A (Small) Victory In Illinois

FOID Rule Found Unconstitutional In District Court

God bless those who fight back.

10 responses to “A (Small) Victory In Illinois

  1. Small but tis true like with say prepping the smalls add up.I see a lot of battles ahead of us and work in your state with a good group fighting this nonsense,a long road ahead but a victory is a victory.

    All the laws in the world will not stop folks from exercising a birthright reaffirmed in the bill of rights.

  2. When I moved out of Illistan to Wyoming, it was very pleasurable to feed my FOID card into a shredder.

  3. Excellent. I had to pay six bucks just to change the address on mine. And approval took 5 weeks. Gun stores here stopped selling to people whose addresses on the FOID and DL were not matching.

  4. I drove one of those a long time ago

  5. While acknowledging RoL’s demise (along with Murdock v. Pennsylvania), it is nice to see the state spanked twice (“thank you Sir, may I have another?”). Be interesting to see how this plays out in Springfield; have friends in occupied territory in that state. Fuck those commies.

  6. Freeillinois

    This case is going to the Illinois supreme court. our new attorney general wants to put this 50 plus year old woman in prison for the rest of her life for having a 22 single shot rifle.

    What we need is every gun group state and federal in the USA to file a friend of the court brief in support of Illinois gun owners.

    • Grey Ghost

      The IL Supreme Nazgul court will overturn the lower district court. It is IL after all and Shitcago runs the state. Whether or not it is appealed to the Federal Nazguls is one thing and if it is, whether they even take up such a case is severely doubtful.

      Grey Ghost