Spartacus* Rises

Cory Booker to Introduce Reparations Commission Bill

Big times ahead, wypipo.



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  1. Inside out completed, NOW, the Top down is happening.

    Tic Toc.


  2. An excellent definition of the term wypipo:

    Havent checked out much of the site yet but either the writer is trolling whites or is waaaaay off his meds…

  3. Damn, good thing I’m poor as a church mouse. They’ll go after the rich folk, like TeePhat, before they circle back to pick the skeletons.

    All hands stand by 37 posts from the resident idiot, now that I stepped on his tail.

    You’re welcome


    When the issue was raised on this site a few days ago, the most logical response that I read was one of Repatriation. Each Negro who qualifies is given $100K. $25K up front to get their affairs here in order and then the remainder when they arrive in Sud Afrika, or some other country on the Dark Continent. And, they are never allowed back. Sounds fair to me.

    • lastmanstanding

      Me also D…since most of them don’t know how to act or like it here, by all means, print a shit ton mo money and ship every damn one of them back to Africa.

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  6. Darrell Cloud

    If a bus driver can run Valenzuela, a barista can run the U.S. These people should not be discounted. Their base which resides in the urban centers are for the most part a population totally dependent on governmental largess. They ever work for the system that manages the dependents or they are direct dependents themselves.
    These people are disconcerted from reality. They feel, they do not think. They do not understand that their agenda will collapse the system they depend on. The emotional mob will line up for the freebies right up and until the store shelves are empty. When the shelves go bare, they will burn down their own neighborhoods in protest.
    The best we can do is look to our larders and never disarm.

  7. The bloodsuckers destroying America pledge allegiance to the Israeli flag.

  8. WhoYah! Reparations!!!

    Hey black people, all of you that were alive 176 years ago, please raise your hands, so that we can compensate you for your oppression at the hands of white Democrats.

    Another Dim idea that will go over like a fart in church.

    Can they BE any more efing STUPID?

  9. not one iota worse than the (((bloodusckers)))

    who run the Republiscam pty. In fact, both wings of the vulturine ZOG party, demoncrat and republiscam, are owned by the same (((Wall Street-Las Vegas-Hollywood))) Sanhedrin of Jew billionaires. There is, however, one minor difference between the Left wing and the Right wing: the Left wing has recently grown a few anti-Israhell feathers, while the Right wing whores more aggressively for Jews/Israhell with each passing day.

    NB re “you”: I don’t call the Left wing “progressive”. That’s what neo-con Jews and their cucked Conservatism Inc. shabbatz goyim do. I call it what it is:


  10. I like “chutzpabros” better, cuz it takes an ef’n amount of chutzpah for these bitches to portray themselves as Americans. Those who voted for them should be ashamed…but of course they’re not.
    And Sander’s hypocrisy defines the word.

  11. As I repeatedly say, if you can TRULY say you wish your ancestors weren’t dragged to America (so that you would have been born in Africa), then you can have some money to GO BACK. I have asked this to many blacks and NOBODY has ever honestly said he wished he was born in Africa.

    I’ve gone Galt, anyway. I have so little taxable income these days, I am not supporting the system very much at all. I recognize that God is not done with me (as I’m still here!) so I will keep putting one foot in front of the other. But my wife and I both agreed she had the better deal when we knew her cancer would take her home. Each day this world gets more ridiculous.

    As a point of reference, we are soon approaching the 4th anniversary of the black robes giving their blessing on same-sex marriage. That issue has disappeared far into the rear view mirror at this point, with increasingly bizarre psychotic progressive ideas taking center stage.

  12. Free money for negros. Surprised somebody didn’t come up with that idea 50 years ago. Cash me in. I’m out.

    • LOL yaeh once the pavement apes run thru “Da reparatins” dey be axixig fo mo. Cee whaimsayn yo. Niggers will never be satisfied, no matter what the WHITES do. Think of it. Lets say WHITES give the negros EVERYTHING! I MEAN everything. oK SO NOW RACIAL EQUALITY achieved. SOOooooo now what? axing fo a friend..

      • Oh BTW… Who takes care of the machines? Who maintains them? LOL .WHO takes care of the machines once you 3rd world morons take over? LOL WHITES! That’s who.Then what shall be the price to pay to keep the machines running that are necessary for your existence? What shall be the reparations to ALL WHITES that provide for your existence? Again, axing fo a friend.

