Sailer: What Is This?


It is the Communist media and its entertainment wing pushing at least the hot-flashing hordes of hopeless cat ladies that still watch CBS streaming clitcoms to accept anti-white violence.

The Reds are on the move.

Normies are enstupefied by sportsball and other panem et circenses.

And many of the anti-Reds?

Tempus fugit.

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  1. LOL.

    It’s always some guy in the back of an old Chevy C/K pickup waving a US flag that is the boogeyman of the left. They neatly tie-in the yellow vest movement with Nazism there too – except it’s US rednecks with red vests this time around.

    • Well it’s worked for them in the past so why wouldn’t they keep using it…You have to give them credit they do know how to use propaganda to it’s maximum effect…

    • Matt Bracken

      A secondary purpose of the red vests in the show is to smear the French yellow vests as evil nationalist near-Nazis, who are trying to wreck the beautiful EU dream of a post-national France under Macron.

      Demonstrators wearing colored safety vests = evil fascist monsters is a big part of the show’s message.

      (OTOH, Antifas wearing black masks on violent missions are heroes.

      • Antifa has been demasked in PDX which actually makes them run away, PDX Mayor has told the remaining PPDs to enforce demasking and he’s now being called a Fascist by his former supporters

      • “…smear… as evil …Nazis…”

        Oh, the irony.

        • Matt Bracken

          >>“…smear… as evil …Nazis…”
          Oh, the irony.<<
          Don't worry, Anonymous Keyboard Nazi Coward.
          We all get where you're coming from.

          • NorthGunner

            Says he who still won’t acknowledge who it was that attacked the USS Liberty in international waters with both air and naval assets…the attack that both LBJ and Adm. McCain attempted to cover up!

            NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

            • Even Bracken grudgingly acknowledged that the Synagogue of Satan “punches above its weight class.”

              Why? It isn’t, as fools and deceivers here are wont to say, “Jewdi mind control,” but:

              (1) Debt-based “money” has afforded virtually unlimited financial, media, political, and military control to an otherwise negligible fraction of the globe’s population.
              (2) Jews’ unshakeable commitment to a creed and culture of Master Race supremacism that has no qualms about deceit, looting, and mass murder.
              (3) The ignorance and cowardice of nominal “Christians” who allow, even abet, the Synagogue of Satan’s misanthropy.

              All three problems can be fixed.

              (1) Default on “debt.” We have no obligation to reward the multi-layered frauds of the Jewish usurers. Use real money. Forbid corporations, eliminate the corporate shields of privacy and liability. Allow partnerships where all owners are known and have liability.
              (2) Prosecute, punish, and repatriate for all crimes against humanity, including financial crimes against humanity. No killing spree against innocents, but every last perpetrator and accomplice must be punished and every single penny stolen in multi-generational schemes must be repatriated. The lesson must be unforgettable and proportionate to the global misery and death caused by the perpetrators and their accomplices.
              (3) Educate the world on the fundamentals of Judaism. Once educated, the world will not ever again allow them means or schemes that may be abused.

  2. Potatoes are good, just bury them and they’ll contribute.

  3. Shows like this are govt. propaganda to incite violence and then clamp down on citizens(or try to anyhow).Stick to your beliefs/defend yourself but do not fall for the nonsense,msm will have their day soon enough.

  4. Bonaventure

    And speaking of the communist media… a brief rundown of what happens when one makes a move that goes against the Hollywood/Marxist narrative.

    A quick list of troubles:
    —Record companies refused to license music — normally a routine transaction—at any price.
    —Despite a total lack of sex, violence, or profanity, the blood shown in an abortion scene was all the MPAA to slap it with an “R” rating.
    —Every TV network except Fox News and the Christian Broadcasting Network refused to run ads for its release.
    —the day after the film’s release, Twitter “accidentally” banned “Unplanned’s” account.

    • Well they must not quite be ready to go whole hog yet then because they wouldn’t of tried so hard to suppress it if they thought it didn’t matter…Which should give us a clue what they fear…

  5. Matt Bracken

    The Left is gearing up for genocide against whites. Before every genocide, the targeted scapegoats are demonized in the media.

    Turkey/Armenians, USSR/Kulaks, Germany/Jews, China/landlords, Cambodia/intellectuals, Rwanda/Tutsis etc etc etc.

    The message being sent by this show is clear: the “white nationalist” scapegoats are evil monsters, “irredeemable deplorables,” and what can you do with irredeemables but do away with them? The social approval of the pre-genocide scapegoat message has a clear purpose, it’s psychological battle-space preparation.

    This is why the globalist/communist Left is conflating Nazism with “white nationalism,” which is their term for heritage American patriots.

    The problem for the Left is that heritage American patriots are armed to the teeth, and won’t be disarmed short of a bloody civil war, which the Left will probably lose, and lose badly.

    People living in glass houses should not throw stones, and people who live by the millions jammed into blue hives where every drop of water, box of food, gallon of fuel, and watt of electricity must be imported from the hostile heritage American hinterland should not instigate a civil war.


