An Accurate Operational Sitrep, March 2019

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Aesop in comments:

…Because most of the country, like most people who read and post here, have two settings:
1) Vote
2) Fuck it, kill every last one of them.

We move to #2 slowly, but it’s nigh irrevocable once it happens, and unstoppable until we run out of targets. Which will happen long before we run out of ammunition.

This will not be the Alamo x 1000.
It will be Little Big Horn.
And this time, we get to be the Indians…


Plan accordingly.

60 responses to “An Accurate Operational Sitrep, March 2019

  1. robroysimmons

    And after the first they are all friggin free. I myself am in a good spot I’m a middle aged man who has had a decent life but going forward my fucks to give are running low.

    And you friggin slackers I am a Boomer who still has a burst and not just out my ass.

    • robroysimmons

      Besides our Boomercon bellows anyone actually review the book in question? Honestly I would assume its flag waving for us expendable white men to inspire us to travel to exotic shitholes to help implement the desire of our betters for the global utopia or something, but then again I am a cynic.


    Short version; nobody is going to show up at your door telling you to hand over your guns. Guns will get handed over freely in exchange for food. If you can’t visualize that, let me know and I will go Aesop-esque long version.

  3. Detroit III

    I like Aesop, but he is usually wrong (see Ebola predictions).

    • Show your work.
      My blog posts go back to 2008.
      The archives here even farther.

      I even made it easy for you by keywording every Ebola post in 2014 with “Ebola”.
      Have at it.

      Put up, or stop talking out your ass.
      Especially when you use the word “predictions”.

      • Aesop’s fits of boomer-doomer hysteria – re ebola, Hurricane Prunella, etc. – are well known. Ditto his gross errors of judgement, e.g. Drumpf.

        still, one hopes he’s right about “this time we get to be the Indians”.

        though it’s also worth noting that, when General Crook came up with his artillery and gatling guns, the temporarily victorious amerinds were soon routed and reservation’d.

        • And he says he’s,”Fighting for California”. Obviously he is ignorant of Sun Tzu’s advice.

          • So, we’re back to you just digging in your sphincter and literally pulling shit out of your ass, because you’ve got nothing else but making up whatever the voices in your head say?

            Well played.

        • Anon 13B gun bunny

          I have a cannonball that came from that early-winter battle, picked up some time prior to the Antiquities Act being enacted.

          It was a pretty cold morning for a rude awakening out of buffalo robes. Southern Johnson County, 1876, along one of the forks of the Powder River.

          Ranald McKenzie may have been disturbed overall, but he did have some fits of brilliance.

  4. “Attack the spear shaft, not the spear point.”


    attack every one of those rotten fucks- and their families.


    • ghostsniper

      Spear won’t hurt you.
      Kill the motherfucker that’s holding it.

    • St.Maur1066

      ………..and deck screw em to the side of a building to send a message to the others.

      • Road art by Vlad Tepes. The square head,coated deck screws will work well. Cheap ,chinese screws , the heads break off when going through the larger bones. There is no substitute for quality.

    • Lead the way, shithead…… #yawn

  5. Link gives a 404 page not found error……. Never knew Gabe did so many great books!!!

  6. I really do need to get to the few local communist offices we have up here and map out their location, exit locations, and ingress/egress routes.

    Then there’s the other decision, “fire, explosive, rifle, pistol” choice. So many variables, so little time.

  7. lastmanstanding

    Link for order no worky.

  8. St.Maur1066

    Talks cheap, but time will tell.

  9. Mpls Old Guy

    Our neighbors will probably turn us in eventually for a bag of food

    • mister-sigint

      They can always be food for worms


      That statement is my biggest concern. It all goes back to the observation that the greatest dangers to us lie within five miles of our homes. That is what I am planning for.

  10. lastmanstanding

    Well…since I don’t vote any more, I’m glad there’s at least another option.

    A few snowflakes still falling. A small herd of elk feed silently by our living room windows and the glow of a warm fire in the stove.

    It just seems so far away sometimes.

    • It IS far away. The Other Folks still do have an interest in you. But you’re some ways down their list of actionable things to do. Location, etc. Saves you from chasing the Hate trail every day, huh.

