Introducing the Dark Voice of Clownworld.


He is your future.

Embrace it.

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  1. Now that’s MAX headroom.

    All that space and nothing inside.

    Open season, no limit.

    • WHOA! Talk about “headspace,” eh, oughtsix! We gotta think positive.

      That Clown’s got some immense rental space available on his noggin. Bezos or even Warren Buffet, hell–even the local cable tee-vee providers– will pay big money for a billboard on that big-screen head. Heck–there’s good money to be made in marketing. A small battery pack or even solar powered, and he’d light up with ads like:

      “Colt .45 Six Pack Now On Sale at Abdul’s Quick Check”
      “Bling-Bling Galore Down at Sol’s Jewelry Store”
      “Popeye’s Pay$Day Fried Chicken TODAY!”

      Even gay Kenyans fall for an ad to get him some good melon, when he’s not out pullin’ levers to get a Brutha outta trouble in Chicago:

    • TheAlaskan

      His I/Q test just came back. He’ll be fine….it came back negative.

  2. Is that photoshopped? That can’t be his real head, can it?

    • Agreed, I worked with mucho dindus over the years and saw lotsa whatta heads but lawsey, aint never seen no silo head – mercy!!

  3. Is it the Diversity? Nope, it’s the commies again/still. Names you know. Diana puts out an answer to “WHY?”

    • Yeah, red thread.

      When you unwrap the layers of dissimulation and misdirection in Judaism, at some point you will discover the pagan elements of Judaism, including reincarnation, sun worship, moon worship, polytheism, simulated copulation with a demon (“davening”), animal sacrifices, curses, and black magic. If you approach the rabbis at this point with the incontrovertible evidence, they will insist that you have only stumbled upon “Kabbalism, not really Judaism.” That too is another layer of dissimulation. These pagan beliefs and practices are not relegated to some fringe cult, but are widely practiced by religious Jews, occult practices that the synagogue of Satan (Apocalypse/Revelation 3:9) has borrowed during their exiles in Babylon (“Babylon stands higher than the land of Israel.” Kethuboth 111a), Sumeria, and Egypt.

      Rabbi Adin Israel Steinsaltz is the one who most recently translated the Talmud into English, but its publication in the 1990s was suspended because his accurate vernacular translation so inflamed Gentiles who first learned of the Master Race fundamentals of Judaism, the very same fundamentals that were first exposed by sincere converts from Judaism, the very same fundamentals that the rabbis have been denying since the Middle Ages.

      Rabbi Steinsaltz was chosen by his peers to be Nasi (נָשִׂיא), ‘Prince’ of the Sanhedrin when it was reconstituted in 2004 for the first time in 1,600 years. To put Steinsaltz’s position in perspective, he was selected to be above all other rabbis in the official court of the Jewish people. He filled the historical shoes of Caiaphas who engineered the judicial murder of Jesus Christ.

      On his recently replaced website, this highly fêted Rabbi Steinsaltz plainly and unequivocally stated that:

      “Kabbalah is the official theology of the Jewish people.”

      Judaism’s paganism is revealed in the Jews’ widely-accepted Chumash, extensive commentary in defense of Jewish beliefs, including belief in reincarnation, gilgul neshamot.

      Among the insanities of this Jewish theology:

      • “Adam engendered female demons from his spilled semen. Eve copulated with Satan and conceived Cain (Zohar 1:55a).
      • The nocturnal emissions of males are caused by Na’amah, the mother of the king of demons who titillates men in their sleep (Tishby, Zohar, 3:1365-66; pp. 309-310).
      • The patriarchs Amram, Levi, and Benjamin were conceived without sin (Zohar, 1:57b).
      • The manner in which Abraham attempted to sacrifice Isaac was wrong and God holds a grudge against Abraham for this wrong (Zohar 2:33a).
      • Moses used a speculum-like device (akin to a crystal ball) to view invisible beings (Zohar 2:23b).