    • First sentence:

      The Left is gearing up for genocide against whites.

      All whites.

      Which, however amusing it is to imagine the catlady cabal getting Africanized, means that the Reds will kill you and your family first, to the writhing-screamed approval of those culture-traitors before they get theirs.


    • just add violence

      Yup, it’s dealt serious.

      … yet, not even a hint as usual it’s the jews ultimately behind it all for their agenda/end game.

    • So right. Thank you, again, Matt.

    • In my boot camp of the late 60’s we were required to watch films of Communist and Nazi atrocities. It made me want to puke. I was just a kid and never had viewed anything like it. Saying to myself, “This can’t be real” but knowing that it was.
      The instructor said, “This is why you took an oath to support and defend the Constitution. The evil men of this world will not stop until this nation is overrun.”

      It’s coming like a runaway train and we are powerless to stop it. But that doesn’t mean we are powerless.

      Get your mind right.
      Get your heart right.

      And for all you old goats out there, here’s your model.

    • NorthGunner

      “The message being sent by this show is clear: the “white nationalist” scapegoats are evil monsters, “irredeemable deplorables,” and what can you do with irredeemables but do away with them? The social approval of the pre-genocide scapegoat message has a clear purpose, it’s psychological battle-space preparation.”

      The question always is, WHO is packaging and promoting it; the goal
      we already know – the genocide of white people via ‘demographic replacement’ if not by more ‘direct’ means.

      Brother Nathanael shines the light of truth onto WHO owns the media
      (and thereby who is packaging and promoting it):

      The Jews Who Own The Media

      Brother Nathanael – The Jew Who Rule America

      Before people can truly be free, they must understand not only
      what has been done to them to enslave them but more importantly
      by WHOM. That truth CANNOT be denied when a former member
      of the parasite class speaks truth as Brother Nathanael does
      for all the world to hear.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Berglander

        “Is that Agent Orange?” “Yes, it’s highly toxic and causes birth defects.” “In that case, we’re gonna need at least a hundred more barrels!”

        At least.

      • Not My Name

        Gee, if the Jews have been running things for so long, any reasonable person would think they would be solidly in control by now. If you must believe in the Jew conspiracy, you have to admit they aren’t as competent as your conspiracy describes.

        • NorthGunner

          They are, watch the other vids by Brother Nathanael, especially those on the ‘Federal Reserve’, the media, and the jewish lobbies.

          The control of the ‘Federal Reserve’ is the primary leverage along with control of the economic sector..the others are ancillary control mechanisms.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        • NorthGunner

          They are in control as much as they need to be to continue bleeding this country for the benefit of the Rothschilds corporate/military jewish apartheid ethnostate called israel.

          And considering all the proofs and facts, including the jews own statements that have been offered, it’s no conspiracy theory – it’s conspiracy FACT!

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        • Not really.

          Even Bracken grudgingly acknowledged that the Synagogue of Satan “punches above its weight class.”

          Why? It isn’t, as fools and deceivers here are wont to say, “Jewdi mind control,” but:

          (1) Debt-based “money” has afforded virtually unlimited financial, media, political, and military control to an otherwise negligible fraction of the globe’s population.
          (2) Jews’ unshakeable commitment to a creed and culture of Master Race supremacism that has no scruples about deceit, looting, and mass murder.
          (3) The ignorance and cowardice of nominal “Christians” who allow, even abet, the Synagogue of Satan’s misanthropy.

          All three problems can be fixed.

          (1) Default on “debt.” We have no obligation to reward the multi-layered frauds of the Jewish usurers. Use real money. Forbid corporations, eliminate the corporate shields of privacy and liability. Allow partnerships where all owners are known and have liability.
          (2) Prosecute, punish, and repatriate for all crimes against humanity, including financial crimes against humanity. No killing spree against innocents, but every last perpetrator and accomplice must be punished and every single penny stolen in multi-generational schemes must be repatriated. The lesson must be unforgettable and proportionate to the global misery and death caused by the perpetrators and their accomplices.
          (3) Educate the world on the fundamentals of Judaism. Once educated, the world will not ever again allow them means or schemes that may be abused.

    • Shinmen Takezo

      You would be a damned fool to dismiss anything that comes out of the mouth of Matt Bracken. His first sentence sums it all up. Replacement, genocide. Train rides. Round-up’s. And so forth.

      Grok it all.

    • “This is why the globalist/communist Left is conflating Nazism with ‘white nationalism’…”

      (((double standard)))

      Your ox isn’t gored when you conflate Nazism and Catholicism, even though Catholics are bound against ALL socialism, national or otherwise.

    • 10-4. Appreciate you Matt.

      As you say, genocide was always on the table.
      The human extinction movement has a serious problem unique in that historical context of neo-bolshevik like pogrom. As it is and always was all about our rifles, they still must dis-arm us free men, we who will never bend a knee, and there is far far more to us than identity tactics and agitprop portray.

