The Woes Of John Brennan

(Earl: Brennan Knows What’s Coming)

Here’s Why Devin Nunes Could Submit a Criminal Referral for CIA Director John Brennan

Reconciling ‘Spygate’ With The ‘Soft Coup’ – Five Phases That Explain The Behavior





No one is coming to save you.

And the country of your birth is gone.

Adapt or go mad.

6 responses to “The Woes Of John Brennan

  1. And what did I get flamed on this very forum for last year? OH YEH!! I said that no one would be hanged. No one would go to jail, and unless they are very unlucky, only a few low level worker bees will even be charged, much less stand and testify. NO ONE on ether side want’s to have the truth spoken. We have a “system” built on lies ,theft ,drug dealing and murder. Until we exterminate ALL of “government” from the highest unto the lowest. That is all we will ever have again. We did nothing and lost the “soft war”. Now we pay the bill. Trump is just another swamp rat, in a town that does not allow anyone else to serve. We got conned. Now get over that and GOYA. While you still have weapons.

    • Grey Ghost

      ^^^ Word ^^^ Just wait til the Trumpster signs the Federal Red Flag law that Graham and Rubio want.

  2. Check the date on this article:

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  4. NZ, GB, AU all did more than Russia. Traitors go first.

    past tense: interfered; past participle: interfered
    take part or intervene in an activity without invitation or necessity.