      “The Kabbalah spans the gamut from pornographic and nonsensical to profoundly Satanic:

      • Israel must make sacrifices to Satan so that he will leave Israel unmolested (Zohar 2:33a).
      • The evil impulse is good, and without the evil impulse Israel cannot prevail in the world (Zohar 1:61a).

      “There is much more like this, enough to fill many dozens of volumes.…”
      The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome
      by Michael Hoffman, ISBN 978-0990954729, pp. 165-175 and p. 194.

      See also:

      “Judaism and Paganism”
      in The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today
      by Elizabeth Dilling, Chapter 7

      Read the rabbinical double-talk about Jewish paganism:

      Jewish Paganism: Oxymoron or Innovation?
      by Jay Michaelson, Forward magazine, December 9, 2005

      The ‘science’ of psycho-analysis was created from Talmudic and Cabalist concepts, for two reasons: (1) as a coping mechanism for Jewish guilt complexes associated with #incest endemic in an endogamous culture for millennia; (2) as a ‘messianic’ weapon against the ‘evil’ gentiles.… Read Jewish scholar and a co-founder of ‘humanistic psychology’, David Bakan’s Sigmund Freud and the Jewish Mystical Tradition if you think I’m exaggerating or making it up.”

      More here:

      Of course, for some, name-calling and proud ignorance trump verifiable facts.

      Be “brave” — use your real name because there is so much danger is submitting to (((them))) and spreading their “hasbara.” Be “brave” like the “amen corner” of the U.S. Knesset, catamites in obeisance at AIPAC. Thank you for your service.

      • Grenadier1

        Except Kabbalah is NOT official Jewish theology. Its Jewish Mysticism and its not even unique to Judaism. There is Christian Kabbalah.
        You continue to quote the Zohar as if it is the holy book of Judaism.
        Its not.
        It is analogous to something like the Gnostic bible or Coptic bible.
        Its not something that is accepted among the average Jew. There is significant disagreement among Jews as to the correctness of the Zohar. Just like there are plenty of Christians that disagree with your version of Christianity.

        Regarding your quotes from the Zohar..
        You are leaving out significant amounts of information here.
        Just to address the first bit about Adam and female demons. There are plenty of Christians who will recognize the name “Lilith”. She was the first wife of Adam and became a mother of demons. You may not accept that because you are a Catholic but plenty of other Christians accept it as being very real although not officially biblical.

        • Grenadier1

          Well, this is just some fun stuff.

          “Judaism and Paganism”
          in The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today
          by Elizabeth Dilling, Chapter 7

          First off. Molech was not a Babylonian god. He was a Canaanite god possibly even a Phoenician one (Baal) but not Babylonian. Marduk was the principle god of Babylon and Ishtar (funny how that sounds like Easter right? she WAS a goddess of fertility and Spring time IS the time of fertility) was their other deity.
          The rest of this page is ascribing various forms of Superstition as being “worship”. That’s just some crazy eye rolling stuff, I mean it would be like accusing Christians of worshiping a fertility goddess because their celebration of the death and rebirth of Jesus conveniently happened in the Spring time. Lets not even get into the adulation and worship of Mary..

        • Grenadier1

          Here is a note of the Zohar, which I note that your most crazy quotes tend to come from. You tend to assert that it represents mainstream Judaism and that it is the driving principle behind the Jewish conspiracy.

          Its part of Hasidic philosophy no doubt but even among the Hasidic groups there is considerable disagreement on interpretation of the Torah just like there is difference in the interpretation of the bible.

          Here is the explanation of the quote
          “Israel must make sacrifices to Satan so that he will leave Israel unmolested (Zohar 2:33a).”

          So not exactly as sinister as its made out. They are talking about sacrificing a goat (scape goat) so that the accuser (Satan) will be preoccupied with that portion and thus not try to disrupt the relationship between God and the Hebrews.

          As usual there is FAR deeper meaning to the information you pick out and present as being “evidence” of Jewish evil.

