Do The Courts Care? Do We?

More evidence that FUSA is WROL.

Which means “judges” are just mooks in funny togas.

Plan accordingly.

9 responses to “Do The Courts Care? Do We?

  1. Word, CA! Word!

    “…just mooks in funny togas.” Gotta love it! After spending close to 40 Summers in da “legal practice,” (it’s called ‘practice’ ‘cuz they just keep ‘practicing’ on you and yours!) you see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears what MORONS, IDIOTS, and TOOLS OF BOLSHEVIKS these black-robed orcs are.

    Had a ‘person of color’ guy in my firm fail the state bar exam 5 times (which he admitted to) before he got it right. Damn! Guy was dumb as a rock, but, by jingo, the firm needed “color” on its website so he was hired. Guy fooked up everything he touched, and guess who picked up the pieces and covered for his dark arse? (and were never thanked or acknowledged for it.)

    After a while, the firm got so desperate, it started making deals with the local Bolshevik Party to “promote” this darkie to a Magistrate seat in the Big City, which happened. After that, he got elected to be a JUDGE. Yep. A freaking JUDGE! A rock sitting as a JUDGE over matters of importance.

    WROL? Hell–it’s been dead for ages….wake up and smell the coffee–before it’s too late! Unless you’ve got plenty of $$$ for fancy lawyers/bagmen/bribes or are “connected” to TPTB–you are TOAST!

    • Bonaventure

      Exact same thing happened in this AO. A mexicana. Dumb as all get-out. Had the reverse Midas touch. Clients got less than sub-par representation. One is still sitting jail because of her mistakes. With less than a decade of experience, was appointed to the bench.

      Diversity and such.


  2. The Duke of Vere, alias “Shakespeare”,

    said “first, kill all the lawyers”. He actually

    thought that would be a bad thing. But

    Shakespeare was wrong. Liquidating the lawyers,

    as a class, will be a vital early step in the re-creation of

    a White Republic. Otherwise, any Fundamental Law,

    like any law written by lawyers, will be full of holes

    for other lawyers to crawl through.


    “” If its legislature grants approval this month, Washington will become the first state in the nation to approve legalized human composting. Her company plans to use wood chips, alfalfa and straw to turn bodies into a cubic yard of topsoil in 30 days. That soil could be used to fertilize a garden, or a grove of trees, the body returned to the earth.”

    this pleases Amen

    • The only difference between doing it the ‘old way’ and doing it the ‘new way’ per the article is speed. Till States mandated crypts for burial, if you put the deceased in the ground, in a year all that was left were the bones. It is technically still composting. Having composted many a dead chicken 30 days in a hot compost pile is more than sufficient.

  4. At the link, from this link, Godfather Politics, is a nice and nasty screen takeover/virus saturated/ something to mess up your computer for days if you use the link/link. McAfee is supposed to protect you from this even starting, but they are barely able to fix it once it crashes your computer. And talking to McAfee about it will only arrive at an endless discussion of whether you paid your yearly tribute or not, and how you need to spend twice as much for the new, improved, super duper, crap, that will also not perform as advertised. As it is right now, it will take several days to do a complete scan, which will tell you all is well when you know damn well it is not.

  5. Once saw a 92 yr old judge preside over a hearing. The clerk of courts had to “refocus” him 3 times in an hour. Hizzoner wasn’t sure what day it was. This was years ago. WROL is in fact Ginsburg room temp, proceed accordingly.

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