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Heartiste Explains


No joke.

Z Blog: Failure Analysis

Z Man looks at Charlottesville.

Understand that the vast majority who have heard of C’ville understand and accept the event exclusively through the Red narrative prism.

Despite this independent report.

A big freaking deal, this info ops stuff.

15 Fighters: Dogs

Pros, cons, training resources, needful gear, medical considerations, breed recommendations.

Detail is helpful.

The War Against White People

The Destroyers are serious.

White people aren’t.

Guess who wins?

(H/t MB via Gab)

Clown World Counseling

Via Gab.

DTG: Squeezing The Best From Your Rifle

Practical advice on the foundations.

This material will be on the final exam.

GoV: A Parliament Of Political Maggots

Link here.

And FUSA is different how?

For how long?

Two From Mosby

EDC Survival Load

From The Library


New Woodpile’s Here!


Herschel: Can The NRA Be Saved?

RTWT, including the embedded links.

The Lairds of Fairfax are Beltway critters, and have been behind every single major 2A infringement on the national level since NFA34.

Screw them all, then dump them into the Morbark.

Going forward, everybody here who isn’t a member of Gun Owners of America [ ] needs to fix that. Please.

Next, find and join the most effective state pro-gun lobby in your state. Help them grow.

Finally, your bi-partisan accountability files will not build themselves. When this thing goes sideways, the Bad People on those lists need feedback.

Long and hard.

Thought For The Day

Via ZMan’s comment section.

Those with intact lines can disregard.

Others should consider and other places that have kept the lights on.


Bracken 28 APR 2019


Lind: Getting It

Norm may be slow, but even he is recognizing some aspects of the situation.


Via Insty, some instruction.

Consider bricking the damned thing.

Comic Relief

Chris Muir above; Earl below:

Nuffin But Hate

From the Rightly-Guided One.

Swamp Doings

These people laugh at you and your “rule of law” mythos.

They are your masters.

Top 5 Upgrades/Add-ons For Improved Functionality On Your AR Platform

It is easier to build skills when you aren’t fighting a suboptimal machine.

Without going full potato (see above and below), what/where/why/how much are the most important/most effective upgrades someone can throw into/onto their manufacturer’s stock AR platform while parts are still cheap/available?

Links boost your input’s utility.


Bracken, via Gab

Pope Francis sending money to Mexican congregations to help migrants

Poor Man’s Sniper Rifle

H/t MB via Gab

See also AR Guerrilla Sniper Rifle

How are you in the 300-500 yard zone?

When was the last time you practiced?