Codrea: Now You’re Talking

Mizz Sarah, you had me at ‘death penalty’.

And yes, I know everyone will likely walk.

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  1. So, Socrates said, however, he not did write, YET RIGHT HE DID! But, Plato did. The Allegory of the Cave. Similarly, Radical Madcow could write the Allegory of the mad cow dis-eze So, So sez? yet she did. I think she should hang, along with many others, that self identify as to buy tickets to her destiny bought. Administration is not aristocracy knot, it is a function, or not. Imagine government without the the politic, no persuasion bought. Strictly, as an administrative function. Nothing more. Imagine a budget and balance? Imagine a shining city on a hill filled with honesty. Imagine honesty and trust. Imagine, truth. Imagine Justice. Imagine the American way with white picket fence and all, regardless of color behind the fence? Don’t believe in GOD? You Silly fool. You believe there is not GOD and all I can say is, Perhaps there is, then what? He knew nuclear before you did, ya know? Somebody did the math.

    So, I have a question, as you might assume. Considering the political divide, Will YOU KILL AMERICANS? And then, How would you do that? Better buy a Bay “O” Net if bullets are the currency of the meat market. Or, in other words, is it worth a bullet? One bullet, one kill being conservative dutiful frugality, a subject of pointed objection, perhaps ponder, or maybe pander?… And then, mass brave begets mass grave. Try and remember that. It is important. I did the math and there are too many Zeros. Subtraction is mathematical function, ya know?

    The only division are the politic and the politic is absurd polluted progressiveness, sans awareness of you surroundings, the rest of US are just WE the people with turds in our pockets. We is like you and me. WE, like you have a turd in your pocket, right? Yet distill hostilities, hydrophobic foaming at the mouth and hoof, distemper, and constipated, retentive bowel movement of liberty. And it stinks! Bull Individual shit!

    What we have is a show of farce. Force is is a foreign object, not to be trifled with or fondled with fondness of said LIBERTY, isn’t it!?!?!? DIE! You UN- beliver. A nation of pussy boys is no nation! And you girls, STFU!!! Prepare to defend yourselves~!

    Now! IS!! the Time!!! Too, snatch Victory from the JAWS!!! Of defeat. So, sez Joe. I’ll have a WHITE Russian, American with a blade.

    Force not farce?

    Joe X

    Post Mort um, everything will be “O”O” Fxcking “K”, OK?

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Charges dropped for Jizzie Smollet.
    The fix is in from top to bottom.
    Good luck Donald.

  4. i hope they walk, otherwise its hard to say we live in a WROL country. that would make it harder for me, since i have decided the only law i follow is natural law now. man’s law don’t go round here lawdawg. saavy?

  5. In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.

    Franklin D. Roosevelt

  6. Grey Ghost

    Sure it’s treason and sedition. But NOTHING will be done… ever. Regardless of what Sean Hannity says.

  7. the Usual Suspect

    CHICONGO yuk yuk, yeah !