  4. Mark Matis

    Imagine, if you will, THIS:
    on hive bridges across this country during rush hour. Not necessarily tankers flipping, as this one did. But instead merely “accidentally” catching on fire mid-span on major hive bridges, preferably at or slightly outside the hive perimeter.

    Thousands of vehicles such as this wander the roadways in the hives every day. Such a vehicle with one or two people in the cab would look like it belongs there. If the vehicle were rigged to be ignited, it wouldn’t necessarily look out of place. Of course, the men in the cab would quickly get out and try to put out the fire with the equipment those vehicles have to carry. But if those extinguishers were empty, well, it would be normal for those men to then start evacuating vehicles around them, telling the occupants to “run for your life before it blows up!

    If this were to happen in rush hour, emergency services would have a difficult time getting to the vehicle before the bridge span was destroyed. But other than people panicking and suffering heart attacks, there should be little loss of life in the process.

    Why would one want to do this on hive bridges at or outside the hive perimeter? Well then one well-placed sniper could observe the repair of the bridge, which is almost guaranteed to involve use of a large crane. When said crane was placing a large structural member – possibly a deck section? – it would be a shame to fire one round into the crane cab as that item was nearing final placement. Four or five feet from the end point would be about ideal. One need not actually hit the crane operator to get the desired results.

    One Shot Paddy can work in many different ways.

    Now one caveat: Hive “leaders” are stupid and corrupt. But this will only work a few times before they figure out what’s going on and the tanker truck crews have a far more difficult time making this work. One or two tests at random hives across the country might not be noticed as a pattern, and would provide a means to properly refine the process. But onesies and twosies on a continuing basis will make subsequent operations far less likely to succeed.

  5. If Obama had a son………

  6. only in murka does a fucking goddamnd faggot jew nigger indicted on 16 felony charges walk and get nominated for a fucking award.

    fuck that bullshit cuntry.

    let the POS burn to the ground and kill any survivors.

    and fuck those goddanmd pig cops for protecting the entire shitshow.
    like they are really doing a good thing keeping it all together- ASSHOLES.

  7. Put me off my boiled eggs this mornin’.

  8. Not clown world, just normal human behavior in a dog eat dog world. Only the strong survive.

    When it comes down to limited resources such as land, if you don’t want to be forever wandering with no place to sit or lay down until you drop dead in your tracks you have to pick a spot and kick out the people presently there and then defend your land against those who would move in. This applies to nation states and ethnic groups and homeless people living in a city park or other area where homeless people are allowed to live in tents as well.

    Perhaps the following story is an example of what to expect from the police response who have to deal with too much Clown World on a daily basis:

    “Chicago cops were looking for drugs. Instead, they raided a 4-year-old’s birthday party, a family says.”

    Seventeen police officers with guns drawn and using F-words and refused to show a warrant. Seems like the only male present was a four year old boy. I’m guessing the police probably figured they were all single mothers and their sons were all criminals and came in hard to keep control of the situation based upon the previous behavior of some black women.

    Also a lesson here perhaps for those of us who are not single black women at a four year old’s birthday party with a child’s birthday cake and a bottle of vodka in the bedroom. – When the police pay you a visit with crowbars, sledge hammers, and a battering ram and guns drawn high on adrenaline, that may not be the best time to make your stand or lodge your protest.

    • the scum pigs should’ve shot both self-replicating she-boons and i would’ve had a sliver of respect for them- but NOPE. and whats with the colorful clown head on the niglet?

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    • White guy here. I guess you have never been felony stopped on a misidentification.

  9. Grenadier1

    That guy didn’t beat the other homeless man with a bat, he forced him down with his Wizard powers.


    Avoid crowds. Avoid the colored people. Avoid Blue Hives, if at all possible.

  11. And still, after all these years…

  12. Shinmen Takezo

    Fuk me!!!

    I thought CA was pulling my leg with a photo shopped image of this feral knee-grow… but no.

    This mutant is the real deal, and violent too.
    This guy is right out of the movie “This Island Earth,” sans the white hair.

    Pretty soon they’re gonna’ start looking like this below, then I’m really gonna’ grab my Glock…

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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