On Faceberg, It’s Not OK To Be White

H/t to Insty for this update.

As noted previously:

Free speech, audible/visible to the general public, is the central element in any sort of acceptable polity. That is why all of the Bad People are working so hard to mute it forever. That is also why free speech, perhaps even more than private property, is the tripwire beyond which unrestricted war must be fought.

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  1. Fuckin a right!!!

  2. As we know, Jews aren’t white. In fact, the Jew, the Talmud, has been murdering white Christians for 2,000 years.

    We must set that right.

  3. (((Mark Zuckerberg)))
    (((Brian Fishman)))
    (((et. al.)))


    the terrible cohencidences. They

    just keep on piling up.

  4. freeillinois

    New Zealand is doing door to door confiscation. One gun owner is dead.
    When asked about door to door gun confiscation and dead Illinois gun owners an Illinois state rep, smirked like it was a good thing


    • From that article:
      Additionally, it appears that New Zealand’s crackdown on semi-automatic long guns has claimed its first victim. According to Stuff which appears to be the New Zealand equivalent of The Patch . . .

      A former Russian soldier who feared going back to prison tried to call his son before dying of a suspected suicide following a three-hour standoff with police.

      The family of 54-year-old Troy Dubovskiy told Stuff he was sought by police after his property in the Christchurch suburb of St Martins was searched on Tuesday.

      Police acted on information from the public.
      Read that last line. Good. Now read it again.

      • “Read that last line. Good. Now read it again.”
        “Police acted on information from the public.”

        Did that. Took it so seriously I looked up furter information hoping to get more specifics.


        “Dubovskiy’s 16-year-old son… said police searched the homes of his father, mother and grandparents after someone reported a photo the teen made his profile picture on Facebook five days ago.”

        “The photo… shows the teen holding a replica rifle and wearing a Russian helmet.”

        A picture posted on social media by his son and reported to the police by someone who saw it got the police involved in searching the homes of both his parents and his grandparents. Something to keep in mind about everyone in the family understanding the importance of personal security.

        For similar reasons you would not post unredacted pictures of your bank accounts and credit cards online, you don’t post pictures of your serious personal defense firearms (or anything that might imply firearms) online.

        • Precisely – you win, you can now go play & stay out late – good job. 🙂
          It is not those close who we already know “get it” that will do us in. It’s the gabbers who can’t help themselves (includes relatives), estranged cat-ladies, and ourselves, who open the door.

  5. So black nationalism and Hispanic nationalism are good, white nationalism is bad?

    • Roger that! No “white pride” whatsoever. We are entering the “demonization” phase of Caucasian people. Next comes the climate of hostility and indifference followed by isolation, impoverishment, then confiscation of property (guns.) The final stage: extermination of whites as “enemies of the state.” This can happen rapidly or in extended slow-waltz stages.

      Look how Lenin and Stalin handled the White Russians, Kulaks, or Polish Officer Corps. Commies always seem to use the same playbook.

      Darkies have already murdered/raped north of 50,000 white Boer farmers in SA. and not a peep on the MSM. Crickets still chirping….


      • Well of course they do thing is I’m guessing we will be just like the Boers and not band together to take the fight to them…Sad That…

        • Berglander

          No kidding. Nothing from the media on it aside from the coal-burner Lauren Southern.

      • “…We are entering the “demonization” phase of Caucasian people…”


        Shit, as far as I’m concerned, we’ve been there for decades now.

  6. “…Brian Fishman, policy director of counterterrorism at Facebook…”

    That they have a directorate of counterterrorism should tell you all you need to know.

  7. Mark Matis

    Tribe. All part of their work to destroy national sovereignty and wipe Western culture off the face of the earth.

    Remember when the fun starts.

  8. Ronn L James

    My goodness the tribe seems to be getting into overdrive. If only there was a “Final Solution.”

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. “Insurance companies are now canceling policies of conservatives who post pro-Trump messages on social media”


  11. So, don’t use Farcebook and avoid those who do. Let them starve. Millenials are already abandoning it in droves, seems only old fogeys use it.

