Socialism’s Endless Refrain: This Time Will Be Different

A good perspective on the redistributionist con game that never dies.

Clear your thinking cache if you don’t already grok that the successes of FDR, LBJ, and GWB make FUSA already 60%+ Bolshie.

Third act is gonna be spectacular.

All right-minded folks should have no fewer than three Commies good to go in your AO, once varmint season begins.

Got yours?

24 responses to “Socialism’s Endless Refrain: This Time Will Be Different

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Millenial Socialist

    Now we have a name. So says the boomercucknormieQtardjewcuck-cuck.

    And it will be used with abandon.

    Glownigger Millenial Socialists.

  3. Attention Californians.
    Selway announced they are resuming mag sales to CA:
    As I type this, they have 4 Springfield M1A 15-rd mags in inventory.

  4. Call (((communism))) what it is.

    The term “socialism” is a retarded PC fake word.

  5. Old Gray Wolf

    There is a powerful piece of information in the man’s reply. He did not view his enemy as human, and this made killing them with abandon something he could do without concern for anything but the winning. A mental leap that simplifies the doing of necessary deeds and smooths the after effects of same. Many have yet to make that leap, and should work to attain it. You can be certain that there are those on the other sice who have made the leap, and thus will snuff you and yours without remorse or reflection.

    • <——— Exactly, OGW.

      And those on the other side who would never pull a trigger themselves are seething to have it done for them. They will lose no sleep either. The recent article at Heartiste linked here makes it abundantly clear the origins and depths of their insanity, envy, fear and loathing.

      Our forbearance for many a decade has allowed it to come to this, perhaps, but we are not the perpetrators. They are giving us no choice but to defend ourselves and our posterity by all means necessary.

      We are ABSOLVED by their aggression for any further concern for their lost humanity, which they themselves have chosen.

  6. Matt Bracken

  7. Bonaventure

    And this time, crony-capitalism will be different!

  8. “For it is not glory,it is not riches,neither is it honour,but it is liberty alone that we fight and contend for,which no honest man will lose but with his life.”
    Declaration of Arbroath,1320
    Scots/Irish don’t play well with others.Don’t care much for being abused.
    All Scots/Irish should take one day each year and call in well. BFYTW. Many of us are so white,we fucking glow. I will never apologize for my whiteness, nor my hate of the dirty commie bastards. They can kiss my freckled ass!

    • NorthGunner

      Now here’s something that ISN’T being taught at all
      in those multiple indoctrination centers across America

      Red Ice Radio – Chris Fogarty – The Irish Holocaust

      (thanks again to Henrik and Lana at Red Ice for making
      the above broadcast even possible – there ARE people
      that would like nothing better than to see them silenced)

      So why aren’t the holocausts of the Irish and the Boer
      Affrikanner by the tyrannical British authority taught
      or even widely mentioned?….would it take people’s
      attention away from the 70+ year cash cow that’s
      ‘not to be ever questioned in any way’

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  9. You thought Chicago was bad? It just got worse. The new Mayor is a black, lesbian, racist, communist. The Cook County Board President is still a black female, racist, communist. The Cook County States Attorney is still a black, female, racist, communist. The Governor is a Democrat. The State Senate is controlled by Democrats. I think the House is, also. Wheee! Down state folks, pack your bags.

  10. Talk is a good thing until the other side decides to start stabbin’ in da’ back; a trait common to both the commie and the islamist, both stand at the apex of r-Type parasitical biology. Yes, it is ‘US’ or ‘Them’…seems they rise-up every 40-70 years and it takes rivers of blood to put em down. This current crop of genocidists seems better entrenched, it’s gonna be a hellaofafight and might even end at Megadio (spelling)

  11. I made a comment on another topic that I was looking forward to what is coming, and the sooner the better. Let’s either go full retard communist or live free as free men are supposed to do, damn the torpedos and full speed ahead. Do what has to be done for our kids and grandkids, if it comes to shooting the bastards that want to enslave us, so be it. Some jacktard “Jim1” replied and in his pantywaist pussified way called me out. Said it ain’t gonna be like “full metal jacket, do you really want to shoot other human beings”? Damn right Jim1, pussy. I want my children and grandchildren to have the same freedoms I have had, and not some slow slide into third world existence. If that means I have to shoot em, I will or die trying. Words cannot express my contempt for your quisling point of view. You are no better than the communist traitors trying to enslave us.

  12. You know things are serious when people start saying we are going to have a civil war. Even financial guru’s are saying they think we are going to have a civil war or at least some type of major upheaval. I even heard a man in a recent Greg Hunter interview say that people need to think about having a lead delivery system.

  13. Free money here, get your free money here! Peanuts, popcorn debtbux…..Andrew Yang