2 Short Info Blegs

1. Common object dimensions for use in mil-dot ranging (e.g., human face 8″ high, etc.)

2. Foreign dentistry havens, so that a former 1ID soldier can get the full-mouth rebuild he needs without dropping $50k.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. RE #1: You want a table itself?, or you are building the table from dimensions provided, e.g., common single-width telecomm pedestal (skinny green box seen all over) 46″H x 6″ square, (6″ of which likely beneath soil) , etc.

    • just the dimensions


      • Trackin. Amending fat-fingered dimension above, you may see the above pedestal on a slab like that (there’s a cable ‘vault’ underneath). More commonly in rural settings much more is buried and about the top 26″ will be above ground & measurable.

      • A corollary consideration

        Frank Galli holds forth on the 5% error… rounding off…

        Mils or MOA
        This debate is never going to end, but we should agree on the facts. Every day we see the uninformed arguments how one angular unit of measurement is better than the other. The truth of the matter is, one is not better, they are just different ways of breaking down the same thing.

        Personally, outside of the disciplines like Benchrest Shooting and F Class, I think Minutes of Angle should be retired. We have bastardized the unit to the point people have no idea a true MOA is not 1″ at 100 yards, or 10″ at 1000, but 1.047″ and 10.47″ at 1000. If you round this angle, you create errors at the longer distances. Today we shoot a lot farther than before, 5% of error compounding at an extended range will cause a miss. In fact, this is one of the main reason your ballistic software does not work. You default to MOA when in reality your scope adjusts in Inches Per Hundred Yards.…


        [odd URL, eh?]

  2. Ronn L James

    Ok brother I got your six. If you need good dentistry you need to go to Joco Costa Rica. a Great dentist there. Had 3 cavities filled and a cleaning 80 bucks. was going to lose a tooth he brought in a specialist friend who did a root canal and installed a post and fixed the tooth for 300.00. Same dentist said he could cap all 13 top teeth for 3000.00. Done in one week a Beautiful vacation and Beautiful women who love Americans. Hope this helps.

  3. I use appliance carton boxes and cut them to “torso size.” Can be painted, patched, mounted, hung, etc.

  4. My parents have had excellent results with dental rebuilds in Mexico at about 1/3 the cost of the same procedure in the US.

  5. CA, very much enjoying your 15 fighters series. Can you do one for gloves? I’m on my 3rd pair in 4 years and need recommendations for something durable and affordable. Thanks.

  6. How tall is a 6 foot ladder?

  7. CA, off topic, but WiscoDave said just to drop this anywhere. Concerning your 15 fighters topics. Have you seen this site?
    I found blankets, canteens, web gear, etc. all sorts of goodies. Seems to be a gold mine for gear. Haven’t ordered from them yet however.

  8. Dental: Los Algodones, Mexico. It’s just across the Arizona border. Friend went there for total rebuild after years of pounding Mountain Dew and chain smoking ruined his choppers. US dentists (3) quoted him between $57-$66K. His Mexico cost including food & board in Arizona + charter bus to/from MX clinic was less than $6,500.

    Almost 2 years post procedures and he’s had no issues. US dentist told him work looks good. US dentist doesn’t know work was done in MX.

  9. Just across the border with Mexico. Plenty of well trained dentist with modern treatments for about 1/5 the cost. My implant estimated 6800.00 here and 1750.00 just across from Laredo. I have moved away from that area for safety reasons. I would go down there for dental treatment though.

  10. Can only offer the results of a google search for “dental tourism”.

    This seems to be a good site to read up on everything and decide where to go from there:



    All the best to our brother.

  11. First comment here in a while. Yesterday, I shot my .223 bolt gun and 6.5 Creedmoor out to the farthest reaches I have access to; 547 yards. I shot standard 4.25 inch clay pigeons off the berms, with ease, with both rifles at that range. I am well pleased with the result. Aim small, miss small.

    • Hope you’re well Brother…It has been awhile…

    • lastmanstanding

      If you are doing 500 with .223 at sub moa, that is some good shooting.