    • +1. Get off social media, cable tv, and other assorted idiocy. There is zero good in telling other people your business or posting pics of your stuff or family. The only pics that I ever posted had 4 legs and a tail, with the cutest baby faces ever. Nobody needs to see my large pantry!

  12. The fatality appears to be the conclusion of a series of events initiated by the posting of a picture on social media by the man’s son.


    • “The 54-year-old tried calling his son once and ex-partner twice, however officers told them not to answer the phone.”

  13. “…content relating to Black separatist movements…..for example, will still be allowed.”
    -Imagine that.

    • Grenadier1

      So maybe posting memes that say “BLM” or something like that at the bottom but demand things like “Whites need to be separated from the rest of us” or “White people are to dangerous to live with other races and should have their own homeland” would monkey up the works a bit.
      On the surface it looks like a Black separatist message but its demanding white separation.
      This kind of nonsense that fb is trying is going to fail just as soon as people figure out how to avoid the Ai that filters this stuff. They will have rely on people to report you which is slow and will get to costly for them to continue.
      In other words once you figure out how to get something posted they will have to spend millions of dollars on labor for an army of people to police the individual posts. Very subject to a flood type attack.

  14. Will the Hindu Nationalist Party (BJP), the ruling party in India which PM Modhi is the head of also be banned? How about Jewish Nationalists, aka Zionists?

    Is it still OK to be white?

  15. This is the Kalergi plan at work; calling white people or any group racist as an excuse for genocide is still genocide. The government of New Zealand confiscating gun; Its not hard to imagine the same thing happening here. We have had more gun control passed into law since January than all 8 years of Obama. Stock-piling food, medial supplies, fuel and ammo is a must.

    Get involved http://www.libertytreeradio.4mg.com mon-fri 4-6 pm cst listen on SamCloud

  16. European American

    It’s not okay to be white, it’s great to be white!

  17. But, but… the {{{Kikes}}}!
    But, but… the {{{Spics}}}!
    But, but… the {{{Niggers}}}!

    But, but… White People.

    I saw some meme on Gab today. Something about by 2060 or there-about that the White Man will be the minority in his own countries… and the Saxon will begin to hate.

    I laughed my ass off. I guess the {{{Saxon}}} is just annoyed right now. I guess the White Man is so stupid and so slow… they have to wait until the Saxon begins to hate, after they are the minority. Fucking White People.

    See that White gal up there in the pic? MINORITY. And they don’t have a chance in hell if the blacks went all out on them. And White European and Western men will begin to {{{hate}}} when they are a minority.

    BTW, you can’t blame rabid dogs from coming into your home when it is your Western WHITE governments that opens the door and lets them in, tears up your home, humps your furniture, and pukes on the floor. It’s the nature of rabid dogs.

    But, but… the {{{Kikes}}}!
    But, but… the {{{Spics}}}!
    But, but… the {{{Niggers}}}!

    But, but… your WHITE governments. And MILLIONS of White People.

    But, but… the {{{Kikes}}}!
    But, but… the {{{Spics}}}!
    But, but… the {{{Niggers}}}!

    Then you have these lame-ass White People complaining about other lame-ass White People protesting and ruckusing… I guess they don’t have jobs. But, but… we do! Squeak-Squeak. Knock-Knock. Pound-Pound. Crash-Crash. But we have jobs… as their country goes to shit all around them.

    Yeah, White People are going to be the minority alright. The {{{Saxon}}}? Get used to being a White South African. But, but… we have are gunns! Yeah, they will too. And you will be the minority of minorities… even the minority of your fellow White People. And Kikes, and Spics, and Niggers.

    III%! Fuck yeah!


    Want to know what is worse than SJW’s? MAGA-ites. Disturb their cognitive dissonance and watch them immediately tell you fuck off.

  18. thesouthwasrght

    Where is Matt Bracken to give us the proper perspective?

