Need Final Headcount For Drone Strike Rendezvous

Prior posts.

Need solid numbers so that support teams can provision.

Just update below a la “4 here” or “me + 1”.


35 responses to “Need Final Headcount For Drone Strike Rendezvous

  1. Matt Bracken

    I would love to attend, but for the next few months it looks like I’m going to be stuck in Florida and unable to travel.

  2. Two of us for sure with at least one local family member

  3. Bonaventure

    Lo siento… no puedo.

  4. You’re not in the least bit concerned about “uninvited” guests?
    Be careful.

  5. Walter Sobchak

    Me +1 will be coming to eat on Sunday the 14th.

  6. Berglander


  7. Me plus 3

  8. One for three days, as previously stated.


    Possibly one. I still cannot confirm due to pending family issues.

  10. One here

  11. Have campsite reserved – See you there –

  12. Cannot confirm, but it’ll only be one… if you run out of bbq, I can feed myself!

    Southern dsr… where? Be easier for me, likely.

  13. 2 here

  14. One.

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

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  16. Alfred E. Neuman

    The Dates again, please. Will try to attend (2). Definitely will attend one in the South.

  17. James Lenaburg

    We really like the idea of a southern get-together, being in the Fort Worth area, but will plan to make the “leisurely” 2,468 mile drive to and from Cody (almost) as much fun as the time actually at the DSR. (i.e. 2 at all gatherings)

    Patrice found “Absaroka Bay RV” park in Cody back in early February and called. Spoke with owner, Tom, who she reports was very nice. The park’s info here: (

  18. TheAlaskan

    Salmon runnin’

    High tunnels producin’

    No can do. My bread n butter will not wait.

    Maybe next one in SE.

    Post mucho…I’ll attend virtually.

  19. Sgt. Schulz

    One here for Cody. Late reply last head count, more timely this time.

  20. Williams, party of two, are in.

  21. I’m on the other side of the mountains, but have space for a couple of crashers if needed.
    4.5 hour drive.

  22. one

  23. CA, one for sure, trying to drag another target, I mean attendee. Cutthroats and Comrades! Cannot wait!

  24. m70shooter

    Party of 2 for Cody.