Derbyshire: The Totalitarian Motive Behind the Democrats’ Fraudulent “White Nationalism” Hearing

You, trad American, are the problem.

One which can and will be solved by the Powers-That-Be, as discussed here.

Plan accordingly.

Watch the vid, please:

86 responses to “Derbyshire: The Totalitarian Motive Behind the Democrats’ Fraudulent “White Nationalism” Hearing

  1. robroysimmons

    I’m sure the conservatives and the constitution will save us.

    You betcha

    • Dreams only work if you do.

      Shitting on the tools you’ve got to work with, and whinging about it, not so much.
      (But maybe tell us again why, virtually alone among first-world nations, you enjoy nearly universal access to firearms and ammunition, at recockulously low market prices. That was gifted you by…who again? I forget.)

      If anyone was expecting a magic wand and fairies riding in on armored war unicorns to do their dirty work for them while they sat on velvet tufted cushions, welcome to reality.

      But I’m sure they’ll have a much more harmonious outcome waiting on what they’ll get handed by communists with boxcar shipping manifests instead.

  2. Matt Bracken

  3. Matt Bracken

    “White nationalist” is how today’s communists describe heritage American patriots.

    It’s an attempt by the communists / socialist / leftists / globalists / progressives / Marxists to hijack the language for the purpose conducting an anti-white propaganda campaign.

    An examination of any dictionaries published more than five minutes ago shows “nationalist” and “patriot” to by synonymous.

    The leftists in politics and the MSM call us white racists and Nazis 24/7 without blinking.
    It’s long past time to quit being polite patsies and return the favor. Call every leftist a communist, and use every opportunity to remind folks that communists and socialists murdered more than 100 million human beings in the 20th century.

    • Let’s talk about how the Jews are the ones who are destroying Caucasian nations any way that they can with the assistance of Judas goats like yourself.

      • You need a t-shirt reading “a 2% minority is controlling my mind”. Why have you allowed a minority to control the mainstream media? Simply vote to eliminate the FCC and allow competition in.

        • no, anonymous hasbara:

          all power flows from the (((Central Bank))) money-machine.

          that’s where the Jews got the money (loaned into existence)

          to buy both the MSM and the political class. The

          FCC is irrelevant. Same as


          • You won’t do well around Price unless you have another skinsuit handy. But rotsa ruck anyway.

          • Grenadier1

            Who allowed them to do that?
            Who allowed anyone who has obtained behind the throne power to reach the position they have. None of you can ever answer this. Power does NOT flow from a Bank..It flows from a Sword.
            Sure Money buys the Sword, but if someone else has the money and they have you over a barrel then you send someone with a sword to kill them and take the money.
            Its that simple and its been that simple for 10,000 years.
            You think for one second that The Masters. The Kings of Europe. The dynastic families that have ruled Europe since the break up of the Roman Empire would allow Jew bankers to control them?
            You guys are so caught up in your short sighted story that you cant see the reality that is right there. Jews, and everyone else who obtains power does so because they are of service to the elite families.
            The elite families have a religion but its not one that you would recognize and it most assuredly is not Judaism, nor Christianity for that matter.

            I know, I know
            Shabat goy, Tikum Olam blah blah blah….

            • (((WHO)))?
              You are not familiar with the creation of the Feral Reserve system?

            • Exactly. The elite families who own everything sure love that everyone blames “da joos” tho. It’s a nice pressure relief valve for them.

              I believe their religion is a modern continuation of the ancient mystery religions, complete with associated rites and sacrifices. It’s fairly out in the open once you know what to look for.

      • It’s a monkey trap. You put your hand in to grab power over others, then they drag you away with your hand in the trap. Because of this trap, only libertarians have the mental capacity to be free.

        • Libertarians free? In what world do you live in? Their national party is pro weed and pro gay marriage. Dude-Weedman for Prez twice. Thats it. They have no platform now except for the places that aren’t pro weed yet. Most “left libertarians” are socialists who are just pro weed/drugs. The majority of the rest were telling me after Obozocare that I should still give a damn about marriage equality while the fed gov was making me a slave to their definitions of healthcare.

          Get back to me when the libertarians who talk a big game actually enforce their infamous non aggression principle by even managing to take over 3-4 contiguous counties of a state politically and culturally.

