Patriot Nurse Goes TINVOWOOT

Enjoy your choices.

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  1. Part of me wants to love her. The other part shuts the video off after 30 seconds.

    • I don’t let women make my decisions for me, besides, she has those Crazy Eyes

    • Please explain.

      • I love that the young lass has her head straight. I love that’s she is trying to make a difference both in individual lives and the patriot sphere.

        I can’t listen to six plus minutes of extemporaneous bitching, much less in midwestern or yankee accents peppered with millenial idiomatic expressions. I get a bad case of misophonia, and I’m bigoted that way.

        She suffers from what everyone of the internet age (cough millenial cough) does; opinion-tainted diarrhea of the mouth.


        Draft your script, edit to the bone, record it under two minutes. If you bring intel, I listen. You bitch, complain, rant and waste my time, I’m out in twenty seconds. You prevaricate and or omit salient facts I know should be there, you are dismissed as a subhuman to be avoided like a rotten dead animal.

        • Hannity is at least twice as bad for beating a point into ground. I agree, make your point succinctly and accurately.

        • I’m the same way with writers who have to make a ‘word count’, create their own nonsense acronyms, or use a twenty dollar word to prove they’ve an education. If an author can’t grab my attention in the first paragraph, I’m gone.

        • Truly! I too could not make it past 30 seconds.

          It seems a combination of narcissistic desire to hear oneself talk combined with the inability to coherently and persuasively compose the written word, thereby preventing a gloss of the written word to determine if it is time well spent—and too rarely is it time well spent.

          In stealing irreplaceable minutes of our lives, I facetiously refer to the process as “fractional murder.”

          Content, people, content!

      • St.Maur1066

        PSSSTT!……..she’s Jooish

        • At time stamp 5:53, having heard no evidence, but only the usual name-calling, non-sequiturs, straw men, and argument by assertion, I signed out.

          As for her ritual invocation of “Torah,” gentiles need to ask, “Which Torah?”

          There are SIX definitions of “Torah” in Judaism. Don’t ass-u-me that you know what they mean by “Torah.”

    • TheAlaskan

      I think she’s hot…

      Alaska future maybe…

      • I wonder if she is still fucking Reid Hendrich? He puts out some good stuff once in a while. Always thought they made a pretty good team.

      • Since she already has (((single loyalty))), she won’t have to undergo a convert’s examination-in-the-nude by the gang of rabbis in the mikvah.

  2. “I murdered 40,000,000 of my fellow ‘citizens’ who voted.”

    • Mark Matis

      With enthusiastic help from the tribe. Who then went on to Spain with their plan to bookend the continent, so all in between would fall!

  3. John Costello

    I like Patriot Nurse’s spunkiness, don’t get me wrong, but I think she is wrong on the civil war thing. I live as a conservative in CA and as the population gets browner, they have voted more socialist policies and as that has happened the white middle class has left or become poor. Now it is haves and have nots without a shot ever fired. This used to be Reagan’ s land and in a short time it has become Brazil. So California goes, so goes the rest of the country.

    • Fuk Commiefornia, this war hasn’t started and you’ve surrendered, don’t even have the balls to leave!

      • John Costello

        I have the ultimate balls….I have chosen to stand and fight rather than run as you would do. Also I have the balls to be unafraid to use my real name rather than hide behind a fake pseudonym.

        • What ever you say JC, you’ve used this trope before, it smells like rotten fish. Tits or it never happened, AI