      Aside from the obvious neo-bolshivism “Kill The Kulak’s” routine, I keep trying to figure out in who, or what, or where the Lenninist/Stalinist power resides necessary to develop the circumstances in America that makes white genocide possible. I am in no way doubting what is going on. In fact I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever the intent is pogrom of White Christian culture and people. What I am trying to become aware of is the kind of figures, the actors necessary to reach the point beyond these tactics we see. They are escalating their tactics no doubt. It is still a large leap, “forward” to where you can create the social environment where you can jump to the persecution and physical stage of Kill The Kulak.
      It is a BIG country. In no doubt we who will never say die are not going into that long good night without taking one big shitload of the bastards with us. And that only if we lose. That is a given of course in regards who we are who will fight this tyranny.
      What I’m failing to see is a defined character, a leader or leadership group, though HRC in my thinking is no doubt about as Stalinist as I believe is possible. Having pointed that oout, where is the power structure. Are there specific actors waiting in the wings to step forward.
      I’m not talking about a Berenie Sander’s, of other well known political figures in particular. At one point it appeared the light bringer was capable, with his Rasputin Jarret and his red diaper baby/radical chic sycophants, but for some not all that clear set of circumstances he didn’t take the plunge when the timing sure seemed to be about as good as could be expected, with a reasonable chance of success. After all obma and his cabal had usurped the oval office. I really expected more from those dirty stinking commies instead of the mom’s leans limp dick performance they gave. They had everyone, from Ayer’s/Dorhne to Sustein and Soros, all the old Comintern cadre still finctioning from the 60’s thru the 80’s involved with Fidel and turning S. America, all that remaining old radical amerikan communist soviet. Shit, Bill and Hillary practically handed that group an amerikan soviet on a silver platter. They only had to bide their time through Bush II, which was no great burden. Polosi et all vote fraud themselves into a swamp majority in 2006. Ending that son who was at best a socialistic conservative of an old Trostkyite.
      The new swamp wasted no time with laying the imposition of wide open socialist agenda, it was only two years and they created the crisis as a means of the century with the bankster bailout excuse to use clawback to steal almost 15 years accumulation of liquid assets of the countries wealth creation sitting in 401’s and other investment shell games where half the dirt peoples wealth resided.
      So they control the swamp outwardly, they just stole billions upon billions, they install a usurper in the whitehouse, they control the media complex and yellow journalism has a complete monopoly, only the tiny nascent Alt-Media see’s whats going down, and everyone else between normalcy bias, the boomers having got their’s, and the hopelessly brainwashed, think the Alt-Media has 3 eyes and green skin. They just spent a decade plus with the History Channel and other CIA strategy based revisionist re-programming shows to “de-bunked” a globalist and a deep state entity as conspiracy theory. The entire political class was all but blackmailed or turned, into doing whatever they where ordered to do. We saw that with obama care and all the other WTF acts of total betrayal & treason against the dirt people. It was a full court press. From the Clinton Regime to the Clinton State Department. You couldn’t set it up better. You know full on citizen disarmament was HRC’s main objective. They despised the Militia Movement of the 90’s like can’t be fathomed. Introduced the assault weapon ban. How many did the Clinton’s put the hit on? From Ruby Ridge to Waco, Fast & Furious, the use of false flag events, a river of American blood. That was Genocide in real time, with live rounds, and dead bodies, with a police state infrastructure.
      After that all else was a done deal. So much in place. If HRC somehow managed the feat of civilian dis-armament. Or a close enough facsimile.
      Even you predicted this stuff in Enemies Foreign And Domestic Matt, you missed nothing regards the larger scope. Even the details in certain parts hold an uncanny parallel with real events and people.

      I know Trump happened and the color revolution on 118-16 that saved the Western Hemisphere in the above respect’s final outcome at least for a time.
      But…but…in the aftermath, the bad guys end up being quite `ineffectual clowns, they can’t even pull off a soft palace coup and they have control of almost the entire Federal and a large number of state county and local governments, the media complex are joined at the leg, most of the what, 15 intelligence gathering agencies, the chief “law” enforcement agency, the entire DOJ, BLM, EPA, IRS, never mind the 12 bankster families private leg breakers the SS, and the extortion/protection racket division of the IRS> WTF? What else do you need? They decimated the .mil command structure using social justice as a weed burner.
      But as Q points out frequently: Clowns. Bumbling nincompoops. Sure they are behind a vast organization of systemic treason, mass biblical grade theft, and run one of the worlds largest organized crime syndicates where various factions take turns strip mining the wealth of the western people while divying up the West and its spoils with Brussel’s.

      My point here Matt, I’m trying to get at is HRC sure seemed like the obvious Stalinst who would reign over the dissolution of what remained of America.
      But she is not in power. Not like the above.
      So who is behind this latest stage of Kill The Kulak’s?
      Is a group effort?
      Are there unique individual’s who are behind the scene’s pulling strings and directing traffic?
      Stalin had his Nomenklatura. I’m sure HRC has such a list of people who would as Stalin, after Lenin’s death, set them their tasks and liquidate all in his way and use terror to control all who he left alive.
      It is obvious now the “deep state” we see now was most likely her Nomenklatura.
      One key aspect of communism is you call all who will come. It is how it is able to be an effective entity to start with. It is how it has always function in the America’s.