          • Libertarians can’t even agree amongst themselves if their sacred “non-aggression” applies to babies in utero. Meanwhile all doctrinal Libertarians see nothing “aggressive” about usurers ex utero. Go figure.

            Indeed a very confused group, exactly what one should expect from yet another (((tribal))) theory.

            • It’s a goat fug for sure. But if there is no way to achieve collaboration, then people had best disperse and be done with it.

              The Reds have cohesion.

              The anti-Reds (is there even such a thing?) does not.

              Simple and deadly as that.

            • Grenadier1

              So since Libertarians cant agree on something that somehow invalidates their entire position.
              Interesting. I guess that does not bode well for your Church.
              You seem to conflate politics and your religion. That’s fine its just an odd position to demand dogmatic adherence to political theory as one does of scripture.
              So no one can disagree on the party doctrine lest they be excommunicated of worse burned at the stake?

              With regard to Usury.
              Its a contract.
              You know the terms when you agree to it.
              No one is forcing you to agree to it, you willingly agree to borrow money and pay back more than you borrowed over time.
              If you don’t like the terms, don’t sign the contract.
              Save your money until you have enough to purchase without a loan.
              Not sure why that is so difficult to get a head around.

          • NorthGunner

            Libertarians?…don’t you mean Lolbuttarians?

            NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Let’s talk about you EB…

        The {{{JEWS}}} must be the Master Race. After all, we keep hearing how Der {{{JEWS}}} control weak pussy-ass White People, and the world. And any, and everything, that White People do that is bad… it’s cause Der {{{JEWS}}}!

        Well, that settles it, you agree that Der {{{JEWS}}} are your Master Race. Why, if you could just un-weak and un-pussy-ass your White self and oven Der {{{JEWS}}}, White People will suddenly transform into baby Jesus in swaddling clothes in a manger and be a holy people! And then White People will transform into {{{Aryans}}} and be the Master Race! But, but, but… Der {{{JEWS}}}!

        Hilarious. It’s like this whole White thing is predicated on Der {{{JEWS}}} somehow Master Racing the White Race. We can’t be WHITE! Cause Der {{{JEWS}}}!

        Yeah. I am beginning to believe that whole screaming Der {{{JEW}}} thing is being done by a bunch of pussies who CAN’T BE WHITE without blaming Der {{{JEWS}}}. Good thing you have Der {{{JEWS}}} to validate your Whiteness… huh?


      • Matt Bracken

        Bravely Typed The Anonymous Keyboard Nazi Coward.
        Don’t worry, we get where you are coming from.

    • “…It’s long past time to quit being polite patsies and return the favor. Call every leftist a communist, and use every opportunity to remind folks that communists and socialists murdered more than 100 million human beings in the 20th century.”

      True enough, but most every one of these cretins has it their own mind that calling them a Communist isn’t an insult at all, and is actually a compliment, despite the murderous history of the 20th century. They dismiss this, out of hand, as attempts at ordering society into their utopia that simply failed based upon either insufficient leadership, lack of proper scope, force (they’ll use the term law instead, sickos), or any/all combinations of these reasons.

      Anyone who has a reasonably high IQ will tell you that these same people are clearly exhibiting psychopathic behavior by holding fast to their beliefs that defy outcomes.

      • Matt Bracken

        Yes, I get your point, but it’s not enough just to call them communists.
        Every time you call them communists, couple that with asking them why they admire a system that murdered 100+ million people, and how many millions of people they think they will have to murder in their next try at building utopia at gunpoint.

    • m70shooter

      You use every euphemism available, but refuse to Name The Jew. Its dishonest.

      You acknowledge there is a war on us Whites, but not who the enemy is. It’s dishonest.

      Then berate those of us among the Goyim who are guilty of noticing. It’s dishonest.

      Sad 😦

      • All:

        This shit is a circular firing squad. It does not speak well of the ability to ally with others not of 100% lockstep agreement with each single fucking peeve that folks have.

        There ain’t many places as open as this place, but the madness of insisting all must be on the same place on the JQ track is going to full potato as move #2.

        Allies ain’t spouses and they ain’t brothers. They are allies.

        No more damned brother wars.

        • What do you suggest, CA?

          I asked these questions twice:

          (1) Is cooperation among groups with drastically different philosophies/religions appropriate and/or necessary?

