Knowing The Impact Of Declination On Compass Accuracy

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. The Old Guide

    I’m a real estate broker in Maine. In 1832 when our town was founded, magnetic north was 5 degrees west of true north. Today it is 18 degrees west of true north. A deed will read, “North, 13 degrees east.” The land buyer asks, “Why would anybody lay out a land parcel 13 degrees east of north?” I explain declination and tell him that north has moved 13 degrees since 1832. He looks at me as though I’m the one that is confused. I’m losing this guy’s confidence.I tell him, “Well, magnetic north is in far northwestern Canada and the Canadians moved it.” Knowing Canadians, he instantly accepts that and buys the land.

  3. Hi ‘Shooter!!,
    “THAT” is something I learned in the “BOY SCOUTS” (Back when I was the age in the late 50’s..back when MEN WERE MEN and WOMEN were PROUD of it!!!) and the “CIVIL AIR PATROL” in High School in the early 60’s!!!!!!!!! As our eventual “Commandant of Cadets” Eddie Dufresche said in the class.. “The easy way is, ‘East is Least and West is Best!!” to remember how to pull off the difference!!” BTW Digit!! there are all kinds of “MAP’S!!” But if yer navigatin’ and especially “FLYIN’!!” get a “Mercator” Map (Hope spelled it right?????) Why are Mercator’s so cool?? Because any straight line drawn on one is a “CONSTANT COMPASS HEADING!!!!!!” Thank You Eddie!!!
    GOT GUNZ……………..OUTLAW!!!!!!,

  4. On a clear night. Take your magnetic compass. Find the north star. Set the N on the compass to the north star (TRUE NORTH). Wherever the needle is pointing is MAGNETIC NORTH. Wright that number of degrees that differ. down on the bottom of your old map That is your “Magnetic Declination”.. Easy Peasy.

  5. Garry F. Owen, Trooper

    March/April FTX at Fort Bliss, TX (flat, featureless, especially in the dark, pre-GPS), a bold, daring air-mobile platoon seeks to raid a laagered armor company and wreak havoc. Mr. Murphy comes along on this outing in the form of an 18° mag to grid difference. Said platoon raids wrong encampment, a pitiful medical unit who had been hit the night before. Fortunately, the cavalry scouts survived the war game with only bruised egos.