Kunstler: Deadly Serious


The Reds don’t care.

They believe they will win.

They might.

They might not.

Make ’em pay in either event.

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  1. What does a shooting in NZ have to do with our Second Amendment in the first place. This is a NZ issue and problem. What happens there is an issue for them to address NOT some global type government or commentary. When will the US stop sticking its nose in other folks business? We should be concerned about our sovereignty, Constitution, Bill of Rights and our Representative form of Government. Let first unf**k our own country before telling other what to do.

    • Mark Matis

      If you want to do that, you’re going to have to kill the Communists in this country. Every one of them. And every one of their enablers. And that means almost every hive dweller. And all the hive “Law Enforcement”.

      • Works for me…. let’s go. Not getting any younger and I have people to protect….

    • you’ve got it exactly backwards. Tarrant knew precisely how the gun-grabbing Jews&shabbatz goyim in ‘Murka would react to his NZ Propaganda of the Deed, and

      he was correct. As always,

      polarization is our friend.


        I’d seriously worry about your health if you let a single day pass, Haxo Assface, without lambasting DA JOOOOOOOS for all of your inadequacies, starting with your inability to get your micro-dick up except in the presence of young boys.

        • Because you can’t come to grips with how pervasive Jews are, many times their actual numbers, your post is utter nonsense.

          Jews have, in fact, weaponized the negro and muslims world wide. Israel, Zionist Central. is a troublesome pipsqueak of a country that would have disappeared, like it should have, in 1949 without Jew pressure on the US government to bail them out. There’s a reason Israel has never had a non-illegal European immigrant, or their offspring, as a PM. Can you guess why that is?

          From Sheldon Adelson, who finances Republicans, to George Soros and Michael Bloomberg, both of whom finance Democrats; Jews are dominant in US politics and I’ve barely scraped the surface.

          Last, every institutional member of the Gun Confiscation Lobby is headed and run by Jews. Can you guess why that is? Or, are you simply abysmally ignorant?

    • lastmanstanding

      Not a fucking thing old timer regarding our US 2nd Amendment rights.

      All of these pukes wanting to take our God given rights are living as if we ALL are already one big global community that needs to be policed the same exact way. Fuck them.

      FFS, look at our congress and senate. Every single one of them is a globalist and don’t forget to look at the state level as well. Don’t believe me, just look what each and everyone of them supports. World this, world that, lets sell our shit on a world market. It will make, Montana, Texas, Kentucky, (insert favorite state here) more money…and I’ll get to make more laws that are good, NO, GREAT, for you.

      Bullshit. It destroys our local economy, community and gives our kids and grandkids the biggest bunch of bs false hope imaginable.

      I don’t give a shit about what happens in any country but the USA.

      Globalism, It ain’t what’s for dinner at my house.

      Now, I got to continue pruning my fruit trees. My family and my neighbors will be the only ones to benefit from that. Just the way I like it.

    • Awesome boomerpost. Lolz

    • The Reds believe that NZ is merely an outpost of the US Empire. Same people, White, speaking the same tongue, Englishish, with the Resting Bitch Face imported from Germania on the coins, amirite? Gotta go North for The Queen on your Toonies, because my pocket change has a different headstamp. .

  2. I’m not convinced that the shooting actually happened and instead was a False Flag. it has been correctly observed that the victims acted as if they were in an FPS game, discrepancies in attire, disappearing shell casings, magical AR mags that appear out of no where lack of blood and bullet holes even a possible blood packet . No wonder the NZ Globalists came down so hard on PPL viewing the vid, it’s proof of the False Flag!

    • The resolution of the video is VERY POOR. My 720p/30fps/$179 retail helmet cam that regularly goes bicycle riding with me is much much better.
      The “disappearing brass” issue could be from re-encoding the video using a lossy coder twice, effing up the motion, or it could be CGI concealed by intentionally low-rez. I have fired .223 at close range into 150# animals still breathing and it’s messy, but the same low-rez issue is playing in the video to make it hard to tell. There are video game animations about this realistic, and if someone were to render a video like this from actual walk-through scenes featuring prop-actors, it could be rendered to 4K+ with excellent animation/shadows/dynamics and VERY BELIEVABLE to an audience that does not understand digital lies and liars.

