Event Support/Portable Solar Power Strategy

Food for thought.

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  1. does it count as a tax deduction?

    because from my figgering, drumpfs tax scheme only fucked the average murkin some more.

    GO YANG! 2020

    • typical Leaf

    • Grey Ghost

      Well first off, it wasn’t Trumps Tax Scheme, it was Paul Ryans tax scheme that Trump didn’t read or understand BEFORE he signed it. He believed what Paul Ryan told him. BUT in the end he did sign it so he bears some responsibility.

      But yeah, I paid more in taxes this year than last, so there was NO tax cut for me. I had to pay $40 more this year to Leviathan. Fuck them and their supposed tax break.

  2. Great kit. Any serious prepper should consider panels in their stuff. Don’t forget the associated gear. Have 28 Rernergy ? 100 watt panels new in their boxes, and multiple support gear for a rainy day.

    I’ll likely never need them.

    Recently acquired a medium sizer pelton wheel, in like new condition. Just add water. ” batteries required” which I don’t have yet.


  3. There is a gent that sells a set of plans based on a truck that uses a tool box for the housing and the back deck equipped with rigid PV’s. Has it all tied together so that —

    * Driving, the alto can charge the battery bank.
    * When not driving the PVs do the charging.
    * The power pack can be used to start the truck if the std battery is dead.
    * 110v power on demand thru an inverter. usb power available, etc.

    Wish I had the link.

  4. Gear Queers.


    • Absolutely. I’m old, I like me, my music and associated stuff. I have the resources, explain why I shouldn’t have purchased solar panels.

      In my county we have 300 days a year of sunshine. Well that’s what the sign says. It close.

      Also have 55 plus gallons of lantern fuel. As a back up. Must have 20 kerosene lanterns around here. All new, never used, and roughly 124 ft of wick. I know I need more wick.


      • Have at it man. I don’t begrudge anyone his wealth or how he spends it. And I address this not as an attack on you, but as a warning to everyone.

        I take issue if one uses purchases to substitute for suffering. Survival isn’t about “prepping.” Prepping is about selling useless shit to Walter Mitty. Suffering winnows the weak, the stupid and the useless, both human and gear.

        And you will suffer as leg survivalists. It’s gonna sweat, hurt, bleed, ooze, rash, bruise, wheeze, cramp, stink, freak, scream, moan, piss blood, leak brain matter through holes, shit itself, die and/or be miserable as Hell.

        How many hours humping giant gear bombs over uneven terrain have any of you motivators done in the last 12 months? Hiding out in rubble without making noise, light, shine, shape or smell? Have you run with a pack on in the last week? How did it feel? How far did you get? How much shit did you end up with after ten miles? Suffering is the best teacher, the best filter.

        Can you and your “15 fighters” shoot, move, communicate and keep supplied at the same time out of your solar-powered Prius full of useless electronic shit? The same one that you had to abandon on the clogged freeway with tire-burning Diversity® and the only one in your super squirrel convoy that didn’t get shot to shit?

        I know the answers, don’t bother. I’ve seen it for 30 years.

        Hope you like the taste of latex because that ballgag the hard people shove in your mouth will be like an old friend when they serve nice penis colonics to your entire family.

        Facta, non verba

        • Bah!

          tfA-t being a GOD, will do just fucking GREAT!

          he will live in comfort and style until he goes on a galactic journey across the sky as elemental energy to one day become a life giving Star.

        • Fucking-A, well said Fred. Truth will eliminate the gear queers as fast as a commie bullet.

  5. mistermisfit01

    I built one that is not as portable as this setup. All inside a plastic husky roll around tool box with 410 amp hour AGM batteries a 3200 watt inverter and two 400 W solar panels

  6. I have several 80w – 12v nominal rigid panels that I have used with a portable ham rig (IC-7100 + related gear). Using relatively small batteries, I can operate indefinitely as the actual power utilization ends up being less than the numbers might indicate. This is using an inline meter so I know the voltage & current usage.

    In terms of flexible panels, I bought one off ebay that a guy made using flexible single panels. The problem I had is that he rates them at 12v, but under load they don’t produce nearly what they ought. I have played around adding another small panel just to lift the voltage, and then it did produce the advertised current. My point is to be wary of advertised specs.

    The little tiny goal zero panels are cool, but they really produce very little power. You can charge a phone or some small batteries, but they are far too expensive for what they deliver.

    I helped someone permanently mount and wire solar panels on a home built camper (out of a high top Ford Transit van). The rigid panels have much better output than the flexible, and cost less, BUT they aren’t as stealthy. Actually that van sat high enough that the panels weren’t really visible unless one was trying to look. I might be inclined to build some ‘fake sides’ to make it look like storage boxes if I wanted to hide them.

  7. Diesel Boxer Subaru engine is unobtainium in fUSA. That’s the best piece of kit mentioned.
    Having ability to charge even a USB power brick (lithium battery pack) with solar or some other way is really useful when away from the land of power outlets. LED lights plug in to power bricks for good long run time at camp, as well as charging thrifty devices like paperwhite OLED book reader (avoiding tablet power hog).

  8. Grey Ghost

    A couple of solar panels, a LiFePo battery or two, and controller are good items to have for field/portable comm setups. You can literally go forever short of an EMP.

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  10. Gotta keep all the girl’s vibrator batteries charged up!