      Who is calling all who will come?
      Then directing them to wage genocide?
      It has to be some very strong figures.
      With unlimited financial resources.
      And vast political cover and assistance.
      You don’t wage genocide on the most heavily armed citizenry in human history on a shoe string budget and a old tattered Rules For Radical’s underground publication.

      • Matt Bracken

        I draw a straight line from the Jacobins to Marx to Lenin and his generation of Communists, including Gramsci, the Frankfurt School etc right through to today. And IMHO, Gramsci was much smarter than Lenin. He understood the “long march through the institutions” would ensure the ultimate success of socialism. And today these hidden and not-so-hidden Communists are only getting stronger. Brennan, Clapper and “Reinhold Neiburh” Comey did not rise to the top of their organizations by accident, but with lots of inside help. And now academia is churning out little Communists by the millions. College output is FBI and CIA input, (and every other federal and state bureaucracy), so it’s only going to get worse.

        The Communists gave up on the Lenin-Stalin model of imposing Communism by force from the outside, and they put all their chips on the Gramscian “inside job” model. For the time being they are hiding their hammers and sickles while posing as “economic democrats” or “democratic socialists.” They will wear any masks of convenience to suit the time and the environment, including the green eco-mask etc. But they see that destroying the USA as a free country is a requirement, and overturning the USA via a demographic tsunami is the method that promises the best results. They look at DemSoc success in Calizuela, and they plan to export that model to all 50 states. And their plan is working.

        • That makes a lot of sense. Fit the puzzle pieces.
          I’ve long viewed the whole Fabian origins. I think the stay behind loyalists and the radical statists of King George’s Tory’s set that blood feud in motion because they couldn’t continence a few thousand colonial rebels steal their treasure chest called the new world.

          I’ve never delved into the Jacobin’s much other than to get a glimpse on what the prehistoric NPC hive and their bolshevik trappings represent as the seed of the world spanning human extinction movement and it’s mass of destroy everything lemmings mass insanity.

          Crazy people do crazy things. That doesn’t grant them the automatic caveat they are neccessarilly successful at their end game. It only grants them the status, or is that statist, capability to commit egregious horrors. No more. They aren’t the only ones who are inherently a legacy plurality.
          Survival of the fittest and law of the jungle, defending ones race and culture, verses doing unspeakable things in the name of cargo cultism, are two very different critters. My moiney is on the 1st, in fact I’m wholly vested in it, and we have yet to invest our existential enemy. I never have and never will by into the resistance is futile, it will never work, everyone of us is doomed, nobody will ever be capable of organizing a viable defense and suitable aggressive posture against the Fabian horde. We are still being nice people, regardless of the mass simmering cold anger, after all if there are any defining elements here, we are culturally prudent Freemen before anything, your proof positive of that Matt if your nothing else, and most characturistivcly you are far more than that, and none of that can be conflated by the uncritical thinking other than defeatist blather and talking out ones anus: that absolutely does not bestow upon us a crown of automatic default defeat. It only signifies we have yet begun to fight, in the strongest meaning that is fight how we are best when waging existential warfare. A very different thing than waging genocide for ideology and the tyrants who use their useful dupes as proxies. There is an inherent failure element in such sycophants and cannon fodder. No matter how evil and accomplished their master class of Nomenklatura are at “community organizing” and instigating Kill The Kulak.

          I say to my fellow Patriots, Aren’t we lucky citizen warriors? It is a target rich environment. We will be long in running out of targets. The AR and 30 round magazines are the Christian Men of The West’s greatest implement of war.

          Men made desperate by fear for their survival of family, tribe, property and culture will fight to the last. If anything, the precepts of our Christian Western Greco/Roman culture and faith is a history of how the above courage and fighting spirit, and as Admiral Stockdale said about “the will to prevail in the end”, becomes the manifest winning thing when things look darkest and all hope of redemption is lost. Time and time again.
          Besides, old “sparta” and her long dormant Legion, though she may be seen as an worn out old dog bereft of any bite, she still got here teeth.

          I think that prudence I spoke of ctreates a unique citizen warriors perspective. We see it in a myriad of forms. Goes something like this: You plan against the worst your enemy can do. That way you will be safe in your preparations no matter what.

          The seeming reluctance of Patriots to bring the fight to our enemy doesn’t come from stupidity or ignorance, nor sloth or ignoring the past, or lack of courage and conviction.
          We are inherently at least as good at this kind of genocidal war against us, as reluctant warriors, then of any cause or ideology.
          Once we have been shown that of our enemies ultimate actions and we have been invested with the coercive force of violence by our enemy, I believe we will be greatly surprised how quickly we learn to love the battle axe, and even start filling in the tactical, and strategic, gaps in our skills and ways of fighting back, then taking the initiative.