  13. Reparations for tolerating their indolent, destructive behaviors which have destroyed white cities, white schools, white communities? Reparations for their cultural appropriation of ALL things white, beginning with the wheel?

    Although whites being recompensed for nagar crimes against humanity has a certain appeal to it, I’d be pleased just to be done with their sorry excuse for a race.

    Hope that wasn’t unclear.

  14. Um, TFAT, im confused ! For months now you write EWE.. I admit I’m slower then you. God forgive me, I thought you were talking about a female sheep. You know your Ol lady.

    I’ll bet you wear open top boots?.

    While I’m at it. I see you have a new crew, you joined the jewwwwwwwwww crew. How’s that working for you?

    What say you, lil fella.


    • hey Dick

      ewe were wrong again.

      i got 100% 🙂

      bozo cop

      • Congrats, did you get 100% medical, or 100% unemployable.

        Honestly that’s one of the fastest awards I’ve heard of. I started this shit show in 1996, with the VA. Been a fucking fist fight at every turn. I’ve been 100 unemployable for a few years now.

        Three weeks ago, I had to do the Washington DC appellate court hearing, I’m already 100% as well, but it’s only permanent and total At 70%. In 24 months I have to have another Comp and Pen for left knee, possible recovery. I’ll be rated a percentage for my fake hip and my fused neck aswell. Really only means I won’t loose money should my left knee become more flexible. Which I doubts going to happen.

        I got a fake left hip, the VA Dr’s, concurred on left right knee military issues caused the hip issue via a gait disorder. I got special funding for some skeletal related issues. Like an extra 500.00 a month. Didn’t ask for it, the raters called out of the blue saying I rated the increase.

        I moved my VA care down to Reno Nevada last week, it’s a Hospital with all the specialists. I’m in need of a Nero, VA discovered my neck is fused causing bad juju top to bottom.

        Congratulations. 100% is a motherfucker to obtain, usually take many years.


    • NorthGunner


      On the issue of reparations to people who were NEVER
      personally anyone’s slave (with maybe the exception of
      the LBJ democrap political machine) my answer is not
      only no but HELL NO!!

      Corey Booker and AOC and the rest of the
      clown clan can pound sand!

      As for the invasive parasites that have de facto quietly
      leveraged control of America since their financial coup
      of 1913 and branching outwards ever since, here’s
      the speech of one of their former members from 1961
      to help you understand that they as dual citizens DO
      NOT have America and it’s dirt people’s best interests
      at heart as they’re American in name only.

      Benjamin Friedman Speech 1961

      Transcript of the above speech:

      So, who do you think attacked the USS Liberty in
      international waters back in 1967? That unprovoked
      attack was an act of war if you didn’t know it..just like 9/11.

      How the world was fooled! (4)

      Have you ever read Dr. Kevin MacDonald or Dr. E. Michael
      Jone’s books among others?

      WHY is Solzhenitsyn’s “Two Hundred Years Together”
      still not available in an english translation?

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • NG, the Israelis did the Liberty damage. No on the books.

        Gunner, I’m not interested in hating. Life’s to fucking short, I got lots of cool stuff to achieve the rest of my life. Hating isn’t on that list.

        Listen I know what’s going on in the world, here’s the thing, I as an individual have no recourse, don’t matter what I think, what I do.
        Not going to change a fucking thing.

        I live in southern Oregon, by choice, based on what Worldly event may occur, were long term preppers, since the 80s. I’ve grown tired of the big one, any moment.

        Bill Buppert said it best in my mind,

        Something like ” Determined men who know what their about can hold their mountain forever. I would assume your location down in AZ, is similar.

        Know your turf, know your limitations, work on your weaknesses.

        Your a smart guy you will be fine.


  15. Berglander

    The el chupacabra is the third most nefarious myth created by man…after the Holocaust and the Holocaust.

  16. AKA- Goat Suckers

  17. Then what do they owe us for indoor plumbing, electricity, roads, cars, airplanes, computers, medicine that works, 60 years of welfare, etc.? Bad idea for them to get voters to think about which direction the net benefit flowed.

  18. Alfred E. Neuman

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  19. Since cockeyed Spartacus is a high yeller, he only gets half a reparation.