GVDL: The Death by Fire of Notre Dame in Paris (1163 – 2019)


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  1. This must be avenged.  The French may attack Mecca over this, an action for which I have no problem.


  2. France has fallen.
    Round up the usual suspects.

  3. Wonder who could possibly be responsible…Chartres should be under 24 hour guard..

    • ‘Better it burn to the ground than become a Mosque’..Ann Barnhardt. There are workers who stated that the fire was deliberately set. Macron drags his mealy mouth out there and says how tragic and never mentions how he and his globalist buddies like Merkel and Obama are the ones who brought the barbarians inside the gates.
      there are pictures of Muzzies smiling and laughing while watching the Cathederal burn.

  4. 12 churches have been burned in al-Francia in the last week

    and Now Notre Dame

    I expect their supine government to assure us it was …. whatever the phrack euphemism they currently employ

    if there are any national leaders left in the West, I’d suggest that Medina and the Kabbah even the score

    Dar al-Islam will not stop. It only affords three choices for the Infidel; convert, pay the tax, or if the first two are non-op, put them to the sword. Will the West wake up ?

    I hope the carabinieri in Rome are on their toes

  5. Been watching since it first came on TV, we were their 14 months ish ago. 850 years old. What a loss.

    Stating acciden, back room where renovations being done.


    • Daniel K Day

      We were there in September, 2014.
      I haven’t given up on the French yet.

      • My friend is there no w/his entire family (idiot) I told him to keep his head on a swivel, he looked puzzled

  6. Johnny Paratrooper

    Obviously this is in response to moving the Embassy to Jerusalem.

    FYI, Just one man’s opinion.

    The muzzies get everything else they want.

  7. “The recent spate of church profanations has puzzled both police and ecclesiastical leaders, who have mostly remained silent as the violations have spread up and down France.”

    WHO has remained silent?
    Puzzled. Baffled. Confused. Perplexed. Bewildered. Confounded.

    No doubt it’s those anti semites, again.
    Odd, the BBC is attempting to conflate this story with that of Yellow Vests –
    protesting, even RIOTING – odd that the media has been silent on that front for some time.

  8. So now even before the embers are cold, one of Macron’s Ministers exclaims: “May not be able to restore her.” What? Is he some fire-damages structural engineer of 12 century cathedrals or what?


    It will be an enormous blackened monument to current affairs, much the same as the “dead tooth” (mortische zahn) church of Kaiser Wilhelm is in Berlin after its bombing. An everlasting memorial.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      They did a pretty good job of restoring the Kolner Dome after WW2, now the French have no skilled workers? I thought it was being worked on where the fire started.
      Nothing but two faced politics at play, and probably false flag attacks. Call me surprised that they always have an instant answer, as it’s happening, but no one seems to notice they already rehearsed this?

  9. TFAG is cumming in his pants.
    Throw a white child off a 3 story balcony, it’s child’s play. Burn down 12 ancient churches? He’d call it a good start. But remember that Islamists are “Right Wing Extremists” There are still millions here that refuse to admit their culpability in creating this current state of affairs!

  10. Ah yes, another mystery that the police will never solve. Our gifts of beauty, religion, and ethnic identity continue to be assaulted and defiled. Yet, no blame will be construed to any –>one–<. Well, I've got a pretty good idea-and do not talk about "construction problems". The Moslems have been waiting for a shot like this. I think that we need to return some favors. Diversity is our strength and all that. A 1000 mosques should burn in return for this sacrilege.

    • IF it can be proven that a muslim jihadist is responsible, Every mosque in Europe should be leveled within a week. NO EXCEPTIONS!

      • I could endorse that….

      • NorthGunner

        And the earth sown with pig offal and bacon grease!

        And moslems, especially somali’s thrown off the
        Eiffel Tower!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • If someone is dumping rabid dogs onto my property my main problem is NOT the rabid dogs, but the persons bringing in the dogs.

      Sure the rabid dogs need to be dealt with, but you really have to go after the enablers ultimately responsible. The identity of those enablers is left as an exercise for the student.

      • Perception plays a big part of this war and going after the rabid dogs will have the public behind you going after the enablers at this point would have the GDP set against you and since we have no cohesion (see fubar post) then we would just be flashbulbs going off…Sad That…

        • Grenadier1

          We see on a daily basis, posts here that indicate a utter disregard for the perception of things.
          The ignorance of the full spectrum of conflict.
          People cant seem to grasp that reality is only local, perception of reality is what is global.