          Regardless of the the enemy and its resources, there are certain mitigating features to us dirt people.
          The more we worry about the health of our Caucasion Western Christian civilization the healthier and more committed anf then indomitable we become to preserving it.

          Then out spake brave Horatius,
          The Captain of the Gate:
          “To every man upon this earth
          Death cometh soon or late.
          And how can man die better
          Than facing fearful odds,
          For ashes of his fathers,
          And the temples of his gods,
          “And for the tender mother
          Who dandled him to rest,
          And for the wife who nurses
          His baby at her breast,
          And for the holy maidens
          Who feed the eternal flame,
          To save them from false Sextus
          That wrought the deed of shame?

          Hew down the bridge, Sir Counsel,
          With all the speed ye may,
          I, with two more to help me, Will hold the foe in play.
          In yon straight path a thousand May well be stopped by three.

          Now, who will stand on either hand,
          And keep the bridge with me?

          That foe undoubtably is ruled by some cunning possessed savvy revolutionary’s, but the host itself is one seriously fucked up demented horde of sickened minds and spirits.
          Eventually as us dirt people fight back and the serious stuff of existential genocide begins, what are the the reasons for this NPC free shit useful idiot army to fight a war to the death? When the ugly brutal miseries and realities of such class/race war set in, and the waging of unlimited 4th Generation conflict turns into a meat grinder, that is time when ideological proxy ideals of the Fabian’s begin to loose their idealism, is the time when that Stalinist/Nazi strongman figure must materialize to inspire the comrades to fight to the death.

          Who will that be?

    • TheAlaskan

      Soon, the HAP will begin to hate.

  6. It is time – no – it is past time, to give these Commutards something to riot about for real. Fort Sumter II where are you…..

  7. Lobotomies were child’s play compared to TV.

  8. Charley Waite

    They are going to be surprised how many of us don’t give a shit and don’t punch back, but go straight to rock and roll. I feel that its like a clock thats being wound and wound and wound. That spring, when it goes, will go big.
    I’m sure I’ll be accused of being an internet tough guy. Whatever. I’m a live and let live guy but I’m fucking sick of it. And if I feel this way, I’m sure lots of other people more alpha and angry than me are right there.

  9. I saw the ads for that show “good fight”? on TV and it was straight up a bunch of office type respectable ((assorteds”) talking about forming an anti-trump resistance. Unbelievably irresponsible, what do they think promoting violence will get them.

    • Grenadier1

      Their shows never get to the logical follow ups to these actions.
      i.e. You Punch someone unprovoked because you don’t like their politics, those people are justified in upping the violence in response.
      That violence WILL include the killing of writers, media and those that finance them.

    • NorthGunner


      Brother Nathanael is more than happy to tell you
      WHO owns that media among other things and
      thereby quietly controls America:

      Brother Nathanael – The Jew Who Rule America

      They fully believe that they can control BOTH the
      intensity and direction of such violence..and even
      if it starts to create blowback there’s always the
      pre-arranged option of heading to the safety of their
      stolen Middle Eastern bolthole. They think that they
      are completely insulated from any negative effects
      since they ‘control the narrative’ (or so they think…
      more normies are waking up and tuning into alternative
      media like Red Ice TV/Radio, especially since their
      totally contrived and scripted Kabuki Theater Clownword
      orgy ‘Hearing’ last week).

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  10. cucktrads n commietards.

    what’s the diff?

    both are under the spell of collectivism.

    neither truly wants liberty.

    both are the enemy.

  11. I have become a low level accelerationist , this may be red meat for the reds but it’s also what sold a million mags in CA last week. I hope they continue to pour forth the violent racist/commie lies and terrify the Normies and when the Normies get woke, start realizing that the MSM is main steaming perversion in all of their programing they will decide they need a gun and discover they can no longer own one because Muh UN, all the better because the reality is that there are more than enough to go round. The Globalists are on the move but they have not disarmed us, big mistake!

  12. Shinmen Takezo

    I firmly believe that once Civil War II shakes completely out, when the buildings stop smoldering, when the reds wave the white flags and crawl back into their holes… that these networks, that these media companies, that these talking MSM heads, that that these actors and actresses that have been subverting this country for many generations now will all be part of the heaps of rubble across this land.

    I believe that these networks and studios and personalities will go the way of the French Revolution and that they will be completely torn down and dismembered until nothing of them exists to remind us of their filth. The losses on Wall street when these corporations are erased from the balance sheets will number in the trillions of dollars.

    Just a happy, happy–joy, joy Sunday morning thought.

    • I would get up early on Saturday mornings to watch Ren+Stimpy with the ankle biters.Yak soap scum,piles of stinky socks,log. I enjoyed it. Maybe more than the urchins.
      Todays cartoons suck. A lot of yelling and not much imagination or innovation. It appears the creative geniuses have run out of original ideas,similar to the movie and television industries.
      Load up on Looney Tunes,Three Stooges and Ren+Stimpy. Show the young whippersnappers what real comedy/cartoons should be.
      “I say,I say,I’m a rooster,Son!” Foghorn Leghorn.