  11. the Usual Suspect

    Short Version, go fuck yourself loser .

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. I’m about 52-48 now and the needle is moving fast, this time last year I was probably 70-30. Nearing the end of my 5th decade on this old rock, and I am actually looking forward to what is coming. All of nature needs a cleansing from time to time to rid it of vermin, parasites, and invaders that sap the strength and sustenance of the producers. Nature will prevail and the producers will remain even though the fire will consume many of them, including me probably. I’ve talked it over with my lovely bride of 38 years and mother of three strapping sons, at the end, the very very end, if need be, I keep one mag with four rounds, just in case two are duds.

    • Egads, now I gotta get a new handle or people are gonna think this’ me. Dayam.

      “looking forward to what is coming”? Are you a friggin’ idjit? No one should be looking forward to killing people (though admittedly many do deserve it!). Nothing wrong with wanting to fight for your freedom– we all should willingly do so. But don’t look forward to it; rather, accept it. War ain’t a pretty thing no matter how many times you watch Full Metal Jacket (fucking movie sucked Big Time).

    • That sounds like Hollywood fantasy. More than likely, you will be under fire returning fire, inflicting casualties while taking casualties. The aggressors will overwhelm you rapidly, or flank your position and anihilate your people.

      There is no long reflective, contemplating pause to pontificate your situation. You’ll run dry suddenly, or still be firing and going down fighting.

      As one instructor said, get professional help, as in training in a formal school.

      • Governments from local to federal have been training for some time now to kill off conservatives, libertarins, christians, and anyone who isnt going along with un 21 2030 and the nwo.

    • LOL.

      “Muslim American” hahahahah

      A Muslim can’t be an American. Let’s start with that hate speech.

  14. Ah. The usual decade after decade, year after year, ad nauseam you can step on us a much as you like, but you can only infringe on our 2A dis much… cause meel-lions and meel-lions of hunters and gun owners and Custer and Indians and because I said so crap… again.


  15. Shinmen Takezo

    • Funny stuff, Shinmen. Didn’t know if I should be concerned, worried, frightened, laughing or pooping my pants, but they were funny. Could only watch three of them before the EAS noises got to me– I always run to the radio or Tv when I hear them performing the tests (talk about Pavlov conditioning!), then get pissed that it’s only a test. And relieved that it is.

  16. Aesop, Americans will not pay $40/hour for a fully-loaded groundskeeper or roofer with citizenship, liability insurance, health insurance, occupational licenses, affirmative action, social security, medicare, all their shots and a clean bill of health from the vet. If you dox the low-end building contractor type of illegal immigrant employers, you’ll just reduce consumer choice. You’re trying to do the minimum wage thing and ban the low-cost end of the demand curve, while believing the same amount of stuff will still get bought at the new higher price. Reality doesn’t work that way, or we could set the minimum wage to $100 and all be rich. I hope you don’t do Soviet medicine like you do Soviet economics. Besides, being prejudiced against illegals is mostly racism and guild protectionism. The correct objection is to people who consume more tax-funded services than they pay for with taxes, but the correlation between ‘illegal worker’ and ‘net tax consumer’ is complicated. Break the spear shaft, don’t get impaled by the point. Why do you keep obeying tax collection laws, whitey? (Answer: because you luuves you some government, so you can point rifles, personally in your case, and force-march people you hate.)

    Haxo, moving on to prejudice towards a different group, the problem with claiming the 2% of population which is Jewish is running everything is that explanation requires the Whites to have no agency. Exactly why don’t Whites have agency, when they’re a majority, and are all said to have deer rifles to vote from the rooftops? The actual truth is that the Whites approve of the stupid policies, then hire Jews to run the bureaucracy because Jews have a cultural competency in scholarly/legislative work. Ho hum, Jews are human and power corrupts, just like everybody else. Go read the Lindbergh speech. The FDR administration bears much more responsibility for entering WWII then the Jews who owned the mainstream media — because FDR was in command of the armies! — but you’ve mostly given FDR a pass because he’s from your UK subspecies. Jews are not the only group selling lies for political gain. Christians have been claiming for 2,000 years that only their government’s employees can plead for your eternal life (another lie) with the imaginary torturer in the sky. Afterlife, the very definition of nondisprovable.