          • Yea well the enemy knows how use perception to their advantage the sad thing is when the useful dupes don’t know they are being used to further the enemies cause…Sad That…

  11. While pope Francis is kissing the Muslim’s feet…

    • That ain’t a foot, and he ain’t kissing it!

      • NorthGunner

        Why not, his semetic buddies kiss it when
        they ritually mutilate each baby boy…

        Most commies also tend to be faggots!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  12. For me this is the exclamation point on “death to the west”. Not for a moment do I believe this to be a construction accident. Further I believe were a video to surface of a muslim setting the fire the msm would continue to portray it as an accident.

    100 heads.

  13. Well there you have it. Spicy indeed.

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. European American

    Mixed emotions. Never like to see a Fire take a structure, however, I suspect God was creating balance with “As you sow, so shall you reap.”
    These so called “Wholy” sites have become infected by Satanists.
    Burn’em all.

  16. A good overall metaphor of western civilization.

    • NorthGunner


      Here’s a program by both Mark Collette and Dr. Patrick Slatterly on the existential issue.

      Slattery & Collett: The Fall of Western Man

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • NorthGunner

        Dr. Patrick Slattery, my mistake.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  17. At least the football stadium didn’t get damaged.

  18. SW Richmond

    What is the reason a sprinkler system was never installed? Other than stupidity?

    • Grenadier1

      Where exactly would one put a sprinkler system in a massive vaulted ceiling that did not ruin the entire purpose of that vista?

      • In the floor?

        • Grenadier1

          Never seen a sprinkler system on a commercial building in the floor? I think I have seen them sticking out of the upper walls but the only sprinklers I have seen in the ground were outside watering the bushes.

          The point is that the structure is not conducive to modern systems. Retro fitting it would be difficult and ugly. Now that it has been gutted that’s a different story and I would expect that Sprinklers will be included in the rebuild hidden within the supporting beams.

          • Exactly right but it is owned by the state and they may say that is is just to expensive to add something like that…Who knows what I do know though is it does us no good to dwell on this when our own house is burning down around us and by our actions we are saying “this is fine”…Sad That…

  19. This is heartbreaking to watch. Latest news is that 2/3 or more of the building was saved so there’s that.

  20. “Although commentators have been reluctant to attach a particular religious or cultural origin to the profanations, they all share an evident anti-Christian character.

    In recent months, anti-Semitic gangs have desecrated Jewish cemeteries, signing their actions with swastikas.”

    Say what now?

    Oh oh oh you mean like this guy?:


    Director of a psychiatric hospital, married to a Jewish woman, described as “very well integrated” with the Jewish community, caught red-handed spraying swastika tags and antisemitic graffiti.

    Why … yes, now that I think about it, that IS rather anti-Christian behavior, isn’t it?

    (Do I need to pull up more examples?)

    The plain fact is this level of stupid has been largely weeded out of the French far right by now – France doesn’t have anything like the 1st Amendment, and wrongthinkers get severely punished by the law. The only swastika tags you’ll see are the false flags.

    Except if they’re Muslims. Those guys can spraypaint whatever they like.

    • false flags? “da Joooz”

      including, but not limited to:

      March 23, 2017, Jewish Bomb Threat Suspect Undermines Groups’ Narrative on Anti-Semitism
      by Ben Sales
      “Many Jewish groups blamed white supremacists, emboldened by Donald Trump’s campaign, for the bomb threats that have plagued Jewish institutions since the beginning of this year. It appears the groups were wrong. The news that one Jewish teen – an Israeli, no less – was behind most of the approximately 150 bomb threats that have hit Jewish community centers since the start of 2017 is a shocking twist in light of months in which the Anti-Defamation League and other groups pointed their collective finger at the far right … Jonathan Sarna, a professor of American Jewish history at Brandeis University, noted that this isn’t the first time that Jews have committed anti-Semitic acts … ‘It is a reminder that we have to be very careful before we talk about a whole wave of anti-Semitism,’ Sarna said. ”

      Among many such others:

      • “Two Jewish students painted a Swastika and ‘Trump’ on the church walls.” FAKE HATE: Leftist Students Painted Swastika and “Trump” on Campus Church

      • “The former president of the Jewish Student Union at the State University of New York at Binghamton, who is awaiting trial on charges of painting anti-Semitic slurs at his own organization’s headquarters, has been elected to the academic governing board of the university’s undergraduate division. …Last Nov. 9, Mr. Oppenheim organized an observance of the 50th anniversary of Kristallnacht, when mobs led by Nazi storm troopers rampaged against Jews in Germany. The next morning swastikas and slogans, including ”Kill Kikes” and ”Zionazi Racist,” were found on the inside of a door leading to the Jewish Student Union and the sanctuary.”

