From A WRSA Reader In Finland

People around the world are beginning to understand.

Once you grok that elections are also a ruse, your choices become clear.


Or crush those who destroyed your country.

Break the spear shaft.

At every level.

20 responses to “From A WRSA Reader In Finland

  1. Voting is Useless

  2. CW2isComing

    After investing 6:41 of my time on this video the people are told to go out and “vote.” Really? There is no voting ourselves out of this! The Uniparty that controls our Nation consists of the political class of elites–takers–and their entrenched unelected bureaucrats. Voting has not worked. They are playing with matches.

  3. VOTING? Haven’t we tried at that? I found this clip rather interesting from the land of Simo Häyhä. When Uncle Joe Stalin invaded their turf in ’39-’41, here’s what the real Finns dished out: No “voting” here:


    Well, that was 6:40 out of my life which I wasted. “If you want change you have to vote for change”?! Seriously? I would counsel the Finns to pull their Moisins out of mothballs and get to work. That will give them change.
    Here in Amerika, it’s the same. There is no way we are voting our way out of this. The National Red Flag Law will be enacted any day now. The Sheeple in my A/O just confiscated more of my honest, earned wealth at the “ballot box” for “public schools”. Keep planning and prepping. Channel your anger and outrage into many areas. Bleib ubrig.

    • agreed

      i just think they wussed for Sinn Fein reasons

      the Finns i have known are PFS

      pretty freaking serious

    • Grey Ghost


      Don’t feel bad the sheeple here just upped my property taxes for a new school. I’m pretty damn sure the election was rigged. The only voting location was not announced til a week before the election. NONE of the normal election poling stations were open. Yeah you guessed it the vote was held at the school. Sheep. Fucking people voting to increase their own real property. At this point I’m thinking 250 Million, damn close to tFat’s number.

      Grey Ghost

    • lastmanstanding

      Happening every where D, not just in your zone.

      Gray man all the way. Patience is the virtue.

  5. Actually, voting does work…

    Cue: But, but, but… that’s not me!

    Also cue:

  6. Had me until Mother Nature spat out a golem that push-handed the NWOGs’ demons out of them.

    Tai Chi ain’t gonna work on this problem.

    If you are going to be called a SIX HRB (Sexist, Intolerant, Xenophobic, Homophobic, Racist & Bigoted) anyway, put some serious Sugar Tits violence in your propaganda.


  7. Angry American

    It would be helpful to put a warning in the body of the post, something like: “The problem is identified well, the conclusion is fucking retarded, but most of the video is really good. You can skip the end after 6:40 or so.”

  8. Dweezil is correct, we ain’t voting our way out of this. After 125 years of prog policies, thanks primarily to Roosevelt, Wilson, Taft, and Teddy’s cousin Franklin setting the groundwork. More money for indoctrination centers ain’t gonna cut it, nor will any more “diversity”. Only way I see out of it is a shadow trustworthy gov in place, then another Declaration Of Independence and abolish our present form en-masse. Return to The principles of our Constitution with a few changes to the amendments, doing away with a number of the most intrusive ones. Read “Devils Advocate” by Taylor Caldwell for an idea on how it’s done. Other than that, and a more likely scenario is another civil war. We will have our country back!!!!

  9. It seemed like controlled opposition to me

  10. “It was a disgusting, vile act — that, there is no excuse; there is no explaining it; there is no justification,” San Antonio Police Chief William McManus told KOMO News after the termination of an officer for, quite literally, giving a homeless man a sh*t sandwich.


  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. Voting does work. Every political system, everywhere and everywhen, is fundamentally a direct democracy, because all governments depend on mass obedience to fund them with taxes. Problem is, most humans are instinctively communists, which is genetically-programmed behavior they inherited from the gorillas and chimpanzees. If you want to be free, you will have to hold off 99% of humans at weapon-point forever. Technology growth makes this easier and cheaper each day.

  13. Wow!!!!

    That was awesome! I half to say gentlemen it feels so famn good to be winning. I cant believe I wasted so much of my life truimg to play the good libertarian.

    Forget the non aggression principle from here until all our children and grandchildren are safe its the nonstop agression princple.

  14. sirlancelot

    Went to Finland for the first time in 2000 . It was truly a paradise. It reminded me a lot of the USA in the 1970s . White, clean, low crime, pride in their people and their country.

    There is an evil behind the scenes looking to ruin every white country on the face of the Earth.

    • NorthGunner

      “There is an evil behind the scenes looking to ruin every white country on the face of the Earth.”

      sirlancelot, meet Barbara Specter and Prof. Noel Ignatiev;
      willing agents of ‘that evil that lurks behind the scenes’.

      The plan… (Barbara Specter pontificates on why Europe MUST choose
      ‘multicultralism/mass immigration’ and the double standard held elsewhere)

      Noel Ignatiev Urging White Genocide

      Of course there are those that DON’T want us to
      see the folks ‘behind the curtain pulling the levers’.

      It’s a different matter when folks like Barbara and
      Noel leave the curtained alcove and say it out loud
      in broad daylight they do above.

      It’s clear from her tweets that Barabra DOESN’T
      consider herself white, either. It’s obvious that
      from his comments above that Noel Ignatiev certainly doesn’t.

      Thanks to both Lana and Henrik at Red Ice
      for bringing the above tweets to people’s attention!

      Barbara Lerner Spectre On Twitter!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  15. Mark Matis

    would be even MORE effective than the fuel tankers I expounded about the other day. Although probably far more difficult to get hold of, and less likely to look like it “belongs” where it would be needed.

    But if you go this way and end up being the driver, make sure your fire extinguishers are empty so you can quickly flee the area while realistically telling occupants of other vehicles nearby: “Run for your lives! She’s gonna blow!

    I suspect there are some bridges, especially near the heart of the larger hives, where something such as this would be FAR better than a mere fuel tanker. And done properly midspan, you wouldn’t need to waste the effort of a sniper for the crane operator during repairs…