        • John M Johnson

          Mr. Costello: Instead of using my DTW screen name, I’ll post with my real one. I was born in LA and raised in the SF Valley. With the exception of active duty Army service, I lived in CA my whole life, up until 2002. Having seen it start to deteriorate in small doses since the mid-1950’s, my tribe and I left.
          Granted, there were family considerations which involved taking care of elderly and terminally ill parents who lived out of state. But, we would have pulled the pin at some point anyway. Working in SoCal as a Peace Officer for over thirty years, and seeing the continued rise of violent crime involving gangs of Gangsta Rappers, Vato Locos, and Crazy Not-So-Rich Asians, I had to think not only of myself, but my partially disabled wife and her hard-working, attractive daughter who would be routinely followed home by a car full of greasers until she would have to dial 911 on her cell to get the Riverside cops to help her. I could fight. They, not so much.
          My question to you is: How do you propose to stand and fight if you are outnumbered both at the voting booth and in your neighborhood? Are you going to end up in an apartheid neighborhood protected by private Orcs, like the Cosmic White Marxists in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and Malibu? And what happens when you or a family member goes to the market and the Mexican behind the counter ignores you in favor of one of his/her co-ethnics?
          And what about the continued encroachment upon your honest, earned wealth by Commissar Newsome, and his fellow Communists in Sacto?
          What happens when the “majority” tells you to turn in ALL of your semi-automatic firearms? How will you stand and fight over that? Yes, you could just comply because you have decided to draw your line in the sand back further.
          Sooner or later, however, you will have to make a decision whether you roll over and capsize or go down on an even keel with all guns firing. I made my choice and never have looked back. If that is cowardice, then so be it. The last time I was in CA was 03/2015 for a funeral. The traffic was out-of-control, the air stank, and at night I was treated to the sound of gunfire, police sirens, and booming car stereos blasting rap or mariachi. If you have a better solution, my hat is off to you. I and my tribe have no regrets. Bleib ubrig.

      • Wow another internet tough guy with his running shoes on.

        In case you didn’t get the memo, it was whites who sold out the state. Your white businessman who needs cheap labor, the white GOP who loved taking bribes from cheap labor peeps. They ran Arnold who betrayed us, then maggot Meg Whitman who sucked so bad she made Brown look good. And the rest is history.

        Yeah we had our tough talking version of Trump in the form of Arnold who like Trump turned out to be a hot air specialist who betrayed us.

        Look at Trump doing squat as we are being invaded. A abject coward and millions of maggot brained MAGA types think he’s doing a great job.

        So get ready to get Californicated courtesy of Trump.

    • Detroit III


    • As goes California so goes Colorado and Texas.

      And all of Aztlan.

      ‘Bye, I guess…

    • get out of murka! while ewe still can. it’s a shithole 3rd turd cuntry about to become 4th turd cuntry.. the people are whack. the wimyn are whores. the money is worthless. the guvmint is rotten. the children are fat and dumb. the cops are psychotic roid ragers. the militardy is filled with LGBT?, and the pResident is a shabbos goy.

      no good can come from it.

      nothing but DOOOOOOM! in it’s future.

    • i’d just like to spunk on her face.

      show her some love…

    • Matt Bracken

      Open Borders
      +Cloward Piven
      +Dunning Kruger
      =Calizuela X 50
      =Rat plan for permanent political power.

      (And it’s working like a charm. Once FL or TX flips, it’s a done deal.
      And FL’s Stupid Party just gave voting rights to 1.5 million felons.)

      • It will be Florida, thus you are fucked Mr. Bracken, skylining as you do. Red Flag Floriduh.

        Make it count.

  4. The (((Patrioti))) Nurse. Do some research and see where where her loyalties lie. Some good knowledge on her site but I question her allegiance. Just sayin’.

    • How dare you question !! sayith KNUCKDM you are now a NAZI…….!

      • Hitlerjugen.
        I stand with Bracken in his condemnation of your lazy attempts at division.
        Promote your bile while you craft your own demise. A tactic that I endorse. Continue your fine work.
        . You ignorant motherfuckers paint a target on yourselves

        • Seems to me that your raging instability paints a “red flag” on you.

          Besides, what sane man wouldn’t divide subversives from the team?

          P.S. It really is amusing how (((habitual liars))) will try any lie or diversion to distract from FACTS.

          • Die Juden sind schuld. .”The Jews must be removed from the German community. Each has the duty to support the states measures against the Jew.” Jesus said that. He looked a lot like Goebbels. I saw the video on Stormfront featuring Al Lickme. It must be true. A christian wouldn’t lie.
            AL,remove Goebbels petrified cock from your mouth. I couldn’t understand you. Something new and different like JOOOOOOOOOOOO? Obsessed,and retarded is no way to go through life,hitlerjugen. I see a lobotomy in your future. It will be an upgrade.
            Wipe your chin. Goebbel goo.

            • You are not correct even as often as a stopped clock.
              Embarrassing, isn’t it, that the one you love to hate was closer to the mark more often than you?

    • ‘I’m sure she’d appreciate hearing your thoughts

    • Like utopian wet dreams,there is no perfection to be had, no ideological purity, no perfect solutions. One can always find something to carp about and reasons to doubt. Human nature both ways, always.