      • I remember watching the cartoon show The Beatles back in the 1960s where Ringo would talk about giving the Queen a High, Hard-One.

      • Old Gray Wolf

        Bingo. Have hit the youtube every so often when I needed a laugh. Just load some looney tunes or stooges and for a few minutes, I am right back on the floor as a kid, laughing like there isn’t anything to worry about. For a minute.

    • Shinmen, their can be zero white flags, once this party starts it simply can’t be over until we finish all of the them off. Their can be zero communist left alive.

      It’s really that simple,

      Turner diaries kinda ending.


      • Shinmen Takezo

        Grok the “zero white flag” concept. On board with that.

        FYI–I used to be an animation screenwriter… and John Kricfalusi who was the genius behind Ren and Stimpy was drummed practically out of Nickelodeon network participation by a coke-headed/addict, lesbian, man-hating, leftist nut-job who headed up that network.

        I used Ren and Stimpy on purpose. These kinda’ people are the ones filling your children’s minds with filth and depravity. I also did some work for Walt Disney Company–and you should see the sexual degenerates behind the scenes at the studio and the theme parks.

        • Shinmen, I figured you had a connect to entertainment. perhaps you’ve mentioned it before, anyways L always look forward to yours and about five others here’s posts.

          Apologies if killing them all, sounds over the top. I simply don’t see it working any other way. Especially MSN and any all elected.

          Their trials and hangings should set a historic example.

          I re-read Turner Diaries yearly, I fucking hate the book, yet I recognize the needed to fix the problem completely.


      • If they’re carrying a white flag, there’s no way to mistake the target.

      • Look up “Tarleton’s Quarter” circa Revolutionary War …….

    • There’s not going to be any Civil War II. The fat, aging white Fudds will continue to bitch and moan about being displaced and targeted, but they won’t lift a finger to engage in violence and they’d lose very, very badly if they did.

      I was — emphasize the past tense — a member of a gun club in a very blue state that, literally overnight, banned AR-15s and standard-cap magazines. There should have been riots in the state capitol, but there weren’t. The next meeting I went to, some old Fudd said to me “Good! There’s too many NUTS out there!” All of these guys had nice houses, $50,000 trucks, ATVs, and deer hunting land. None of them is going to kill a cop — whom they worship — so they can have a 20 round magazine worth $10.

      They all think that they live in a “free country,” say the Pledge, and think cops are heroes. They’re content being left with their 12-gauge pump-action Fudd guns, while the club hosts “law enforcement only” “tactical shoots” with ARs.

      As the old Roman proverb went, “Fortune favors the bold.” The Left is bold. Antifa is bold. Blacks are bold. Queers are bold. Supposed “conservatives” are not. If a typical conservative with a nice house and new truck and good-paying job gets arrested for even a misdemeanor protesting the government, he’s ruined, even if the charges are dropped. The Left has no such fear. Things would have to get as bad as they were Weimar Germany for even the possibility of a civil war to occur — and even in Weimar, the riots, strikes, attempted coups, and street fighting between KPD and NSDAP never became a full-blown civil war. There was still enough government power to suppress the Freikorps, end the NSDAP putsch, and throw Hitler in prison.

      The only way out is to control the government and use the institutions of power to suppress the communists as the NSDAP did starting in 1933. You simply cannot defeat the leftist-controlled state with unorganized “red state” guerrilla campaigns. Pierce actually got it right in “The Turner Diaries” — the only way for an insurgency to take down the imperial FedGov would be to acquire one if its own nuclear weapons — and use it. That ain’t likely to happen. Pierce’s fantasy also conveniently side-stepped the question of how such an insurgency would avoid government infiltration and government surveillance — and he wrote in the 1970s when government surveillance technology was far more primitive than it is today.

      So I’m not betting on Civil War II any time soon. White people are going to continue to bitch and moan, but frankly, if the government ever orders them onto cattle cars, my guess it that 90% of them will comply.

  13. I love my Savage Scout 110 .308 — we’ve become such good friends these past few years

  14. ghostsniper

    The great culling is way past due. You can’t save em all nor should you try. Their elimination is your salvation. They may be your wife, your son, your father, your neighbor. It is definitely all politicians and all media persons. Gather your stones and see what is there rather than what you wish. Those that falter will fall. Expanding population vs diminishing resources, somethings got to give. If you’re not in it for you, first, you aren’t in it at all.

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  16. Two things struck me about that short video.

    1. It’s geared to provoke action on our part against a protected class; Jews and Negroes come to mind, others maybe depending on where you live.

    2. It’s also to tell those protected classes that the various governments have their back. Re: Charlottesville already proved that and it’s spreading. The nigger that tossed a young boy off a three story balcony is another example. That nigger ought to be hanged in the public square of the city or town, we know that won’t happen.

