Anything Left To Talk About?

Before WRSA turns into just another abandoned website, what else needs to be discussed?

Open thread.

And no, not tomorrow.

But sooner rather than later.

153 responses to “Anything Left To Talk About?

  1. Bernard R Vance

    Been a daily lurker for several years but I’ve only posted once. The links to other sites that I would have never found otherwise has been invaluable. This site is a tremendously valuable resource. I implore you to at least keep it available as an archival reference source for posterity. Thanks for your service to our cause. BTW, what is the status of the meet in the Cody area?

  2. Seeing MVB’s blog go down was a shock. Now you?

    Still, I understand needing to do something else. Comment sections are just zoo cages full of monkeys jerking off at each other. I often take long breaks from social media to maintain my sanity…clown world and all, you know.

    I still don’t know with certainty who the bad guys are, or if there even are clearly defined good and bad guys. I don’t know just how much I’m willing to shoot and get shot over versus shrugging my shoulders and letting it all go to hell. But this place has given me and thousands of others plenty to think about and work on for if and when it’s time. So, thanks.

  3. I recently had to get my set-up on proton vpn to even get on American Partisan which , like WRSA is one of my daily devotions outside the good book . Probably won’t be long before the libtards at centurylink in Monroe Louisiana put Wrsa on their do not go list also . Our entire underground church is on high alert non-electronic comms right now anyhow and if you don’t have such a plan it is too late for you anyhow . Love the clandestine comms articles on Partisan and we have started implementing them . It’s all local folks . Vickie Weaver was unavailable for comment . WRSA is a great source of info on the heartbeat of fusa and I will miss it . Love ya CA and we here in the hills wish you well . If you ever need someone to watch your back over in the Buckeye know that there are many of us dug in deeply and prepared for whatever may come .