      • Jewish student caught painting Swastikas on her own door then claiming Anti-Semitic Attack

      • Michael Kallenbach, “Stasi Files Reveal Links to Anti-Semitic Attacks in Former West Germany.”
      Jewish Chronicle (UK), March 12, 1993.

      • “…10 out of 14 [neo-Nazi] party members… were exposed as being in the pay of regional state intelligence services.”
      Sunday Telegraph (UK), March 12, 2003.

      • “In the 1960s the leader of the Canadian Nazi Party was John Beattie. [E]verything from his group’s name to its major activities was suggested or quarterbacked by persons acting as agents for, or reporting to the Canadian Jewish Congress…. The Canadian Jewish Congress, which largely created the short-lived Canadian Nazi Party, had, since the 1930s been lobbying for restrictions on freedom of speech…. an agent for the Canadian Jewish Congress proposed [to Beattie] legal maneuvers that were calculated to frighten and cause distress among Jews, thus heightening the ‘Nazi’ menace, which was used as the argument for the 1971 ‘hate law’ (Section 319 of the Canadian Criminal Code…”
      Testimony of Paul Fromm, Canadian Association of Free Expression, press release, Nov. 26, 2000; Patrick Walsh, “The John Beattie Case,” in The Unholy Alliance: A Documented Case of How Agents Provocateur Infiltrate and Misdirect. Canadian Intelligence Publications, 1986. p. 13.

      • “In the 1990s, Grant Bristow, an associate of the Canadian Jewish Congress and an agent of Canada’s secret service, the CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service), took a leadership role in the Right-wing German-Canadian advocacy group, the ‘Heritage Front,’ including supplying them with money. ‘Bristow frequently advocated violence against Jews… Bristow compiled a target list of prominent Jews. He was far more than a mere informant or spy. He was a player, a strong advocate of violence and lawlessness and an anti-Jewish agitator.’ Heritage Front members eventually succumbed to Bristow’s agitation, going to a tavern known to be a hangout for Marxists and Zionists. A fight ensued and Heritage Front members were arrested. The group eventually disbanded, but not before generating plenty of ‘Jew hater’ publicity in the media, very useful to Zionist and rabbinic interests.”
      Paul Fromm, “CSIS Spy Bristow Speaks to Canadian Jewish Congress.” August 4, 2003 in Michael Hoffman, Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition, and Deceit, ISBN9780970378453, p. 833.

      • Read about the Canadian Human Rights Commission encouragement of neo-Nazi groups as recently as 2009:

      • “Neo-Nazi hate, courtesy of the CHRC [Canadian Human Rights Commission]” by Ezra Levant, National Post (Canada), July 15, 2009

      • The Limerick “pogrom”: Creating Jewish victimhood

    • So are you implying that the Catholics burned their own church or why do you bring this up in this post…

  21. St.Maur1066

    Europe has learned that Hitler was indeed right. Now the bill has come due, with interest. And that bill will be payed with the blood of your sons and daughters.

  22. Has Matt dropped by to tell us about the guards? This place brought in 100s of millions in tourist dollars so don’t tell me it was not heavily guarded

  23. Shinmen Takezo

    Homosexual, degenerate news-anchor, Shepherd Smith was covering this fire live when a member of the French government (Phillipe Kasenti) came on the phone–and then started to talk about all the vandalism against Catholic churches by Mu-Slimes… and at that point the bag-of-dicks-sucker (Smith) abruptly cut him completely off the show.

    I think this is an act of Mu-Slime arson-terror. Having personally witnessed restorations upon historically important and ancient structures–flammable substances, flammable processes and so forth are strictly regulated and controlled in such historical renovations. I highly doubt someone was welding or using an open-flame process without fire prevention/suppression right at hand, on the spot.