    Now a question. Are y’all beginning to understand the need for Mississippi Wind chimes, yet?

    That the nigger is a vicious animal is not a new or surprising fact.

  17. This video helps explain the above video. Is the left promoting the genocide of “ALL WHITES” under the narrative of calling anyone they disagrees with a “Nazi’s”
    All we have heard from the media and the left, for the last 2-1/2 years is how Trump support, gun owners, NRA members, Christians and White men should be killed. This CBS show looks like a continuation of the Jussie Smollett attack claim coming to the screen.
    The Global elite do not care about minorities, they see them as a non-threat to their power base; but at the same time, the global elite hate whites because they see whites as a direct threat to their power structure. Since Global depopulation is the ultimate goal of the elite, starting a race war is a way to weaken and cull both sides.
    The solution is to organize, equip and train as militia; start a 5-10 program and start stockpiling food, medical supplies and ammunition.
    {P.S> I know some of you have been stockpiling for years, my comment is to encourage those that have not]

    • NorthGunner

      Don’t forget the Quentin Tarantino movie “Django”
      or Ophrah’s admission linked below:

      Oprah Winfrey – White People Have to Die for Racism to Come to an End

      Her opinions and beliefs were definitely cultivated courtesy of
      the folks at the NAACP from the very begining.

      “WOUND # 3: 1909The N.A.A.C.P. Is Established

      What Happened?
      Ostensibly set up to help Blacks, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (N.A.A.C.P.) is founded by a group of wealthy Jewish Marxists. Theyselect a Black Communist front-man named W.E. DuBois.

      Slowly but surely, the N.A.A.C.P. steers millions of Blacks away from the conservative, inspirational influence of Booker T. Washington and herds them into the Marxist-Democrat political camp instead. A 100 year diet of anti-White victimization propaganda creates a blind voting bloc that is now 95% Democrat. The leverage of the organized, controlled Black vote is a key element of Big Government Marxism in America. Ironically, as we shall explore later on, Democrat liberal policies will inflict enormous harm upon American Black families.”
      — Killing America: A Hundred Year Murder, M.S. Wise, Pg 10.

      Killing America: A Hundred Year Murder

      And people wonder why Malcomb X was murdered when
      he started speaking out publicly on the jews damaging
      influence on black people and their community..a coincidence?

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  18. Race War and Civil War and Commie insurgency. It’s like Christmass and a Birthday at the same time, so the Chans will say

  19. Berglander

    Aaaaaannnnd the Executive Producers of the show are a married couple! The man* is Robert King, and his wife* is (((Michelle King (née Stern.) )))

    Every. Single. Time. The rest of the crew reveals many more (((tribal affiliations.)))

  20. I have to ask…..
    Who is this (are these) show geared toward? I don’t watch TV so I have no clear understanding, but it seems to me to be written as an echo- chamber for the urban, professional, SJW, snow-flake, demonrat, and commie crowd. Most people I know are out fishing, working in their gardens, shooting at the range or hunting whatever is in season at the moment. My friends are out LIVING their lives, not cooped up inside watching mental diarrhea. Reading is high on my friends lists of favorite things. Have introduced several to Matt Bracken, James Wesley, Rawles, Max Alexander, and John Ross. My firends know how to think thru problems and find solutions without reverting to computers or smart phones. (Is ‘smart phone’ an oxymoron?) It may be the urban hives have more people, but they congeal in a much smaller space, with a much narrower, range of options, and God help them if the electricity is off……. jus sayin….. If CWII kicks off, it might look more like the Marianas Turkey Shoot than anything else… for ideas…..

  21. I suspect that too many people have underestimated the bad guys. They can muster substantial government force against any resistance. It’s up to us to make their objective unattainable. Make it too expensive, in more ways than one. Start as soon as you can. Don’t brag. Good luck.

    • “Make their objective unattainable”…. by making it unacceptably personal and devastating….. making all their co-workers disappear might be one way to discourage their further active participation…..

  22. I’m just thinking out loud here,,………But how many feds are on this site ya reckon? I’m guessing at least a quarter of the regulars. Most of the agitators for sure. Oh yeah, we can’t leave out our valued skinheads’………. it’s DA JOOOOOOOOOOOS!!!!!. Every.Single. Time. Fucking puke.

    • Berglander

      You’re right. It’s just a giant coincidence that when you look at the writers and producers of this media, over half (7/12) are Jews. Just a coincidence that when things like this blatant attack on Whites are produced, they’re always in charge of the project. Mark Potok is so interested in fighting racism for the SPLC that he keeps a chart documenting the White demographic decline in the West, which has nothing to do with fighting racism, right? Nothing to be seen here. Move along.
      I didn’t wake up one day with the desire to dislike Jews. I can’t unsee the authorship of these things, or the huge Jewish influence in media and politics. It’s there. One doesn’t even have to look hard for it.

    • Agitators? Maybe you should change your handle to typist. Or non-shooter. Be more accurate.

