Whose America?

The essential question of our time.

Unfortunately, virtually all American institutions have decided to support the “few elites, very many underclass, no middle class, zero social mobility save for downward” model.

Gonna be a bitch to reverse the damage even in a region or two of the old FUSAn footprint.

And people are going to have to toss the judicial and statutory impositions on property and associative rights ginned up post-1945.

Spend a few minutes today as well considering the term “ethnic cleansing” to the future chances (if any) of trad Americans.

Got hard hearts?

25 responses to “Whose America?

  1. California Magazine Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

    CalGuns has already identified out of state sellers who will ship to California


    Get them while you can

    • Yeah, no. California gun owners don’t deserve said instruments. Guess you didn’t read Pete’s comments on “Hardening your hearts”. Fuck those phags.

    • grab-a-gun in Tejas will also ship. They have Springfield Armory M1A 20-rd magazines @ $40 ea. Pretty steep. But there’s Pro Mag industries @ $16 each…is this a good brand or junk?

      • Grey Ghost

        My experience with Pro Mag is not good. Had to throw some away that would not feed properly. I looked closely at the feed lips and spring and all looked ok. Never could figure out the problem so just threw ’em away and never bought Pro Mags again. Of course, YMMV.

        Grey Ghost

      • Bonaventure

        Go CMI and forget it. Generally about 25 FRD’s per. BTW, the SAI mags are made by CMI. SAI just charges you an arm and a leg to put the crossed canons on them.

        It’s a pity that 44mag.com recently went out of business; they were the best supplier of CMI mags. My little birdie liked them because they were cheap, cheap!

  2. so for lack of a better spot to put it.
    This is both a “I put my money where my mouth is ” and a Help me do more request.
    I just informed both of my NH senators that if they do not keep their oath, and if they continue to support violations of the US constitution, I will make every effort to have them charged under 18USC 242 deprivation of rights under the color of law.
    Thats my plan. Help with that would be awesome. Ok
    1 I know I’m pissing into the wind
    2 it may get messy
    3 I need to try my best before this shit gets Kinetic.
    and no alcohol was not involved

    • waste of precious electrons

      instead spend the money on ammuntion for your weapon of choice. A far better investment.

    • In the end, you can look at yourself in the mirror and Say “I tried my best to do my duty. Now I can hoist the black flag and start slitting throats with my conscience clear.” You are the one that needs to live with yourself. The chronic bad-mouthers and haters you can separate yourself from, and assemble with suitable like-minded people that share your morals and principles. Fair tides and favorable winds….

  3. The last hospital I worked at, in the SF Bay area of California, had a Somali female as a nurses aide, that is she pushed gurneys around from the OR (where I worked as an RN) to the various wards. She was of fine features, typical negro/arab mix, fat, rather stupid, and lazy as the day is long. She constantly complained that everyone, but her, was prejudiced against her, particularly the male, white nurses aide that had to constantly keep her moving. We had a number of Filipino RNs that were just about as dark as she was, I never had but the best experiences with them. Most Filipino RNs have a BSN degree, which I consider an indicator of dedication.

    Based on other stories about Somalis, she’s typical of the species, but never appeared dangerous. Most US negroes, on the other hand, are very dangerous.

    • “Somali in Minnesota” was a stab at “fish out of water”.

      There will be a great deal of “making our community safe” by whichever side(s) wins in a particular area.

      Seems to me the future will be a lengthy period of scourging via the “diversity + proximity = war” lash.

      You get that.

      Hopefully the crowd outside the badthink zone will learn quickly.

      • CA, no apologizing for “stab.” There’s a reason we’uns up here call that area across the river Mogadishu-North – ain’t no shit. And we tracked many of their spawn back & forth from the Twin Cities to the ME for their little bomb-making school sabbaticals. (Some never returned, having failed their practical before graduation; oops. 🙂 )

      • “Whoever can hold the land, keeps the land.” Me

  4. SW Richmond

    Cant hit small targets beyond 300 or so on low contrast targets with iron peep (aperture) sights. 60+ years, floaters the size of the Empire State building, cataracts, blah blah. And that likely makes me a better shot than most of you, having read comments here.

    And with low power / no battery optics, who cares? Can I pick up your dropped open sight AK and tag your team members with? You bet your ass I can.

  5. if something is going to get started, it needs to hurry up. in the 2024 or 2028 election at the latest that 50 years of unchecked immigration will give the usa to the democrats/political elites pemanetly as enough states will flip blue.

    I’m down with up but also ready to leave it at anytime. I’m a third generation vet, but if the politicians, businesses and law officials are going to put bets and usa citizens behind illegals, welfare cases, drug addicts and sodomists; I do not have to put up with it.
    there are plenty of countries in Europe that are not selling out to liberalism/communism and I am ready to go there anytime and shake the dust off of my feet for the hellhole future the usa is building for itself.

  6. I wonder, when things go hot how many illegals will book on out of here?

    • Charley Waite

      They are only here for free shit, not emotionally invested in their new land. I expect them to flee or gravitate towards the Quislings


        Mr. Waite: A lot of them will not flee. They will be the cannon fodder and Helots for their gang-banger co-ethnics. The barrios will immediately become no-go zones for whatever Orcs and Orcettes decide to stay on the job. Once it becomes clear they have a tactical advantage over “The Thin Blue Line”, they will start probing into the toney areas of SoCal inhabited by the Cosmic White Marxists and begin the pillage and rape.
        Keep in mind a substantial amount of Vato Locos have served in the Army or USMC. They hold a combat or combat-support MOS and have: “seen the elephant” during Gulf War I or Dubya’s “War on Terror.” They know the drill and are not afraid of cops or weekend warriors. They outnumber the Negroes and there is no love lost between the two racial groups.
        Their plans have been ongoing, and some have been formulated by heavy-duty shot-callers in the CA State Prison System. I am not talking out my ass, here. I had plenty of training on this during my last ten years as a Peace Officer. I saw a smattering of incidents where I worked and lived in SoCal. Even after I retired, I would routinely run into Correctional Officers from the Pelican Bay State Prison who would share a few horror stories about what is in the works, should a meltdown happen. Plan accordingly.

        • Pelican Bay State Prison is why I would never relocate to the extreme north of California. Folsom State Prison-down the road-is more than enough. (I can hear the correctional officers qualifying on the range every Monday and Friday.) Crescent City is located on the Pacific coast in the upper northwestern part of California, about 20 miles south of the Oregon border. So you folks in Oregon be ready if we get a bad earthquake or society meltdown. The worst of the worst are at Pelican Bay-except for the death row hotel in SF. As nice as the folks in Redding are……..still too close. And of course, there is Susanville……..We should all be figuring prisons into our AO.

        • Dweez,
          Sorry to hear that Farah is crippled. He was a good guy until his “former” IDF handler arrived at WND and the tsunami of Zio-agitprop began. It is probably just a coincidence that WND’s tax problems went away about that same time. Let us keep him in our prayers.

        • Please elaborate on the specifics of the plans of Los Vatos Locos.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. The Old Guide

    Dweezil observes: “Even after I retired, I would routinely run into Correctional Officers from the Pelican Bay State Prison who would share a few horror stories about what is in the works, should a meltdown happen. Plan accordingly.”

    Here in Maine we have a lot of LEOs and COs from NY & NJ. They say they come to Maine to live with “real people”.

    Plan accordingly.