      With a 6.5, its expected. 😉

      Note to reds…Stay clear of bowman.

    • (Planting tongue firmly in cheek.)
      Gosh, H– that’s less’n a MOA… and slightly more than a mil.
      (Tongue removed from cheek)

      Good shootin’.

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. toy soldiers, 2.5″

    this AM I ambushed and wiped out an entire 6-man opfor patrol @
    a simulated dry-fire range of c. 200 yards. All the kills were single shots except for one guy who was army-crawling along the ground; that took 3.

    Aesop and Texan were firing from another direction, but I don’t think they hit anyone at all.

    • Priceless.

      Laughter is good for the soul.

    • Actually, I was dialing in a new carbine at an actual range today.

      It’s not surprising you still have some of yours laying around to play with, and good that you have age-appropriate toys and a hobby that keeps you from hurting yourself. If tonight is your weekly bath night, perhaps you can also hone your naval prowess sinking your toy boats in the tub.

      If there’s ever a threat from plastic army men, you’re the new SME.
      Perhaps you can practice “simulated” long-range with some of these:

      If you can’t find them online, I’m sure Haxo has a set that isn’t too chewed up from BBs that he could lend you.

      • in fact Haxo bought those toy soldiers new a couple years ago. They make for a more realistic human-form targeting practice.

        Aesop, on the other hand, will still be banging away on the square range

        at round paper targets

        when comrade Newsom’s polizei arrive and pick him up.

  14. Night driver

    Have yer operator check with RESQDOC who may or may no longer be associated with the guys at Caves Branch in Belize. Though the guys at caves Branch SHOULD be able to hook him up. Unless they’ve all evaporated in the past few years.

    Tell ’em Shadowfane (AKA Chuck Night Driver /Chuck Rienzo) sent him.

  15. For openers, the standard height of an American door is about 80″ (6’8″). Table height averages between 30″ and 32″; chair seat heights are at an average 16″. Fence posts are normally 48″ above ground (depends who drives the post, really– some people may get overly enthusiastic). In most common construction, window tops are at the same height level as a door (simplifies layout and header sizes). Size/height of window– ‘picture’ vs ‘sash’– can vary upon design. Average car wheel can vary with model, but 16″ is close to the modern norm now-a-days; height with rubber can vary, again due to design. (Interesting to me that I noted my van wheels are higher than my truck, but the truck sits higher due to shocks/spring clearance.) For heads, consider a ten inch high oval with 8″ width. Body length will vary between individuals, but the most common height is 5’10” to 6′, but is about to change due to younger people growing taller than their parents. (Still, an average is close enough for mil-specking, I’m thinking.) A seated man is about 31 inches from the chair (IIRC)- it could be 33″ or so. Consider between the two. A kneeling man (again, averages) is about 40″ tall. For an average shot, one inch high or low won’t make much difference in POI at 500 yards. Once I find a longer range, I’ll need new come-ups for everything… oh, boy! More range fun. Love it.

    (A thought experiment: if one mil is 3.6 inches at 100 meters, then 7.2 would be two mils, and 10 7/8″ is three mils, at one hundred meters. Extrapolate that by using a tape measure/ruler to get sizes of various objects to learn mil-size at 100 meters. [I’m not sure that works, since my mil-dot has no tenths, but at 500 yards, a ten inch circle appears about the size of a gnat at four feet.] OK, just kidding with that. I think. Maybe.)

      • Yup, SH is a good site (I’m a member) with tons of information.

        Also good for study are Major Plaster’s book Ultimate Sniper; FM-23-10, if one is interested in military manuals; and for those who love doing math (I personally hate it but do it ‘cuz I have to), Anthony Cirincione’s (sp?) book Long Range Precision Rifle is a pretty good read.

        The purpose of the thought experiment is to get the brain thinking of common items in terms of Mil/MOA (whichever is used), rather than a flat-out rule. Of course, one has to consider the size of a Mil or MOA, neither of which is a rounded over number, but we so often round them as a matter of convenience. Seriously: how often does one consider a mil to be 3.6″? Probably as often as one considers an MOA to be 1.04″. Anyway, fun playing those head games at times– they keep the mind active.

