Z Blog: Welcome To The Resistance

Do not play to your enemies’ strengths.

Learn their weaknesses.

Find their vulnerabilities.

Exploit them, either anonymously or while flying false flag, ruthlessly.

And GTFO the freaking Internet/media circus.

The whole damned thing is an enemy honeypot.

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  1. To quote the great phrase of a earlier articles title page:
    “Let Loose The Frogs Of War”

    • a follower

      How were frogs used in the old testament. They were a plague.
      These memes do we think they mean nothing? They say a frog is one of the most venomous and or poisonous, critters on earth. The one above looks alot like a false god.
      Possible related search: lord shiva
      Search Results
      Web results
      Shiva – Wikipedia
      Shiva also known as Mahadeva ( lit. the greatest god) is one of the principal deities of Hinduism …. Shiva is known by many names such as Viswanatha (lord of the universe), Mahadeva, Mahandeo, Mahasu, Mahesha, Maheshvara, Shankara, …
      So who are we worshipping?

      • Shiva is one of the three manifestations of the triune godhead in Hinduism: Brahma, the creator, Vishnu, the preserver and Shiva, the destroyer, representing the three states of the corporeal world and the cycles of creation and destruction of the universe which recur endlessly.
        That is original high hinduism, the vedanta.

          • Nice. Relevant ‘n all.

            You precious, relentless, self aggrandizing, self righteous, substitute teacher. What in the actual fornicating cut ‘n paste does that have tpo do with anything?

            Not that you will care, but I am not a hindu nor an advocate for hinduism. That comment was for informational purposes only, relevant the comment above. No actual pixels or brain cells, nor anyone’s personal religious persuasions were harmed in the process thankyouverymuch.

            Now go confess to some buggering “priest” the sin of pride… as a good beginning.

  2. Mark Matis

    Tribe. We need to re-open Auschwitz and Dachau. And do it RIGHT this time.

  3. The only power and control electronic communication has, is that which you give them. Strangle the dirty motherfuckers with your wallet.

  4. They banned Jared Taylor. One of the most timid. He never mentions, you know who. Yet they banned him. They were able to shut down some of his conventions in the US through terrorist threats to the hotels were he was to speak. No one was ever arrested for those acts. Mr. Taylor never set up proper security to trap the ones that threatened his meetings. I refuse to be a masochist. I quit going to his talks. You have to play for keeps with the commies. Oh, by the way, where is Antifa? BLM? The left doesn’t need them this month? No kabuki theater this month?

    • lastmanstanding

      Great point on the misc. reds brother…no mention any where that I have seen.

  5. JWST Crew Chief

    This weekend’s confidence exercise? Hell, i live in ny…..I commit three felonies just getting to the bathroom in the morning with one eye open. Behind enemy lines, that’s a pretty low bar……

  6. Shinmen Takezo

  7. Poland’s childless cattrannies defrocked its own Father Jacek Miedlar for speaking the truth.

    But you can’t stop God Honor and Homeland.

    Bóg Honor i Ojczyzna!

    • Why.

      (((Their))) version:

      Polish prosecutors absolve priest who called Jews ‘cancer’
      Father Jacek Miedlar celebrates by tweeting ‘Zero tolerance for Jewish cowardice’
      By JTA
      29 September 2016
      WARSAW, Poland — The Prosecutor’s Office in Bialystok has ended an investigation of a Polish priest who spoke of Jews being a “cancer” during a sermon, determining that no hate crime had been committed.

      In a sermon on April 16 in Bialystok, Father Jacek Miedlar spoke of the “cancer which swept Poland,” apparently meaning Jews. He stressed that political correctness and tolerance enslave Poles.

      According to the prosecutor, Miedlar “referred to the historical content and the Bible, pointing to examples of negative behavior of the representatives of the Jewish community from the time of slavery in Egypt, and generally referring to modern times.” The speech did not stigmatize a particular nationality, the prosecutor said Tuesday.