    • Oldltradesman

      Doesn’t matter. What matters is most people believe it’s true. The proper response to white shitlibs and POCs is, “I don’t care.” Beyond that, tell them to fuck off. As to the cucked white right, ask them to justify hundreds of thousands of dead Arabs in response to false assertions of WMDs in Iraq.

  3. “You can always take one with you”It is here I read the comment that” the first one is very expensive,the rest are free”,really liked and agreed with that comment.

  4. Take more than one.

  5. Especially the little girl with the .50BMG.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. What happens in New Zealand is a test to be tried out over here. The Mosque shootings were a perfect excuse to clamp down hard on free speech and gun grab at the same time. Globalists are essentially communists, the one world, one government, one currency goal is real and becoming more realized with each passing day.

  8. Say what you will about Kunstler. yeah–he’s hung up on the peak oil deal and other stuff, and you can argue with him for hours, BUT what he reall asks: is this:

    Don’t you get the feeling (and I mean the REAL FEELING–electricity down the spine of your backbone) that we are quickly approaching a “hinge” point in history? That the whole freaking deal will flip either one way or the other.

    Ladies and Gents–THAT scares the crap out of me. Will I resist? Sure. Will I fight? Sure.

    But I know all too well what that involves. Savagery. I see the darkness coming. It’s like what Edward Gray said on the cusp of The Great War: “The lamps are going out all over; we shall not see them lit again in our life-time.”

    Ponder that–eternal darkness in all human levels for an age. Physical. moral, ethical, spiritual. God–what a fate–a new ‘Dark Ages’ brought about in one of the most complex phase of human existence.

    • Very well said. I keep thinking of the “you cannot vote your way out of this” mentality. We are far beyond that point. It wouldn’t take a whole lot to push it into the abyss. I want a constitutional reset, that isn’t likely to happen though.

  9. Anybody else notice the little girl is holding a Fifty.

    • Yeah, that image has been used here many times, I’d prefer that varmint rifle, especially if it’s 6mm Norma!

    • Yup!

    • I saw it…. propping it up so it wouldn’t fall over, was my thought. The rifle probably weighs more than she does…..

    • I have two twenties and a ten I’ll trade her for

    • lastmanstanding

      Way to much money to tie up…in a 50. Then add a suitable optic.

      That kind of funding could be used for far better advantage.

  10. rented mule

    good looking family. although i love wood & steel. { unertl style scope on the .22 target rifle mama’s got intrigues me} I hope they have upgraded to a little more modern hardware.

  11. “Our battered American common culture and its expression in political consensus ought to start with the foundation of the social contract: the agreement to not slaughter each other.”
    Sorry, but the Leftists and Elites gave that ghost up long ago. They could not care LESS if we get slaughtered. In fact, they work for it, pray for it, and plan for it. So don’t kid yourself. Either they win or we do, and it is going to involve a lot of slaughter. Harden your hearts. I’m working on being somewhere else, away from the Sacramento++ hives.

  12. The post highlights what is occurring along the southern border U.S.A. / Mexico. It is no longer individuals of illegals – it is herds, with some groups over 100 in size.

    Where are they going to work ? Do they even know English ? Where are they expected to live ? How will they pay for their needs ? If not them – who will pick up the bill ?

    I don’t blame them for wanting a better life. It is OUR fault that we allow this to happen to us. The immigrant problem, like Europe, is becoming a major problem. Our citizens who require assistance from our taxes are far more deserving than immigrants.

    • It’s always been herds, going back at least 30 years.
      What’s relatively new is bringing them in family groups.

      Congress gave them a loophole, and now they’re exploiting it, exactly as was expected by both sides.

      The only thing that’ll stop it is shoot-on-sight, or making it too hard to get a group across before being caught.

