Tempus Fugit

This does not bode well.


It’s brief.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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    • Because 30 round AR-15 magazines are standard capacity, I don’t know what “they” are speaking about.

      I have some magazines with larger capacity, you inow 40 or 60 rounds each, I still don’t consider those high capacity.

      Belt feds, now we may be talking.

      Or, maybe not.

    • So I don’t run out of easily accessible ammo when you’re invading my house…

  2. Bought a dozen along with some green tip the other week
    Also picked up some back up 45 offset irons. Still gotta try them out but 45 bucks ain’t bank breaking

  3. Charley Waite

    This is what Budsgunshop.com has on their website.
    “Unfortunately, we are still unable to sell high capacity magazines to our CA customers. The recent court ruling only blocked a 2016 law that would have made high capacity magazines already owned by CA residents illegal to possess or sell.”

  4. Personally, after reading the link and then doing a 5 minute search I found 30 round mags, both Magpul as well as more trad mags (aluminum/stainless steel) and the Magpul 60 round drum on sale at Brownell’s for $90 w/free shipping, I think the hypothesis is an over reaction based on ‘tight nerves.’ And that was just on ammoseek.com and Ammoland Shooting Sports news.

    Anyone who is familiar with BJIT inventory/sales business models, along with the court sanction against California’s ban on standard mags, might surmise (correctly in my opinion) this is the supply chain reacting to a huge spike in demand. Same with pistol mags, especially Glock & Beretta. 500K mags in a weekend? That’s really not a lot, looking at the states that are going ape shit trying to ban mags, ammo and the AR itself.

    My .02

    • lastmanstanding

      That is cheap as hell for a Magpul 60. Cheapest I’ve seen them is $120.

      The real deal is 40 rd P mags. @ $20 ea. Sportsman’s Warehouse. Selway Armory has deals on P mag’s (30’s) from time to time. Last ones that I bought were sand w/dust cover for $8.50.

      Palmetto’s deals can pretty damn good. One just needs to get on their list.

    • That was over 500,000 units from a distributor to a company with an FFL. Over a weekend. $5 million and every unit available was bought. This was not a large number of people buying a few units at a time.

      There are other avenues for buying magazines for the AR-15. At a higher price. This distributor was close lipped on details so I cannot make any assumptions other than this was a large purchase of all of the inventory.

  5. Bonaventure

    “Number of Gen 3 PMags sold from by our distributor over the weekend: over 500,000.”

    Someone commented that a Soros-like .org bought them all up. Even at a bulk-rate discount of $5 per, that’s $2.5M. And more likely closer to $5M. If true, someone sure has deep pockets and a sincere attitude to see you disarmed.

  6. i repeat the motto of my former agency: “I got mine!”

  7. Or maybe it’s a bad April 1 joke.

  8. Why anyone needs to buy them in a hurry right now is the question. Unless you’ve been in a comma since ’94, you should be overstocked.

    • coma

      have plenty of 10-round mags for my M1A, but it finally occurred to me that could lead to too many mag changes during an extended discussion. 20 round looks to be cumbersome, sticks out too far, but some 15s would be just right.

      as a certain bear said about a bowl of porridge

  9. I’ll use this opportunity to repeat my recent conclusion which is driven by everything the Globalists are saying, doing since the Christchurch hoax. This is the start/beginning/demarcation point for the for real-real, honest-to-god, no BS wyte genocide. Every western Govt now has a concerted propaganda effort to de-legitimize white males by all means available and of course, dis arming said wyte males is an important preamble to the final solution.

  10. Oregon Hobo

    Check the comments in that link. California’s magazine ban just got overturned. There are >6 million gun owners in the Golden State and they’re all buying a lifetime supply of magazines right now before the window slams shut again. Bless their stubborn souls.

    If I turn off all the fans, hold very still, and listen in the direction of Sacramento, I can faintly hear the reeeeeeee.

    On a related note, I was wondering why Oregon’s big gun hater bill has everything but the kitchen sink… and magazines. We’ve got a Dem supermajority in both state houses, plus the governorship. They could pass anything their evil hearts desire, and they’re not even trying for a magazine ban. WTF? said I. Perhaps now I have the answer.

  11. More is always nice, but enough should have been done years ago…..

  12. Does anyone know who this distributor is?

  13. Jut bought 10 from Palmetto. No prob.

  14. Red in OleVirginny

    Good for Magpul if true. I was able to quickly find Pmags and Magpul Glock mags. Didn’t need them but bought a few to prove the point. You can also buy direct from Magpul (they were “in stock” as well.)
    Normies getting woke? Wholesalers shipping to Cali? Dont know – but Magpul can crank out some more fast.
    Best Regards,

  15. Grenadier1

    I suspect its related to the ruling in Cali myself.
    Government contractors go directly to Magpul they don’t go to civilian distribution.
    Could be a NGO purchasing a bunch to drive up the costs but I think its something like Cheaper than Dirt.