NYT: People Kill People. But The Bullets Seem To Matter.

More deep-thinking policy wisdom from The Smartest People In The Country.

You really don’t have enough rifled slugs.

Or .50 BMG.

(.pdf for educational purposes only.)

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  1. Hey, NYT…It’s not just criminals who have or want big bullets….

    Oh, that’s right… NYTPeople already consider us criminals. Just haven’t achieved mass critical on that one… yet.

    Precisely WHY we have bigger bullets. And we’re nit giving them up.

  2. “a 9mm-caliber round” I stopped reading

  3. I’ve seen Frank Zimring, professor at UC Berkeley Law School. He’s a real piece of work, militantly anti-gun, and a major bullshitter. He was testifying before the CA state senate and his whole talk was circular nonsense.

    • Zimring was one of the seminal gun control freaks. He started in the 60’s.* Amusingly (sort of), in the 80’s he admitted that, despite his ongoing advocacy, there still was no science supporting the efficacy of gun control.** If I remember correctly, like Wintemute, Zimring likes to shoot pistols.

      *Franklin Zimring, Is Gun Control Likely to Reduce Violent Killings?, 35 U. Chi. L. Rev. 721 (1968)

      **Franklin E. Zimring & Gordon Hawkins, The Citizen’s Guide to Gun Control xi (1987).

  4. After reading the article, it sounds like a concession that the GCA of 1968 actually had a negative effect on gun KILLINGS by criminals getting more effective 35, .38, .40, .45 center-fire handguns to replace their .22 and .25 NSN SNS zinc handguns that you could buy through the mail or corner store.

    So why not repeal the bad laws?

  5. When I was shopping for handguns, I read the opinion of actual shooting experts. They all agreed that “hits count”, but on the margin when you do get a hit a faster heavier well-designed bullet does better faster damage. They seemed to all point to a .357Mag with a sturdy JHP, or a .44Mag/.45Colt with whatever bullet you like. Compromise from there to carry more rounds, spend less money, recoil less, fit in pocket better, etc. as long as you can get the hits it will be fine.
    Uncle Sam has more money to do research and buy in bulk, so most people end up with one of Uncle’s Compromises. When you use better bullets than the Geneva Convention FMJ’s, you will hit fine.
    “Keep making hits until the target changes shape or catches fire” is one of the funniest truths. Thanks for the Texas NV hog hunting video!

    • “Keep making hits until the target changes shape or catches fire”

      …and I have simply been teaching the family, “…until the threat stops.”

      I must use yours from now on.

  6. TheAlaskan

    Nit…the egg of a parasitic insect. 🙂

    Mass critical? 🙂

    • Nit- what you’re picking, over a typo.

      Mass critical- a literary device as a minor point of interest; think poetic license.

      Thanks for noticing..

  7. It seems that Goldilocks gun control is having a revival.
    Some guns are too big.
    Some guns are too small.
    Some guns are too inaccurate.
    Some guns are too accurate.
    But (((they))) never note a gun that is “just right.”

  8. SemperFido

    “Philip Cook, an emeritus professor of public policy at Duke University,”
    Yep, he sure sounds like a firearms expert. /s

    • Cook is the junk scientist who insisted that Kleck’s estimate of 2.5 million annual DGUs (Defensive Gun Uses) in the USA was inaccurate, so he re-did Kleck’s work and found 4 million annual DGUs. In his report of the 4 million, Cook concluded that his larger number proved that number of DGUs was unknowable and… didn’t matter… just because, that’s why.

      Cook PJ. “You Got Me: How Many Defensive Gun Uses Per Year?” a paper presented to the American Society of Criminology meetings, November 20, 1996. Chicago IL.

  9. Large calibers not on the market until the 70’s? Really? Model of 1911? And they wonder why they are called fake news?

    Thanks for the PDF! gonna get started on one asap.

    • A bit of irony that the .45 ACP was specifically invented to stop crazed Islamists in their tracks in the Philippines at the beginning of the 20th century.

      Again, journalists putting their stupidity on full display.

  10. Sorry–I couldn’t even get past the “makers” of this horseshit:

    Eons ago, I worked at the corporate HQ of Kirby vacuum cleaners. The brainiacs in marketing/sales there were always “re-inventing” scientific ways to persuade Milady of the dirty household to buy their $1000 dust-sucker. Amazing it was to see the efforts of dozens of manipulative people exhibiting charts. graphs, and even gobs of dirt captured on a Kleenex to “scientifically” prove their point to dumb-asses. And their point was: “BUY THIS SHIT!”

    Same here with this article–graphs, charts, alleged figures–please “BUY OUR SHIT WE’RE PEDDLING!”

    My continual message to the NYT and entire staff–past, present, and to come:

  11. Expedient Homemade Firearms: The Machine Pistol By P. A. Luty (D.F.C)
    Copyright C.2004 by P. A. Luty A Home-Gunsmith Publication


    Homemade Semi-Auto P.A Luty Machine Pistol (LOTS OF PHOTOS):


  12. LargeMarge

    “…although the data [on caliber] is imperfect…”, we will give you all the information you need to be an informed voter.

    Why do I bother. Before I start reading, I could extrapolate their conclusions… probably something along the lines of ‘you will die so be scared of boogy-monsters’.

    How did I do? Close?

  13. Just don’t confuse the shit out of the JYT and all them “academic researchers” and shoot .38 Special out of your .357 Mag and you’ll be fine.

    The problem really is they want all the guns, and don’t care if it’s grandpappy’s .22 Short or da ebil black Booshmaster…

  14. Bigger is deadlier? Guess the NYC dopes will be after sledge hammers next.

  15. robroysimmons

    As tempting as it is to try and educate the girls who run the NYTs about the constitution and the 2A I would rather have them focused on disarming the men of color, that would be fun.

    While you constitutional conservatives in the future are virtue signaling one another about your vast knowledge of the constitution I will be driving a busload of white and jewish progressive gals along with a case of cheap plastic bottle vodka down to the muslim refugee center for a party.

  16. They were just compensating for something.

  17. James Wolfe

    Another insane lefty article attempting to debunk the “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” fact. They ascribe to the insane Joycelyn Elders philosophy of “We need safer bullets”. All liberals are unable to deal with facts.

  18. Lolz notice the effectiveness of “bigger caliber” .357 (sig or people are using magnum revolvers).

    Energy dump does matter in a pistol caliber when you get over 600 foot pounds.

    Underwood 125g .357 sig is badass.

  19. Hmmmm….,some of the info. here has me wishing I had basic machining skills and the tools to do it.

    I will definitely start collecting big rocks as soon they will also be outlawed!

    • To me the take away message from the article (aside from what we all already knew about bullet caliber and design and terminal ballistics) was about the Unintended Consequences of outlawing something on the basis that it was cheap junk and the result was everyone went to using bigger and better and deadlier stuff.
      I wonder what the Unintended Consequences of outlawing all semiautomatic firearms in this country (like in the recent case of New Zealand) would be?

  20. Grenadier1

    So….Did they account for Shot PLACEMENT?

  21. Nunya BFYTW

    .45 caliber been around over 150 years…
    How did they tell the differentiate between a 38 & a 357 projectile w/o the case…actually who gives a f*ck what they think, morons one & all
    I hate to say it but I agree with T-fat more everyday…

  22. Miles Long

    No specs for 44s. I guess 44s are safer.

    • TheAlaskan

      Right….44s are safer for the owner.

      Usually prevails.

      Noisy, fire-breathing bugger.

      Bears hate ’em.

  23. Alfred E. Neuman

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