    Bracken, I’ve seen genetic testing results with a percentage labeled “European Jew”, and a geographic region that covered lots of Europe. Implication is that Jews tend to marry Jews, refuse to assimilate, then relocate every few generations when the lawyer/doctor ratio gets too high and they are pushed out. The result is a subspecies, which in humans we call a “race”. Lots of women in Playboy were Northern European Jewish, the Whites find them beautiful. The Mediterranean large nose swarthy caricature is not the whole story, Natalie Portman is also representative. Somebody ought to redo some big-nose memes with Natalie Portman faces, that will shake people up.

    What ‘William F. Buckley’ and ‘Da Joos’ are functionally doing is divide and conquer, which benefits the status quo of ‘give me power so I can protect you from the boogieman’. I’m sure they are sincere in their beliefs and don’t realize they are doing this. Sincerity makes them much better salesmen.

    • Matt Bracken


      • Daniel K Day

        Matt, sorry about the address trouble with the book, duly received. What does the acronym mean?

    • Grenadier1

      Awesome comment.
      Cant seem to get the fools to understand that the term “Bad people” is inclusive of the various subsets that they get focused on.

      Expand your target list you morons. Else you don’t root out ALL of the cancer.

    • Your Lilliputian perspective is noted.

      The problem isn’t a lack of choices for gardening help, nor has it anything in blistering fuck to do with the minimum wage nor Soviet economics.
      It’s the $40K/yr@ and up in social burden each and every illegal alien places on the system, the 10-40 actual crimes (identity theft, fraud, DUI, hit-and-run, and worse) they’ll commit, the 5-20 unpaid visits to the ER, the drag on the school system, the police, the courts, the jails, the prisons, and then the latching onto food stamps, Social Security, Medicare, and every last other nipple of the Welfare State they’ll suck on 24/7/365/forever while standing on the corner waiting for that cash job.
      To say nothing of the cumulative suck on civilization 40M illiterate grade-school dropouts bring to a society just by being here.

      I don’t give a fuck if it means you have to cut your own grass, or hire somebody for white people’s wages to get your patio in or clean your house. Boo frickin’ hoo. But if, FFS, you were hiring someone for those jobs who wasn’t already a gargantuan automatic parasitic drag on the entire society before they even get their pants on in the morning once they make bail, you wouldn’t have 40M of them here now, from the little Julio sucking mamacita’s titty to the grandfather coming to the hospital 3 times a week for “emergency” dialysis because in Mexico he’d get left to die at the curb, and four criminal tios and primos about which I’m concerned, and which problem has entirely escaped your own myopic notice.

      And the 10-30 more relatives and friends they’ll have living in their garage and tool shed next year because you did Jack and Shit to discourage them this year.

      We haven’t even brought into it the small army hourly marching in heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines, carfentanil, and dope by the metric fuckton, and the cartel lifestyle they bring to every place they infest. Nor the literal chapters of diseases once eradicated here in the first world they inflict daily from their pipeline here straight from the Turd World, and the growing communal cesspits that spreads in 48 states, from Bumfuck to Big City.

      That’s what happens when you ignore 1M/yr in fresh problems for 40 years.

      So maybe stop giving the Chamber of Commerce GOPe answer like it solved anything, or contributed in any meaningful way to the discussion.

      And people obey tax collection laws because spending life inside a prison cell or with their head on the end of a spike is a poor consolation prize for trying things the other way, going back only about 6000 years of recorded human history.

      The genius of your drooling nonsense is its own reward.
      Stop barking to dog whistles no one is blowing beyond the voices in your own head, and prescribing solutions to problems you clearly don’t even understand, and probably cannot comprehend.

