Historical Amnesia: It’s Happening Again

Please take time to read this timely article; h/t GVDL.

The Communists won, notwithstanding the 1989-93 dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The adaptive amongst them – both in the West and the East – have mutated and expanded their power through both technology, economic development, and – shamefully – the success of anti-history.

Combined with their Islamic allies-of-temporary-convenience, the New Breed Totalitarians stand on the cusp of victory in North America, the former Western Europe, and most of South America.

Their game is what it always is: disinformation, ruthless commitment to objectives, adaptability to changing conditions, and a multi-decade focus on incremental success.

Solzhenitsyn told you in the Seventies.

Bezmenov told you 35 years ago, in this video:

Kundera has now told you as well.

Their time is here.

22 responses to “Historical Amnesia: It’s Happening Again

  1. Glad to see you are reading Quillette. There is a lot of thought provoking information there.

  2. Bezmenov told us nothing useful.

    Solzhenitsyn, in 200 Years Together @ http://epdf.tips/200-years-together.html

    told us all about blood-spattered Judeo-communism, then and Now. That’s why

    the Jews continue to prevent the mainstream publication of a full english-language edition.

  3. Better decide whose skulls will be piled……

    Yours or theirs?

    • Old Gray Wolf

      Paint them different colors, turn stacking them into a sort of rubix cube game, make it more interesting. Could get monotonous after a while otherwise, as many as need stacked….

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Monarchy,democracy,oligarchy,shithouse. Rinse and repeat.
    Many humanoids have morphed and evolved into gluttonous,disgusting pigs. Many were born destined for failure. People who willingly decide to have a single parent family should be charged with child abuse. It is difficult and challenging to raise a good kid with two responsible adults.
    A brimstone bath awaits. Fire.The great sanitizer.
    The barrel of give a fucks is empty. Children fight. Men kill. Most of the ignorant masses have no fucking clue of the percolating shitstorm.
    Inverted bond market. Retail apocalypse. Swamps. Cities becoming open air cesspools. Invasion from the south. Meth/heroin. Infrastructure disintegration. Mathematics and Mother Nature never lost their relevance. Humans got distracted.
    “Look! Moose and squirrel.”

    • you forgot most every murkins taste for treachery.

      Monarchy,democracy,oligarchy,treachery, shithouse

      The noun treachery comes from the Old French word trechier, “to cheat.” Many a corrupt government or dictator has been accused of treachery: deceiving the people and abusing their trust. Greed is a common cause of treachery — with the promise of wealth, people can be tempted to betray their country and even their loved ones


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  7. The Wretched Dog

    On the other hand, while understanding the enemy’s ideology is essential, it is also essential to understand the ideology of Liberty.

    There is no better summary than M. Stanton Evan’s “The Theme is Freedom: Religion, Politics, and the American Tradition.”

    Published in 1994 after the breakup of the Soviet Union to explain why the West continued to have a love affair with utopian tyranny, and why the unique American experiment in limited government and Christian-based institutions was the answer.

    The Wretched Dog

    • It’s truly an enlightening book; required reading for anyone truly searching for an understanding of the ideology that gave birth to ‘the grand experiment’ of the united States.

  8. European American

    Communism by the Backdoor
    Full documentary

  9. Matt Bracken

  10. http://judaism.is/images/the%20cycle.jpg?crc=239697198

    The cycle
    host welcomes parasites
    parasites buy positions of power
    parasites destroy host society
    host diagnoses the illness
    host expels parasites
    parasites infest new host
    repeat endlessly

    Meanwhile the parasites blame “haters,” “anti-Semites,” “mental illness,” “Gospels,” “Nazis,” “penis size,” everything but their own malevolent behavior and supremacist creed.