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  1. Best Small Borescope on the Market??

    • it is possible to become obsessed with the minutia of a system than endeavor to deploy such system

      • “it is possible to become obsessed with the minutia of a system than endeavor to deploy such system”

        I see it (target shooting, the quest for accuracy, clean bores, bullet weights and powder charges, etc.) as any other sport that has practical combat applications.
        Unarmed Martial Arts has the same analog in the Bunkai analysis of what certain moves in the various Katas/forms are really all about.

        Yes, some people do go off in the weeds in various tangents, but hey, whatever keeps you training and learning, as long as one remembers that in real world practical applications one must make the necessary adjustments.

  2. TheAlaskan

    “Most people will bend with the changing winds.”

    Trees bend with the changing winds, but their roots remain anchored in defiance.

    Plan likewise.

  3. A Russian Commenter on this said “It’s Hard to find a Black Cat in a Dark Room, when it isn’t there in the first Place.”
    The libtard screaming about this has long passed “Full Retard” and is now fully into Anecephalic Territory…
    At Least, when you see a Brain-Damaged Kid, you can feel some Sympathy.

  4. The only thing more obnoxious than a whining ,spoiled child is a whining ,spoiled adult. The swamp is full of such fucktards.

    • Mark Matis

      How many of them are of the tribe?

      • NorthGunner

        At least 6 gorrillion…otherwise
        it’d be annuda shoa!!

        The expense account for the take
        out order for lox and bagels must
        be yuuuuuge…wondering if the
        Kushner tribe is covering it?….

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  5. dog-and-pony show from the beginning.

    the ZOG was never going to remove one of its own.

  6. lastmanstanding

    So how much taxpayer money do you suppose was pissed down a rat hole over the past 2 years to fund this bs?

    All of these “public servants” were paid by said taxpayers. How much to create the “show”?

    How fucking much?…lfor what benefit?

    Answer: Who fucking cares…just another version of diversion.

    Whatever it takes to exterminate independent, self-sufficient y-pee-pol. Just throw money printed out of thin air at it until their gone.

    • European American

      It was a perfectly designed plan by Trump. Had to go this route to set them up. Now watch as he goes on the offensive. Those that have been screaming (and it is so incredibly obvious now) for Trump’s head, are the one’s whose traitorous acts will receive the greatest punishment.
      Finally justice will be served, and it will be that much more satisfying, for those of us supporting the POTUS, to see heads roll (literally).

      • lastmanstanding

        So what your saying is that he’s responsible for the “perfectly designed plan” to waste an ass load of taxpayer dollars…and your ok with it because it suites your narrative?

        Brother, no justice will be served…there is no justice for these fuckers.

        • European American

          I don’t mind my hard earned tax dollars going towards finally seeing, on primetime tv, the execution of these hideously vile satanic demons. Whatever it takes to expose these devil worshippers, once and for all. They are ALL about to go down, all of them. You watch, The Mulatto, The Queen Bitch and her pedophile husband, Brenner, Schiff, Waters, all the fake news journalists who were in on it. Bankers, CEOs, and on and on and on. To take them out would be worth a trillion.

          • SemperFido

            Let it be so. In the meantime I will keep stacking because the eCONomic house of cards still teeters.

          • lastmanstanding

            If they do, it was/is not orange guys decision. Reds ultimately have less than zero loyalty when the wheels come of the bus.

            Everyone is expendable for the cause if it serves to further their agenda.

            Call it a win if you like, but there are those of us that know better.

      • I appreciate the amount of opprobrium you are trying to give this huckster shitbag, and also your reason for doing it.

        I wish I could buy it. If you prove to be right, I’ll buy a steak dinner of your choosing, but the past often foretells the future.

        He’s a clever shitbag, but not that clever.

        • lastmanstanding

          He’s no different than the previous red.

          They just had to go to a higher level of handler for “conservatives”. lol.

      • I pray that it is so

  7. The entire Russian collusion was a fraud from day one. Hillary started it to deflect from her malfeasance. Now the pathetic, useless idiots are going thru yet ANOTHER breakdown because Trump won the election.

    Dear God, these people are ghastly, grotesque, obnoxious and predictable. Well, you can’t fix stupid nor is it a good idea to cut off their gravy train. All the talking heads just had their subject matter discredited, making them not only liars but pathetic crybabies to boot.

  8. Damn so this whole investigation thingy resulted in nothing? This is indeed shocking. It’s almost like it was bullshit from the get go……Faith in the republic has been restored. Great fairytale.

    WTFU or die in place. Rule No. 1 means the “Mueller Investigation” was meaningless unless your one of them savvy voterz. MAGA n whatnot.


    The POTUS cannot let this pass. Heads should roll. Immediately.

  10. The entertainment isn’t over MAGA-ites. The deflections will continue with new shiny objects… as always.

    But don’t worry, all this winning just means you’re going to get your traditional consteetootional republic, and the traditional freedoms and liberties of the founding rebels restored sooner, rather than later.

  11. Welcome to the party, pal! that’s how govt. works, 2 yrs., millions of dollars, truck loads of BS, and PUFF! nothing! If your hating on Mueller, your going to like the “new green deal”. if you survive. Now shut-up and pay your taxes!
    This is almost as ironic as watching Margret Sanger being drawn & quartered!

  12. is it bait?

  13. You realize this changes nothing, right?

  14. They want to kill you:

    • Kaptain Kaos

      Oh boy. This is gonna be great! They’re coming for us. Good. It’ll save me a shit load of gas money hunting them down.

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

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  16. anonperson

    2/10. Not enough fucks, inadequate level of butthurt.

    When Trump was elected, libs wept openly in the streets. At least one dude was reported to have set himself on fire like a Buddhist monk. One can only imagine what other events occurred that were not widely reported.

    This is why Trump must be re-elected.

    For the lulz.

    • Screaming,screeching,bang your head against a fucking brick wall. Finished off with a perfectly executed curby. Trump is a fine source of entertainment.
      Holier than thou prognosticators eating heaping piles of steamy turds. Smack your lips and load up another platter. Eat shit and die,motherfuckers!
      I smell a rat. Podesta must be back in town.
      The Clinton Crime syndicate made a lot of dicey motherfuckers rich. Favors are owed.The Clinton Initiative channeled funds through Canada. Huge deposits into non-extradition zones. Qatar,UAE,Bahrain. That’s all she really gives a fuck about.
      Take a good,long whiff of Hillarys taint. She has been waving it in our faces for the past two years. Shithouse door on a tuna boat.
      Never underestimate the power of a woman scorned. And scorned she was.

  17. European American

    Dave at the X22 Report should replace Hannity at Foxx.
    The quintessential journalist in America today. A connoisseur of connecting the dots (of truthful facts).

  18. I’ve come to the conclusion that everybody who worked in the Obama administration, right up to FagNig Barry, should be hung by their necks until they are dead, along with a good majority of the alphabet agency employee’s/communists.

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  20. I follow where my light leads me: This is the equivalent of the Battle Of Britain ; It is not The End, it is not even the Beginning of The End, but it is The End Of The Beginning! From now onward We Fight For Victory!