      On the same day Miedlar, a known nationalist, wrote in response to the decision on Twitter: “Bialystok investigation discontinued! Zero tolerance for ‘Jewish cowardice’. Salut!”…


      …for which reason:

      “Jacek Miedlar is from Wroclaw in West Poland and has been suspended by his local Catholic church [Novus Ordo synagogue] for his firebrand speeches that mix ultra-nationalism with religious fervour. Wearing the black clerical robe with a hooded top, his speeches are laced with anti-migrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric and his web-site paints a picture of Jews who seek to undermine Poland albeit through historical work [Imagine that! He cites historical evidence. Shocking!] through the Holocaust and he regularly uses the term ‘Jewish media’ on his web-site to paint a picture of Jews attempting to undermine the ‘standing of Poland’ in the international sphere. Much of the rhetoric talks about Poland being ‘hospitable’ to Jews and how Jewish media sources are seeking to undermine the state, leaving some readers with a chilling feeling that Miedlar holds some very questionable [ummmm… “questionable,” but historically accurate] views on Jews and their place in Polish society.…”
      Who is Jacek Miedlar – Detained on Entry into the UK
      by TellMAMA | Feb 25, 2017


      It’s been finally revealed that these two guys interrogating Miedlar were from Jewish Special Branch in England and Lucy Allan apparently requested Miedlar’s invigilation at the airport. UK Airport Border Security officials were in fact surprised at the act. Miedlar was interrogated for several hours and his luggage was searched. The Jewish agents found t-shirts with prints of patriotic Polish symbols, which by the agents opinion is considered as hate speech and Polish national colours as racism ( ?! ).
      At the airport Międlar has received a document stating that he had no special visa and his entry was denied.
      In European Union no visa is needed to entry the islands – just an ID card, as in other Schengen states, which Międlar had.
      Clearly, Miedlar was stopped by zionist agency and viciously discriminated against !
      “After 3-4 hours of interrogation, search, copying of personal notes and documents, as well as mockery of Polish nation, polish national symbols and Christianity, the Jewish agents with British passports handed me back to the Border Security officers, headed by David Clark, who also interviewed me.
      As it turned out David Clarke is an advocate for homosexuality. He persistently ask my opinion about this particular issue. Then I was told, that I can say goodbye to the possibility of entering UK, because “they do not like my character.”
      No further comment is necessary here.


      Jacek Miedlar while still in priesthood affirmed that the Catholics of Poland will not “fight with the hammer of hatred, which [the liberals] try to press into our hands.

      “We will fight with the sword of truth, the sword of love and the sword of the Gospel Who is Jesus Christ, the Living Lord and Savior.”
      “We do not want any violence in Poland,” he affirmed.
      “We do not want the aggression in the name of Allah. No rapes! No lynches! No terror!”
      Following chanting from the crowd of “God! Honor! Homeland!” Fr. Miedlar instructed the youthful audience that they are “the future of the Church” and the “future of the nation” and urged them to build “Catholic Poland on the foundation of truth and love, Who is no less than Jesus Christ.”
      He instructed the audience to pray to “Our Lady, to [their] only Queen, St. Mary the Queen of Poland” who would save them “from the Islamic invasion.”
      Polish Catholic ex-priest, Jacek Miedlar detained at London airport’ hours before anti-Islam rally

      See also: Poland

  8. Fred: Gist of the speech? Translation somewhere?

    • Had a translation and lost it a couple of years ago. You can go to Miedlar’s homepage and use translation software to get the gist. Of course he has been banned on socialist media.

      Let’s just say Miedlar speaks truth to (((power))) as a devout Catholic, wants a Polish homeland, doesn’t want it polluted with sand nazis or globohomo.

      That 2015 rally was preceeded by a march of 250K IIRC.

    • Some excerpts:

      “Dearly beloved, the enemies of the homeland and the enemies of the Church are furious today because they see a huge, enormous army of patriots, army of nationalists, and army of supporters who have ‘God, Honor, and Fatherland’ in their hearts and are ready to give their lives for them. But I am more than convinced that leftist propaganda is trying its best to destroy us, to destroy the Church, to destroy the Polish nation. We cannot let them do it. We are the Church Militant. We are the warriors of Great Poland. They aren’t even aware that the more they attack us, the more our pride grows!”

      “Dearly beloved, we’re not afraid of the peaceful Muslims, but they’re a minority. We’re afraid of fundamentalism. We do not want violence, we do not want aggression in the name of Allah…. We must oppose it. We do not want the hatred that is in the Koran, in Surah 5 [expressed for Jews and Christians], but we want the love and truth of the gospel. We want to fight with the sword of love and truth, to which Saint Paul the Apostle calls us in the sixth chapter [of the Epistle] to the Ephesians [6:14-17]. The Gospel, and not the Koran!”

