Z Blog: A Path Forward

The travelogue piece is nice, but the organizational lessons are essential.

Be positive?

Be ready to throw wrenches into machines?

Who knew?

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Facts for deniers:

    Jewish Power Rolls Over Washington
    Philip Giraldi
    The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has just completed its annual summit in Washington. It claims that 18,000 supporters attended the event, which concluded with a day of lobbying Congress by the attendees. Numerous American politicians addressed the gathering, and it is completely reasonable to observe that the meeting constituted the most powerful gathering of people dedicated to promoting the interests of a foreign nation ever witnessed in any country in the history of the world.

    U.S. State Dept. to Spend $2 Million to Counter ‘Anti-Semitism’ Abroad
    Alison Weir
    The U.S. State Department is offering to pay up to a million dollars each for two projects “that counter the rise of anti-Semitism” in Europe and Central Asia. The State Department uses a new definition of anti-Semitism that includes criticisms of Israel. The projects will be funded through two State Department offices: the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor and the Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism. The anti-Semitism envoy position was created through 2004 legislation over the objection of the State Department. All four such envoys have been Israel partisans.

    In Poland, Holocaust Group Calls for Ban Against David Irving
    A Warsaw-based Holocaust commemoration group petitioned the Polish border police to block entry to the country for a Holocaust denier planning to give tours of Nazi death camps in Poland. From the Depths filed the petition last week. The group’s founder, Jonny Daniels, said it was the first legal procedure to block the planned tours by British Holocaust denier David Irving of Holocaust-related sites in Poland. The border police have 30 days to reply to the request regarding Irving’s planned tour, which is scheduled for early September.

    • It’s interesting that this AM I saw Beto had called out the Israeli gov and their leaders as racist or some shit like that…..

  3. Ok ; I am an A-hole. I feel so un-empowered So whats next, pretending that voting works or that Trump will save us?
    well that was a waste of a minute of my life.

    Sarcasm off;

  4. “Hearts and Minds!”

    “Hearts and Minds!”

    We all know how that bullshit played out.

    Gonna have to be a whole lot better. Got to ID core values–exhibit them, contrast them with the Orcs & PTB, commo them 24/7 via the Net, “Common Sense” flyers, to co-workers, neighbors, relatives, show why-they-matter and most of all LIVE IT!

    We need to wake people up. Get people “WOKE.” Remove the scales from their eyes. Like Paulie got from Ananias, over on the street which is called Straight. Ain’t nobody going to listen, get on board, or fight for freedom unless there’s a TRANSCENDENT experience–one way or another.

    • How do you get people on board when they are still comfortable Brother that is the question that if doesn’t get answered we are in for a hard go…

      • As always, Lineman, you hit the “X” Ring! There’s a few ways: the “slow-waltz” method works in that, as things fall apart, (or when they do) folks look at you and yours and ask: “Why are you doing ok, and I am not?” THEN and only then will they listen.

        Another way–join with neighbors, friends, like-minded folks and teach them.

        What I fear–just like you–is that the 80% will still be sleeping while the 3-20% are on the ball.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      How to win the battle of hearts and minds: two to the heart, one to the mind. Or vice versa.

  5. Vigilantcitizen

    Seems the orcs got zman. “Address not found.”

  6. robroysimmons

    I disagree, we have had decades of organizing and shit to show for it.

    Really does Fourth Generation War mean nothing to whites more than running about in flip flops toting about a rusty AKM?

    Going forward it is about legitimacy, the establishment racketeers are trying hard at auto-delegitimizing and “our” side refuses to help that along.

    In the era of “Gas the Whites, Race War now” the other side does our recruitment for us.

  7. In order to throw wrenches one must own some wrenches. (Not just 3D objects, but ideas as well.)

    Seems to me his latching onto “we’re the new Jacobins” characterization only gets him where he wants in conversation with those who already get it; a nice warm self-identify blanket. Even if most in conversation a) have no idea of its varied treatments in history or b) literally have to look it up. “Oh, but that’s not us! We’re sorta like that but without all the bad stuff.” (Not saying I’m against product demos of big wood chippers, just mentioning.) If it is a valid characterization, it’s an announcement that marketing phase is over & any future such activities are likely pointless.