  17. you know this sight has a lot of good info. It has a lot of dedicated people providing lessons learned.
    Last time I checked no one man has all the answers or is right all the time.
    But here we sit bickering about this and that like a bunch of old ladies.
    Meanwhile or enemies are out there doing it while we sit on the porch and bitch.
    We are being ground under by the glacier of political action, our rights our very livelihoods are being erased because we cant get our shit in one sock and work together.
    Im sure most of you have read SunTzu, and The prince. Or at least are passingly familiar with them. Clue the left is using that info against us to great effect.
    I’ll own my short comings, I do what I can and I try to prepare my kids for what is to come still be a dad and pay the bills.
    However we need to stop bickering and fucking act. Start close to home make the fuckers know that you are here and watching and that you are not amused. I would like to see my grandkids some day but if don’t at least I can help shape the world into a better place for them.
    so stop being a bunch of cunts and find out how we all can make this shit happen

    • Matt Bracken

      “Start close to home make the fuckers know that you are here and watching and that you are not amused.”
      One way to make the fuckers know we are here might be to routinely wear a bit of camo as a group ID. Even a ball cap or t-shirt. Or an old piece of military camo, trousers or blouse. Anti-gun statist prog commies hate even thinking about the fact that countless millions of heritage Americans go out in the boonies to shoot and kill other mammals for sport, food, and also training for the coming festivities.

      So put camo in their faces, and let the bolshies know we are here. It looks redneck? Great. Make them sweat. Where I live, the most common “gang colors” are RealTree, MossyOak etc. You can’t go into a popular restaurant or public space and not see some camo, and believe me, the local commies are mighty quiet in the presence of camo. They just shut up and look down at their feet. So show your colors, in public, in camo.

      • I wear camo all the time and absolutely right, no hassles for me and I’m south of Bodymore Murderland.

      • MB,

        Yep, same here. We have lots of bona fide rednecks – I am one of many. I grew up in Pungo, VA, you know where that is. Shit, the local highschool kids whose daddy works at BofA, Wells Fargo, et al and they live in a $750K+ home – wear the same camo gang colors for “respect.” These are kids who moved to my AO from NY, NJ, OH, IL metro areas when they were 3 cuz parents got tired of the cold and my AO was growing like a boomtown and theirs was a cesspool.

        The one way to shut up the carpetbaggers and the New South cucks and libs is to show up at the local dog park, street fest, PTA meeting, restaraunt with a multi-cam hat, bars and stars morale patch and a ZeroGov anarchy T-shirt. You can see them inhale in a panic and whisper but they dont.say.shit.

    • WORD! to MikeH.

      Ever see a hive of ants or bees standing around bitching at each other? I ain’t. They are all either underground or in a tree or log working side-by-side, with some visible outliers patrolling the flanks so there are no surprises to the hive.


      So should we all. Enable and help those need. Share your wisdom and experience, not venom. Plenty of that out there already.


      MikeH: “We are being ground under by the glacier of political action, our rights our very livelihoods are being erased because we can’t get our shit in one sock and work together.” Excellent, my friend. But, as Paul Harvey used to say: “…now, the rest of the story.” While most of us on this site are pretty much in agreement about things going to Hell in an handbasket, our neighbors, co-workers, and family members are not. Everyone has their own little stash of bread and circuses. And, they are conditioned to put up with life’s minor annoyances.
      Let’s say, for example, a True Believer who is skilled and prepped, goes out one night and shoots paintballs at traffic cams. The police respond, city workers, vested in their pensions and benefits, clean up the mess, the local press stays quiet about it, and life goes on. Or, take the guy in Austin, TX a few years back who out of total hopelessness, dived his plane into the IRS building. It made the news, and life went on.
      I could list many other incidents. Right now, the Famous But Incompetent is investigating the murder of the white husband and wife by the Houston PD over a: “…no-knock drug raid.” Even if one or more of the Orcs are indicted, nothing much will happen outside of Houston.
      Nothing of any consequence in this corrupt, syphilitic country will change until we go full Weimar. And that may never happen. So, I keep: “…my shit in my own sock.” I do what I can and stay gray. I STFU and try to win small battles here in my A/O.
      Time may be on the side of the Leviathan. Demographics are changing and as more of these Godless, selfish youngsters come of voting age, there will be more of a demand for freebies. That alone could hasten an economic collapse. Until the Sheeple run out of Pepsi, Nacho Cheese Doritos, and Mickey Big Mouth malt liquor, nothing much will change. Take care of yourself and your tribe as best as you can. Plan accordingly. Bleib ubrig.