      “Leftist and Islamic aggression aimed at everything Christian and national makes us very afraid. … But we’re also afraid that our fear will turn into hatred. And we, as Christians, cannot let this happen. That’s why we, the Christians, want dialogue. But no one wants to talk to us, instead calling us fascists, racists, xenophobes, and infidel dogs. We can never allow this. We don’t want to fight with the hammer of hate they want to push in our hands….We want to fight with the sword of truth. With the sword of love! With the word of the gospel! With the sword that is Jesus Christ, our living Lord and Savior.”


    • Forbidden: The Polish Defense of their Civilization
      by Michael Hoffman https://revisionistreview.blogspot.com/2018/02/forbidden-polish-defense-of-their.html

      When Poles attempt to defend their civilization from defamation, blackmail is kicked into gear and the media announce that “Jews in Poland feel unsafe.” CNN reports: “Poland’s Jewish organizations say the country’s controversial new Holocaust law has led to a ‘growing wave of intolerance, xenophobia, and anti-Semitism,’ leaving many within the community feeling unsafe.”

      You can be sure that this “feeling’ will be followed by dopey and disgusting neo-Nazis in the pay and under the direction of Zionists, spray-painting swastikas on Judaic tombs and synagogues in Poland.

      When Poles pass laws forbidding defamation of Poland in connection with World War II, it becomes a free speech cause célèbre that is not raised when Britain, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and Austria pass laws forbidding revisionist history and imprisoning writers and researchers.

      As we write these words a British citizen, Michelle Renouf, has been arrested in Germany on a charge of Volksvehetzung (inciting the populace), for her speech in Dresden calling the Allied fire-bombing of that city a holocaust (death by fire). Facts are facts, except when they offend The Holy People and the liberal and Neocon advocates of the “Good War” (the 55 million dead in the “good” Second World War). Miss Renouf’s allegedly “criminal” speech may be viewed here:

      Poland is a Catholic nation that is not entirely under the thumb of the John Paul II style of Talmudic-papalism, of which the current pontiff [anti-Pope] Francis is but a dutiful son. Many Poles hold in more than contempt Renaissance Catholicism as it evolved in Italy. Poland is a nation capable of returning to its authentic, medieval Catholic roots. This is a hopeful prospect.

      All Polish patriots and their friends and allies should engage in this ideological battle with the best resources, and one of the very best is Judaic author John Sack’s magnificent book, An Eye for an Eye, about the Judaic-Communist mass murderer Salomon Morel who was given safe haven from war crimes prosecution by the Israeli government. The murders he perpetrated in Poland counted for nothing (for the relevant halacha cf. BT Sanhedrin 57a). Poland should use Sack’s facts in the information war now underway.…

  9. On a somewhat related topic, congratulations to Haxo Angmark on getting Mr. IAmVerySmart to punch himself in the face.

    • Link please?

      I missed that one.

      • I don’t have the specific link handy but Vox Day has decided to further lock down his comments section, allowing only pre-approved comments from pre-approved commenters. He directly credits Haxo with triggering him into this decision. I haven’t been watching closely enough to know the details but I expect it was something along the lines of repeatedly questioning Vox’s correctness, which has become something Vox simply can’t abide anymore. He’s apparently forgotten what he was readily admitting just a few years back, that his popularity and influence were largely built via his blog commenters. Locking his comments down to always-positive echo chamber is a direct path back to irrelevance. It may take a few years as the audience evaporates but it’ll happen.

        Certainly his other projects aren’t going to be able to make up for it. Infogalactic for example has about 10 active editors of which half are single-topic crackpots and has a multitude of pages that haven’t been updated since the Wikipedia fork. Its usage stats are below Conservapedia’s. The basic concept of having differently slanted articles depending on the user’s viewpoint requires both an extensive psych profile of each user that wishes to use this feature, and at least double to triple the editor work for each and every topic supporting the feature (since each article needs to be rewritten for each point of view). The publishing house was founded to disrupt the SF/F field specifically; they’ve almost totally abandoned that market and instead are publishing any random crap they happen to have available, and their market is mostly locked into a very specific subset population that they target via outrage marketing. (I have a couple books I’m looking into pitching to publishers so I did a fair amount of research on this, that’s how I know.) The comic books, from what I can tell, make their money via Kickstarters, not market performance and genuine popularity – more outrage marketing. (And from what I’ve seen of the comics they are definitely substandard quality when it comes to the storytelling, especially compared to some of the other kickstarted comics that have been done in recent years.) The problem with outrage marketing is it lasts a few years then runs out of steam – so he absolutely needs to keep reeling in new fish or finding new grand projects to announce. His twitter/gab replacement lasted like three days; this was because the underlying tech had been provided to him free of charge by the Christian evangelicals who developed it. But he then offered access to it to his audience in return for monetary “gifts” of fixed amounts from said audience. The original developers apparently objected to him monetizing somebody else’s work for his own enrichment. How incredibly unreasonable and unpredictable of them, no?!?