          (2) If appropriate and/or necessary, how can we accomplish such cooperation?

          Though I can answer these questions for our family, this time, as on the two previous occasions when I posted the questions, I did/do not include my answers because I am interested in others’ viewpoints.

          • P.S. I am especially interested to hear the honest answers from my most vocal opponents.

            Bonus points for a balance of emotionless rationality, brevity, clarity, and evidence.


          • I think the “drastically” is the driver.

            It’s a great topic for an open post tomorrow.

            Want to provide some additional detail around “drastically”? (e.g., Cath vs Prot versus Christian vs. Hindi versus Pre v2 Cath vs Jew versus atheist vs trad Cath?). Am off to dinner now.

            • As you perspicaciously note, “drastically” is the cutting edge. Defining the point at which alliance becomes undesirable, even intolerable, is what I hope commenters address in today’s or tomorrow’s posts.

              What is non-negotiable in these putative alliances of WRSA commenters?

              In not posting “additional detail” now, I am not being gratuitously coy, but only want to hear first what others have to say de novo, not simply emotional reactions. We already suffer from much that is reactionary.

              What are the chances that you can keep the comments live for 2 days (or until the content degenerates)?

        • Agreed. We really need to find harmony, there is some common ground we all share. Personal agenda is an impedance to a harmonious effort. We can win if we stop fighting one another like a bunch of spoiled brat snowflakes.

          If someone doesn’t want to believe your (one’s) personal truth discoveries and all of the links are agendae driven diatribes by someone else, somewhere else with a different perspective than our common perspective ; citing them is wasting our time.

          Making a proverbial line in the sand with an attitude of my opinion or no opinion is again self defeating. Does anyone want to win this or just be bitching subjugated whiners who “knew what it would be like if we had won?”

          More on this later, when I really want to put on paper what I see and what I think.

      • Matt Bracken


    • Call them nigga commies. That covers lots of shitty personalities.

  4. The vast majority of blacks are total racists. Get used to the idea and be situationally aware at ALL times. Black on white crime is rarely to never reported publicly but it’s out there in big numbers.


      Word. As a group, they are a violent, physical people who have imbibed their white hatred at their mother’s breast as infants. I saw it as a MP in the Army and as a Peace Officer in SoCal. With all of its political and cultural faults, Rawles Land is white and polite. That is one of the reasons I and my tribe are here. I go out of my way to avoid sounders of Negroes.

      • Here in Rawles Land most tend to live by this seldom quoted tidbit;
        “I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them to obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am responsible for everything I do. An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life”. ~ Robert A. Heinlein
        As I see it, that applies to color as well. It is not the color of your skin, religion, nationality, it is the color of your character that defines you…..

      • NorthGunner


        Here’s an entry from M.S. King’s “Killing America” that
        bears directly upon the discussion that you have with
        hbowman1966 above:

        “WOUND # 3: 1909 The N.A.A.C.P. Is Established
        What Happened?:

        Ostensibly set up to help Blacks, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (N.A.A.C.P.) is founded by a group of wealthy Jewish Marxists. They select a Black Communist front-man named W.E. DuBois.

        Slowly but surely, the N.A.A.C.P. steers millions of Blacks away from the conservative, inspirational influence of Booker T. Washington and herds them into the Marxist-Democrat political camp instead. A 100 year diet of anti-White victimization propaganda creates a blind voting bloc that is now 95% Democrat. The leverage of the organized, controlled Black vote is a key element of Big Government Marxism in America. Ironically, as we shall explore later on, Democrat liberal policies will inflict enormous harm upon American Black families.”
        -Killing America: The Hundred Year Murder, pg 10.

        Here’s a link to the complete book via PDF:
        Killing America: The Hundred Year Murder by M.S. King

        I’m sure that you and others of your family and friends will also
        find this volume very interesting to say the least.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  5. Extreme hate on whites by the usual suspects while the old white men sat there like good little cucks. The only adult in the room was Candace Owens.

    • NorthGunner

      Actually, Tom McClintock was the other adult in the room.

      He spoke reason and sanity for about 6 minutes…guess
      how much he influenced those in attendance (such as
      the shill for the ADL)?

      Voice of Reason During Clown World Hearing on White Nationalism

      As one commentor stated:
      “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” Dresden James.

