Falcon 37 Advanced Engagement Charging Handle: First Glance

Part 1 of 2.

Looks interesting.

23 responses to “Falcon 37 Advanced Engagement Charging Handle: First Glance

  1. Interesting
    with one eyebrow raised.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      I don’t use my Charging handle that much…

      I would buy a 3rd Ghillie suit before I bought this…

      Just my opinion.

  2. Blue Falcon. That charging handle is NOT YOUR FRIEND. Do not use it to drop the BCG during mag reloads. Do not ride it home. Do not STICK A LEVER ON THE END AND REST YOUR FACE ON IT.

    But don’t listen to us boomercuckgeezerhomoheebtardfaggotcucks, go ahead in your millenial Dunning-Kruger hubris and break that stupid shit doing exactly what I just said not to. It’s your money. Your life. Your family’s lives. Who gives a shit.

    Or if you have a John Merrick shaped head, get a short fixed stock if you wear armor or milspec fixed stock if chicken plates are teh ghey. Build it up with a cheekpad. Change scopes, scope height. Shitcan the scope and stick with irons (two thumbs up). Get an AK. Get a G3. Get a FAL. Dump all that shit on your chest and hanging off your LBE so you quickly obtain and maintain proper shoulder pressure and cheek weld. That’s with either strong or weak side. At night. Half awake and sleep deprived. Antbit. Hungry as hell with a load in your pants with a platoon of gooks actively trying to cut your head off and put it on a stick.

    This should cost a five day 100 mile full ruck hump of pain. The departing stupid should fucking be painful, sweaty, bloody and sore as it leaves your body with permanent visual scars.

    • What Fred said.

    • That is some funny,accurate shit. I hadn’t heard ,”departing stupid” before. I will make it a part of my current vocabulary. WRSA is a lot like Mr. Rogers neighborhood for dysfunctional fuck-ups. Thank you.

    • Old Gray Wolf

      Good advice. Seems pretty hard to follow, given the obsession with gear that pervades all of America, and the gun world in particular. Wonder how many people will die in the upcoming festivities simply due to a prized whizzbang doohickey shitting the bed when it matters most? People forget. The most important thing in a fight, any fight, is to land effective hits faster and more accurately than the opponent… Harder to do that all loaded down with non-essential shit.

  3. The Usual Suspect

    NYET !

  4. The CH has always been this platform’s weak spot, better to get an upper that does away with all that in favor of an old WW2 style cocking handle

    • Primary IS a WWII charging handle, in .30-06. AR is secondary, because battlefield supremacy weapons beat the hell out of battlefield parity weapons.

      And I’m getting older and the injuries are slowing me down, so I’d prefer to “Walk Don’t Run”…


  5. kypartisan

    Seems interesting. would eliminate the “ears” of a regualer charging handle biting/jabbing/getting snagged on things. Its not something i would but just to try but i may try one on my next AR build.

  6. Conceptually I like it. In actual execution it looks currently like a good way to disable your weapon with the least amount of effort. Some of the extant side charging options hold more water. Not saying it couldn’t be refined, only that it’s about half way there.

    I’m available for product refinement and design assistance. Lots of experience in a near peer industry.

  7. ghostsniper

    “Change scopes, scope height.”

    When I built my flat top I found that when I tried to see through the scope my head would have to tilt slightly, which made the cross hairs non-vertical.
    The solution was to put a QD 1/2″ riser under the scope. Now, the scope is a little higher which allows my head to be higher too and therefore as my face gets narrower as it rises, my head doesn’t need to tilt. Frankly, hardly ever use the charging handle. But, at just $65 I might try it and see.

  8. Johnny Paratrooper

    I guess that’s a good idea.

    I would rather just buy 250 rounds of laser-beam accurate M193

  9. Does it help with this?

    • NorthGunner

      Looks like a good way for her to get her ass countersnipered….

      The roof Koreans must be laughing their asses off at her ‘non-tactical’ display.

      She’s obviously a member of B.A.M. aka
      ‘Broad Assed Marksmen’.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  10. I like it. Wouldn’t mind trying one.

  11. Looks like a accident waiting to happen. Brownells modular flattop riser mount system might cure your cheek weld/eye alignment problem.

  12. Looks like the answer to the question nobody asked.

  13. You guys STILL using ARs? That is soooo 1980s.

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. Looks like something designed by David Hogg. Does it have a built in bottle opener?