        Everything he does, the closer you look at it the more you see the same pattern. Even his game design background – while most of what he says is technically true, what you’d think you know from his statements is not what measurably happened (and that’s what got me asking questions in the first place since I have some professional history in that field). He’s not flaming out as flamboyantly as Milo did but the same basic curve and increasingly desperate grift is there. I mark his high point as the day of the Charlottesville riot. He’d been advocating regional nationalism and separatism for years; that’s exactly what most of the C’ville people were there for – defending the Lee/Jackson statues. Within hours of the event Vox had thrown them all under the bus and was echoing the mass media line about them all being Nazi LARPers – a completely unprincipled betrayal. He desperately wants to be the reluctant philosopher-king, acclaimed by all, and too many of the mob following him are willing to go along with that rather than thinking for themselves about what they see him do.

        So, yes, congratulations to Haxo, for pushing Vox a little bit closer to the self-destructive yet logical conclusions of his own internal contradictions, and the discrediting and disempowering of yet another Internet Leader.

  10. Okay, on a MacBook Pro. I hit the link, and what pops up?
    “Not Secure-Thezman.com”
    What’s up with that? The entire world is nutty: Obama’s & Holder’s dream of upside down, inside out, top down, bottom up chaos is coming back to bite them in the ass. They never thought that it would clue the Deplorables into the actual plot of Mordor. Key point of the entire article: ” It’s petty tyrants exercising their tiny bit of arbitrary power.” Actually where we are, people with ludicrous ideas exercising force and making themselves important.

  11. I respectfully disagree. We can never abdicate the public space to the enemy completely. Because that would cement their victory..
    We the People cannot win unless we have a presence in the public space. Its the only way to recruit from the non-wokes.. and there are MANY of them out there who just need the right nudge.
    The left knows this which is why they are fighting this issue tooth and nail.

    • lastmanstanding

      Lots of us there every single day bro.

      We just have a very different approach. 😉

    • lastmanstanding

      Interesting read T. Funny how some of us have similar in our past.

      Spring there yet? Finally shaping up in Montanastan.

      • nope.

        still 2-3ft of snow on the ground- snowed last night. high of 27 f today.

        the big ships are running again though, the Locks opened for business on the 25th.

    • Bonaventure

      “…convicted in Tampa Bay, Florida, in 2001 of the murders of rival gang members, firebombings, racketeering, conspiracy and other charges.”

      Another salt-of-the-earth type, I see.

      As they say, birds of a feather….

      • i had a wide array of customers.

        i did work for the V.P. of Saturn Motors, the DSO Conductor, UAW Pres, and dozens of millionaires around town- some infamous…

        also had the pleasure of entertaining wives and daughters of the same. 🙂

        • Brothers Fast. Great club and great people. I cannot say the same for many of the 99% who professed to be upstanding citizens and pillars of the community. I never got fucked over by a brother. If you have a club near you ,it may be in your best interest to have some type of relationship/understanding with them. Situational awareness.

  12. robroysimmons

    Zman and Jared are conservative intellectuals they are to us as Buckley was to Reagan.

    Buckley grifted for decades with his smart intellectuals and their boundless essays and while they were all true they basically quibbled the details.

    Reagan with a couple of sentences of rhetoric which stated the obvious discredited the USSR and gave hope to its captives. Those words Reagan uttered were removed 3 times from that speech by Buckleyite individuals and Reagan put them back in each time.

    Moral of the story put not your faith in the intellectuals.


      Word. When Buckley and his minions fired and ostracized a real journalist, Joe Sobran, their agenda was apparent. National Review has been part of the AIPAC-Zionist Amen Corner for many years. To paraphrase Voltaire, you can tell who has power over you by who you are not allowed to criticize.

    • Bonaventure

      …put not your faith in the intellectuals.

      The philosophes being another example.

  13. St.Maur1066

    What you think you know about Government/Deep Sate is only about .005%
    I have been studying this for 30 years. To TRULY take the “red Pill’ would blow your mind.
    But you can start learning today. Start at the 9:25 mark to move past the intros………………………………..

  14. In a world of lies, only the truth must be censored

    Banned from Sweden?
    Likely welcome in Hungary.