      These damned purity/litmus tests must stop. There aren’t enough of us as it is and those who need awakening and are just beginning their journey can’t sort through all the fucking noise of these kinds of comments.

      Does she speak the truth as she understands it, honestly and straight from the heart? I think she does, and I’d bet most get where she’s coming from. Many folks are hearing her that would never listen to half the grandstanding ideologues who comment here.

      • “These damned purity/litmus tests must stop. There aren’t enough of us as it is and those who need awakening and are just beginning their journey can’t sort through all the fucking noise of these kinds of comments.”
        How Dare You Sir! (Sarc) One has to wonder just how many here receive a green paycheck and how many are Soros shills? It’s acknowledged that Soros s heckles are paying for shills to ‘split the vote’ and that Yang does the same, but with Yaun. Ears open and mouths shut dear friends!

        • I repeat, what sane man wouldn’t divide subversives from the team?

          The “Tea Party” is a salient example of the failure to eject subversives.

      • old boomers must die-off before any good can happen.

        you and ray please die.

    • A.B Prosper


      Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good

      Worrying that someone who is busting their ass teaching people useful skills might be a Jew is simply stupid. You don’t have to like her but if you watch her videos , you’ll see she’s on the side of FreeFor through and through .

      If things go hot ,heaven forfend , you’ll be in the trenches with a lot of unsavory people with views you don’t like and if the guy, gal, is shooting in the correct direction even if we disagree on a lot of stuff, well so be it

      Our founding fathers included a Ben Franklin (member of the Hellfire Club) Tom Paine (a proto Red!) and a huge number of other people with differentiating views and religious tastes , Deists , a Catholic and many Protestants

      The core was White and Christian which was enough. We have to try for White at least and guess what that means you’ll probably sharing ammo with all kinds of people whose views are pretty ugly

      So be it. Hang together or hang separately

      • Good on you, AB. Damned right.

      • The guy says whites need to stick together. And you refute his statement, citing an example of whites sticking together…

      • Old Gray Wolf

        Bingo, AB. BTW, Tom Paine is a distant cousin of mine. Shoulda stayed in America, the Frog Revolution was unkind to him.

        Been saying for a while that times will be interesting, and interesting times create strange bedfellows. People stuck in a purist mindset are going to have problems. Today, you fight the enemy of today, and anyone fighting that crew is your ally. Tomorrow’s fight might be with today’s ally, but for today you fight with your ally against today’s enemy, or you won’t be around to worry about tomorrow.

      • True: Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

        Equally true: BAD is the enemy of good.

        Have the wisdom to know which rule applies.

    • You’re trying to say she is from the tribe? I call bullshit.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Bonaventure

    “What is your maximum effective distance for a cold dirty bore first shot at a six-inch diameter aiming point?”

    500 yards.


    • Give me two weeks. Breaking in a new stick.

    • TheAlaskan

      900 meters…consistently, with the right stick, six inch steel.


    • Old Gray Wolf

      About the same, need to work on that. Always been more interested in up close, and concerned about being good at that, since that is where the majority of fights happen, since forever. I define close as contact distance to 200m. I can hit a milk jug to 800 with most of the rifles I own pretty reliably, but 500 to 1500 is going to be useful mostly in an offensive sense, and some of what we may be up against will see that as short range. When your enemy has numbers and the ability to hit you from miles away, you hit him in his bed. Or other opportunities to close the gap and hurt him at bad breath distance. Marginalize the long reach ability. Nothing most patriots have is going to be effective for anything beyond sniping at personnel or light material. Blending in, ambushing or assassinating the enemy in his safe space should be a specialty. Slugging it out in the hills and fields is not going to happen, and if it does, will not likely end well for Freefor.

      I remember years ago, a writer in the Shotgun News calling himself Fred, always advocating teams of guys with .308 SA rifles shooting up the UN convoys that he foresaw roaming America. Curiously, he never worried about helicopters or other air, nor about shooting at armored vehicles with heavy machine guns from well inside their range. I hope most patriots are smarter than that. We can’t afford the learning curve…

    • Bonaventure, three feet at the back of the target. With a .22 revolver.

    • Ditto w/500 yards. Not many places around here with longer ranges. One, in fact, an hour drive and not open to public without club member invite. Of course, there’s always the woods.

