SLL: Russiagate Victory Lap

A brief post from Robert.


7 responses to “SLL: Russiagate Victory Lap

  1. Get fit. Lift. Ruck. Or die in place, your choice. None of this WWE Kabuki shit will save you or indicates that the republic is saved because Rule No. 1.

  2. We the people ask the federal government to Propose a new Administration policy:
    Seize Passports of Obama, Clinton and all Senior Obama Administration Officials Pending Criminal Investigations..
    Created by B.W. on March 24, 2019

    Due to overwhelming evidence in the public domain it is clear that treason and sedition has emanated from the highest levels of President Barack Obama’s administration.
    We the people of the United States demand that the passports of President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, and all senior officials of the Obama administration relinquish their passports until a complete and thorough criminal investigation for sedition, treason and other crimes has been completed.completed.
    This is allowed under the “Foreign Terrorist Organization Passport Revocation Act of 2015” signed by President Obama, and enforced by Secretary Clinton herself.
    Civil Rights & Equality
    Criminal Justice Reform
    Homeland Security & Defense
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    So what will be the next step? Will those seditious rat bastards who initiated this be brought up on charges? Comey? Steele? Jared? The Hildabeest? Barry the Butt Pirate? Etc., etc., etc.? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • no. They and Trump have been on the same page all along.

      you were played.

      stop it


        Sorry, Haxo. I should have added: Sarc on. Nothing has changed. Vigilance and preps still ongoing. It’s all Kabuki and has been since Hamilton’s Con Con coup in 1789.

  4. Yeah, he did call it a long time ago.

    The Democrats are a collection of old hippies, young disciples of Mao, cat ladies, parasites domestic and imported, and angry vaginas (with apologies to the 25th Infantry Division); mostly led by a collection of slip-and-fall lawyers and Professor Longhairs.

    Problem is, the Republicans, nationally at least, can only offer that “well, at least we’re not them”. Not much to brag about, given that the party is invertebrates and silver spoons. If you have the presidency and both houses of Congress for two years, how about bringing back e-verify and making it mandatory. Or a national Clean Voter Act. Or just not unlawfully providing taxpayer’s money to the baby killers at Planned Parenthood.

    To say it in line doggie terms, don’t expect the exploitation phase of this victory to amount to much.

  5. Cut your cable bill if you haven’t done so already. CNN and all the others are paid from your cable company. Starve the beast.Protest CNN being locked on in airports, complain about it, cut off another revenue source. They ain’t getting money from viewers

    As to democrats and republicans, I used to think both parties were two sides of the same coin until the democrats went full on Marxist. Nowdays we got bad and really bad to chose from.