    I suspect arson at the hands of a Mu-slime construction worker who planted an incendiary device. I will bet that this will be the case.and I hope that the facts will be fully exposed.

    If so, the people of France will possibly reach the final straw of patience with these out-of-control migrants who are invading their country.

    • Homosexual, degenerate news-anchor, Shepherd Smith…. your being too kind

    • NorthGunner

      Here’s the program that Henrik at Red Ice
      just did about that. He actually plays the clip where Shepherd Smith abruptly cuts him off.

      His reaction sparks (no pun intended) my suspicion; why is Smith so quick to deflect/cover for the moslems here?

      Notre Dame Cathedral Destroyed by Fire, A Dark Day for Europeans

      I still think that the damage can be repaired and possibly accurately restored.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  24. “anti-semitic gangs have desecrated Jewish cemetaries”

    that would be:

    the local rabbi and his satanic congregants..

    same as in ‘Murka. As to the church desecrations:

    (((Jews))), Muslims, (((Antifa/Soros)))

    • Rothschild-puppet Macron and his police-enforcers are (already, while the fire is still raging)) claiming the Notre Dame fire was “an accident”. Here are some other

      recent Rothschild-related accidents:

      Pearl Harbor

      • NorthGunner

        You also forgot:

        The bombing of the King David Hotel
        and the rash of fire bombings in Cairo, Egypt in 1957 (the ‘Lavon Affair’).

        Neither jews or their moslem catspaws have any love for Christianity or it’s historical artifacts.

        I’m waiting to see what emerges as facts of the fires origin; wouldn’t rule out intentional arson (such is fairly simple to find by a competent fire inspector IF an impartial investigation is allowed to be conducted).

        Before passing a judgement of death over the structure it should be remembered that ample architectural documentation exists on Notre Dame; rebuilding the damaged/lost portions isn’t impossible in the least. This would also allow for the addition of proper fire suppression equipment to prevent this from happening as easily again.

        I hope she can be saved; the spate of church burnings ISN’T a coincidence.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        • 1974, Israeli terrorists attack civilian aircraft; desecrate Christian shrines including Church of the Holy Sepulcher, stealing the diamond crown of the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary

          March 14, 2002, Israeli tank fires at close range on a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

          The Ugly History of Jewish Desecration of Many Christian Sites in the Holy Land by Willis Carto

          December 27, 2009, Before Christmas Israelis steal sacred Mary’s Gate from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

          December 30, 2009, Christian convert repeatedly attacked in Jerusalem, police do nothing

          December 30, 2009, Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting on them by Amiram Barkat

          Februrary 2012, “Death to Christians” painted on the walls of the Monastery of the Cross in Jerusalem.
          The Vandalized Abbey of Latroun By Giorgio Bernadelli
          La Stampa (Italy) • Sept. 5, 2012

          “Jesus is a bastard”

          “Jesus son of a whore”

          “We will crucify you.”

          “Jesus is dead.”

          “Death to Christianity”

          “Jesus, son of Mary the prostitute”

          “Jesus is now a corpse”

          Yet another video “disapeared” by You Tube:

          April 1, 2014, A Catholic monastery near Beit Shemesh was vandalized with “Jesus is a monkey” and “Mary is a cow,” spray painted on the walls of the monastery. The tires of four vehicles also were slashed.

          January 17, 2016, Israeli settlers scrawl hate graffiti on Jerusalem church, Ma’an News Agency, 1/17/2016
          “…the doors of the Dormition Abbey church were vandalized with threats scrawled in Hebrew that read: ‘Kill the Christians, the enemy of Israel’ and ‘The revenge is coming very soon,’ as well as ‘Send Christians to hell.’…In 2014, a suspected Israeli extremist lit a prayer book on fire in the abbey, in what police at the time said was a suspected arson attack just hours after Pope Francis held mass at a nearby Christian holy spot during a visit to the area.
          “A year before that, Israeli extremists spray-painted ‘Jesus is a monkey’ in Hebrew outside the church, and ‘Havat Maon,’ the name of an illegal Israeli settler outpost that had been dismantled by the Israeli government just days before the attack, Israeli daily Haaretz reported at the time.
          “In 2012, suspected extremists spray-painted ‘Jesus, son of a bitch,’ in Hebrew, with the words ‘price tag,’ a term used by Israeli extremists to mark nationalist-motivated hate crimes.
          “Abu Nassar said in the past that the extremists responsible for the attacks were not prosecuted by the Israeli government in a ‘serious way.’
          Dormition Abbey dates back to the 5th century, and is thought to be the place where the Virgin Mary died.”