      So, who’s employing them in your AO?
      How many of you have watched who gets picked up at Migra Depot every morning?
      And who’s picking them up?
      And where they go home to at night?

      Or didja figure to just “let George do it”?

      That’s why you’re being replaced.
      You get what you tolerate.

      Next come the second- and third-order consequences of the original problem.

      cf.: Afrikaaners

      • Imagine Joe Sixpack picked up a load one morning at Migra Depot.
        And at the end of the day, someone watched where he lived.
        And then he got a night letter, advising him that continuing the process would perhaps negatively impact the combustibility of his house.

        Who’s he gonna call?
        The Ghostbusters?
        Evita Guevara-Castro?
        The cops?
        There I was, breaking twenty-seven federal and state labor laws, when someone threatened me…“?
        As if.

        What happens when photographs of him picking up illegals get dropped off at all his neighbor’s mailboxes, doxxing him?
        That’s not me! It wasn’t my blue Chevy pickup!

        Sh’yeah, that’ll play in Peoria.

        Try putting fliers in the store ad folders.
        Offer one free illegal alien for every $50 spent.
        Or slip them inside the newspapers in front of the local coffee shop, and into some home improvement magazines at the local bookstore.
        See how long before the flier is on the local news.
        Or waved angrily at the next city or congressional town hall.

        Follow a few home at the end of the day.
        Dox them too.
        To ICE.

        Pretty soon, your occasional hobby is unnecessary.
        Cost to you: Maybe $20-30, and an afternoon.

        {Note: at last look Azzland appears to stretch from Panama to Bangor and Seattle, so this will work nearly anywhere it’s tried.}

  13. Over three million migrants (invaders) enter the US every year. And have been for decades. Legal, illegal, refugees and visa programs no one has even heard of. The word “racist” was invented to be used against us, so we would be silent about the demographic genocide being used against us. The Marxists devised the plan back in the 1920’s. 100 years later, it appears they have won. Le’s burn it down.

  14. As the dems take control of the US they will disarm the reps. The dems will stack SCOTUS and translate the 2A to mean you are allowed muzzle loaders only.

    The patriots in the US are not organized. No state militia, no national militia. Individuals won’t stand a chance. ‘Might makes right’ No organization = you are done when they send out the jackboots.

    • There are probably more deer hunters in just Penntucky and Michigan alone than the total number of local, state, and federal jackboots. Even if you spotted them the entire DoD, active, reserve, and NG, there are over 36M licensed hunters in the US. Even 10% of them outnumber the entire active US military at all but its Cold War peak.

      As a legendary Swiss general noted once, the correct response would be to “shoot twice, and go home”. Confiscation would end about noon Tuesday, and then the real bloodbath would begin – at city hall, the statehouse, and ultimately, on scaffolds in D.C.

      Because there are also about 150M gun owners. Most of whom, proving Hemingway’s maxim, don’t have hunting licenses, because “those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.

      “They’re coming to take your guns” won’t work, as has only been noted about a thousand times by anyone who could pass fourth grade mathematics before Common Core.

      That doesn’t mean they won’t try; it just means the outcome would unravel things in about an hour, and the next election after that would find the entire Congress solid [R], if not all hardcore freedomistas rather than the usual squishy hacks, there being few surviving [D]s to run at all.

      Because most of the country, like most people who read and post here, have two settings:
      1) Vote
      2) Fuck it, kill every last one of them.

      We move to #2 slowly, but its nigh irrevocable once it happens, and unstoppable until we run out of targets. Which will happen long before we run out of ammunition.

      This will not be the Alamo x 1000.
      It will be Little Big Horn.
      And this time, we get to be the Indians.

      More than a few hereabouts are already wearing bibs every day to contain the drool at joy of such a prospect.
      Most of the rest, while rather horrified, are quietly resolved on the inevitability of the coming bloodbath, and have their hipboots and bandoliers ready.

      The internet moves pretty fast, but this is ten-year-old news.
      Keep up, please.