The French Genocide That Has Been Airbrushed* From History

Sure glad that could never happen again.

* Or not.

See also Miss B. on the subject:

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  1. Her presentation is probably to the best short version I have seen about the subject.

  2. Bonaventure

    Never forget the courage of the Catholic Vendée!

    Dieu le Roi!

    • Bonaventure

      From whence all this tumult throughout Nineteenth-Century France? We have already concurred with Warren H. Carroll that we cannot
      accept “explanations” like “tyrannical” kings and abject poverty—real as that poverty often was everywhere in an industrializing, increasingly capitalist, Europe. Indeed, to truly understand these matters it seems necessary for us to heed the words of Joseph de Maistre:

      There is a satanic element in the French Revolution, which distinguishes it from any other revolution known or perhaps that will be known. Remember the great occasions—Robespierre’s speech against the priesthood, the solemn apostasy of the priests, the desecration of objects of worship, the inauguration of the goddess of Reason … these all leave the ordinary sphere of crimes and seem to belong to a different world.

      As ultimately mysterious as the ongoing revolutionary fury remains, we may note that different, albeit overlapping, factions were involved. There were intellectual elites-enamored of Voltaire, they became, in turn, enamored of Marx. A growing scientific elite was likewise enamored of Darwin. Closely related to these, were members of secret Freemasonic lodges. Finally, there were the urban poor-although not usually the rural poor. The working classes in the cities, however, often suffered greatly, above all in Paris. The Left is usually a fusion of intellectual elites and the urban working classes. In Nineteenth-Century France, these revolted against what they regarded as tyranny-with the Church seen as handmaid to that tyranny. And it did not matter how much rural France regarded the revolution as the real tyranny-from which Catholicism offered solace and protection.

      Buck, Roger, Cor Jesu Sacratissimum, p.359, Angelico Press, 2016

  3. The Vendee genocide is one that certain areas of France have not forgotten. The people there were poor and unarmed. The French Army, well fed and used to taking orders without question, slaughtered thousands without regard to their politics.

    Yes, it can happen here, but we have two (or more) things going for us that those living in the Vendee area didn’t have. One, lots of us are well trained in a variety of disciplines, more than the average active duty soldier. Not everyone is a Marine today, and many former Marines hate what the USMC is becoming. Many of us know what to do about air support for the active duty soldier, particularly how to neutralize it. We know how to simulate Air Traffic Control and guide aircraft to the wrong location, and lots more. Some know how to use hospital laser equipment tactically to blind pilots, for example.

    While I’m not interested in having to deal with a Vendee style invasion, I don’t think the results would be like what the French radicals did.

  4. “…burned alive for their fat” to be rendered and sold.

    Remember that.

  5. enlightening essay. Certainly a better model for what’s likely in ‘Murka than the Spanish CW notion that I once subscribed to. The enforcers of the current will, in fact, make the Vendee look tame for so long as they get a paycheck or can live by looting. Or until we kill them all. Also bear in mind:

    one of the first, if not the first, substantial actions of the proto-communist regime in Paris was to

    emancipate the Jews.

    this tells you exactly ((who))) was pulling the strings then, as now.

    and this just in: Beto’s wife/controller, (((Amy Sanders))) is a Jew…and daughter of a billionaire real estate (((mogul))).

    • Haxo, If you intentionally equated Vendee with the current enforcers please review the material for full enlightenment.

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          • Old Gray Wolf

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  7. Let us also explore the French Huguenots and what happened to them at the hands of the Catholics. Let’s get real here, history is awash in such hideous massacres, religious and secular. For sheer numbers of dead nothing can beat the utopians calling themselves socialiist/communist.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. As has been said multiple times in multiple places in response to the linked piece, claiming that this was “airbrushed from history” is a blatant and deliberate lie.

    Stop lying.

    The specifics of the Vendee massacres have been taught in French schools for a long time, up to and including the soap-making experiments with the fat of victims. I have a French history text dating from the 1890s that discusses the killing fairly accurately. These facts are not newly discovered and discussion of them is not new.

    The fact that Americans cannot be bothered to learn a goddamned thing about other peoples’ history, or even about their own, does not give Americans the right to go around accusing everybody else of their own utter blindness, stupidity, and ignorance.

    CA, correct your text. This was not airbrushed from history and saying otherwise is a lie.

  10. Two things to add

    1) “Miss B” is a purveyor of this lie, in spite of the fact that she has been provided with evidence that it IS a lie and that the facts ARE and HAVE BEEN taught in French schools for decades. She keeps repeating the claim that the facts are hidden and the French pretend it didn’t happen, which is absolutely false. Perhaps she counts on the fact that her audience is mostly English-speaking and can’t check. Why would someone keep repeating a lie when they know it to be a lie? Why do you trust such a person?

    2) In addition to the soap experiments, there exists in a French museum a copy of the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” (a universalist equalitarian text summing up the ultra-leftism of the time) that is bound in human skin, from victims of the Vendee massacres. Using human skin in such a manner, and the human soap, were accusations levelled against the Nazis post-WW2. They are accusations proven false in that case, yet they keep being repeated. Why would someone choose to recycle an incident from a previous historical event and attempt to make people believe it had happened recently? What would they gain from that? What else were they lying about?


      “Miss B” is the classic poster child from Eric Hoffer’s book: THE TRUE BELIEVER. She was spot on when she exposed John Corzine, but her devout Catholicism has blinded her somewhat to this Vendee topic.
      I will not ever justify the French Revolution nor the wanton slaughter of the Huguenots by Catherine De Medici. But, stuff does happen and we all know how easily Sheeple can be lead. Keep in mind the ironic quote by another disciple of the French Revolution, Voltaire: THOSE WHO CAN MAKE YOU BELIEVE ABSURDITIES CAN MAKE YOU COMMIT ATROCITIES.

  11. highdesert1945

    Miss Anne B’s presentation is unnerving, even for those of us who actually follow political and social events. Sharpen knives, keep powder dry and harden selves…