIME…
    Go read …………….