      Hopefully Mr. McClintock didn’t just put a “Vince Foster” pin
      on himself for his intellectual bravery.

      Clownword to a T.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Lan fuck you, bitch. Didn’t see you in Cicero, Illinois, Marquette Park, or any where we fought. Didn’t see you in Rhodesia either. Stay by that keyboard, tough guy. It’s safer there.

  6. Red in OleVirginny

    I’ve got news for these commies/islamic/socialist/whatevers – they ain’t seen nothing yet.
    Members of my extended clan here in Virginia are reporting that many previously”neutral” family members have now swung hard to our side. They are requesting to train with us – and we will help them.
    I’m talking several dozen new members of our tribe within the last year – some middle aged , some in 20’s and early 30’s. All family or married in.
    Late for the show but we held a seat for them.
    Best Regards to all,
    Red in OleVirginny

  7. I often wonder what the usa would look like today if as soon as the first studies came out of what the 1965 kennedy immigration act came out and the gop manned up and shut that down before corporations stepped in for the low cost labor.
    if that actually was shut down in 1975, the usa would be in much better shape financially, socially and in the military and things like the black congressional caucas would be treated as what it is, a circus side show. instead, we have the near certainty that the white man, that built the greatest country in history; will be facing the future that white people currently do in south Africa where assets are seized and white people are in physical danger.
    I’m no bigot, but if trumps wants to ship anyone out that is not white; I’m down with it; considering the positive results of that action.

    • “I’m no bigot, but…”

      you’re a rediculous cuck(ette).

      “but if trumps wants to ship out anyone that (sic) is not white…”

      no, you stupid cuck(ette)…it’s Drumpf that’s shipping in millions of non-Whites to destroy the Whites.

  8. Red in OleVirginny

    Some general reading- old news to some I’m sure

    “By the end of the 1970s, the IRA in most of Northern Ireland had been restructured into a cell system. South Armagh, however, where the close rural community and family connections of IRA men diminished the risk of infiltration, retained its larger “battalion” structure.”

    Key sentence – “the close rural community and family connections”
    Best Regards,
    Red in OleVirginny

    • Red: There’s some who get along so porely with others, that alas, close rural communities and family connections are just not part of their futures.

      Bless their hearts.

    • Red get a hold of the book Bandit Country by Toby Hearndon. Great read on armagh.

  9. Shinmen Takezo

    Grok this video and you can possible get a handle on what to do.
    It splain’s everything completely…

  10. Ha, the fox investigating the fox..
    Who-DUH thunk it

  11. LeaderOfTheBanned™

    It seems to me that if there is anybody left who still doesn’t get it, they are already lost. The answer is simple – a trigger moment is imminent. When it comes, it’s time to kill every worthless piece of shit non-Trad American you encounter. Every Leftist, ever sexual deviant, every freak which includes the panoply of “genders”, every person who hates God and any worthless fuck that cannot or will not recite the Pledge of Allegiance or the “secret menu” from In-N-Out. Kill them all. Any foreigner or “minority” better be ready to prove they are assimilated Americans at heart or they get a bullet. It’s that simple and it’s that horrific. Anybody left who thinks the current situation can be corrected with anything that does not involve gunfire is fooling themselves.

    • anyone who brings up some hokey god loses all credibility.

      there is no god.

      what an idiot.

      • Why do you care enough to even comment since it is so worthless? Does it interrupt your Man-to-Gland time or something?

      • Bonaventure

        what an idiot.

        Says the ‘man’ who alleges to have everything, and yet has nothing to do but spend nearly all of his time on the internet.

        I’ll recite the following prayer for you, so that you may see the error in your ways, repent, and revert back to Catholicism from whence you came..

        Let us pray.
        O God, our refuge and our strength, look down with mercy upon the people who cry to Thee; and by the intercession of the glorious and immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God, of Saint Joseph her spouse, of the blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, and of all the saints, in Thy mercy and goodness hear our prayers for the conversion of sinners, and for the liberty and exaltation of the Holy Mother the Church. Through the same Christ Our Lord. Amen.

      • LeaderOfTheBanned™

        Losing credibility with you is exactly where I want to be. If there is no God, as you are so certain, why do you bother with your spastic tantrums every time He is mentioned? You’re a fraud and a scared little girl.