  7. been waiting 3 months for the road to the range to melt-out, have a load of work to do to get those LR skills back

  8. I’ve always figured the tribe leaves it’s “lower class” behind when things get sporty in a region.

    Sort of like a herd of African antelope, the smarter, richer, better connected leave the old, sick, and most obnoxious behind so they have something to beat over the head of the altruistic do-gooders for gibs for a few generations.

    Call it ethnic cleansing eugenics, seems to make for a race of super-grifters….

  9. Apollonian

    Golly gee, I never would have thunk ‘Mericans couldn’t “vote their way out of this”. This lady is a genius. How is it I’ve never heard about her before?

    But aye, at least she’s still got her (((YouTube))) channel a rollin’, collecting those ad shekels.

    Racial demographics are destiny, as a result are defining US politics. <- – – – this is what this lady did not underline in the video.

    It is not rocket science to those not watching mainstream cable news everyday.

    The United States of America as many of us have known it, died decades ago.

    There’s no going back to those very unique and precious times.

    Don’t waste your time trying to bring it back. It’s gone. FOREVER.

    Instead, use your brain, understand the present political realities to get ahead of the masses that have no idea what is coming.

    Instead, research those who dominate US mainstream media and Hollywood. Including those who own CMT, BET, and Univision. There’s a definite common denominator.

    There’s a common denominator to all of this present madness in the US, throughout all of Western Europe. As was there during WWI and WWII.

    Once this common denominator is defanged, freedom will return to the West and all of the world.

    • “There’s no going back to those very unique and precious times.

      Don’t waste your time trying to bring it back. It’s gone. FOREVER”

      yes. it’s the season for hardship, misery, and permanent anguish.

      embrace the suck- it’s all that’s left.

  10. Ever notice all the people flaming the patriot message use handled we have never seen before and are ALWAYS Pro-federal military dictatorship? Gotta wonder how many of them get paid for the black propaganda. Or maybe they are just morons.

    • die ray die

      come on, you can do it.

    • More likely they are hive dwellers, who live there because they want the government to take care of their every need, and their every desire. God damned Communist swill.

      Kill the Communists. Every one of them. And every one of their enablers.

      Save the county!

    • bingo; it’s a cushy job, if you can bear the assholery

  11. Interesting choice of graphics. But are they not the same?

  12. oregon farmer

    Looks like she’s in the Ozarks, that’s a good area, but IMO Missouri’s GONE: cities are hellholes, rural areas decimated by meth and opioids. The stage is already set for the defining event that sets off the fast SHTF (vs the slow SHTF we are in now).
    I would DEF want a good trauma nurse on my team but I’d have to weigh that utility against the friction that a mouthy opinionated individual (male or female) is going to cause as things get A LOT tougher: hunger, exhaustion, stress.

  13. Dom Giampietro

    A 04:30 soliloquy..

    Watching the wood burning through the glass on my woodstove; thinking how many people hate me for it…

  14. 1) PR, You’re a babe!
    2) We will know our friends by which way their rifles are pointed.

  15. Before you learn how to use this {sword}, you must learn how to use this {brain}.

    Many of you are not going to make it. Not because of lack of gun, but lack of brain. And maturity.

    And… {{{Shekels}}}!

    {{{And… why, once the {{{JEW}}} is defanged, freedom will return to the West and all the world}}}!

    What a bunch of stupid fucks. Because… White People are incapable of being evil, wicked, and degenerates in and of themselves. Cause… it’s da {{{Jews}}} that made White People that way! Cause Master Race over White People! And, and… Jewdi Mind Control! And… Shekels! And, and… no more White Brother Wars cause da {{{JEWS}}}!

  16. She is a Evangelical Christian living in Eastern Tennessee. She also knows of what she teaches (per the wife- 35 years ER RN). Also youshitty tube has de monetized her site because she is conservative. So that pretty much means most being critical are ignorant turds, just being ignorant turds in your ignorant turd life. For the rest “its the Joos” morons, people don’t need a particular religion to be evil or Fascist. They come in all flavors. It’s the man (or woman) not the religion. Basically, some of you are just idiots amusing yourself on the net. Finally for those nasty comments, be a man and not a pussy and go to Reid’s place and say that to his face. Now that I would gladly pay to see.