  23. If you’re worked up about a show so bad they couldn’t even find commercial sponsors and enough audience to keep it on broadcast TV, go on ahead.

    Is it over-the-top redmeat provocation for their mouth-breathing Antifa-tard admirers, including the vacuous actor mouthpieces and their sheltered wannabe commie producers?
    Just like 99% of the rest of the tripe they produce, 24/7/365 since ever.

    And water’s wet, and fire burns.

    It’s SeeBS, FFS. WTF do you think they’ve been doing for 60+ years??

    Oh, and controversy drives eyeballs.
    TV has to push the envelope of sanity and good taste constantly, or die.
    Which is why it sucks so hard.
    Turn off the poison.

    Problem solved.

    That being said, are they intending to incite violence, and trying to paint whites as Nazis, and slime people on both sides of the Atlantic simultaneously, by having wypepo do what so far, only Antifa has done here for 20 years?


    So, what are you going to do about that?
    Not say about it.

    BTW, their “Assassinate Trump” tweets have the Secret Service up the asses of the show’s producers, at the moment.

    How’d that work out for washed up hag Kathy Griffin?

    Just saying.

    • NorthGunner

      That commie cunt madonna is still as free as willie ayers after making her declaration with a microphone in front of the rest of her commie faggot friends at an outdoor event.

      Don’t see no ss men hassling her for it.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  24. James @ 9:17…
    “Shows like this are govt. propaganda to incite violence and then clamp down on citizens(or try to anyhow).Stick to your beliefs/defend yourself but do not fall for the nonsense,msm will have their day soon enough.”

    Spot On

    The Ugly…It’s on MSM. Fact!

  25. Apollyon the Destroyer

    A Declaration of War by We the People Who Wish to Live

    Whereas our Enemy openly and against our consent and against the pattern of life established for billions of years on this planet and which pattern is still required for continued life and which if followed necessarily results in the extinction of our species:
    promote our children and our kith to irreversibly mutilate and sterilize their genitals;
    promote our children and our kith to destructive childhood sexualisation;
    promote that our society should be restructured to an infinite wastefulness of fighting the weather which they justify based on flat Earth theory;
    promote parasitism and lying as a matter of general conduct with Us and amongst themselves;
    promote cultures and religions incompatible and destructive to our and their own existence as a replacement for our own;
    promote deviancy and degeneracy as a general matter of course;
    claim credit for the invention, wealth, and productivity of the Living, while simultaneously claiming that the invention, wealth and productivity of the Living is oppressive to their existence;
    promote that the Living should, in general, give away their invention, wealth and productivity and then die;
    and that the Enemy is anathema to the pattern of life we find ourselves a product of;

    And whereas the Living have sufficiently given every accounting, every examination, every forgiveness, every tolerance, and every acceptance, and having found that the Enemy is irrecoverably corrupt;

    We the Living hereon declare the false-lives of our Enemy forfeit, and We place bounty of credit to each of the Enemy’s lives mercifully removed from this planet’s surface, and we acknowledge the Right and Freedom to kill the enemy as the general pattern of Life which has existed on this planet for some billions of years, and that the concept of the tolerance and promotion of weakness, destruction, and degeneracy is a created aberration put upon this planet by the Enemy; and so it is and shall be that We the Living re-assert our Right to Life and thus Our Right to Kill.

    Let the New Era commence.

    • “New Era”…that was great. What’s the distinction from the Old Era, that you personally get to fantasize it? Yeah I guess that’s different, sort of.

      Or maybe you don’t understand what “forfeit” means. One person can’t do it for another, not even by heartfelt declaration. Simple fact, same as all choices.

      Of course the Enemy is “irrecoverably corrupt.” That’s easy. Much tougher is why any sane person would want to be like them. Viewed in the context of Individualism v Collectivism, or Liberty v Tyranny, it’s the Great Unanswered Question here. Eh, probably the same distinction—they like to fantasize being the same as the Old Rulers, but change around the details. Sounds like another genius plan, not.

  26. My wife turned the tube on last nigh, NCIS LA was on, a Muslim. NCIS agent rag included, subject matter


    Fuck all those scumbags, and TV.


    • NorthGunner

      I’ll bet they had that episode all ginned up
      and ready to go along with others that are
      similarly themed to target white people/white
      nationalism (patriotism).

      I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they tried
      to subtly create characters that are ‘evil
      white nazi internet webbers’ that just
      happen to look like both Lana and Henrik
      from Red Ice TV/Radio to further the
      cultivated hate fest against white people.

      Brother Nathanael lays it out here:
      Who Owns The Media?

      There’s a reason that the TV is nicknamed the ‘jewtube’.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  27. Make sure to click through and watch the embedded video on YouTube. Twice as many dislikes as likes and the comments are brutal. Funny how social media doesn’t always work in favor of the left.

    • NorthGunner

      Surprised that jewtube hasn’t shut down the comments
      section…they were quick enough to do that during the
      Commie clown orgy ‘hearings’ that were linked by
      Lana and Henrik of Red Ice Tv.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!