        You’re nothing but a worthless and bitter shit-talking contrarian coward who would NEVER speak in public the way you do from the safety of your basement because you know damn well any man would stuff your bigmouth right up your little girl ass.

        FUCK OFF.

        • you don’t know me at all.

          eat some shit and die.

          all god freaks will be hunted down.

          count on it.

          • LeaderOfTheBanned™

            LOL! Is that supposed to scare me?

            You’ve got a BIG surprise coming.

            I know you perfectly well: all flaps, no throttle. A flaccid impotent bitter little loser, filled with the illusion of self-importance who never has anything of consequence or benefit to add to any discussion. I’m betting even your cats hate you and will eat you after you die, alone, in your basement.

      • Grenadier1

        Interesting point. How long before the litmus test turns into “anyone who cant speak the lords prayer”. Then it turns to “anyone who cant speak the lords prayer in latin” and so on. Until the Chaos and the killing cant stop. I suspect that once those Hard core Christians who blamed all the jews and killed everyone not like them are finally done they will find their new Chinese overlords will have none of their good book.

        The REAL question that we all have to answer is “how many of these other ignorant fucks are worth fighting for?”

        • Not directed at you Brother because I know you do this but until people man up and meet face to face then only the ones I know and have broke bread with are worth saving…

    • pledge of allegiance.
      You are an ignorant asshole.

  12. Throughout the many years, I have blended in with many
    many people of all walks of lives, and many different backgrounds,
    even distributing my times sharing times and customs – But, this
    brainwashing is totally in your face HOGWASH, and totally
    furthering, to what I see as – Bull Shit.
    Clearly a one sided agenda pushing drive.

    As many know, there is a method to their madness,
    and concentrating such an evil one sided debate
    completely overlooking the reality on the ground
    makes them warmongering fools and talking shitheads.

    Dogs returning to their vomit….

    “Every man to his family and his possessions”

  13. My comments are never posted about the “Last word on the fallacy of White is Right”.

    Yet here we are in a War on whites.

    Mosby preaches “tribe”.
    It’s established that his is a multi-cultural “tribe”… kinda like the one destroying… whites.

    Interesting, that.

    Dem colored pate-ree-otts Dey gon sabe us alls!

  14. @9:24 Panelist Eva Patterson, President, Equal Justice Society:

    We would like a national commission to be formed to study all forms of white supremacy. We think there should be a joint law-enforcement civilian task force to study white nationalism and to outline an organized counter-insurgency strategy.


    • And don’t think for one minute that she won’t get all that she is asking for…I think SA is going to be our future as well sure we might have a few flashbulbs going off here and there but all that will do is bring more to their side and cause more of our side to hide away more…We sure can talk a lot though, write more articles that sound the same as the last ones, bitch and moan, blame everyone and everything without ever providing a realistic solution, yea we are going the way of the dodo bird…Sad That…

    • NorthGunner

      What communists like Eva Patterson desire is
      that everyone NOT like her be treated to a
      mandatory stay in Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadows
      Camps “for the duration”.

      Rhine Meadows death camps in the words of James Bacque

      Here’s the full documentary by James Bacque:
      Other Losses – a film by James Bacque

      I also recommend the documentary “Hellstorm”;
      be advised it pulls no punches and may be
      more than a person can handle in the way
      of truth.

      Hellstorm – Full Documentary

      Never forget that the above WAS set in motion by
      the books authored by Theodore Kaufmann and
      Morgenthau Jr. and Cloudenhove Kalergi.
      This was their ‘trial run’ of the destruction of
      white people and their “demographic replacement”.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  15. m70shooter

    So, my comment is deleted?
    10-4 , read you 5×5 Pete.

    -shooter out

  16. I think we’re so close that if two or three men happen to step up at the same time, we’ll see patriot reprisals take off like popcorn in a microwave. Anyway you cut it I don’t see how the nonviolent path extends much further.

  17. Look at that filthy Jew Klein at 14:10 grimacing and rolling his eyes.
    Fucking little bitch.

  18. Alfred E. Neuman

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  19. fuck the police

    • It turned out that the most ardent and loudest anti-authority and direct action-yammering figures at Malheur were the FBI’s own CIs salted among the “protesters”…

      Just a coincidence, I’m certain.