Further Clownworld Intensification

RSM: Crazy People & Racist Clown Memes


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  1. Charley Waite

    What.On.Earth????? I am starting to see T-fats wisdom.

  2. Santiago Torres aka sunny

    And the left think we’re the problem, lots of cra boxed up there. Feel sorry for her significant other, maybe not

  3. I really love the meme nuts(and they are nuts!)on the different chans,they drive progressives absolutely bonkers as this article points out!

  4. LOL
    Honk! Honk!

    Exactly what “watch” does that crazy clown chick think she’s keeping?

    Not on my watch! Is something I keep hearing from all these crazy lefties on a regular basis

    • Yes, I also want to know more about her ‘watch’. In her YT profile, she says her location is Sweden. Is she in a deer stand every weekend with a rifle keeping an eye out for Honkler? Kinda doubt it.

      I guess the lefties use the ‘watch’ terminology to attempt to give themselves some sort of authority. Of course, this just motivates the chans and other anti-authoritarian types to meme harder.

      Remember how the memes were flowing in late 2016? It was pretty one-sided. The left can’t meme. I don’t know about you, but I’m not seeing this changing before late 2020. The OK sign and Honkler are great examples. The chans put up a flaming hoop, and the left lines up to frantically jump through it.

  5. Before the Innernut, adults never gave a flying shit about: 1) lunatics, 2) deviants, 3) bums, 4) junkies, 5) loudmouths and, 6) childrens’ opinions.

    One through six got a knuckle sandwich and tossed into a trash can or looney bin. Children were ignored, sent outside to play or spanked.

    Notice the theme of corrective violence for “adults” and boundaries for children.

    Thus it will be so again.

    • go suck a dick- fred

      • What’s wrong Handjob, someone distract you from your OCD ideational genocide fantasies?

        • Tfat is a parody of an actual human being. Take it for what it is. He is a deeply mentally disturbed meatsack and somehow spewing his poorly internalized rage at complete strangers on anonymous blogs and the rapidly way he decompensates at the slightest challenge is confirmatory.

          In response to yet another one of his bullshit fantasies posts about his “life on the Island”, I called him out on his bullshit and wrote:
          “You are delusional. I spent large chunks of time in that AO in my youth working in remote locations with the MNR with Thessalon/Blind River as base camp and with a bush aviation company out of SSM. I know the culture and the history as both my now 90 year old uncle and deceased paternal grandfather also lived and worked in the AO in some very rough times and passed down some valuable oral history and warnings before I went there and I did keep my head on a swivel. You may feel safe and privileged at the moment, but when push comes to shove, they will come for you and your stuff. Good Luck.”

          Because comments to that thread are now closed, he took the time and energy to slide over to my blog https://stopshouting.blogspot.com to post this as a moderated comment:
          “i&#39 delusional? FUCK YOU SLUT you &#39 Il get yours cunt”
          Clearly the work of a truly rational and inspirational person.
          As for the threat — sure, Tfat I’ll take you up on that. I would be more than happy to provide you my address via Pete. C’mon down. Try it big boi. Matt Bracken can confirm my PSD would love the opportunity to have a face-to-face chat with you. The reason you’re so triggered is because you know what I said is true. YOU are fucked in that AO once things kick off. Enjoy!

          • you worthless nothing.

            you wouldn’t make a zit on my ass gurl.

            now leave the Great tfA-t in peace or he will forever haunt your nightmares.


            • Triggered …. again.

            • Settle down tfag, or I’ll hack the system there at the county nervous home and order you up a brace of enemas.

              Doctors orders!

              It gives me great satisfaction to think of you there, wallowing in your own waste until the candy stripers come in and roll your useless ass over and set the game up for another round.

              How else would you possibly have so much time to post all your idiocy?

              Tomorrow you’ll be bitter, and soiled.

              • why don’t you crawl back under the covers of that 20 year old piss-stained mattress of yours and think real hard about the failures in your life- then kill yourself.

            • Wow! More trenchant, vintage Sac-rot-ease.