  16. Matt Bracken

    Here’s a tip for free or dirt-cheap torso-sized steel reactive gong targets. Just use old steel BBQ-size propane tanks. They are about 16″ tall by 12″ diameter. Professional trainer won’t use them, the pros will pay high dollar for high quality steel targets. But you can just shoot the hell out of old (empty) propane tanks. You can set them on berms, or stumps, or hang them from branches, or hang them from your own home-made frames. They ring and move just great, and you can shoot them from any angle. They’ll take 100s of rifle rounds no problem before they are totally torn up. Naturally, you won’t use them for close range training due to potential ricochets. But from 50 yards to infinity, old steel propane tanks are terrific targets.

  17. i’d be leery of out of country dental work.

    no recourse.

    one thing i know about dental work. the more you have done, the more can go wrong- and will.

    if it ain’t needed- yank it.

    • Help shitheads with dental problems. Kick their teeth out. Do your part. Model citizen.

    • @tfA-t

      Yes, the more “work” is being done in any surgical setting the greater the trauma to the body and the greater the recovery time and the greater a chance of things going wrong. Problems such as with anesthesia and post op infections, etc.

      Out of the country the local standards of medical care / staff / tools / procedures in the dental clinic, the availability of a good local hospital in case of an emergency and what materials they are using for the dental implants / fillers are important.

      That is why is it is best to go on recommendations. Like CA is trying to get for his friend. Not everyone is rich, and “American” doctors and clinics can screw up too.

      I myself would rather they get it right the first time than being concerned with being able to seek recourse via legal means in the U.S.

  18. An oldie that may not hold true any longer, but make some observations.

    Before the invention of the high volt line, steel towers and wireless the MaBell std for spacing telephone poles was 700′. Most prevalent in the West and rural America. The exception to that spacing is when either terrain required it or the line made a turn.

  19. Assuming a 90 degree view —
    AM General specs —

    M966 / M998 / M1025 / M1035 / M1043 / M1045 / M1097 – 180″
    M1026 / M1036 / M1038 / M1042 / M1044 / M1046 – 185″
    M996 / M997 – 202″
    M998 / M1035 / M1037 / M1038 / M1042 – 69″
    M966 / M1025 / M1026 / M1036 / M1043 / M1044 / M1045 / M1046 – 73″
    M996 – 86″
    M997 – 102″
    Width: 85″
    Vehicle Curb Weight:
    M998 / M1035 / M1038 – 7,700 lbs.
    M966 / M1025 / M1026 / M1036 – 8,200 lbs.
    M1043 / M1044 / M1045 / M1046 – 8,400 lbs.
    M966 / M1037 / M1042 – 8,660 lbs.
    M997 – 9,100 lbs.
    M1097 / M1097A1 – 10,000 lbs.
    M998A1 / M1035A1 / M1038A1 – 7,880 lbs.
    M966A1 / M1025A1 / M1026A1 – 8,380 lbs.
    M1043A1 / M1044A1 / M1045A1 / M1046A1 – 8,580 lbs.
    M996A1 – 8,580 lbs.
    M997A1 – 9,280 lbs.
    Ground Clearance: 16″ Loaded

  20. bibleater Thomas

    Whatever dentist gets used, you should be treating each tooth and gum with food grade essential CLOVE oil 2-3 times a day. It has been the go to treatment for many years for tooth and gum ptoblems. Clove oil is one of the most powerful natural antibiotics. It is cheap and it works to minimize infections so as to minimize further dental work, also post op recovery is greatly shortened. My dentist is pissed that the last 5 years I’ve no problems now.
    Young living essential oils online is the best stuff you can get – oil, toothpaste, mouthwash all excellent.
    Do it God’s way (natural) or evil big pharma/dental/medical your choice.

  21. My wife is a dentist, we are located in Manila. Pm me. Coneandmakeit

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