A Nice Story

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Backstory, actually.



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  1. don’t mean nuttin. all this shit with the people at the top never comes to shit. its only the little guy that gets squeezed. USG is like a never ending soap opry. BLOAT. its the only thing that matters

    • Nothing but competing factions fighting over who gets to loot whatever is left of the treasury.

      Any coincidence the last big three “competitors” in the last presidential race were all stationed in NYC?

      I guess nobody else in the 300-whatever-million population were able, or compromised enough, to be run for headhuckster…

  2. Camacho2020

    C’mon scrot!

    Time for some Monday Night Rehabilitation!

  3. Guess I’m only good at finding a nothing-burger. Both a download and the viewable at the linked FBI site have the page numbers mentioned completely redacted.

  4. Detroit III

    Game. Fucking. Over.

    1.5 MILLION Illegals this year alone. Add to that nearly 2 million legal immigrants.

    Game. Fucking. Over.

    Meet the new boss; same as the old boss.


  6. Donny Corleone

    Gosh, I feel so much better now. Rabbi Trumpenstein had it figured out long ago. He’s just been running the long con! The country is saved! It’ll be 1950 all over again in no time at all! Happy days are here again!

  7. POd American

    Oooh, something bad is going to happen to the criminal class nooooow……NOT.

    A fluff piece for the “believers.”

    • exactly. Trump was thick as thieves with the Italian and Jewish mafiosi (still is, with the Jews) – that’s why he was never pestered by them. Then, when Giuliani came along, he turned on his former friends. There’s a pattern here somewhere. Anyway,

      my two encounters with Trump (while making deliveries) were brief and unpleasant; Trump has compete contempt for people who actually work for a living, and for White working class people in particular.

      but my sole c. late 1970’s encounter with John Gotti was very nice. I’ve got my bicycle nosed into a phone booth @ Park/60th, calling in for work, when a long black limo pulls up, and out step Gotti and two of his thugs. Evidently Mr. G wants the phone, because one thug walks over and grapples with me, trying to pull me out of the booth. Gottis then stamps up and yells,

      “hey, ‘ya mook! Led da woikin’ man make iz phone call!” and yanks him off me.

      TY, Godfather, wherever you are now.

  8. SW Richmond

    I have this nagging wont go away feeling we’re all being played. The purpose of this seesaw information barrage is to keep us engaged in the system.

    • Mark Matis

      So one more time:
      Do you know where they live in your neighborhood?
      Do you know their schedules?
      Do you know their spouses’ schedules?
      Do you have a plan to deal with them appropriately?


  10. drumpf is a fat fucking jew lover.

    fuck him and his jew loving whore slut gurls.

  11. Grenadier1

    Q anon is junk conspiracy…..

    Just keep digging for the pony.

    I will say this. Last night Trump was on Hannity and he basically laid out some details that he was aware of for some time and answered the questions about why he didn’t punch back on some of these items.
    If he follows through with what he is saying, we may in fact see some investigations.

    • lastmanstanding

      This is why 0321 left.

      Hoping that 2 of the biggest fucking buffoons of all time are going to save the nation.

      Both are just trying to keep the “brand” going and the dough flowing in their direction.

      If your still reading brother 0321, I hope your well and still headed to DSR.

  12. GTFOH. No one is fucking immune in NYC. Or AC. Rarer than a one balled gay unicorn shitting skittles while juggling chainsaws.

    That said no one should be surprised that these connections exist. He’s not off script and never will be. No one is fucking coming to save you or the FUSA. That’s up to you. Fuck Trump. Fuck Mueller. Fuck Rosenstein etc etc etc. Oh and Fuck Q too. Lock her up my ass. Great wall. Immigration is over a million this fucking year. Wake up or die in place.

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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  14. NorthGunner

    The expression the parasite class wears when the normies both
    grovel to pay their yearly ‘tribute’ and reflexively perform a mass
    ball washing of the said parasite to it’s satisfaction.

    Otherwise known as normies being CUCKED!!

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!