    • Matt Bracken

      What can I add? I’ve been banned on FB 8 of the last 15 months. Basically a month on, a month banned, no reason given. Supposedly I can post again tomorrow. But I sure won’t be posting the memes I’ve been posting for years, like this one:

  19. dropbox is not safe now too. had them nuke a file there today. So apparently dropbox can scan your stuff even though they claim its encrypted

    On Thu, Mar 28, 2019 at 4:34 AM Western Rifle Shooters Association wrote:

    > Concerned American posted: ” H/t to Insty for this update. As noted > previously: Free speech, audible/visible to the general public, is the > central element in any sort of acceptable polity. That is why all of the > Bad People are working so hard to mute it forever. That is als” >

  20. Anything to keep the truth revealed
    by the Facebergs:

  21. The pathological Jew-hate on this board has reached a level of breathtaking stupidity.

    • into the oven with you warpig

      you love em so much- join them in the pits.

      it’s the future.

      tfA-t has spoken truth for all to read.


    • Warpig:
      That’s a feature, not a bug, since the internet can’t communicate smells.
      But pure bog-stupid always transmits 5×5.

    • Grenadier1

      Its about 4 or 5 people that just post all the time. Don’t let it discourage your attendance.

  22. Phuque Facebook.

  23. We are under obvious attack.

  24. Oldltradesman

    White people are going the way of dinosaurs due to a universalist slave morality called The Platinum Rule: Treat others as they want to be treated – no reciprocation is expected, much less required. The Rule is central to both the secular left and the modern religious right. The difference between left and right interpretations of the Rule is the right employs qualifiers and exceptions based on the Word of Yahweh. These qualifiers and exceptions introduce complexities that must be explained. That means the left’s interpretation is consistent and easier to apply.

    The Platinum Rule is why leftists, post-Christchurch, wear hijabs and assume the position of submission. It is why religious conservatives label the killer “evil” and work overtime to disassociate themselves from his actions. Due to acceptance of the Rule both sides, on some level, believe we must care about the precious lives of invaders. If our level of caring is insufficient then Caesar, the final arbiter on earth, demands that we care about those lives and not expect reciprocation.

    Morality is dual, not universal. If everybody is my brother, then I have no brothers. Caring about the precious lives of invaders means the enemy has us psychologically “over the barrel.” “I don’t care” is the defense used to extract one’s self from this position. The statement needn’t be justified to people who want us dead (white leftists and POCs). Tell them to “pound sand,” if you like. For religious whites explicitly taught to submit to Caesar, using death and resurrection as excuses for their insouciant attitude toward invasion, dispossession, and generations of inaction, remind them of The Golden Rule and the concept of reciprocity. Should they unthinkingly claim your dual morality toward non-reciprocating invaders is barbaric, remind them of fake WMDs and several hundred thousands of dead Arabs for oil and a Greater Israel, Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights.

    I don’t care about the deaths of invaders or the preservation of this empire. I care about self, family, clan, tribe, and extended-tribe. I don’t want to needlessly kill alien tribes in their nations, but I want them out of my nation. The third world invasion of white nations, facilitated by (((elite))) traitors, their upscale gentile sycophants, and down-low cucks, is an act of war. Politics is low intensity warfare. Time is growing short and we are generations behind the curve. Responses to invaders and traitors are morally justified. The only legitimate questions are strategic and tactical.

    Bad thinking is an art form. Develop it.

  25. the Usual Suspect

    FaceFuckBook can suck it !

  26. Just a little FYI for all you Neo-Nazi shit bags. Bracken was a US Navy SEAL. He has more balls than all of you combined. Second Y’all just keep tattooing those broken crosses on each other while you fuck each other up the ass while you do time in the grey bar Hilton. That makes you easy to sort out when it is time to take out the trash. You are the first ones we the ordinary white people kill when this gets rolling. I have met too many of you punk child molesters in my life to ever see you as anything but what you really are. Thieves ,murderers , child rapist and cops. Gutless buffoons, who would never have the stones to face a man. But would joyfully rape a child or talk shit while hiding behind your keyboard. There are good people among the Jews. I have never seen a Nazi or Klansman that was worth the powder to blow his head off. Down hear we call y’all “white trash” Now just because most of the people who post this shit on this web sight work for the SPLC, the DOJ or the FBI. Doesn’t change the fact that you are white trash.