            • plankton67

              Did the mean meanie gurl touch a raw nerve? Your bluster says one thing, but your howls of rage when an anonymous shitpoaster zeros in on your issues… rips the curtain off of your act. It is well past time to reconsider the choices you have made in life. It is never too late to repent.

          • YOU are fucked in that AO once things kick off. Enjoy!

            HA HA HA HA


            all 600 people… 85% of which are old and retired and count on us younger men to keep order, the rest are my billiard-dart team and drinking buddies which i sponsor…

            you and (((brackish))) are the ones who are zombie food in turd wirld shitholia Floor-Ah-Duh. the last time i was in N. Palm, Boston Market had armed guards inside.. you better have the boat made fast and ready to shove off because ewes are what’s for supper.


            • plankton67

              Have you considered the relative tax burden difference between the 2 states? Just sayin’.

              • not too worried about tax burdens, OTOH, the nearly 30 million brown infestations surrounding those who survive in the “Shitstain State” would cause myself more than a little bit of concern, and that’s why we sold our 20th floor condo at Old Port Cove… they just loves them some dancing around YT in a stewpot…

  6. What was the quote from Volty: “To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

    Can’t criticize by use of a freaking clown image? WHOA!

    QED! Therefore, THEY are ruled by CLOWNS!

    These Mfs are truly insane; watch how her eyes roll around in that empty skull when she foams at the mouth. The lights are on, but nobody’s home. For this deluded woman, a clown image is her Kaaba–her black sacred rock. Defame a clown and she will behead you!

    Next step for this insane person: Clown Reparations…

    Notice how the Commies have zero sense of humor–none-nada. Every scintilla of their being is infused with 100% of HATRED–beginning with themselves. Here are their Professors from the “College of Hatred”

  7. “The Twitter account for ‘Goy Talk’ posted an image yesterday of an anti-Semitic meme modified to depict a racist caricature as a clown.”

    • Al,
      Thank you for your offer of continued prayer. Our family does believe in the power of prayer and we are blessed by so many who have stepped up to offer their help and prayer chains. I will say that although I would not wish the experience on any family, the entire staff at the MD Anderson clinic are a testament to the power of love. There is a lot of love there and people who give so much of themselves to make a difference and to make their tiny corner of the world for so many families a better place than it was yesterday. Powerful stuff.

      • You are most welcome.

        You, your son, and the rest of your family are in good hands with God…and through Him, in the good hands of MD Anderson.

        As I promised, perpetually!

      • While most of the research on cancer and exosomes concerns early diagnosis and elucidating the mechanisms of cancer spread, there are clinical trials of exosome treatments that are truly leading edge—using exosomes to deliver targeted treatments to a huge variety of cancers. You mentioned that your son has a rare type of bone cancer, but even a bone cancer as uncommon as Ewing’s sarcoma may have some clinical trials using exosomes for treatment.

        This article focuses primarily on how exosomes spread cancer and treatment resistance, but provides a solid background explaining how exosomes work:

        This article focuses more on using exosomes for cancer treatments:

        Somebody on your MD Anderson team has the database access to locate any such clinical trials relevant to your son’s needs. Be forewarned that many physicians want to wait decades until such treatments are the “standard of care,” but not every child or parent has decades to wait.

        I have seen miracles. You, your son, and your family deserve a miracle.

  8. After listening to this twit who identifies as a clown, rainbows come to mind. That is before the fags started using it as a symbol of their twisted, deviant sexuality that they are trying to force acceptance of. Anymore, I enjoy enraging the freaks in life. It’s kind of a sport. They can all go fuck off.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. clowns are the symbol for chaos, evil hiding behind a mask, child molesters and murderers, just look at the Left’s talking heads; AJ is right, Peterson is right they are evil incarnate, Renfelds, Goerin’s, Pol Pots, Clintons, Obamas. High functioning psychopaths addicted to mass murder in pursuit of more molestation and murder. Let them speak about social justice with the chipper

  11. Clown world indeed.