          The worst part? They are not just destroying property; they are committing genocide: http://judaism.is/genocide.html

          • Grenadier1

            You are totally right.
            Its awful and crazy that Jews would do such things to Christian holy sites.
            I mean Christians have been nothing but nice to Jews and have treated them with the utmost respect for centuries.
            I cant imagine why they would hate Christians so much…

  25. Next the tower.

  26. And the replacement French will care just as much as the replacement Americans . . . How the Constitution Dies

    I promise I’ll be good ’bout posting – but it fits here.

  27. And you have lifted yourself up against the Lord of heaven. They have brought the vessels of His house before you, and you and your lords, your wives and your concubines, have drunk wine from them. And you have praised the gods of silver and gold, bronze and iron, wood and stone, which do not see or hear or know; and the God who holds your breath in His hand and owns all your ways, you have not glorified. Then the fingers of the hand were sent from Him, and this writing was written. And this is the inscription that was written: MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN.
    They provoked the Lord to anger with their deeds, and a plague broke out among them.
    For they came up with their cattle and their tents, and they came like locusts for multitude; both they and their camels could not be counted. So they wasted the land as they entered it.
    If I command locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among My people, If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.

    • a follower

      But this is not the answer they seek. They (many) remain blind, deaf, and full of pride and hatred.

    • anyone can recite drivel all day long.

      it means less than squat.

      there is no damn god. mans refusal to look into the mirror and understand it is all in his hands, and no one else’s- is his downfall.

      why don’t i suffer from societies ills? because i took matters into my own hands, i took responsibility for my own life. if left to some bullshit god, i’d be just as fucked as the rest of ewes.

  28. the Usual Suspect

    Did some people, do something ?

  29. Put the Hunchback in a yellow vest and blame it on him


    Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind. Let’s let all of the taxpayer-funded NGO’s here in Amerika being in more Muslim “refugees”. I am sure everything will be just fine.

  31. If this event doesn’t kick off the counter-insurgency festivities in France, nothing will.

    Frenchmen will either fight now for their civilization, or surrender and submit.

    There are no half-measures from here.

    God have mercy on them.

    • Are you kidding? What did they do when the bataclan nightclub got shot up? Sat and sang we-shall-overcome with John Kerry and James Taylor.

      What will they do about this?

      Sit and sing the same damn songs, mon Dieu!

    • A.B. Prosper

      The fact is the French have been in a low speed civil war for near 6 months now with the Yellow Vests and all

      Its mostly very low levels of violence combined with protest but its a start and if they are able to get enough of what they want , they won’t need to escalate to guns which are plentiful in France

      This is far more than ever happens in the USA BTW

      This is my speculation,.

      Now as for the recent events , no matter what actually happened and in clown world in could have been accidental, some Muslim group or other will claim responsibility as they’ve tried this before

      The media will try and cover it up and may try and blame the Yellow Vests for accidentally causing it. No one anywhere will buy this though so my guess is it will try to be swept under a rug.

      That will not fly. The French are quiet riled up right now and as secular as they are, that Cathedral , was and is part of France . This will piss them off to no end and be a crisis Macron will have a hard time dealing with

      He does not have a martial law option . The only option he has is claim it was an accident and censor anyone who says otherwise.

      I will say that the reaction won’t be entirely a Catholic one. France is roughly split between Catholic and Non Affiliated but everyone who doesn’t hate Christianity or who loves France will be incensed

      In any case Macron will not be able to use this a Reichstag Fire and his career is toast

    • Frenchmen will either fight now for their civilization, or surrender and submit.
      A lamentable fantasy

      • Civilization is nothing without God and the Natural Law he wove into it.

        Why would the French fight for empty churches they no longer darken the door of?

        Want to know what they are willing to fight for? More free shit from the government.

        I hope we find out that the fire, and many more to come were set by the remaining faithful Catholics who refuse to give the battleships to the enemy intact.

        Alas, a lamentable fantasy.

        • A.B. Prosper

          The current form of Western civilization is dependent on Christianity as an ideological base

          This is good in that Christianity true or not is fantastic “software” for a high functioning society

          Its bad in that it ties itself to the Middle East and both Islam and Judaism neither of which are Western in any sense

          However there have many other civilizations with many other Gods all inhabited by White people without the need for Christendom and in time if Christianity fails to revive and Islam fails to take over which I suspect will be the case, than something else will fill the void. Humans mostly are creatures of faith

          My guess is that the West will default back to a soft localized paganism of some kind for good or ill.

          As for the economic issue, far too many people here do not understand even the rudiments of the modern economic conditions

          Most people a few skilled workers aside are highly dependent on a stable and functional civic system . I hate this term and worse its Marxist but in modernity much more than in Marx’s time people people are Alienated from the Means of Production

          There means there is almost no yeomanry and there cannot be as there people have no resources they own, no land, no water , nothing

          80% of people in the US live in cities and we city people are dependent on imports of food , electricity, water, medicine and more. Worse even if the system works economies of scale make it that we are dependent on jobs most of which produce nothing of value

          We are victims of our own efficiency

          Most have dispensable skills and in fact 2/3 of the population, many of them who would be yeoman normally are dependent on a stable system to eat

          Given a decline in say the demand for diapers can in a matter of months to cause a family to go from comfortable to destitute or closing factories can destroy a city , c.f Detroit they have few other options but to turn to the State

          Nations have tried to become more moral, Poland crowned Christ its king for example and Russia is heading down that path but it won’t work in urban societies .

          This failure is reflected in minimal changes to fertility rates, they do not go up significantly or anywhere near replacement as one would expect a more Christian society to do.

          Rebuilding a yeomanry requires fairly radical economic policy changes benefiting smaller enterprise , closed borders to much trade and a lot more

          Even patriots who are morally acceptable with this and that’s by no means all of them typically do not think in economic terms or at least around here, we three Cali guys (Aesop. Lineman and Me) exempted understand cities all that well.

          The city will be the battle space of the upcoming troubles because almost everyone lives there and understanding the economic dimensions and how to reinvigorate small town America and still run cities will be as important , maybe more so than restoring the Constitution or hoping for amoral revival

    • God will have mercy when Western {spit} civilization repents.

      • ah.

        there is no god.

        now what?

        • As if you have any vague idea one way or the other.
          It will take more than your vacuous outgassing to make it so.

          Call us when anyone builds a multi-acre work of art and wonder of the medieval world in tribute to you.
          (A municipal waste treatment plant doesn’t count, but you’d be on the right track.)
          Right after pigs fly.

          • i thought the issue of religion has been put to rest/

            there simply is no scientific proof of any god or gods other than deep ingrained stupor-stition.

            no get back to changing diapers, your break is over.

            chop chop

  32. Mes deux mains ont bâti Notre Dame / My two hands have built Notre Dame
    Ont bâti Notre Dame de Paris / Have built Notre Dame of Paris
    Oui, moi, Jéhan, tailleur de pierre / Yes, I, Jehan, stone-carver
    J’ai passé ma vie entière / I’ve spent my life entire
    A bâtir Notre Dame de Paris / Building Notre Dame of Paris
    Oui, moi, Jéhan, tailleur de pierre / Yes, I, Jehan, stone-carver
    J’ai passé ma vie entière / I’ve spent my life entire
    A bâtir Notre Dame de Paris / Building Notre Dame of Paris

    A la premiere pierre / At the first stone
    Par la grace du Roi, du Roi / By the grace of the King, the King
    J’avait tout juste dix ans derrière moi / I had barely ten years behind me
    Ah oui, m’en souviens / Ah, yes, I remember
    Que la centième pierre, ohé / That the hundredth stone, oh hey
    Fut derobée par douze malandrins / Was stolen by a dozen rascals
    Qui furent tous pendus, oui court, furent pendus / Who were all hanged, yes quick, were hanged
    Au chant du coq le lendemain matin / At the cock’s crow the next morning

    Mes deux mains ont bâti Notre Dame / My two hands have built Notre Dame
    Ont bâti Notre Dame de Paris / Have built Notre Dame of Paris
    Oui, moi, Jéhan, tailleur de pierre / Yes, I, Jehan, stone-carver
    J’ai passé ma vie entière / I’ve spent my life entire
    A bâtir Notre Dame de Paris / Building Notre Dame of Paris
    Oui, moi, Jéhan, tailleur de pierre / Yes, I, Jehan, stone-carver
    J’ai passé ma vie entière / I’ve spent my life entire
    A bâtir Notre Dame de Paris / Building Notre Dame of Paris

    Aux anges du portail / To the angels of the portal
    J’ai donné un visage heureux / I gave a joyous face
    Mais au gargouilles, des yeux malheureux / But to the gargoyles, sad eyes
    Sans femme ni sans fils / Without wife nor son
    Tout au long de ma vie, ohé / All the length of my life, oh hey
    Tout mon amour au pierres je le donnais / All my love to the stones I gave it
    Pierres chaude des étés, pierres froides des hivers / Warm stones of the summers, cold stones of the winters
    Tout mon amour s’en fut au pierres taillées / All my love went to the carven stones

    Mes deux mains ont bâti Notre Dame / My two hands have built Notre Dame
    Ont bâti Notre Dame de Paris / Have built Notre Dame of Paris
    Oui, moi, Jéhan, tailleur de pierre / Yes, I, Jehan, stone-carver
    J’ai passé ma vie entière / I’ve spent my life entire
    A bâtir Notre Dame de Paris / Building Notre Dame of Paris
    Oui, moi, Jéhan, tailleur de pierre / Yes, I, Jehan, stone-carver
    J’ai passé ma vie entière / I’ve spent my life entire
    A bâtir Notre Dame de Paris / Building Notre Dame o

    A la millième pierre / At the thousandth stone
    Du haut je suis tombé, tombé / From the heights I fell, fell
    Les os de ma carcasse j’ai cassé / The bones of my carcass I broke
    Mais j’etais centenaire / But I was past a hundred
    J’avais tant travaillé, ohé / I had worked so much, oh hey
    Sous une pierre grise on m’a couché / Under a gray stone they laid me

    Pelerin, d’ou que tu viennes / Pilgrim, from wherever you come
    Pelerin, qui que tu soit / Pilgrim, whoever you be
    Au moins je te demande une pensée pour moi / I ask you spare a thought for me

    Pour Jéhan, tailleur de pierre / For Jehan, the stone-carver
    Qui pour toi a bâti / Who for you built
    Pendant cent ans de sa vie / For a hundred years of his life
    Pendant cent ans de sa vie / For a hundred years of his life
    Pour toi, Notre Dame de Paris / For you, Notre Dame of Paris

    Pendant cent ans de sa vie / For a hundred years of his life
    Oui, pendant cent ans de sa vie / Yes, for a hundred years of his life
    Oui, pour toi, Notre Dame de Paris / Yes, for you, Notre Dame of Paris

    • That link should be pointing at

      not sure if the timestamp got set up right in wordpress’s autoembed.

  33. Berglander

    Once is happenstance. Twice is a coincidence. 1,063 times in the LAST YEAR is enemy action.

  34. Veritas Aeqúitas

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  36. This is why we put people in camps in the past.

  37. So they burned Notre Dame in 2019. I hope nothing really spectacular and catastrophic happens like four fuel-laden jets fly into skycrapers and the Pentagon or something.

    Will there be a candle cryfest at the Bataclan…again?

    • NorthGunner

      “Will there be a candle cryfest at the Bataclan…again?”

      Well, the event posters at the time said
      it was a ‘Death Metal’ performance;…
      talk about ‘truth in advertising’..

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  38. I’m glad I finished my spring training cycle and replaced the expended ammo. “Summer of Love starts soonest”

  39. Unfortunately, the mosque that will be erected in its ruins will increase area of the no-go zone, in which anyone wearing a yellow vest will automatically be jailed for a hate crime.

  40. You read it over and over, again and again… reject God, and worship idols, and you will be rejected. You will be spit out. And you will become infected with plagues of various flavors.

    Every. Single. Time.

    Your pungent Western but muh hijacked Christianity chest thumping will not avail you.

    Even the “Crusaders” were spit out because of their eventual greed and lusts… and Popish politics.

    On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’

    • bibleater Thomas

      Amen. Foolish virgins. Makes me want to fan the flames with my kilt.
      BTW thanks for Mojave Desert Patriot.

    • cut to the chase

      worship GOD tfA-t

      all your troubles and woes will fade-away as the Greatest among men teaches lessons in life sans phony deities

      thou shall have no other before me

      GOD tfA-t has spoken